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on April 23, 2014
Pros: It has a nice HD picture. It has a sleek attractive design. The remote operates at a reasonable distance and is intuitive. Love the big red Netflix button for immediate connection to streaming Netflix without going through the menus. Lots of channel choices on their network. Boots up fast. Starts playing fast.

Small Cons:
There is no user manual, you have to download it.

After powering up, it looks like its ready to go. You can see all the streaming channel icons; however, it needs more time to get connected to the network. if you try to connect, you can get a connection error. Be patient and try again. It would have been nice if they put up an icon or some indicator that said it was now connected to the network instead of leaving us to guess.

Big Cons:
I, like many others (check Sony's web site for reviews) have had problems with streaming 3D movies through Netflix. My bandwidth is 24.3Mb/S, additionally, I have had AT&T come out and check my service. There are no errors or dropped frames; however, when I launch a 3D movie, I still get the message "connection speed is too slow for 3D". When I launch the 3D movie again, it may give the same message or it may play. When it does play, it can play right through to the end of the movie; however, sometimes it plays only for 20 seconds, then stops the movie to reload. This can repeat every 20 seconds, continuously. At that point, as advised by Sony, we unplugged and plugged back in the BDPS5200. Sometimes this worked but sometimes it did not. When it did not work, we loaded the same movie as 2D. In 2D it played right through to the end of the movie with no loading issues. It may have something to do with the fact that you must go through Sony's network to get to Netflix. I and many others believe it is going through their network that may be the problem, regardless of which Sony player you have.

Further analysis of connecting to Sony's network: Sometimes I get the message that the network is not accessible when launching Netflix. I am using wired Ethernet so I could eliminate any WiFi connection issues. Its a solid connection. To test the connection, I disconnected the Ethernet from the BDPS5200 and attached it to my laptop. No problem. Blazing fast. Connected back to the BDPS5200, "network is not accessible". Pulled the plug on the player, plugged it back in, waited for 1-2 minutes, tried it again and it worked.

Could it be the BDPS5200? Consider this: I just returned a BDPS5100 because it had the same problems. For as many people that are complaining on Sony's web site, Sony's recommendations are text book solutions that are temporary fixes at best, like unplug and plug back in your player and a host of other suggestions that people have tried that either didn't work or resulted in temporary fixes.

Another disappointment: I had a few people over and a friend brought a brand new (unopened package) Blu Ray DVD. The player said it didn't recognize the DVD. I took out the DVD and put it back in. Again, the same message that it didn't recognize the DVD. I turned it off and back on. No change, it didn't recognize the DVD. Then I remembered the advice on their forum. Unplug the player and plug it back in. After unplugging and plugging it back in, it recognized the Blu Ray DVD. If Sony is advising this as a fix, I am having my doubts that a new Sony Blu Ray player is going to fix this issue. Where is their quality? I need to mention that I had all the software upgrades to the player and I still had the same problems.

In summary, connections issues appear to be associated with connecting Sony streaming players to Sony's network when streaming with Netflix. Additionally, their Blu Ray player can have problems recognizing Blu Ray DVDs that requires powering it down, unplugging the power and plugging it back in order to again recognize Blu Ray DVDs.

June 29, 2014 Review update
I waited before updating this review to be sure I had given the NEW BDPS5200 time to show any latent issues. Keep in mind I still have the same fast internet speed of 45Mb/S and as Sony advised, there was a software update.

3D Movies:
Launching 3D movies resulted in the same error message "connection speed is too slow for 3D, would I like to view in 2D or try 3D again." This error message occurred at least 50% of the time. When I elected to "try again" in 3D, it loaded every time flawlessly and played the movie with no problems. I have noticed this "connection speed too slow" message happens, at what I would assume, are peak viewing hours (Friday and Saturday evenings). When I tested during early morning hours or in the middle of the day, there seemed to be no issue and the 3D movie launched first try. Is this issue from Sony's network, the BDPS5200 or Netflix? According to Sony, it's not their network or their player at fault. If I had another NON Sony 3D player to compare too we would know for sure. However, due to the consistent time relevancy, it appears to be a network problem. Also, when problem occurred I did run a speed test on my home network and it was running full speed with typical latency so I don't believe my home network is related to the problem.

Locking up:
The system has locked up when launching Netflix just once. I did have to unplug the BDPS5200 and allow it to reboot. It was truly locked, neither waiting nor pushing any buttons (including the home button) had any effect. I use this system frequently and it has happened only once.

Blu Ray:
I have not rented a blu ray disc yet so I can't review if that problem has gone away. Sorry.

