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on January 17, 2013
Years ago, I had a SONY TV that just would not die. They historically have lasted forever in our family. However, now with the flat screens, for some reason, we hesitated about purchasing a Sony.

This is our 3rd LED/LCD flat screen TV in our home. The first, a Sharp Aquos, purchased 4 years ago; the second, an LG purchased 2 years ago; and now this one. I did a lot of research before purchasing each TV. I love all 3 - but this SONY Bravia KDL42EX440 has by far the clearest, crispest, picture....and really great sound...and was the LEAST expensive. Not only that, we paired it with a Sony Blu-ray player and we get access to EVERYTHING... well, not everything, but to a lot of content.

We ordered through Amazon - and had Amazon ship it with NO issues. We did not experience the problems other reviewers have mentioned.

I would purchase another one of these TV's in a heartbeat....
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on November 26, 2012
I was looking for a reasonably priced but quality TV from a major manufacturer, and was willing to give up "smart" features and 3D. For that goal, I am very satisfied with this Sony. The panel is bright and clear, with reasonable off-axis performance. The picture settings were adjusted by eye using the AVS HD free calibration disc, and the default "Standard" picture setting was already very close to the calibrated settings. I had no trouble setting a good white level and black level, and despite being only Edge Lit, the backlight is very even without clear bright spots or patchiness. Controls are simple and effective, and easy to setup.

- Good picture quality and good default picture settings
- Easy to adjust picture quality for fine tuning.
- Easy setup and intuitive remote
- Great TV for people who want good picture quality, but who don't need a ton of fancy features
- A few nicer features of modern TVs, LED lighting, auto-brightness adjust and 120Hz

- Slightly limited number of digital inputs (2 HDMI and 1 VGA)
- Remote is simpler variety that can't control non-Sony equipment (like the slightly nicer remotes from Sony can)
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on November 29, 2012
We really love this Sony! This TV provides crystal clear and vivid displays with very smooth motion. The speakers provide much better sound quality and volume as compared to other flat screen TVs. This 42 inch model will fit the space of many other 40 inch types due to efficiently thin screen borders.
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on April 21, 2013
Recently we replaced our dead Olevia flat screen with this Sony.

For the first month of use I was constantly frustrated. I watch a bit of B-Screen horror and Sci-fi with lots of dark scenes. I tried many times to adjust the settings for dark scenes, and I disabled the auto-dim in the setup menu. Nothing worked. Frustrated, I gave the TV a one star rating because the dark scenes were virtually unwatchable, they were so dark.

I googled the problem and finally found a solution. You have to go to the "scene" called "Music" then go to settings, video settings. Under advanced settings, you will find a checkbox for "detect dark scenes and dim." Check no, then exit menu. Voila! No more auto dimming on dark scenes!

Once I was able to turn that off, I stuck with the Music scene and did some tweaks to get the picture the way I like it. Now the picture quality is beautiful! My faith is restorerd in Sony quality. My best guess is that the "detect dark scenes and dim" box is an "exception" rule that ships in "off" mode but somehow it shipped with the auto-dim turned on by accident.

I'm re-rating it from one star to four, I would have given it a five if not for all the effort I had to put into it to get it to display how I wanted it look in the first place.

Now that I know how to fix this issue, I'm getting the 32 inch Bravia for our bedroom! :-) So, yes I recommend buying this product.
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on December 10, 2012
Love this TV. It looks beautiful, thin, clean, elegant. Image is great. Even on analog cable it looks fantastic. Digital channels and HD look amazing. Has good sound. Enough inputs/outputs for my needs. It has no or minimun light leakage on the edges. Uniformity is really really good. Real good, easy to use functions and menu. Super easy setup

If you're looking for a TV with great image and look with none of that fancy "smart whatever, very expensive stuff" which u dont really use unless u spend lots of time at your tv, this is it.

The Sony quality is evident.
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on January 5, 2013
Our old Sony tube HD set (12 years old) went out. I did some basic research, went to BestBuy to look at TVs, and ended up buying a very highly rated Samsung (UN40EH6030). It arrived with the Disney TV calibration disk (Wow: World of Wonder) and I dialed it in. DVD images were stunningly good -- the best I've ever seen on any TV; however, output from my Tivo Premiere HD was frankly poor with HD content -- and SD content was practically unwatchable. I changed output settings, recalibrated many times, and would fool myself into thinking it looked good. Yet, when I left the room and came back or slept on it and saw it the next day, my immediate feeling what the picture looked poor. When my wife said something out of the blue, I knew I wasn't dreaming.

So I purchased this Sony in hopes of tapping into our decade+ of good luck and excellent picture quality we used to enjoy with our tube-HD TV. Out of the box, this TV caused my heart to sink. The picture was not at all good: way too saturated color, blown-out white levels, very dull picture, etc. However, I spent about 20 minutes working with it (mainly turning down/off alot of the intelligent contrast and black level controls, decreasing brightness, decreasing sharpness, decreasing backlight, etc...). When I was done, the SD/HD content from Tivo looked much better than I could ever get with days of playing/calibrating the Samsung -- as well as better than what our old tube-HD set could display. And all of that was just me "eyeing it" -- I have yet to use the calibration DVD since the picture looks so good as is.

