Customer Reviews: Sony BDPSX910 Sony Portable Blu-ray Player (Old Model)
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on July 14, 2012
I am very impressed with this portable Blu-ray player, especially since I purchased it when it was still $199. The picture is very clear and the color is great with newer Blu-ray discs. I have the unit set at half brightness and that is all I need. The volume is pretty good, but I think it could be better. If you are going to use this DVD player in the car, it might not be very loud unless you are using a headphone or earbuds. That being said, the unit only has one headphone jack, so only one person can enjoy the movie with quality sound in a louder-than-being-at-home environment.

That being said, the sound quality with good earbuds is great. I actually heard something in a movie I had never heard before even though I have seen the movie a number of times. Two headphone jacks and wifi would have made this unit close to perfect.

What I am most impressed about is the battery and that it basically lives up to its specs ... which I find rare with electronics. Sony says the battery will last up to four and a half hours. Also, the unit does not get hot on your lap.

Right off the charger I was able to get four hours and 25 minutes at half brightness (10). I wish it were a bit easier to check the battery besides shutting off the movie to see, but at least there is a flashing light on the unit to alert the viewer that the battery is about 20 minutes from dying. During my test, the light started flashing at four hours and five minutes.

I played a non-Blu-ray DVD and the picture and sound is good.

I played a music CD and the volume seemed louder than with a movie. It sounded very good.

I tried inserting a flash drive, but the unit said the drive was not supported. The only thing I can think of is that the drive contained more than just pictures, videos or music. Perhaps later I will delete a flash drive that I don't use and just add some pics, music and video to see if it works.

Hopefully this Blu-ray player lasts a really long time because it is a great unit for the price and included features.


Crisp picture especially with newer Blu-ray movies
Easy to use touch keys


Only one headphone jacks
Volume with movies
Limited way to check of the battery
No wifi
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VINE VOICEon August 10, 2012
October 5, 2015 Update
Our first Sony DVD player, purchased August of 2012, developed a problem with the audio. I thought it was an internally loose 3.5mm head phone jack. I took it apart to see if I could re-solder it. But, even with 40+ years of electronics experienced, I made a mistake and screwed up the player. So I had to research buying a new one.

This model has worked perfectly for us. I like the features. It only gets used occasionally, perhaps 5 to 10 times per year, mostly for long car trips to keep our 5-year-old occupied (sometimes he naps while trying to watch a video which is great). What I found (at least on Amazon) is there are no alternatives in this price range. There are a couple of players for considerably more money but this one is expensive enough; I'm not going to spend more.

There are a few other players that look interesting but some don't play Blu-ray disks, and some don't have the swivel screen. In the end I couldn't find another equal or better unit, so I'm ordering a second one of these. Sorry to see the price has actually increased about $40 in three years.

12/9/2012 Update
It just keeps getting better.

First I noted in a "Con" in the original review below that some disks failed to play. That problem is gone. I haven't had that issue at all since the first few tries.

This week I finally hooked it up to our home media system. I hooked up the HDMI cable from the DVD player to our AV Receiver. I then added that device to our single remote we use for all of our media devices, a Logitech Harmony 650. It all worked like a champ and the picture quality is very sharp and clear.

Original Review = product purchased August 2012
We were looking for a DVD player to use in the car on a long trip with our 2 year old grandson. There are a lot of these portable DVD players available so I spent a few hours trying to find the best overall unit. I didn't even think about Blu-ray until I saw this Sony BDPSX910.

The Bly-ray was the final decision maker for me. It's not that we have a lot of Blu-ray disks but we do have a few. My 18 year old son is planning to move out and take his Sony Playstation 3 with him. His PS3 was our only way to watch Blu-ray movies. Buying this Sony would serve two ways, 1) for the car trip, 2) as a DVD/Blu-ray player for our living room.

The Sony DVD player arrived today and I checked it over thoroughly to maker sure it worked properly in advance of our trip. When I un-boxed it I was surprised and the quality of this unit. The outer case resembles a carbon-fiber finish, although it does show fingerprints.

