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on May 15, 2011
After researching Bravia TVs, I decided to go ahead with this one since it is one of the newer releases for 2011. I'm glad I waited, as this TV is clearer and more vivid than those of some older models or rival brands. Picture quality is clear with no fog or motion blur. PS3 games and Netflix look absolutely amazing. The only thing this TV needs now is a sound system to broaden the audio experience. If you're having sound issues, try messing around with the 'steady sound' and 'clear voice' options to even things out and make them less muddy.

In stores you may see this TV's picture slightly less bright than others, but that is because of the built in light sensor that's located on the front of the frame. The picture automatically adjusts to best fit it's surroundings, and that's what's truly great. No fussing with brightness settings all the time.

Overall, worth every penny. Stick with Sony and you won't be disappointed.
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on June 17, 2011
The SONY KBL32BX450 with high definition 1080p is an entry level model with outstanding picture quality. This is a highly recommended HDTV for you.

I had researched purchasing HDTV for the bedroom and the SONY is better than the rest (LG, SAMSUNG, PANASONIC and budget models). You pay more for the SONY but you getting a SONY. It is worth the difference. Do not compromise.

This is a new 2011 model with basic features. There is no Wifi, this is 60Hz and is not an LED TV (however picture quality compares to LED sets). There are only two HDMI ports that may not be enough for some people. The only "complaint" is the sound quality. You will need to adjust the bass/treble and use the equalizer in Custom Mode. It is the same issue that flat screen sets just don't have great speakers. Regardless, this is an excellent television.

There are enough settings with options to calibrate and customize the picture to your liking. It is best to disable the ambient light sensor that restricts the brightness and vivid contrast of the picture. Once calibrated, the picture is awesome. The fleshtones are realistic. There is abundant contrast with the blacks are coal black and whites are bright white. The colors are vivid and vibrant. The set will require picture adjustment and calibration out of the box. Motion blur is almost non-existant for a 60Hz set.

The features and specs of this set are well documented. You have a USB port to view pictures and videos.

If you are very budget conscience then consider the SONY 720p model KDL32BX320. This is also a great set but you don't pay for the Full HD. If you won't do gaming or watch BluRay then this may be for you. If you are looking to install in your living room then look for a SONY with a larger screen.

I purchased this from a store with special grand opening sale but wanted to post review for Amazon folks. I would typically buy from Amazon.
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on September 7, 2011
For those seeing the 1 or 2 star reviews, do yourself a favor and ignore them as they address aspects of the TV that are common knowledge to anyone who has done their research and are flaws present when shopping for ANY TV of this type.
This is doubly true for the speakers - if you're expecting a massive wall of sound from any TV's internal speakers then it's a wonder you were intelligent enough to type a review on Amazon.

Now, on the the important stuff.

From a presentation standpoint, the TV is understated and classy. The glossy black bezel is attractive in it's simplicity, with the only deviation of color being a thin strip (about 1cm) of dark gray at the bottom of the TV. The gray strip house the sensor bar and small power leds.

This is a 'budget' TV, and with that classification aside, the image quality on this TV is amazing. After some careful calibration, the picture shows deep, dark blacks, vivid color, sharply honed detail, and extremely smooth motion.
Despite having a lower refresh rate than higher-end sets, this TV gives fluid, artifact free motion - even in action scenes with lots of quick camera cuts.
The image quality is on-par with much more expensive sets, and given the actual price of this set, the image quality alone makes this TV worth a buy.

However, there are caveats and they present themselves most notably in the inputs - or should I say, the lack thereof.

It's with the inputs where you realize where Sony skimped in order to deliver a set of this size at this price.
You get 2 HDMI, 1 Component, 1 Composite, 1 Coaxial, Analog and Digital Audio inputs, a VGA, and a USB input.
This input scenario posed problems for me, as I have far more devices than this TV can accommodate on it's own.

I have 3 HDMI devices), 1 Component device, 2 Composite devices, and 2 coaxial devices. In order to hook everything up to this TV I had to purchase an HDMI switch, along with a composite splitter and a coaxial hub.
Needless to say not everyone will have a plethora of video game consoles hooked up to their TV, but I do, and the lack of inputs made for one heck of wire mess behind my TV.
However, my last TV had 3 HDMIs, 3 Components, 3 Composites, 2 S-Video, 2 Coaxial, Digital and Analog audio, and a DVI. So I could just be experiencing 'Input Shock' after having so many options.

