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on September 8, 2012
I'm replacing a 420 watt Sony 5.1 system with this 1000 watt Sony 5.1 system. I'm not an audiophile and I can't detect the difference between the crazy highs and crazy lows.

But I can say that this does sound good to my ears. The sounds is clear with minimal hiss. It plays well with my Sony tv (kdl55nx810). I really like the fact that it tells my tv to turn off its crappy speakers as the systems speakers are starting.

1. Using my Directv remote, I can do a turn all off and it will turn of the dtv receiver, the television and the audio receiver.
2. Great clear sound for the money
3. Easy set up and installation. Sony has taken some of the "guess work" out of the process and it was easy to do. I took my sweet time, but you could easily be up and running in a matter of 15 minutes. I actually enjoyed the testing of the speakers using the provided microphone. I wouldn't go so far as to say it was cool, but it was neat.
4. Excellent picture quality for the blu-rays. I already own a Sony blu-ray player and the audio system is on par in regards to picture quality.
5. Sufficient imputs. Not needing to connect a blu-ray player basically opens up one hdmi imput. I can, though I don't, run the directv receiver through the audio receiver and a ps3 or xbox 360. So it isn't a ton of inputs, but it is more than I need.
6. Works well with optical cable out from the tv. I run all of my devices to my tv and then the audio out to the audio receiver. It works fine and there isn't any lag.
7. Wireless speakers were easy to install and I actually like their setup. I have a multitude of wifi or 3g/4g devices (2 mobile phones, 1 tablet, 2 laptops, etc.) near the speakers and I haven't heard any interference or feedback. Also, I'm not having to charge or replace batteries which is a plus.
8. The bonus Homeshare wireless speaker is nice, not great, but you can listen to streamed music off of the network in multiple rooms and including outdoors. It too isn't truly wireless as it has to be plugged in. It was easy to connect to the network and I'm happy enough to listen to the radio over it. I have a reasonably sized house and it worked upstairs as well as on the same level as my wireless router.
9. Setting the radio presets was easy.
10. The usb ports play video files well. It's easy and simple enough.
11. The user interface is VERY familiar from owning a ps3 and a Sony tv. It is simple and intuitive.
12. Setting the DLNA with my computer was easy enough.
13. The remote is good enough. It would be nice if it were rf or had a keypad or something, but that isn't really too necessary.

1. The system takes about 8 seconds (give or take) to load. Usually my tv is on by that time and I'm waiting patiently for it to engage so I can actually watch my program.
2. It could always be louder. But at its max audio, it does shake the house a little.
3. I plugged in a crappy (play toy) karaoke machine via composite cables into the audio receiver and there was a substantial lag. I then plugged the composite cables into the tv and ran that same audio feed back to the receiver via optical cable and there was still a lag, but it wasn't nearly as bad.
4. Wireless speakers aren't truly wireless. They have a signal receiver which plugs into the wall and the speakers are wired into that. It's not bad... but it isn't truly wireless.
5. The homeshare bonus speaker doesn't work with Pandora or other internet radio options. It also doesn't seem to work with just the simple television mode. If I were to buy the speaker, the limitations would annoy me, but since it was basically free, I think it is a very nice bonus. This speaker also isn't entirely wireless considering it has to be plugged in. It would be nice if it were battery operated, but no.
6. They give you 20 radio preset slots, but where I live only 7 or 8 stations really come in well. There doesn't seem to be a way to simply opt out of a preset, so cycling through them either means repeating stations, or quickly moving through non-stations.
7. Strangely enough, my Sony tv remote doesn't seem to be able to control the audio system. And my directv remote doesn't have full control... but I think that is because I have to choose a different program code. I'll play with it to get it to work.