The swivel screen will allow us to fold it flat and insert it into the "VideoSecu Portable Adjustable DVD CD Player Mount for Car Headrest- Black Color MDC20 M25" which also arrived today. They fit together quite well. I haven't mounted it in the car yet.

I tried several Blu-ray and regular DVD disks. The screen isn't very high resolution at 800 x 480 (my reason for taking one star off). I thought the Sony supplied description was a bit misleading. The resolution is adequate for viewing but don't expect too much.

Another purchase decision was both AC and DC power cords were included.

The built in speakers sound quite good considering the small size of the unit. They are better than any laptop I've owned. The volume is quite good but as others have said earphones would be required for use in a car. It is easy to purchase a splitter so two people could listen from the single audio output jack.

In my search through the many portable DVD players on the market one negative user comment came up a number of times. That is many of these units don't have a "resume" feature to pick up where the movie left off when the DVD player is turned off. They would have to scan forward manually. Really! That is pretty poor design. This Sony BDPSX910 does have the resume feature.

There is a Hold button on the bezel which locks all the buttons on the player; a great feature so our 2 year old grandson can't mess with playback. When the unit is in "hold" the remote still works. Nice feature.

There are two Remote Sensors so the remote can function if the player is rotated or even closed with the screen hidden for home use when the HDMI connector is supplying output to a large screen.

If you go to the Sony web site you can open and read through the entire user manual which I thought was well written.

There are a lot of user controls in a Sony format similar to the PS3. Screen Settings, Audio Settings, Parental Control, and more are included. It is a well equipped DVD player.

I have not tried the USB feature but that is a bonus that I will want to try out. I have not connected it to our home theater system but will report back after I have tried it.

As another reviewer said, this unit has no "Wireless streaming feature" as mentioned in the Sony supplied text.

It is a bit pricey compared to many other portable DVD players but I'm happy with my purchase.

9/10/2012 Update
Here are a couple of positive and negative comments after a few weeks of use.

We took our 1,400 mile trip with our 2 1/2 year old grandson along. He watched many hours of DVDs (normally we restrict his daily viewing time but not on this trip) and it was a great help. Then, as I myself have a foot cast, I'm using it to watch some DVDs.

1) The DC power cord for the car is substantial and appropriately long to run from the 12V outlet on the dashboard to the back seat. I didn't measure it but it is around 6' long.

2) As I have now viewed a couple of DVDs I find the display to be better than my original comments. For sure it is not high definition but the display is quite sharp and pleasant to view.

3) The remote works quite well, no problem whether the display is rotated or not and it seems to work well even if not pointed directly at the unit.

1) I've found that often I would insert a DVD but the player would not be able to read it. After shutting the player down and restarting it, or reinserting the disk, it would then be able to read the disk. It is not due to improper installation of the disk because it does snap in quite securely.

2) The AC power brick is quite large, although I was able to plug in a second plug along side of it in a standard AC outlet.

3) The AC power cord is quite short. I didn't measure it but I'm sure it is less than 3' long. Playing a DVD on battery should work well but if you actually want to run on AC power it might require an extension cord. A 6' cord would have been much appreciated.

I am still pleased with our purchase.

9/11/2012 Update
Just a couple of things to add.

1) The screen is non reflective which I consider a good feature. Shiny reflective screens seem to be a little sharper but I don't like that trade-off.

2) I didn't know this until today but if left in pause mode it will first go into a screen save mode, then will shut off the player after about 1/2 hour. This is a great feature to save the battery.

