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on December 15, 2011
About a year or so ago I bought a Sony BluRay from Costco, we had been buying the cheap DVD players for about $30-40/pop, but they would break every 6 months, so we decided it was time to shell out a bit for something that would hopefully last us at least 5 years. We use antenna and NetFlix, the Netflix was choppy and the menu was annoying. We took it back after a few months and got a Panasonic BluRay with wifi and surround sound. Huge improvement with connectivity with Netflix, the sound was pretty good. About a week or so ago I see the Sony wifi BluRay with surround sound for the same price we paid for the Panasonic. We exchange the Panasonic for the Sony. Sony must have made some improvements with their connectivity issues with Netflix.

The sound is awesome. It's harmonious. With the panasonic the subwoofer didn't blend the bass as well with the background. The streaming from Netflix is faster than the Panasonic and flawless. This unit is generally better than the previous Sony or Panasonic BluRay we had. It seems sturdier. I would like it if I could see the volume numbers up or down like I could on the other ones, just the light blinks, the buttons are on top, they are fancy looking but should probably be where one can see them when sitting down. Meh, that's nitpicking to me, I'm not a big-time consumer so a purchase like this is HUGE for me, and I'm very happy with it to date. I think if someone has problems with the unit misbehaving, being slow, et al., call customer service. This is why I make purchases like this from CostCo...amazing return policy (plus they give very fair prices and are a GREAT place to work).

I hope this helps anyone thinking about getting this :)
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on October 4, 2011
I've had this unit for about 2 weeks. I've made notes along the way and will just list them.

No particular order
1. DVD Playback video and sound is excellent although I did have component video before direct from Sat to TV.
2. FM Coax connection. Allows me to connect my rooftop TV antenna to use as an FM antenna. I'm about 30 miles from the nearest radio transmitter and it picks up stations very well.
3. Optical input from TV so when I'm using the TV antenna for local channels I get high quality audio.
4. DLNA quality during playback is as good as listening from a PC connected wirelessly to the same server.
5. DLNA playback shows title, artist, album, file type and recording quality.
6. Hulu+, Netflix, NHL Vault (don't use any of those). Youtube, HD Movies on demand, Flickstream movie previews and other streaming video/audio.
7. Integrated facebook link.
8. Integrated browser (I think it's linux-based).
9. Online firmware updates.
10. Included iPod dock. (don't use, don't see the point)
11. Includes set up mic for speakers. Not sure if this really helps but it's supposed to.

1. Audio cuts out sometimes then unit freezes when I try to shut it down to correct issue.
2. Youtube loads slow.
3. Can't stream video via the web browser (i.e. from TV network sites).
4. Images on DLNA are very hard to find unless all of your photos are labeled and/or dated properly.
5. DLNA is junk. I have multiple albums from multiple artists and some are compilations or from movies. The system sorts them all by artist. Some artists aren't listed in the artist folder but are found in the album folder. Not all albums are shown. It's a huge mess and I won't use it.
6. There is a very annoying white light on the front of the unit (like a Cylon or KITT but white). It's a pointless light, only changes when you press any button on the remote, I guess to let you know it's received it.
7. The display on the unit is on the top of it so you can't see anything unless you are right there.
8. Volume displays on TV only in DVD, DLNA or Tuner mode.
9. Unit was on mute for about 10 minutes and when I unmuted it, a loud static-like buzz noise rang through the speakers. The only way I got it to stop was to turn off the unit, wait 3-5 minutes for it to actually turn off, then turn it back on again.
10. No component or composite input; outputs only.
11. No actual input buttons on the remote. Only a Function button and if you don't wait long enough between pushes of the button, you will pass over the mode you want, plus you have to be within a few feet of the unit to read the mode in the display.
12. Unit seems to always check for DVD/BD upon startup. If no disk is in drive you can't switch to that mode (getting ready to insert DVD want it on DVD mode but you can't until you insert disk). Not a huge problem but I find it annoying.
13. Video cut out when unit was turned on (several times during the first few days). Had to press Home, select output to get it back.
14. Limited on streaming music (from internet).
15. Speaker connections on unit are specific to the unit. If the included wire isn't long enough, splicing has to be done.
16. TV ads are sometimes (most of the time) louder than the program or movie being watched.
17. Closed Captioning setting on Sat receiver don't work through this unit. Yes, I know this is a unit for sound but if you have someone in your home that wants to watch TV late and can't hear everything, CC helps but you can't use it. I can't find any CC settings within the unit.
18. Remote functions are not all compatible with my Harmony remote.

So far that's all I've got. I'm torn between returning it and living with it. I'm going to give it at least another 2 weeks and see.