Revision 9/29/12:

Under 7 Con I was able to figure out which preset program mode for my DirecTv remote. So I have full functionality - pause, play, stop, etc. Also, the manual says that there is an app for your Iphone which allows you to control the blu-ray player. The manual appears to be a bit outdated because there is an app for Android as well, and it is pretty cool. You can use your phone's touch screen like a mousepad and you can go to a website and then send it to the tv via the blu-ray player. So you can show sites and pictures with ease. I really like what they did with it. While you can't send youtube videos directly to your tv, you can use the youtube program and then use the phone to type which show you are trying to watch. It is a really nice function.
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on June 10, 2012
My main reason for purchasing this solution was the wireless rear speaker setup. To clarify "wireless", this system does not require you to run wires from the A/V receiver to your rear speakers. The rear speakers connect to a receiver box that gets the audio signal wirelessly from the A/V receiver. Once setup, this system is brilliant.

- The front tower speakers are great for not requiring separate speaker stands.
- The A/V receiver is compact (compared to most standalone receivers).
- Audio setup is easy and very accurate
- All the passthroughs allow you to eliminate wires over a normal setup

The big negative on this system is the lack of plug and play with Xbox360 and my Comcast cable box.

- With the Xbox 360, if you want to pass the audio/video through this A/V receiver you must make a number of settings changes on the Xbox and the Sony receiver for it to work. This took me about 1.5 hours to figure out

- With the Comcast cable box, you will not be able to pass the video through the Sony A/V receiver. This is due to something with HDCP between the Comcast box, the A/V receiver. You will need to run the HDMI for video directly from the Comcast box to your TV, then run Optical Audio from the Comcast box to the A/V receiver. This makes switching between TV, Xbox, and BD/DVD more involved.

Before buying, I would check your cable box and with your cable company to ensure this will work seamlessly. I will be buying a TiVO to get around this issue. I would also highly suggest buying a programmable universal remote such as the Logitech Harmony One.

EDITED REVIEW 6/28/2012: I returned this unit due to the fact it cannot accept a surround sound signal over HDMI from a Surround Sound source (i.e Dolby Digital 5.1 from an Xbox360 or Dolby Digital 5.1 from a TiVo). This was confirmed by Sony phone support. For such an expensive system this is really a huge oversight, and deal-breaker if you want to use it for the main system for your living room.
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on February 24, 2013
I was looking for a system that is quick to install and has a good quality sound. This product meets both. Price wise, costco had a similar product on sale for 150$ less.
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on December 28, 2012
December 28, 2012

I bought the Sony 890W home theater system for Christmas 2012, and one of my tower speakers (white one)has a garbled and hissing sound to it. I called the Sony customer service number and after a painstaking 90 minute troubleshooting session the speaker still sounds terrible. The only solution that Sony offered me was to pack the whole system up and send it back to them. Serously! After I spent several hours setting it up not to mention one of the trouble shooting options was to do a factory reset....wiping out my settings and DLNA connections. Sony customer service said they could not just send me a replacement speaker. I am packing the system up and taking it back, but not to replace what I have. Rather, buy a system that the manufacturer actually supports the customer after the sale. My overall rating is one star at best. I would not recommend buying the Sony home teater system because they do not offer satisfactory customer service.

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on February 19, 2013
Having read all the reviews by other customers leaves me with little more to add; most importantly:

- The system DOES accept and is able to decode Dolby Digital Surround signal from outside source, unlike what's been mentioned in other reviews.

- It also can play all media formats that I've tried to throw at it so far; MKV,M2TS,MP4,WMV,AVI to mention a few.

- Setup was a breeze except for mounting the surround speakers on wall mounts (not included) that you have to provide yourself. If you don't want to do that, buy the higher model (BDV-N990W) which comes with tall boys for the front and surround speakers.

