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on January 4, 2011
There are a lot of bells and whistles on this 3D system. I attached my system to a Toshiba 46WX800 since I knew the internal speakers on an LED system would not give me the theater feel that I wanted. I have had the system for 2 weeks and love it. The system talks to my TV and knows when to turn on the TV when I place in a DVD and keeps the speaker and TV settings for "movie" that you manually set. I used the built-in Netflix everyday and did not see a lag in it. That is done via wireless dongle that comes with the unit. I have not compared the 3D to other 3D DVD units so I don't really know if the 3D is the best. But I will buy one and compare. I do see in 3D with the Toshiba TV attached! The setup of the unit is unique where it has a microphone listening to the speakers and adjusts the unit according to the room in which you have set it up. You do have to update the system when you get it. It is best to update using a WIRED LAN instead of the wireless.

By the way, the tags on this are wrong this is NOT a wireless speaker system out of the box. It is a 5.1 surround with ability to go to a 7.1 with sony wireless SRS speakers that are extra cost.

This unit is a little less than $300 in both Costco and Samsclub as of Jan 4, 2011. Too bad AMAZON doesn't sell it themselves.
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on December 14, 2010
First, the speaker wires are NOT proprietary, despite what DARTH says in his review. The plugs that go into the back of the head unit are proprietary - but that's no surprise - my previous home theater system (a Philips) was the same way. All you need is a pair of wire cutters and you can strip the ends and twist your existing wires together with the new wires, then tape them with a little electrical tape. The sound will not suffer in any way. It does gripe me a little that they make the plugs proprietary, but it's by no means a show stopper. In addition, DARTH knocked the system because it wasn't totally wireless (I assume he meant speakers too) - but if he read the reviews and the box before he bought, he would have known that.

The sound is great, and I still haven't calibrated the speakers or really spent alot of time on the system. The wireless for streaming should be a great feature.

I do wish there was an additional USB port on the back, but that's minor. The additional features that come with this system make it worth the $300 I spent at Costco. Wireless streaming devices can cost $100+ just on their own.
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on February 26, 2011
One feature of this unit that no one even mentions is that it plays multi-channel (5 discrete channels plus subwoofer) Super Audio CD's (SACD) - this is a disc format introduced about 10 years ago that never caught on with the general public, but is in high demand with the Audiophile community. When played on a system like this, with multi-channel speakers, it's like being in the recording studio or concert hall. The sound from SACD's is nothing short of spectacular, it's a thousand times better than regular CD's - literally a thousand times more digital information is encoded in a direct stream onto SACD's than on CD's (CD's are only a sampling, which means the computer that makes them is guessing and filling in the blanks). The SACD system is as close to analog (the real world) as digitally possible. It's a billion times better than MP3's and a million time better than iTunes ACC. Hybrid SACD's will also play on regular CD players, while pure SACD's will only play on SACD players. Amazon sells Super Audio CD's.
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on December 27, 2013
The speakers stink. I just use the amp to connect to Bose speakers for much better audio. The subwoofer also stinks because the port is tuned to like 60 hertz so it peaks between 60 to 80 hertz so that you get no deep bass at all. I had to modify the ports by inserting two paper towel rolls to increase the port length for tuning to down to around 35 hertz so that the bass would be better. The only thing good about these are that it came free with the 60 inch TV. The reason why these came free with the 60 inch TV was a sign these were going to stink. But, if you are just going to use the amp to connect to better speakers and do the bass mod by duct taping two paper towel rolls into the ports, it will be worth it. I would value the T57 sony sound system no more than $200. If Sony was honest about the rms output, I would have rated this product a 3 instead of a 2.
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on April 6, 2011
I bought this from Costco a few months ago mainly for the Live Streaming and Netflix features but immediately started noticing little details that eventually led me to despise this system.
I've devised a Pro/Con list to break it down:

- The system looks great.
- When volume is maxed out it's a LOUD system with great BASS.
- Upgraded from the previous 5.1 System Sony had without the Broadband connection, Netflix and other online features are great to have.
- Piss off your neighbors.