I did buy my first BluRay movie and I'm very disappointed. The audio and video weren't at all better than standard DVD movies. Maybe they spent all their time and money on the 3D part which I can't use.

If I find more I'll add to this if it let's me.
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on January 10, 2013
1. Liked that I could change individual speaker levels so the one next to me is loudest.
2. Like the texture on back of Remote.
3. Bravia Sync worked great to set my TV to the remote.
1. Will not stay connected to Netflix.(keeps Buffering.)
2. Freezes up unexpectedly.
3. Menu is at the top of the unit(Bizarre)Instead of the front so you cant tell what function it is on.
4.Cannot see speaker volume.
5.Can't see change settings on Sound mode.

Rant.I got this unit right before Christmas.Paid 199.99.Listen up.There is no closed Captioning for Netflix. When I called Sony I was told that was an OPTION and that Option was only available on high end Sony products.Okay first of all no one chooses to be hearing impaired.As we age we all lose a bit of hearing in different ranges.This makes it difficult to hear or understand some shows. Watch The Dark Knight movie where one actor have a face mask and another (Batman)Mumbles and then try to sympathize with the 140 out of every 1,000 people in the United States have some kind of hearing loss.I then called Samsung and Lg and was told they also had Closed Captioning as a OPTION only on there high end products.It is also very difficult to ferret out how to tell which products have the OPTION.There needs to be an industry standard on things that affect this many people.I have no hearing loss but cannot understand some of the new shows where mumbling seems to be encouraged.Please manufacturers understanding a show are movie is as important as watching it.CLOSED CAPTION is not an OPTION.
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on April 23, 2013
Occasionally the unit freezes up and instead of the audio for your movie or show, you get a loud static-like buzz noise through the speakers. The only way to make it stop is to turn the unit off and wait about 3 minutes for the whole thing to come back on. I returned that unit and am trying another one but it sounds like other people are having the same problem.Sony BDV-T58 3D Blu-ray Disc/DVD Home Theatre System
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on December 7, 2012
by farrrrr the best and most clear sound system ive owned. love it, at first i had to look for my dvd in the system to play but then it started playing dvds automatically and thats a plus, like that the signal is strong it will work at an angel not like other systems
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on March 2, 2013
In terms of quality of sound, it is awesome. But after a week the home key started sporadically working on start up. Turning off and on several times failed to fix the issue. Also unplugging and replugging works only some of the time. There are some serious glitches in the software. Personally I don't have an extra couple hours to burn every week troubleshooting this issue. I am returning it to CostCo. Sony has sunk pretty far in the last several years. If it was a lower end brand this would be annoying but expected. But when you're a quality oriented company that charges a premium, you cannot afford to run the business from transaction to transactions and by quarterly profits. It is about as bad as when Starbucks got the bright idea of selling their coffee in gas stations. You need to take pride in your brand Sony - it is a relationship, not a transaction stupid ... or change your brand to the Walmart of electronics and cut the price in half.
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on May 30, 2014
It ate my hellraiser DVD and gave me problems and issues with the sound randomly slowly turning up, the unit turning on randomly, and problems with the remote. It said "demo lock" and i couldnt use the remote for about 2 years. Then literally radnomly out of nowhere the dvd disc opened and I took hellraiser out. Now the unit works flawlessly, demo lock is no longer listed, and the remote works. True story. BTW the sound quality is 10/10.
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on January 24, 2013
I didn't want to spend more for the audio, than for the TV.
I chose this system as a compromise, and for its value.
It works well, sounds 100% better than my Bravia LED TV speakers,
and fits my basic requirements. It syncs perfectly with my TV,
and so no problems with remotes, etc. So read all the reviews, to know
what you're getting, and perhaps the BDV-T58 will work for you.

I've had the unit for 6 months now, and still like it a lot.
No problems at all. A bit slow on start up, but OK. Highly recommend.
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on September 11, 2013
I purchased a Sony BDV-T58 two years ago. It was far ahead of it's time. Accessing apps that are state of the art on smart phones and smart televisions is a cinch.
The price I paid for the unit has doubled since I purchased mine. I recently installed a theater speaker system in the ceiling of my family room. The sound is amazing and the system is so versatile with apps such as Pandora.
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on January 12, 2013
I did some shopping around and realized that this was the best product to fit my needs because its one of the few Blu-Ray/ Surround Sound systems that have several and various inputs on the back. Its has very good, deep, and realistic sound and is easy to use. Plus, the price was adequate. However, an item (speaker wire) was missing from the box, but the customer service from the seller (BT Enterprises) has been very attentive and helpful in this matter. Good product overall.
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