Now to the reason I didn't give it 5 stars:
This state-of-the-art system DOES NOT have a shuffle function!!!!!!!!
I searched thoroughly through the manuals, online, and finally contacted Sony customer support and they confirmed that the shuffle function is only available for the iPhone/iPod only!!
I find it hard to believe that such a great product would be missing one of the most basic functions any $10 media player in the market would have. What were the "designers" of the system (if they could be called so) thinking, just beats me!!!
No shuffle, means you have to manually skip or, the hard way, is to create randomized play lists and save them under windows media player and then play it though the system to get the shuffle effect.
I don't know if this is something that Sony can fix through a future firmware update, but it's definitely a MAJOR frustration that we shouldn't have had to deal with in the first place.
Otherwise, the system delivers all that it promises in an elegant fashion fit for my living room and yours.
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on January 20, 2013
I just purchased a Sony HX750 3DTV and needed a 3D Blue Ray player & sound system. I heard this system at a local retailer and was really impressed. I also needed wireless rear surround speakers, so this was the best way to go. Found a great price online and ordered it. Setup was super easy and system sounds fantastic. I have a Dish HD receiver and Xbox connected with no problems. Just run all your components into the back of the TV, then run the digital optical audio cable back to the receiver and you'll have no issues. I highly recommend this system.
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on December 27, 2012
I started off looking for a home theatre package that had wireless rear speakers. (And yes folks they are not completely wireless, the speakers have to get power from somewhere) I looked at a couple of sony units. The main reason I chose the 890 was simply the wireless speaker that you use over your wifi network, virtually anywhere. This was great not only did I get a complete sound system but this extra speaker that retails for $200. When I received the product I was very happy with the results. The sound quality sounds pretty good when surround sound is active (Although when 2 channel signals are reproduced the sound isn't anything to brag about) I still have no complaints. Probably the main reason I gave this product 5 stars was how much integration this product is capable of. I have a Sony Smart TV and the sound system works with my original tv remote, when I power on my TV the home theatre also powers on, but that is not all, the whole remote is synced with the home theatre system and this is a winner for me. There are no extra buttons to push (ex:BD/DVD; Audio) the remote automatically knows which device to control. This sound system was very user friendly and I have already recommended to several people. If you are in need of a complete home theatre system I would stick with Sony, even though the price may seem higher then competing sound systems they really have went above Samsung and LG. And a bonus: This sound system cost me $600, I have a sound system in my car that cost me over $3000 and this home theatre system easily matches the quality.
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on July 9, 2013
After almost a year (purchased in late June 2012) of trouble free performance, I can no longer receive picture or audio when connection goes from Comcast Cable Box to HDMI 1 on the system. When I turn on the television, the picture and sound are there for a second and then the screen flashes snow. Very frustrated with Sony support. I sent the unit to the Sony Service Center in Laredo, TX, After two weeks, they returned the unit as is saying they could not duplicate the problem. So, I have a $800 Home Theater system that is useless. To make matters worse, I am getting the run around about the manufacturer's warranty and the extended warranty that I purchased.
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on October 9, 2013
This system is by far the BEST you can buy for under $1,000 its amazing and so easy to install and tune to fit your livingroom. This is a must buy!!! But good luck finding it at best buy, frys, Sony, ect. They are out of stock all over the west coast! The tiny speaker that comes in the set isn't so awesome but everything else makes up for it! The voice clarity is perfect and the bass isn't over the top but you can sure set it that way, we can't even watch movies with the volume over 14 at night its sooo good, even when you turn it up it is still clear and has good bass. This is the perfect system and is well worth the $500
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on February 1, 2013
We recently purchased a new Sony Bravia 65" XBR and wanted to get a new home theater system that was a good match. We already had two Sony Home Theater Systems; a Sony SAVA 3 which is in my son's bedroom and a Sony SAVA 500 which is in the basement - and we love them both. So we thought we would once again go with a Sony system. We were not disappointed. In addition to the great Sony sound that we have come to expect, it was very easy to hook up with our new Sony TV. The system has a great look and even greater sound! We put the sub-woofer behind the TV stand and it still was able to shake the floor. The "remote" rear speakers were convenient too. I really can't think of anything that we didn't like....
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