I'm changing my review to 5 stars. There are a few negatives but not enough to down grade it.
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on April 1, 2015
The ad copy for this item is totally misleading. Nowhere in the ad copy does it say the actual screen resolution is 800x480, but it says many times that the screen 'delivers Full HD 1080p quality'. To put that in perspective, DVD video generally has 480 lines of resolution (like this screen). Blu-Ray video generally has 1080 lines of resolution. To find the actual specs, you have to go find the product manual and search for the specifications page to find that this product is arguably displaying your Blu-Ray video at DVD quality (there may be some resampling involved, but you're never going to get a 1080p quality picture on a 800x480 screen).
review image
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on October 16, 2012
This is a great player. The 3 stars is for the battery. I've been on the phone with Sony and even their folks had trouble answering my question about the battery. The battery will require replacement when it is 50%. This can only be done presently through Sony. The AC adapter WILL NOT power up the unit once the battery is dead. So basically you are tied to Sony until.....
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on January 19, 2014
I received this unit recently. It seemed to play ok initially, good picture controls etc. When I used the earphones they did not operate properly. I would get a soundtrack or voice track or nothing. When I contacted Sony about the issue they asked how long the symptom had been present. I informed them since I had the unit.The unit was mailed in at an insured cost of $18. I was then told the 90 warranty had expired by one day. They charged me $125.64 to repair. I received the next unit and it does not work properly. The controls only work from the remote not from the unit itself. So now I am into this player for over 400 and still don't have a workable unit. I expected much more from Sony.
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on July 17, 2012
We travel to many dog shows annually and this player fits the bill nicely to wile away the time at shows. I was leery of how loud the volume would be, most are too low but this one actually has to be lowered a bit as I really don't like to wear earphones. Quality is super and the list of user-controlable functions is a nice addition.
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on May 9, 2013
I looked at many Portable DVD and Blu-ray Player's and chose this one it had an excellent picture and the battery lasts at least 4 hours or more, it plays any DVD or Blu-ray I have and some are very old. It was a good choice.
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on September 25, 2012
Thrilled to have a portable Blu-ray player.
Very happy with it so far.
Two minor complaints...
1) The AC charger cord is too short. It is only half the length of the comparable charger cord for my Sony portable DVD player. Very inconvenient!
2) The audio output is too low. I must operate this player at nearly full volume - even when wearing ear buds - to feel like I'm getting the complete audio experience.
Still happy with my purchase, but I hope some improvements will be made on future models.
I've been using this player for several days now. Still very happy with it overall.
But the short AC charger cord is incredibly frustrating!
I'm even considering the desperate measure of cutting and splicing in the cord from the DC charger! Come on, Sony! I expect so much more from you than this!!
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on December 5, 2015
I bought this player as a Christmas present for my mother - she prefers to have the DVDs to digital content on a tablet. We have a mix of DVD and Blu Ray discs, so I specifically wanted to find one that played both. I was surprised to find a lack of options for Blu Ray players in the portables, and was lucky to find this one. I wanted to make sure it worked so I opened it early and charged it. It charged quickly, and I've been able to play both regular DVDs and Blu Ray discs without any trouble. I am testing the the battery usage now, but so far everything is just fine. I always read reviews (and thank you! to all who provide them) and I did note some concerns about the internal mechanism sounds of the player and the volume of the playback. So far, I've had no problem with either. The player is quiet, and the audio system seems very good. I reviewed the options for the audio and noted that the settings do make a difference, so make sure you play with those settings to find the best for you. The picture quality is wonderful. All-in-all, I definitely recommend this player. If I encounter problems, I will update this review.
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on April 26, 2013
Bought for two purposes; long road trips and our first blu-ray player. We use this primarily for watching blu-ray disks on our big screen tv via an HDMI cable. It is reasonably quick loading and responsive and has worked flawlessly for about three months. When unplugged, the battery has lasted plenty long enough to watch movies and I have no complaints at all about the image on the device itself. It is tiny, so you are not going to get your typical blu-ray experience via big screen.

I have two quibbles; first, the power cord needs to be at least a foot longer as it is inconveniently short if you want to set the player on average height furniture, and secondly, it would be nice if the volume could be turned up a bit louder for use while traveling in a car as I prefer speakers to headphones. Otherwise this is a very good product relative to other consumer electronics I have owned recently. If it lasts a half dozen years or more it will be a great product!
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