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on April 1, 2011
I recently purchased the Sony Bravia EX720 from a local electronics store (and not Amazon, since I prefer to make large electronic purchases locally in the event I need to quickly return and exchange a defective item). Overall, the TV is good, but not great. Here is a quick down and dirty list of "in my opinion (IMO)" pros and cons:


- High quality LED side-lit LCD screen
- True 1080P 3D and Hi-definition capable, but with some limitations
- Colors and contrast are vibrant, once you take the time to manually adjust the picture settings
- Built-in 3D transmitter; no need to buy the external transmitter which saves you about $35
- 3D effects are very good overall, but best results can only be attained by watching 3D Blu Ray movies
- Artifical 3D option in the 3D options works decently and provides an alternative to playing PC games in 3D without having to use the NVidia 3D Vision or 3DTV Play drivers; this allows you to maintain up to 60fps frame rates without have to revert to a 24hz (24fps) refresh rate
- No 3D ghosting evident, but you may need to make manual adjustments to the depth effect - I needed to do this
- 4 x HDMI 1.4 ports
- Internet capable right out of the box
- Swivel and 6 degree backward tilt adjustable
- Directly compatible with the Sony PS3 (shouldn't be a surprise since it is a Sony TV)
- TV firmware can be updated, but does require internet connectivity
- Weight of TV is 25lbs - very light and easy to move or mount on wall without worry of mounting screws tearing out of the studs in the wall!
- Shortcut keys on the Remote are very convenient and will save you time from having to dig down into the sub-menus everytime just to make adjustments to certain functions


- NOT a 240hz 3D TV; website lists the specifications for this model as "120hz" refresh rate (AMAZON NEEDS TO FIX THE LISTED DESCRIPTION FOR THIS TV NOW!)
- Had to contact Sony customer support directly to verify which Sony 3D glasses model is compatible with the KDL-32EX720; their website did not provide this information; confirmed with the tech rep that the TDGBR100/B version is compatible with the KDL-32EX720; important to note the "B" Think of it as the "B" represents "Bravia" :)
- 3D viewing @ 1080P limited to only 24hz and 30hz?? 24hz = 24fps & 30hz = 30fps That's not a problem for watching 3D Blu Ray movies (or watching converted 2D movies into 3D), but is not acceptable if you want to play computer games on this TV; part of the reason why I bought it
- Takes a few hours to manually adjust the picture just the way you want it; you will need to go into the "Advanced Settings" to change things like White Balance, Black Level correction, Edge enhancement, etc.
- Priced a bit high for not having 3D glasses included or a 240hz refresh rate; WARNING! The glasses cost $150 separately O.o
- Power cord is hard-wired into the TV; would have preferred a universal power cord solution so that it could be replaced easily should it get damaged
- Remote control is a bit clunky and large and does not provide universal remote functionality as it only allows for control of the TV; unlike other remotes that allow you to conrol several devices - a universal remote function would have been nice for me because I could have used the remote to control both the TV and my Sony PS3; not sure why Sony would not allow for this other than to make more money from their way! lol


Depending on your intentions of what the primary use of this TV is/are will ultimately determine your final decision to buy it or not. If you plan to watch regular and 3D Blu Ray movies and like the convenience of the integrated internet functionality, then this TV is a good choice, albeit a bit expensive when considering you have to pay $150 more for the 3D glasses. The picture quality when watching Blu Ray movies is excellent and there are lots of options to configure the picture appearance according to your specific tastes/preferences. Think of it as adjusting the driver's seat on a brand new car that you are thinking of buying. You really don't know exactly the right settings until you have had it for a while, but when you do figure it out, the ride was well worth the wait.

I would NOT recommend you buy this TV if you plan to do serious 3D computer gaming on it. I highly recommend you wait for the new 27" and larger "true" 120hz 3D monitors coming out later this year. Because of the limitations of the frame rates when using 3D mode on this TV, I've decided to keep my Alienware OptX AW2310 3D computer monitor so that I can get the best 3D experience while PC gaming.

