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on March 18, 2010
The sony S570 is a great player. The fast load system is excellent and much faster than the older 300s models. The setup was easy (it walks you through each step) I use the wireless N router and the speeds are awesome. Seamless integration with our Netflix account and the ability to watch Youtube videos is a great addition to what the player can do. Great 1080p picture and good upconversion of dvds. Do not be afraid of this player. If you have a netflix account or would like to watch youtube videos on your TV- this is your player. Also on a side note- you have several other choices besides Netflix and youtube. You have Amazons video on demand service and several other free video services.
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on April 27, 2010
Verified Purchase
A week or so ago I replaced my Sony BDP-S300 Blu Ray Disk player with a new model, the BDP-S570. The S570 is one of Sony's newest players, and in the middle of their consumer line as far as model lineup. It was amazingly low priced at $249.

I decided to upgrade from the S300 for two main reasons. First, the load times on the S300 are excruciatingly slow, and second it cannot bitstream the newest audio codecs so I was forced to use its on-board decoder and analog output. With my new Emotiva prepro I wanted to reduce cable complexity and use HDMI only.

I started doing some research into the newest crop of BRD players and was convinced I would probably get the Oppo 83. But a few reviews on CNET and elsewhere said the S570 had "the fastest load times ever tested" and they ranked it as faster than and 83. It also has some of the new whiz-bang stuff like wifi, SACD compatibility, Netflix and Amazon streaming, Profile 2.0, 1Gb internal memory, HDMI 1.4 and 3D capability. So I looked up the Sony and found it was half the price of the Oppo, and decided to go for it. I figured that for $250 if I hated it I could send it back or pawn it off onto someone else.

Impressions of the Sony S570:
If you are an equipment snob like me and want your gear to feel substantial, like a quality device, this machine is NOT for you. I thought the box was empty when it arrived. The machine feels like it weights a few ounces (actually it weighs 2Kg or about 4 1/2 pounds.) Upon opening it, I was even more disappointed. this thing is super cheap feeling - you know how some plastic feels "good" and other plastic feels "cheap" and flimsy? This feels cheap. The buttons on the front are almost repulsive little Chiclets about the size of the buttons on my cell phone and remind me of some kind of toy made by Coleco. The disc tray feels like I will break it if I push it in. At least the remote is pretty nice so I won't have to touch the cheesy buttons. If just feels cheap. The power cord is molded into the chassis. The chassis is a non-standard size, which always drives me mad. It is almost a standard rack width at 17" wide, but it is only 8" deep, meaning it is too shallow for any other piece of gear to sit on top of it. I had to rig some rear "feet" for my DVR to sit it on top the Sony. Initial impressions were not good at all and I thought I had made a mistake buying this thing. At least once it is in the rack it doesn't look cheap. The all-black front is not as nice as the blue tinted plastic on the S300, but it looks like it belongs in a good equipment rack. Just don't touch it.

The connectors on the back feature a single HDMI jack, component and composite video, stereo analog audio (that goes with the composite video), Ethernet, digital coax and optical, and USB. There are no multichannel analog audio outputs if you need these, and I found it odd that it would offer legacy video outputs but force anyone using those to only use digital audio or HDMI for high-resolution audio. The USB connector is interesting as it allows the user to connect a memory stick (and the promise later a hard drive) for storing downloaded video. There is also a USB connector on the front and the machine can display a variety of digital image formats and play back a variety of digital audio formats directly from the USB connections, or via its networking capability. So while I probably won't use it as such, the machine has the ability to serve as a media hub. That's pretty nice.

I plugged it in and connected via HDMI to my pre-pro. The remote codes were in the Harmony database. I fired it up and went through the very logical and intuitive setup routine on-screen without having to refer to the owner's manual. I connected it to my network wirelessly (it has 801.n wireless built in) and had it check for a firmware update. There was one, so before I could try it I let it download and update which took about 15 minutes to complete. After it rebooted, I started exploring.