11-14-2014 - The silver bullet test
I streamed a movie from my Amazon account. The move would play for 1-2 minutes, then reload for 5-10 seconds (while we waited) and then start playing again. This was an Amazon Prime streaming HD movie. As I stated before, my bandwidth is 45 Megabit. Certainly fast enough for a NON 3D, HD streaming movie. After about 6 minutes of continuous reloads I turned the Sony player on and off via the remote control. I did not unplug it from the wall and plug it back in. We watched for another 5 minutes and nothing changed, continuous reloads and waiting. I bought down a Roku streaming player that had my Amazon account on it. Unplugged the Ethernet and HDMI cable from the Sony player and plugged them into the Roku streaming player, launched Amazon and resumed the same movie. This whole process took less than two minutes. The rest of the movie played flawlessly. Not a single reload. This suspiciously looks like either Sony's network or the Sony player is the problem. If you read Sony's remarks in this post, they say the Sony network is not in the middle of the connection between the player and the service provider. If that is the case, then the Sony BDPS5200 player is defective. Since this is happening on multiple Sony players, this is not the case of a single bad player. I have also kept up to date on all Sony software upgrades. None of the upgrades have fixed this problem. Also, when the picture did play, it would repeatedly show visible digital distortion for a few seconds, then play normal.

Conclusion: It really doesn't matter if it's the network or the Sony player because the two must work together as a system. Sony has put together a system that has failed to perform in an acceptable manor. Keep in mind that I have had similar experiences with other Sony models (as I mentioned earlier in this review). Also, keep in mind that I have played many hours of flawless streaming videos with this player. In my opinion, it appears to be Sony's network because if it were the player it would be a regular occurrence and not associated with high traffic times. This problem occurred around 6:30pm on a Friday evening.

Update on CD's: Since owning this player for over 7 months, I have had several regular (NON HD) brand new CDs (from Walmart) simply not play on this Sony blu-ray player and I have had to bring in another player or unplug the power from the Sony player and Plug it back in. Simply turning it on and off from the remote will not fix this type of problem. This is certainly a defect in the Sony BDPS5200.
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on April 1, 2014
I got this through a rewards site I earn points with and there were a few different bluray players listed, but I chose this one due to the actual price comparison with the others offered on the rewards site, brand reputation, and the capabilities/technical aspects. I now have it and I really like it. I already own the Sony BDP-S590, and this is certainly smaller and easier to use than that, especially with the full keyboard on screen when you need to type things's much easier to use than the qwerty keyboard in my previous model. I got this model for my second television to use for mostly streaming and this model picks up the wifi very well and quickly!

The only downside is that it takes a little while to boot up, but they have also partially fixed that with an option to put it in a sleep mode of sorts so startup is quicker. There is no digital screen display, but who really needs that when there is a button on your remote that can show you that right on your screen.

It plays discs well and certainly improves the quality of DVDs. The remote is small and lightweight, but has all the buttons you could want (possibly more) laid out in a logical way. All in all a great bluray player with tons of apps available and very user-friendly.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Sony has the same user interface on all their devices, it seems, so if you want to know what it's like to use this BD player, just take a look at the PS3 and imagine it without gaming. That's basically it. The same menu system, many of the same applications, audio services, and video services, and the same icon/text layout.

Some of the important points:

► BD and DVD playback are excellent, as expected.

► Video streaming (Netflix, etc.) is OK, but didn't load as fast as Amazon Fire TV or Roku 3. Even on my high speed connection each video starts out a little rough-looking and then resolves to an HD stream after about 40 seconds. This doesn't happen on the Roku 3 or Amazon Fire TV, which tells me the Sony's a touch slower and doesn't buffer as quickly.

► Support for local & DLNA video is better than on the PS3, but like most North American BD players, this device supports Cinavia protection and will shut down when the audio watermark plays. You can't strip it out, and therefore you can't play Cinavia-protected videos.

► Audio streaming is good, with a decent interface.

► Browser experience is average for set top boxes. Nothing special.

As I prefer using a dedicated device for streaming video and audio, my primary concern with a BD player is how well it handles disc-based media, and the Sony BDPS5200 handles it all very well. DTS-HD passed through perfectly, and the images were crisp and beautiful. The unit itself is small and takes up little space in the entertainment center. I also use it for CD playback, and this works great through my surround sound receiver.

Sony's remote is a little clunky, but since the player uses IR it works perfectly with universal remotes.

Final Verdict: A worthy BD player that handles BDs, DVDs, and CDs (among other disc-based media) admirably well, while also functioning as a mid-level media streamer that runs a touch on the slow side by today's standards. Still quite capable as a media streaming device, the Sony BDPS5200 would be a decent addition to your home theater setup if you were trying to get as many functions in one device as possible, as long as you recognize it as a "jack of all trades, master of few".