To those who are a bit more serious about there hardware and do not want to compromise, I would highly recommend you wait to buy the 240hz or 480hz version of this TV (not yet released) and maybe even wait for HDMI 1.5 which is rumored to support 3D (stereo) 1080P @ 60hz :)

Overall, the Sony Bravia KDL-32EX720 is a very good, but not great 3D TV that seems to be the "Jack of All", but the "Master of None".
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on April 12, 2011
*UPDATE* May 19, 2011
I've had this TV for over a month now, and just wanted to provide an update:

Picture: CUSTOM SETTINGS! Out-of-the-box, the picture isn't the best quality. There is some graininess, a noticeable soap opera effect and some blockiness with moving pictures. EVERY owner should calibrate the settings to their liking. Also, it's very important to turn off the ECO sensor -- your TV will be much, much brighter. I followed the custom settings on, where the reviewer tweaked the settings for best picture output, down to advanced settings like B-Gain and R-Gain. From there I messed around with the other settings until I found a picture I'm very happy with.

Comparison: Two of my friends bought a 55-inch LG LW5600 and I've spent a good time watching their TVs. The LG uses passive 3D so the glasses are super cheap and comfortable -- I hate to say it, but the 3D on that TV probably looks better overall. They also brag about an 8 million to 1 contrast ratio whereas the Sony EX720 is 2 million to 1. What that means is the LG has a brighter range of vivid colors. BUT after tweaking my settings, I was able to get comparable color results AND the picture on the Sony is noticeably clearer -- you couldn't get a soap opera effect on the LG if you tried. The MotionFlow 240 actually seems to make a difference as I can see wrinkles on The Most Interesting Man in the World's face that I couldn't see on the LG. Plus the LG had a lot of choppiness when watching sports, it might have been the cable or the TV's 120hz processor.

Still a five-star rating for a clearer picture than the LG and enhanced picture with tweaked settings. Original review below.

*From April*
Picture: Very good. Granted I was watching a 37-inch LCD that was almost six years old, so even watching a crayon drawing on wax paper would be an upgrade. But I watched ESPN HD, Avatar HD in HBO and a bunch of other random things. There was no noticeable clouding (blobs of light on the screen) at all. I was pleasantly surprised that there really wasn't a soap opera effect on the movies and shows I watched.

More Picture: It's true that this isn't a "true" 240hz TV. It's marketed as a MotionFlow 240hz, which basically means that it's 120hz but has some sort of technology that Sony made up to "bring the frame rate up to 240hz." That being said, I probably wouldn't be able to notice the difference between 120 and 240hz anyway. I do wish the picture was a little bit brighter, but it's super easy to adjust the settings. Also, the black levels weren't as black as I'd like. When watching a show with a lot of black screen, it still looks a little gray compared to the black frame lining the TV.

Sound: GREAT. You know how sometimes you're watching a DVD or a TV show and the music and background noises are super loud and the voices and dialogue are super quiet, and then you have to turn up the volume to hear the dialogue, but then quickly turn it back down because some booming music scares the crap out of you? Not so with this TV. Apparently it's got some technology that detects dialog and will automatically soften the background sound and amplify the voices. Plus, when you change the sound setting to "S-Force Front Surround," there really is a noticeable difference in the quality, the sound does seem to echo more under this setting.

3D: Suh-weeeeet! Ok, there are definite cross-talk issues -- which is a term I learned by reading a bunch of reviews. You will see double images at certain points, but EVERY TV review I read suffers from this issue because it's a new technology. My DirecTV offered four 3D channels, one was a nature show channel that rotates shows about dinosaurs, ocean life, and space stuff. I spent four hours straight watching this channel and now know a bunch of random facts about dinosaurs, ocean life and space stuff. I invited three people over and the four of us watched this channel for hours. There were parts of the ocean documentary where schools of fish looked like they were a few feet out of the screen. And a freaking Brontosaurus totally peered into my living room -- I wanted to pet him. Even on large landscape pans, the depth perception was amazing.

Remote: Effin' BRILLIANT. I don't know why, but instantaneous response from the remote made me pretty damn happy. I had Time Warner Cable TV before, and it would do some crap where you'd be pressing the remote buttons and nothing would happen, and then like 15 seconds later everything you pushed would happen at once. DirecTV is better but would still lag sometimes. But this TV and it's default remote are like sweet lovers that orgasm at the same time. There is no lag time and the interface screen is ridiculously simple to use and navigate -- even for not-really-super-techy-guys.