The user interface looks exactly like the PS3. This is not surprising since this box is pretty much the PS3 without the gaming capability or any on-board hard drive. It was intuitive and easy to navigate. I went to the setup screens and went through all the settings to see if I needed to adjust anything. Then I popped in a Blu Ray disc (Up.)

Wow. I was shocked. Where the old S300 would give me several "loading" screens and I could almost walk the half mile to the nearest Starbucks, get a latte and walk back before a disc was ready to play, this thing flashed the screen a couple of times and boom, it was ready to go. It was literally the fastest load I'd ever seen, faster than the CD player in my car can load a CD. Very impressive. The picture quality was also outstanding, as I expected. The sound, however, was not right.

"Up" has a dts-HD soundtrack, and the Emotiva processor told me the Sony was sending it multi-channel PCM. Hmm. I went back into the setup screens and it said dts was set to output as dts, but there did not seem to be any settings associated with the HD codecs. Hmm again. So I stopped the disc and thumbed through the owners manual. No mention of anything special I need to do. Time to hit up Google. Nothing obvious came up. Back to the owner's manual and I notice in the troubleshooting section a problem called "Dolby True HD and dts HD bitstream does not work." Aha. It seems one must set a user setting called "BD Audio Mix Output" to "OFF" and then the high def codecs will bitstream. Oh really? So I did this, and boom the Emotiva told me the sound track was dts-HD. There is no where other than this troubleshooting guide that mentions this, and the setup information says the "BD Audio Mix" function has something to do with the secondary audio tracks.

So, if any of you purchase this box or it's siblings, be sure to set this function to "OFF" if you have a pre-pro that decodes the new codecs.

After enjoying "Up" I tried the Netflix streaming function and cued up "The King of California." It came up on the screen surprisingly quickly, and the video quality was not HD but acceptable for casual viewing. It did seem to have to re-buffer too often, but perhaps adding a nice big 32G memory stick to the rear USB port will help this.

Next I tried playing back an SACD (Madman Across The Water.) The S570 outputs SACD as either Multi-PCM or Multi-channel DSD. I had set it to DSD, but the Emotiva will not accept a DSD input. The Sony detected this via the HDMI handshake and output the music as multi-channel PCM. It sounded pretty darn good.

Bottom line, my bias against cheap-feeling gear was wrong and I love this box. I didn't think I'd ever use the Profile 2.0 BD-Live features or something like Netflix streaming but I was wrong, I had a good time checking it out. I still think I'll never use the 3D features but who knows. I am happy I bought this and feel it is one of the best bargain buys I have ever made for my HT.

If however it really is as cheap as it feels and it breaks down after a few months, I'll be sure to let everyone here know.
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on March 4, 2010
OK , got my S570 and tested everything I could. This is not a professional review since I'm not a pro.


The box is very small, half the size of the 460 box. The player is also much smaller than the 460. The installation was a breeze because I basically removed my 460 and replaced it with the 570. I don't need the wireless, just hooket it to my Ethernet switch and set a fixed IP address like I do on any device I have.
The eject button on the player is almost impossible to find. Bring the remote.

The activation of both Netflix and Amazon can be a real pain and I had to register both again.

I changed the following settings from the default:
.Audio Mix to OFF
.Gracenote to AUTO
.Network settings to manual IP address.
.IP Noise Reduction to zero

As soon as I turned the player on, a firmware update came up and its now version 315.


Nothing new here. Bluray is great as it is with any other player and DVD is OK, nothing to brag about but decent. Professional reviews will give more info about cadence and other things, I spend my time watching movies not calibration disks.
Only thing new is the Gracenote that gives some info on the title but will interrupt playback and return the movie to start position.