Four Stars. One star was deducted for the slower streaming playback (and, in part, the Cinavia protection).
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on December 29, 2014
This is my second Sony Blu-ray player. I have one in my bedroom and I decided to get a second for my man cave/rec room. I have only ever had one issue with it since I first purchased my first one two years ago. It was with the network. If the Sony "Grasmere" network goes down, you will not be able to go online for anything which includes Netflix which I mostly use these Blu-ray players for. I spent the better part of an hour trying to connect to my network thinking that the error was on my end, but it was on Sony's end. It was down for about two days which happened to be on a Friday-Saturday night, but since then I haven't had any issues. The bonus feature which I didn't know, was that I can view content from my computer, tablets, phone and even digital camera through the built-in Wi-Fi. This small device does a lot more than I expected and for the price, it cannot be beat.
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on August 11, 2014
You could almost do without a laptop with this thing. Access facebook, youtube, netflix, and huluplus with its built-in WiFi. Stream movie clips to your computer or laptop from the TV while you're watching it. Or just play old-fashioned DVDs on it with greater clarity. Very small and lightweight, so you almost think it's a toy, BUT IT'S NOT. The sound is fantastic, just like the theatre!
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on November 11, 2014
I read rave reviews about this on most electronic sites, with a few nay-sayers. All I can say is, if you got one that works...great. If you get one like I did...not so much. When turning it on for the first time, no home page. Nothing. No remote button worked. Inserted a Blue-Ray disc and my speakers started crackling with static. The picture came up and it looked like a 1978 worn out VHS tape. Flakes in the picture to go with the static. Tried numerous things, shut it off, turn-on, un-plug, shake it, bang it. I bought this to replace my old component video Sony BLUray that has no Wi-Fi or 3D. So I took the HDMI cable and put it into my old Sony BluRay and the old Sony worked great. That ruled out the HDMI cable and the receiver and the projector. Plugged back into the 5200 and nothing, just black. Couldn't even get it to play crummy like before. That was enough. Boxed it up. Printed my Amazon return postage and sent it off the next day. I bought the Samsung BD-H6500. It's $50 more, but good god, it works.
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on April 12, 2015
First this unit looks so very CHEAP and its very small. There is no dispay on it, just a light to show that it is on. However, the major problem is that this unit sticks/freezes. Sometimes it will not turn off until I unplug it. While watching a video on Netflix, Amazon or even my own blu ray disc, it will freeze and I have to unplug it to get off of that screen. I am returning this for a better model. Sony is not living up to the standards they used to have. I am very disappointed.

UPDATE - I had to unplug this player one time too many in order to shut it off. I returned it for the Samsung BD-H5900 Wi-Fi and 3D Blu-ray Disc Player. So far, it's working great!
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on February 24, 2015
Returning the product immediately. Upon opening and updating via the internet, the player allowed the internet browsing, but when connecting to Sony Network services for Netflix, I immediately received "a network error has occurred". I purchased this player specifically for this content. Researching showed this is a common problem that Sony refuses to admit is an issue. I will not be purchasing another product from Sony that requires to be funneled through their servers.
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on August 6, 2014
Small and sleek but minor issues. 1. No controls on unit so if you lose the remote (or have little ones who hide things) you are unable to use the player. 2. Freezes/cuts off occasionally requiring the player to be completely unplugged and reset.
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on April 25, 2014
First a little background about what devices I've been using for blu-ray and streaming. This blu-ray player replaces an absolutely ancient 2008 Panasonic that recently played it's last disc (RIP). That player had no online capabilities whatsoever, it was strictly dedicated for blu-ray watching (and painfully slow at that). For any streaming, I've mostly been using PS3, Xbox, or a dedicated ROKU player (also several years old).

My intention with this player, was for the first time to possibly have a blu-ray player that can also serve as my primary streaming device. I purchased a "2014" model - hoping to get the fastest possible player without breaking the bank. Unfortunately, it seems that this price range of player still lags severely behind all of the aforementioned devices in terms of actual performance for online streaming. The overall menu navigation also seems a bit "laggy" to me. Perhaps my expectations for the streaming capabilities were too high, but even when setting it up initially, it was striking to me how sluggish the operating system is. It only gets worse when navigating actual apps like Netflix, Amazon instant Video, etc. I'm just not sure I can deal with this lagginess out of a device I use for all my streaming applications, which is unfortunate. Now I'm not sure I can comment that this player is better or worse in this area than other "smart" blu-ray players in this price range, I can only say that it does not live up to what I hoped for a player in the year 2014. It really does not noticeably perform better than some other streaming players I've seen from 2 or 3 years ago, and certainly worse than Roku players from several years ago.

However, at least the process of playing a blu-ray disc seems noticeably faster than my dying Panasonic. So by that measure, this seems to be a fully "functional" device. I am not enough of an audiophile or videophile to determine if I'm getting every single bit or pixel of audio/video compared to higher end players. But it seems to do at least as good of a job as my old workhorse Panasonic. If this Sony player also lasts me a good 4 or 5 years, I will certainly feel it's money well spent.

My ultimate take, is that I probably should have looked for closeout prices on 2013 models to save myself a good 20 or 30% off MSRP. I'm not sure there is much advantage in this player compared to older players. The other option, if one is willing to spend more, would be to look at some of this year's players with built in CPU's to speed up their operations...such as Sony's own BDP-6200 model with dual core.

-Fast blu-ray startup.
-Very easy to set-up initially, I'm fairly tech savvy but that is not at all required.
-TINY footprint, literally less than half the size of the player it replaces.
-Light weight, easy to move around (could indicate cheap parts, but I can live with this if the player lasts)
-Decent MSRP for a 3D smart player

-Laggy menus
-Streaming apps/performance
-No front LED readout (I knew this, and it was probably sacrificed for the small footprint, but I will probably miss it).
-Since it's a 2014 model that just came out, I paid too close to MSRP.
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