Interface and Settings: Awesome. Navigating the settings is intuitive and simple -- it looks a lot like the PS3 interface. Everything's is laid out in Layman's terms and spelled out so clearly that even A GIRL would have no problems using it. There's even little features like naming the different display inputs AND ADDING AN ICON TO THEM?? So now when I change Display modes between DVD, DirecTV and Xbox, it very coolly displays those titles on the screen, AND HAS THE ICON I PICKED NEXT TO THEM! W00T! And changing the settings is cake. You can go directly into many of the main settings (like display, sound, etc) directly from the show you're watching instead of going into the menu.

Wireless and Internet Apps: This does NOT come in with built-in WiFi, but I plugged it directly into my router with a network cable. Done dada. I was getting good connection speeds with Youtube, Qriocity and Hulu. My only complaint is that it probably takes a little getting used to spell anything out -- kind of a weird alphanumeric style that you'd get when you spell something out using a numeric phone keypad.
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on March 4, 2011
UPDATE 3/30/2011: Amazon has removed the 240hz tag from the product title but not the "whats in the box" section. As this 120hz product is no longer being incorrectly advertised as 240hz, I am re-adjusting the rating.

WARNING: Possible Deal breaker concerning this TV.

NOTICE: As of 3/24/2011, I noticed via the Sony Style website that they state the EX720 is now only 120hz, not this advertised 240hz. I hope this is a typo on Sony's end but if it is not, there is a serious case of false advertisement going on. I was specifically on the market to purchase a 240hz HDTV, as the price tag warrants it, and thus this may change the satisfaction level of this review. Before you purchase this product, make sure you know there may be a case of false information taking place regarding the refresh rate.

Update: It is confirmed that the this HDTV is NOT 240hz as advertised. It is only 120hz. The rating has been adjusted purely because it is false marketing and reveals little improvement over previous models which cost much less. One of the main reasons to get a 240hz HDTV for 3D is that you get 120hz per eye as the image flickers back and forth. If the refresh rate of the TV itself is only 120hz, this means you are only getting the 60hz experience when watching 3D. 60hz is what we are trying to get away from.

There is absolutely no excuse for false advertising, higher costs for features not present. If you are looking to get a 3D TV, make sure it is absolutely 240hz or else you are just wasting your money. If you want a TV but dont plan on using the 3D features, then this unit is ok but there are cheaper and better alternatives in that case.

Updated - Old Review:

The Sony Bravia 40EX720 is a decent 3D HDTV.

I was originally on the market for a HDTV in which to use as a computer monitor/gaming screen and after Sony revealed its 2011 lineup at CES 2011, I knew I had to get one.

The first thing I can tell you is that this TV is solid. I felt quite satisfied with the build quality (a bit of cheap plastic on the back, but I have yet to find a LED LCD HDTV that didnt have that feeling). Unlike the previous EX series HDTVs, the bevel on the bottom which looks grey in some pictures is actually a dark black. This was actually a downer for me as I kind of liked the grey strip on the bottom as seen in some EX7xx pictures. I love the menu system, it is a modified version of the 2010 menu system. The 2010 line of Bravia HDTVs made use of the Playstation 3 and PSP menu system to the point where they were practically identical. The EX720, and by my guess all the 2011 models, opted out of the PS3/PSP menu design in favor of a more streamlined version. It grows on you and generally I find it much more visually appealing and easy to navigate.

The remote is perhaps the best thing this tv has going for it. It has some handy buttons that work better than one would expect. The 3D button on the remote turns the tv into stereoscopic 3D mode, one more press and it turns it off. You can watch anything in 3D as the Bravia will emulate the 3D effect for non-3D content. Other remote buttons include a quick netflix toggle, internet video, Qriocity as well as a very handy HOME button.

The internet video works like a charm as well. I managed to watch youtube videos straight from the TV as well as browse online music libraries, though it was a tad sluggish (High Speed Cable).