If you know the 460, the interface is the same (very basic) but with an interesting difference on the audio side. With the 460 I can get DD 5.1 from Amazon and only get audio from Netflix if I set HDMI AUDIO to PCM. With the 570, all the streaming comes in PCM even if HDMI AUDIO is set to AUTO. I think it's a bug with the 460 that happens only with few receivers (no audio unless PCM is set) that is now fixed with the 570. I know, a little confusing.
There is an IP video noise reduction that defaults to 2. I set it to zero because I hate any kind of NR. Picture gets softer in most cases.
Picture quality with Amazon is good and so-so with Netflix but nothing that can be blamed on the player. BTW, my Internet connection is good, 18 Mbps hard-wired.
Gracenote doesn't work with Netflix or Amazon, but you don't need it.


There are 1 or 2 services not present on the 460 and few "coming soon". The most important is the Qriosity, from Sony, that promises to rival Netflix/Amazon. There is a Qriosity icon as a placeholder on the menu axis. More info here: [...].


Doesn't exist. Firmware upgrade ? Shame on you Sony.The Sony website is now updated and has a footnote about the upgrade but it wasn't there when I bought the player.


I used a pendrive to test quite a few file formats. Here is the result:

.M2TS Both movies recorded from my Canon Camcorder and the Hauppauge HD-PVR played perfectly. Great !
.MPG No problems, as expected.
.WMV Played without a glitch.
.MKV The video recorded with Makemkv didn't play at all (msg about corrupted file). The video recorded with Handbrake played but with a lot of pixelation.
.M4V Same as above. Also created by Handbrake.
.ISO Not recognized at all. Didn't show up on the playlist.
.MOV Same as above.
.AVI Same as above.

I think the only good news so far is the flawless playback of the 2 M2TS files.


This is the Grand Finale: Absolutely fantastic . My Pioneer 94 can take DSD direct (no PCM conversion) and the sound is great. I set the receiver to "pure direct" and the sound was warm, tube like, beautiful. Obviously the receiver plays the big role here but the 570 did everything you could expect.


.Panasonic P65V10
.Pioneer 64 receiver
.Sony BDP S570 player
.U-Verse 18 Mbps Internet Service
.Everything through HDMI links.

I hope I gave you some highlights on the 570. Overall it's a great deal and a bargain considering what it can do. Let's hope the DLNA upgrade comes soon and works as expected.
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First, a little background. I purchased a Sony BDP-S300 (one of the early Sony BD players) three years ago to use with my home-theatre setup. It was always a great player, just a basic machine with no frills. Not a lot of advanced features, but it always had superb picture quality and it played anything you could put in it.

Anyway, in mid-2009 I started looking for a new BD machine to replace the aging S300. The S300 had wonderful picture quality, no doubt about it, but it was becoming troublesome with long waits for load times, sometimes taking up to five minutes to start playing a Java-enabled Blu-ray disc (from cold power-on to disc main menu). In the process of "auditioning" new machines, I tried out a Samsung BD-P1600 and a Sony BDP-N460, both of which were returned to the store for one reason or another.

Well, my good friends, it appears as though my long wait for a replacement for the S300 is over. I purchased a Sony BDP-S570 on Thursday, March 4th 2010, and I could not be happier with the results.

Now let me say that I am looking at players for playback quality alone. I am not interested in connecting the machine to the Internet -- which may put off some of you. I am only concerned with load times, wait times, picture quality, sound quality. All else for me is a moot point because I connect my television directly to my Windows XP Media Centre PC for things such as Netflix, Youtube, Pandora, etc. So this review and comments are only in regard to video playback of various discs on this machine.

Upon removing the BDP-S570 from its box, and connecting it to the television via HDMI, I loaded our first "test disc", the 2009 Java-heavy Paramount Blu-ray release of J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek". The disc loaded faster than you can say "Klingon". I was also quite impressed when pressing the "Pop Up/Menu" button on the remote control automatically forced the disc to skip through the four trailers (that play automatically at the start most of the time). This is the first machine that could blow past the trailers like that in one fell swoop. (Formerly, you had to use the fast-forward function to forward through each trailer one at a time.)