DVD output looks good as well (but the Samsung looked better). If we solely watched DVDs, I would have stuck with the Samsung.

Also, I notice a little pixelation on fast graphics that was not present in the Samsung. Yet, the overall picture quality on non-DVD sources is so much better that I can gladly live with the issues (and don't feel like spending double more to get a Sony XBR model to fix these minor drawbacks).

In the end, we're sticking with the Sony and have returned the Samsung due to 95% of our viewing is Tivo in HD with some SD thrown-in; only occasionally do we watch a DVD. We never watch (or like) 3D content. Also, all the "Smart TV" stuff is on another flat-panel of ours -- and we never use it (Tivo provides Amazon/NetFlix streaming, photos, etc.). So the lack of "smartness" is actually a plus in our eyes. In the end, it seemed like a no-brainer to go with the screen that shows DVR HD/SD content the best -- the content we watch the most.
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on July 23, 2013
This could be the best TV I've ever owned. SO energy efficient, bright, colorful, and the blacks are BLACK. I use this as a huge computer monitor all the time, and the HD is incredible. I'd recommend this any day. The price is outstanding for this kind of quality. Remember to buy a mounting bracket and heavy toggle bolts if you're putting this on a wall!

I was able to mount this on drywall with heavy duty toggle bolts and a simple tilting mounting bracket.
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on November 8, 2013
So this item gets 5 stars for what it is. A older (not really that old) LCD version of the Sony Bravia Version.

THE ONLY ISSUE I HAVE WITH THIS IS HOW IT SAYS LED. To the average consumer they may think they're getting a killer deal on an LED TV (which in my opinion LED is the better technology). The reality of things are this is "LED Backlit" which in all honesty doesn't mean anything. It doesn't improve image quality and despite the goal of the LED backlighting to brighten the picture I've seen LCD TV's without the backlight which look just as bright.
That being said...

This is an excellent LCD television offered by Sony. The Bravia series is top notch in the industry. The price is great too on this unit.
I give it 5 stars because I'm reviewing an LCD television but would really like to see it made clear for the average customer that this is and LCD and not an LED.

I'm extremely happy with this purchase. I'm not happy about the clarity of how this is an LCD television but at the same time a bit of research (which people should do when investing in expensive electronics) customers will discover that this is indeed just an LCD television.
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on January 18, 2013
Upgrading a television isn't easy, especially with a the new technology they are always shelling out these days - but I did want this to be a dramatic upgrade from what I had before, which was an Insignia 32 Inch 720p (I bought 4 years ago at Best Buy for 450$) - for a college student, I figured that was a good deal at the time.

Anyway, so I read the basics of the Sony Bravia, and I get hopeful. Not only is it energy-saving (if you're a green sustainability type like myself), but it's 42' inch, which is perfect size for any bedroom or living room - not too big, not too small. It also doesn't get any better than 1080p, unless you want 3D. Honestly, I couldn't give a crap less, since I'm still stuck in the Blu-Ray era (I'm a college girl, but with an old lady mentality.) I just wanted significantly better picture (720p vs 1080p), a bigger screen (from 32' to 42'), and better sound, which was a tad of an annoyance for me with my Insignia. Unless I had this thing turned up all the way, I couldn't really hear much. My husband also is hearing impaired, and I asked him what he thought about it. Well, we watch Breaking Bad on Netflix every night with no problem, and sometimes it can almost get too loud!

To test out the quality of the picture, I popped in the official test - Lord of the Rings on Blu-Ray. If you're a LotR nerd like me, I also suggest you get the newly updated Blu-Ray version of the series, and a Sony Bravia, if you're on a college budget... because I realize things that I haven't seen the other 2342657423135436 times I saw these movies. It's crisp, not overly saturated, and the textures look unbelievably realistic.
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on January 11, 2013
I'm not really a high tech person as I purchased this to replace a 13 year old, 230 pound, standard def,32 inch Sony Wega. I've always wanted a new tv for the front, but that old tube of mine just kept running. Well this was such a great deal that I had to pull the trigger ($518 less 10%). The tv looks great to me. I told myself that I wouldn't buy a 60hz, but in the end, the reviews were so good that I thought it would be better to buy a high quality 60hz than a low quality 120hz. Now I may be misguided in what high and low quality mean, but I just thought it would be better to get this Sony than a loaded Vizio for the same price. All that aside, the tv looks fine to me. I've never really been an HD fan, I just wanted a bigger screen and this does the job. The picture is pretty good though, but I'm going from a 32 standard def to this, so take that comment with a grain of salt. If you are similar to me and are looking for something that won't disappoint, this will do the job. As most have said, the only drawback is the lack of inputs. If you don't have video games, then you should be fine, but with directv and a blue ray, you have no choice but to use component cables to connect your xbox or ps3.
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