Plugging in a USB drive with some short films on it worked as well. The TV will recognize the USB device and then you can go ahead and access what you wish to watch or listen to from it. There is no demo built into the tv for video, but there is one music track and a few pictures automatically installed on the TV.

No dead pixels. Lighting is even across the entire screen. Great black levels. Semi-Glossy screen (the mix between a glossy and matte). Color a bit faded, low bright levels. Certain colors seem washed out, and even at the most vivid settings, the color is a bit lack luster. This may have to do with the back lighting being minimal.

The EX720 may not be the best HDTV Sony has to offer for 2011, but for its features and capability... I would say its a competitor for sure.

Note: The North American EX720 was assembled in Mexico and the current LCD panels are the same Samsung uses. This may or may not be a problem for some TV buyers.

HDTV is NOT 240hz as advertised, but 120hz. In 3D, you will only get a 60hz experience (120hz divided by 2, 60hz per eye for stereoscopic).
review image review image
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on March 21, 2011
I was looking for a 32 inch TV to fit in a cabinet I had made for the living room. Most TVs in this size are pretty basic and was looking for something a little more high tech. This model of Sony fit the bill perfectly. The styling of the TV is really nice with a glossy black bezel all around and without the funny grey band on the bottom of the lesser 32s Sony sells. The screen is more of a matte look and is great in eliminating glare from nearby windows. I purchased the set primarily for the Internet streaming and so far this works great. I was disappointed that I had to buy the wifi adapter for wireless streaming but it works really well. If your lucky to have your internet close to the TV you can plug the ethernet cord directly to the TV. I have kind of a lousy internet provider but it didn't seem to effect the streaming to the TV. The TV found my home network quickly and connected easily. There was a software update and it did this quickly also. There are a number of internet sites that come up on the menu including Netfix, Hulu, You Tube ,Crackle, Amazon instant movies, Qriosity (Sony library) etc. Qriosity has hundreds of movies available including 3D movies. They are not free however and charge anywhere from $3-$6 depending on if you want Standard Def, High Def or 3D. You can watch the previews for free, however, which I did for several hours. The need for a blue ray player is questionable as there is so much content available through these internet sites. The remote has no keyboard so a lot of scrolling around for is required for doing searches on You Tube, kind of a pain. I have not tried the 3D feature yet so cannot comment on this. The picture is beautiful out of the box and required very little adjustment by me to make it perfect. The speakers, like most LED TVs are really bad and a sound bar or external speakers are a must. The TV satisfied most of the requirements I had and at a price that was quite reasonable.
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on May 19, 2011
Ok - Three months of digging and I wanted to find a post that had EVERYTHING I was looking for before and after I got a TV - so I grouped all that I found and am posting it - hope its helpful.
"Motion flow 240 technology" isn't the same as the refresh rate!! This tv is 160 MHz - which is perfectly fine. Don't be fooled otherwise! I like to keep as much money in my pocket as I can.. I assume the same for others.
I poured over every review, article, MFG site and top ten list for about 3 months before I picked this TV. My focus was Samsung, LG, Vizio, Sony. All of them said roughly the same things:
1. 160mhz and 240mhz have very subtle, undetectable differences when viewing.. The big difference is the higher number and cost. - Marketing ploy.
2. 3 D is great to have.. Maybe not right now but later on, maybe. The glasses aren't great to wear, "bulky", "cause headaches"(not sure on that one).. HOWEVER, I would rather have it as an option when spending this kind of money then not~my thought.
3. Internet TV is a MUST HAVE (wifi OR wifi ready) -its where most everything is going now.
4. Blue Ray player w/Internet applications and built in wifi - MUST HAVE
Cost was a BIG factor - so based on that here is what I found
Vizio - $
Sony - $
LG - $$
Samsung - $$$
Features was a BIG factor as well. To get all I wanted within a reasonable price - Vizio and Sony were top. The thing that I liked was Sony offered: 3D, was compatible with my Sony Blue ray (not a huge deal), only one with PiP, had won the C-net award and had the best reviews out of all of them... so it was Sony.
Now - what I have found on this TV.
~ It has a PiP option but it needs a PC for this/ I haven't tested this theory fully but I could not get the small picture to view anything, so I believe this is accurate... This isnt a deal breaker for me, I have a small computer I can use if I wanted but don't really care about it atm... it was an option I wanted in the future.
~ The picture isnt great straight out of the box.. You HAVE to calibrate it.. Not hard, just sounds like it. Im not at the TV - its from memory
Options>Picture>Warm2, color 53, picture 54, backlight 2, brightness 52, sharpness 0 or 18 (any greater looks bad), hue 0... Advanced settings>gamma +1 ,0,0, +2,+2, 0 ? I know gamma is +1 and there is nothing else +1.. The rest are either 0 or +2 (no more) but see which you like more.
Make sure under settings - eco - everything is off. The scene select is general.. And if there is something I forgot - let me know, I will look.