As many of you know, The "Star Trek" BD was one of the most well-received BDs of 2009 in terms of picture quality. Well let me say the PQ looks extraordinary on this player and my television. The only problem I noted was a brief glitch in the video outputting/processing, when a herky-jerky something happened and skipped a brief second during the climactic space battle at the end of the movie. I reversed the movie and played it again, and the second time around, no problems.

Second test disc was the 2007 Columbia BD release of "Spider-Man 2" (from the trilogy boxed set). This disc loaded quickly and played flawlessly, again perfect PQ and video outputting. No complaints here at all.

Final test disc was the 2006 Disney Platinum Edition DVD release of "The Little Mermaid". This disc loaded very quickly and the picture quality throughout was superb. No jaggies at all like you'd see on some other BD machines when playing standard DVDs. Superb auto upscaling to 1080P from the disc's native 480i.

Some specific features that impressed me with this player: The remote control has an open/close button on it, which was missing on older Sony BD remote controls (particularly the N460). This player has the easiest auto set-up (by far) of any of the various new players I've connected to my TV out of the box. Finally, you can deactivate the lights and numerical (counter) display on the front of the machine, so it is completely dark when powered on. This is a handy feature if you, like me, dislike all those lights particularly when playing a movie in a darkened room.

Also I particularly like the small size of this player. The S300 was a behemoth in comparison. This player takes no room at all in my component cabinet (in fact it is so small I can't keep my Wii on top like I did with my old player).

All in all this is a superb A+++++ machine from Sony. Here is the player I was waiting for. Technology has caught up to the level such that these players have really come into their own. Also this player is 3D capable with the expected firmware coming this summer. So I will be ready to watch Avatar when the 3D BD is released. Celebration all around.
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on May 12, 2010
Verified Purchase
I spent numerous hours reviewing Blu-ray players before deciding on the Sony BDP-S570. Some of my primary requirements were:

- Netflix capable
- Wi-Fi capable
- Additional online content
- Economical

I know my requirements are not that stringent, but the player is just for the family. I wanted to be able to do Full HD 1080p and the family/kids wanted to be able to watch Netflix. I wanted/needed Wi-Fi because I did not want to run a network cable.

After reading hours of reviews I decided on the Sony BDP-S570 because it met all of my requirements, as well as, is prepared to be a 3D player with a firmware upgrade. I watched Amazon for about a month and finally it went on sale for $224. I brought it immediately.

I had my new Blu-Ray player up and running immediately. I connected the Blu-Ray to my network and immediately updated the firmware. I registered with Netflix and was watching movies instantly. I have not had any issues whatsoever with Netflix. This is a great box if this is one of your major requirements. I also registered with Pandora and Slacker and have very much enjoyed the online music. My family has also enjoyed watching YouTube as well.

After a month I am extremely happy with my purchase and highly recommend this Blu-Ray player.
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on October 3, 2010
Verified Purchase
I have had good luck with SONY products in the past. Not with this one though.

It took several days to get it to work because it is designed by SONY to work in a network environment that possesses no security protection. This device needs access to any IP address and any port at any IP address. This would be acceptable if:

1. SONY properly documented its use of ports and address space
2. Error messages actually were meaningful when the device was incapable of reaching some obscure address/port combination, and,
3. The device didn't act like an undocumented home for spyware.

Basically SONY bugs a customer's entire use of this device. It reports usage back to SONY and its partners IP addresses using undocumented ports. It maintains essentially adware cookies that track a user's history with the device. None of this behavior is documented by SONY.

However, when you install this device behind a hardware firewall that tracks such things, it is immediately evident. If you attempt to block the various reporting addresses, the device then fails telling you that the "Network is Unavailable" - the universal message SONY appears to deliver for any failed access to a remote Internet address. This makes installation very confusing: you can see the directories for services out there but cannot access anything - including firmware updates - unless the unit can report your access to a SONY, or partner, site that records your activity and interests.

In addition to this upfront misbehavior, the device is also highly unstable. It is not at all reliable even with the latest firmware (finally) downloaded and installed.