As an aside, the VGA input works well, and integrating the computer with this TV is quick and painless. The resolution is fine so long as you have a video card capable of supporting such a large picture, but that isn't really an issue unless you're using this TV to play PC games.

In conclusion the 46bx420 is an excellent TV on it's own, and it's even better when you consider the image quality you're getting for the price. The lack of inputs is disappointing if unsurprising, but for the average user the available inputs will likely be more than enough. Again, the sound from the internal speakers is lacking but as I said, that's a no-brainer - you really should have a proper surround sound system hooked up to this TV if you're watching movies or HD media on it anyway.
This TV is a great buy, and easily outperforms the competing models in it's class, and it does it for less to boot. Pick it up if you're in the market for a TV in this size - you won't be disappointed.
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on April 28, 2011
This Sony LCD is one of the best deals anyone is going to get. Like the other guy mentioned, I purchased mine directly from WalMart for $588! The image quality is outstanding. I have made a few tweaks like lowering the brightness, to help achieve deeper blacks. I will use a image calibrator later. The screen does have a slight glow at the top corners, but that is only visible during extremely rare black-out scenes. I noticed it while loading Blu-Rays, but once the movie starts the screen is very vibrant! The sound quality is not all that refined. I don't have money for an Audio system or receiver so I will just have to fiddle with the settings like bass and treble till I find the optimum tune. There are plenty of A/V connections, a plethora of options in the menue to fool around with, and a great remote. I have a PlayStation 3 hooked up by HDMI cable. That allows the system remotes to control devices, very cool! Go buy one!!!
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on January 10, 2012
Received this 46" Sony Bravia for Xmas, after setting up and doing start-up, we found that after the one second appearance of the Sony logo, the screen went black, but there was sound. We noted that when a bright light was shining on the screen, one could see a faint picture, so we concluded that the backlight was not functioning. We called Sony Support (after hours) and got a response and the technical person on the line did a troubleshoot with us. Sony support concluded that a board needed replacing and that they would arrange to have a service person come out to make the repair. They said that someone from the local service representative would call us to make an appointment in 5 days. They never called for 8 days and I had to call them repeatedly to check up on when we would get the call. Suffice to say, even after that, we did not ever get a call. I raised the game asking to speak to higher management at customer support, and I was told that the local service rep "did not have a person to send" and that they would be calling us, I asked when the call would be received and the response was essentially, " could be in a couple days or up to 3 weeks." Three weeks would put us beyond the point where we could return the Bravia to Amazon. We opted to return the TV immediately for a refund and to purchase another similar TV - only not a Sony product. Defective TV and lousy customer support.
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on April 17, 2011
I don't know what the other guy's bad review is all about. This tv just came out in february and is a no bells and whistles Sony Bravia. No led backlighting, no swivel stand, no internet apps etc. just a solid lcd tv with a great picture. I like it just as much as my two panasonic plasmas except for the viewing angles. They are not bad, just not as good as the plasma's. The picture is great right out of the box. Nice and natural. Believe it or not I couldn't really improve the picture no matter how much I played with it. In the end, I just lowered the color saturation a few notches and changed the tone to warm 1 and that was it. I noticed no motion Blur even though it is only 60hz. This is such a solid set that in this case I feel the old adage, less is more, really applies. At this price point I "FULLY" recommend this Television.
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on April 21, 2011
I was using 10 year old TV tube, so for me this is the first big LCD TV ever, thus comparison is not going to be fair!

I wanted something with good image quality, reliable and within budget for apartment. Looking at various TVs, I knew that I wanted Sony for image quality and potentially can go for Samsung. My primary viewing is cable, DVDs etc. no sports, thus no need for 120 or 240 Hz and did not wanted to pay for it. So based on my criteria this was the best option - based on brand, image quality, price point, size etc.

On receiving, it took 10 mins to set it up and get running. Few tunings got what I wanted. But biggest problem has been sound quality. It has 4 options - Mono, Custom, Adaptive etc.. each sounds different as expected but none seemed satisfactory. Some were too high etc. I am sure it can be reduced by changing few parameters but I am not sure it will give clear sound as I expected. I plan to put speaker system, so hopefully it will become non-issue. So if you plan to use TV directly then go and check in some store personally for sounds quality.