- Asinine boot up time - 20 seconds minimum to get sound to come on! And if you accidentally power off and power on again it will take about a minute for sound to come on (you better have a DVR to pause your show/movie while this thing limps itself to work).
- You have to select the function almost every time upon starting up and adds an unnecessary step. The system seems to arbitrarily select the mode after starting up, while other systems usually have memory that will remember what mode you were in the last time before you turned it off, so if you were watching tv and decide to watch tv again the correct mode would have already beeen selected.
- Background sounds seem to take priority over speech in shows and movies at times making dialogue difficult to hear clearly at certain volume levels (I'm 27 years old with no hearing issues).
- Can't view and select Netflix movies from the system, you have to use your computer. This seems like one of those issues that could have been solved had they thought about it for an additional day before putting into production.
- One of the speakers are now crackling, awaiting the pop any day now (we never have the system maxed out above 30, usually at 22-24 volume range).

I don't recommend this system and I'm disappointed in Sony for not putting more thought/research into this before releasing. It really seems as if they added internet connectivity to the previous system without really dialing in the little details that make this system not worth purchasing.
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on October 15, 2010
CostCo sells this unit for $450
I just bought one and so far I'm happy with it. Lots of cool features, crystal clear Blue-ray picture, good sound, plays Pods with usb connection, comes with wireless connection to stream NetFlix, FM radio, etc.
Could be a 5 star for the money but too early to tell for me because I'm still learning what it can do.
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on June 8, 2014
I bought this back when Costco had it for $299, so probably 2011 I'd say? It was right at the time they were selling them out, and I ended up driving to a Costco 50 miles away so I could pick up the last display unit. Kudos to the Costco guy who spent a large amount of time packing everything carefully in a box for me so nothing would get damaged.

So far, other than the sound not coming on a couple times (which reboot fixed- likely HDMI error) I've had zero issues with it.

I've either used or still use nearly all the features (no more Netflix since I cancelled my acct due to not using it), and paired up with a 73" 3D TV, it really is a lot of fun to use, and people love to come over and watch movies and sports.

I'm not sure why some of the reviewers say the bass sucks, as mine will rattle the windows, and the surround speakers are nice and loud with no pops or crackling. The networking feature is great, so I can stream movies and music that I have on my computer. The front USB will play movies off USB flash drives with no lag. I use my DirecTV remote with it, and rarely use the supplied remote unless I'm changing audio settings.

It's no $2k system, but for the price, it's outstanding and honestly works better than I'd thought it would. I was pleasantly surprised. I keep it updated and try not to beat the living heck out of it, but when you want to crank it up when a movie is on, it handles it without issue.

I was nominated to do audio for my Grandfather's 90th birthday, and all I had was this unit. I packed it up and set it up in a conference room at a hotel and played 40's music through it. Everyone commented on how nice the sound was. Kind of a pain to transport but I was impressed at the large room filling sound.

If you can find it, buy it, you won't be disappointed!
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on December 2, 2013
Thing thing shut off one day and wouldn't turn back on. I had it less than a year.

EDIT: I am editing my review out a sense of fairness because I got it up and running again. I had tried to get it going several times by unplugging the power cord to no avail. Only when I unplugged everything including the wireless antenna did it come back to life.

I think the sound is pretty good with this system. But I have a Sony TV and still haven't figured how to sync the remotes. The Netflix and Amazon connection works very well.
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on June 6, 2012
Obviously for the budget price of this system you won't get $1-2K sound compared to separate component speakers and receiver/amp, but for a compact all-in-one system this is well designed for folks looking for something simple for TV/satellite/cable + Blu-ray/DVD + one other source (maybe a game system). Interface is easy to use and setup. The inputs are minimal, but sufficient for the basic use. I wouldn't recommend this for a first class "home theater" experience as I'd say it is more for a basic TV and movie watching with great sound and simplicity for the price (around $150-$200). Concerning the complaints about boot times in other reviews...I'd say it has a 10 second boot time on average and you can change a setting in the menu that turns the fan "on" all the time, which makes it boot instantly rather than the 10 sec delay.
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on April 15, 2016
I've had"IT"
for 3 months and Now "IT" will not play My blue ray's!!!! CAN NOT READ
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