If there were a way to give this device a negative rating, I would do so. I played with it so long in the hopes that I could make it reliable that it went past Amazon's return window - or it would not be here any longer. As it is, it has decided to no longer recognize its remote control and thus has become my latest door stop.

If anyone from SONY reads this: shame on you and your company. This device is so far from the excellent devices you have made in the past that it should never have been allowed to ship ...
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Verified Purchase
I read many customer reviews about this BD-Player before I spent the cash to get one myself. I have a habit of taking some reviews with a grain of salt and there's always a few that will have a bad experience. So far my experience has been great with this player. I'm not a video/audio guru, but I know what I like to see and I know what I like to hear. I have not been disappointed with the Sony BDP-S570 Blu-ray Disc Player. The first two Blu-Rays that went into my player were "2012" and "Avatar." They were both tremendous quality experiences.

(As a footnote you should also know that my HDTV is also a Sony. It's a Sony Bravia KDL46EX500. Awesome features for the price I paid.)

I had one small drawback, a nuisance, but one worth mentioning for those making this player a consideration. When I started using my new player my home was hooked up with Wireless-G (2.4-GHz). I did have a few problems with streaming my Netflix, but only far and few between. It was like watching a video catching up on the internet. A few weeks later I decided to upgrade my system to Wireless-N (5-GHz) for the internet. This is something I did for my laptop, not for my BD player. After installing my new Netgear RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N Gigabit Router (WNDR3700), I now found out I had the option in the Blu-Ray player to use Wireless-N! I had no idea before the new system was installed that the BD player was able to use Wireless-N. What a bonus! I set the Sony BD player to use the 5GHz network and no more stalls for streaming the video. None whatsoever! It is faster in all responses to using my Netflix.

Now please don't take this as all inclusive... that all players will have problems with Wireless-G 2.4GHz, because I'm not sure that's the case. I live in the "sticks" so to speak. I've had more than a few problems with my internet connections before (mostly squirrels) and this could have added to my experience. I just wanted to let you know that after putting in the Wireless-N 5GHz this unit works better than before. I'm definitely all Thumbs Up about my experience with this BD-player.

The only thing I can add is to reiterate what others have said about the features and quality of this fine player. It's great and worth every penny I paid for it! Can't wait for the online 3D upgrade to see how that's going to look...
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on January 5, 2011
I read a lot of reviews on this player, here at Amazon, AVSForums, CNET, and elsewhere, but I never saw much coverage of the streaming options or how this player actually interfaces to those services. This video shows exactly how Netflix, Pandora, Youtube, and the other interfaces work on the player, including playing back files on a flash or hard drive connected to the front USB port. Hope this helps some of you who want to use the player for streaming. It's great!

Items covered: User interface, Qriocity, Amazon Video on Demand, Netflix (including loading time, seek time and streaming quality), Crackle, Pandora, and USB playback of mp4 (.m4v), .wmv and .vob

Edit 1/12/11: There also aren't a whole lot of people (judging by AVS Forums) using this for playing back files via USB. People either want exact DVD quality, and end up streaming .ISO backups using a DLNA server elsewhere on their network, or they just use a USB drive for short clips. I'm in the middle, I want reasonably good looking backups with Dolby surround on a nice little hard drive. I did a lot of test encodes and the best settings I found for Handbrake (freeware) are:
Start with the 'Legacy' profile, turn on Anamorphic, loose
MPEG-4, .mkv container
2000 kbps bitrate
AC3 passthru for sound

This creates a 1.8-2.0 GB file that plays back great from a FAT32 USB hard drive (Western Digital Elements) in full surround sound.