I did check few places online and ordered from Amazon, but when I visited my local Walmart they are carrying it for ~580, so with tax it would cost the same. Some how, their online store shows same cost as Amazon. I am not sure what was going on but do check local store before ordering.

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on September 5, 2011
I actually own the 40 inch version of this TV and it's exactly the same only 6 inches smaller so I think that qualifies me to offset some of the silly 1 star reviews here.
Here is my review for the Sony KDL-40BX42.

I just replaced a 32 inch Toshiba with this 40 inch Sony KDLBX420 and I am on cloud nine. After a little calibration (the factory settings on TV's are always lousy) it looks amazing. I have it hooked up to my PS3 via HDMI and it's like I'm in a movie theater when watching Blu-Rays. I have my Xbox 360 hooked up to the other HDMI and it is just as awesome. Sound from the speakers is just okay, but lets face it, you want a proper sound system. But this one is average for built in speakers on an LCD. I do not get hung up on the 60hz thing. I have played many hours worth of games and watched many hours worth of movies and have not had an issue with motion blur. Films are shot in such a way that there is some normal blur during panning shots anyway. To me, 120hz makes things look too video like instead of film. During really dark scenes you'll notice a tiny backlight bleed in the four corners if you are in a dark room. This is not a malfunction but an inherent flaw in LCD technology and pretty much all brands suffer from it to some degree, from Panasonic, to Samsung. to Toshiba, to LG. Just do a search online for the "flashlight effect" You'll see it's an issue on many TV's and many brands. And again, it is only really a slight problem during really dark scenes and on an all black screen. One thing you can do to alleviate this is to turn down the backlight. especially in a dark room. Before I got this Sony I bought the Samsung LND550 and was not happy with the picture. It was slightly on the fuzzy side and color accuracy left something to be desired. Not so with the Sony KDLbx420. The picture is incredible. The other day I watched "The Aviator" on blu-ray and there is a scene where there are many colored balloons and party streamers etc. I was simply blown away by the colors. Just eye poppingly good. You cannot go wrong with this TV. Most of the one star reviewers here either got a lemon, or had unrealistic expectations. I for one love mine and I think you will too.

My calibration settings for a dim to dark room

Picture mode: Standard
Backlight: 2
Picture(contrast): 94
Brightness: 52
Color: 48
Tint: 0
Sharpness: Min
Color Temperature: Warm 1
Noise reduction: off
CineMotion: Auto

Dynamic Contrast: off
Black Correcter: off
Gamma: 0
Clear White: off
Live Color: off
White balance:L Default settings.

This will not work for everyone but it looks great to me. I calibrated using the THX optimizer on "The Incredibles" DVD.
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on May 18, 2011
This is our first LCD tv and we are blown away with how great this tv is! The picture is great, the colors are superb and the sound is excellent. Setup was a breeze which we appreciated as we are newbies to this type tv. We also love the fact that it is so light and so easy to move around. We would happily recommend this tv to one and all.
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on May 3, 2011
I have a number of Sony products, including an XBR 52" HD in my family room. I have a covered deck that is open on two contiguous sides and wanted to add a big screen out there. This TV is the lowest priced Sony on the market right now in the 46" range. I was concerned that it wouldn't be bright enough for an "outdoor" set. It's plenty bright. In fact, I have toned down the brightness for aesthetic reasons and am very happy with the result. I can float in my pool(30 feet away)and watch the San Francisco Giants play baseball. My barbecue is about 25 feet away and I can stand there and watch TV with no problems. The TV is mounted on a Sanus VMSA Silver Flat-panel Wall Mount w/Tilt/Swivel/Arm on an exterior wall under the eaves, so I can swivel or tilt it to gain maximum relief from reflections, depending on the time of day.

The picture is typically Sony--excellent--the features all work very well, and I have it ported to my deck stereo system for the sound which is outstanding. This TV replaced a 24" CRT Sony that has been on that wall for 6 years. I like my XBR best, but this 46" is everything I wanted it to be. Outstanding value.

Amazon's price and 30-day return policy was critical to my purchase, just in case the TV would not have been bright enough outdoors. Delivery was on time and everything was in excellent condition when received.
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