Edit 4/24/11: A recent update to the software has only made this player better. Netflix now does more than just instant queue, it also has browse features for many different genres and suggestions. Still no search, and seeking doesn't yet show preview frames like the PC or Vizio apps, but I'm quite happy with it.
review image
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on May 26, 2010
Verified Purchase
Just opened up my Sony BDP-S570(Samsung LN46A650 46-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LCD)about an hour ago...25 May 2010. Startup was very straight-forward to the point.First thing was download a firmware problems with update.Went through Ethernet rather than wi-fi because of problems taking the wireless route (with other players) firmware updates...not the place to have a problems! Will probably stay with Ethernet cable until Netflix has a fix for content download....they have been saying (since I can remember)to use ethernet-cable for best picture.Netflix has always said wi-fi was a try at your own risk deal.Back to the player.I am very pleased with the easy to fallow set-up menu. It is a little cluttered but it's no worse than my kitchen (LOL).Their is also a 1-2-3 installation guide for those who would rather not do a custom install. Either way you go, by the book or OTJT it's pretty straight forward.So just as expected...after extensive research and past HD-DVD & Blu-Ray experience. I will be adding more information too this thread as player and I get to know each other better.At this early point & time product is as advertised and would recommend...could be one of Sony's better offerings.Hope so....back to my new toy!

28 May 2010 Just revised my previous review but in a slightly more positive way. The picture quality is excellent as is sound. More adjustments than have time to go into right now. Even after 6 plus hours of tweaking and playing favorite blu-ray discs still have plenty more to check out and relay some truthful unbiased iformation to this forum.

"IMPORTANT UPDATE!9 June 2010: Downloaded Firmware Upgrade (version M04.R.588) "New DNLA & 3D Firmware" problems with download via ethernet connection.New blu-ray discs e.g. Avatar,Shutter Island loaded very fast...picture and sound above average IMO. According to "Sony eSupport" upgrading firmware to version M04.R.588 provides the following benefits: [...]

Improvements over firmware version M04.R.491:

*Adds support for 3D content
*Adds support for DLNA content
*Improves router connectivity
Benefits provided by previous upgrades and included in version M04.R.588:

*Improves compatibility to enhance interactivity with some BD-ROMs.
*Resolves an issue where video streamed over the Internet may be displayed at SD (Standard Definition) instead of HD (High Definition) even when using a high speed Internet connection (10 Mbps or more) and watching video that is provided in HD.
*Enhanced Gracenote Entertainment database browser features:
Adds new features such Related Information Browse and Contents Search to improve your Blu-ray Disc(tm) movie database.
*Enhanced photo slideshow:
Adds new visual effects and music to add to your photos when they are displayed on a TV.
*Improved Compatibility:
Adds compatibility with DTS Neo:6 to convert the audio into 5.1 or 6.1 channel format.
Will update review after having more time too check out new apps.So far all is good.

"IMPORTANT UPDATE!9 July 2010: Download of New Firmware (Version MO4.R.624) is available [...] Benefits and Improvement too come...

Update:07 June 2011: A year has passed and I have had no significant problems with this player. It operates as advertised and after several more timely updates, firmware with additional entertainment apps all is well. No problems playing a single one of my 140 plus blu-ray and many more standard dvd discs. In my opinion I think Sony was ahead of the curve with this player and would purchase again. Most of what Sony did whith this player will more than likely be included with most middle to high end Digital HD Televisions in the future...many televisions already have several of these features included. Take care all...

Change is Inevitable
Growth is Optional
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on August 12, 2010
I bought this mostly for Netflix streaming movies and an occasional Netflix Blu-Ray DVD. I it were for Blu-ray only, I would give it a higher score. Of course, why would one spend the money for Ethernet and Wi-Fi if were just to play disks?

As a Neflix streamer, the S570 worked fine for a few weeks. Now it will play Netflix for 5 to 20 minutes, then goes to "Loading" and never recovers until I stop and go back to the menu to select the program and start again. My wifi signal strength is in the low 90% range, occasionally hitting 100%. If I connect an LG player with a wifi adapter, there is no problem at all, never stops. Same streaming to a computer. So it isn't my Internet connection or a wifi issue.

So far, no help from Sony.
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