~ this tv is wifi ready - its NOT built in.. Built in is nice BUT if you have a wifif built in blue ray player, then getting it on your TV is a waste of money. In fact, I would go as far as to say that it would be CHEAPER to get a wifi built in Blue ray at a cost of 170ish then to pay an extra 300 or more for that function on your TV. Most of the applications that I have seen are the same..or if they are MFG specific, they offer the same functions as those that are out there and aren't MFG specific.. Again, saying "We have Hulu, Vudo, Pandora, blah blah" is marketing because they ALL have something of that nature... regardless if its through your TV or the Blue ray.
PS - the TV adapter (if you want internet through your tv as opposed to through the blue ray) is $80 which is much less then the $300 extra to have it on the TV. Although, get an adapter with good signal reception.
~ DO NOT expect a great picture on regular cable channels.. Get HD (a receiver from your cable company) - they are normally an extra $5ish per month.
~ Gaming on this TV is awesome... I swear on some of the REGULAR movies you can see the actor's nose hairs, its THAT clear... cant wait to see Blue ray movies. Internet is cool! Not fun to navigate though but I can FB in 55" now ..(not that I need it).
~ Price check this TV!!! I found mine on HSN (shocking!) For 1,999.00 - **in 2 installment payments!**.. Even with the shipping - its cheaper. Add the warranty and it's the same price as most other sites without tax, shipping, and warranty. Plus they stand behind the product, amazing customer service and are 24/7. Seriously love HSN now. I LOVE amazon.. But HSN has awesome cust service!!
Learned a lot - still learning - wanted to make it easier for someone looking. Good luck!
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on September 26, 2011
Do not expect the wow factor. I recommend going to this link [...] on the Sony website to see all of the reviews from unhappy customers such as myself. The 2D and DLNA features on this TV are great. Unfortunately, the main marketing point of this television is supposed to be that it is a 55 inch 3D experience from a reputable manufacturer. I have tried to watch Satellite 3D, Narnia, Avatar, Ice Age, and Rio on my TV in 3D. I tried using two different Sony 3D blu ray players as well as my PS3. No matter what setting I used the 3D is absolutely unwatchable. I have four pairs of the Sony 250 rechargable glasses and they all show the same picture. In a nutshell the crosstalk is horrendous. In most scenes the only clear image is the main character. The background is always blurry. It usually is better towards the bottom of the screen and progressively gets worse towards the top of the screen. In fast action sequences it cannot focus the picture at all. I have watched 3D Films in theaters and on other brands. This is absolutely the worst I have ever seen. After researching this issue on many websites, and speaking with an unresponsive Sony customer service (we will try to fix it on future models, thanks for the $$$) I will be taking this back for another manufacturer. If you only plan on watching 2D and using it`s web features it is a great buy. If you want a 3D experience that is worth the money and worth inviting friends over for, then I would look elswhere.
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on November 22, 2011
To put it simply - the 3D in this TV does not work with the current firmware version. The top 1/3 of the TV is completely blurry in 3D mode regardless of the source.

After 10 calls, two months of waiting for them to send me nonsense like flash drives with ancient firmware that didn't work, polarizer lenses that didn't fit my glasses, a replacement TV, a visit from their repairman (who told me he would never buy a Sony TV), and finally just refusing to hang up until I got my call escalated, I *finally* spoke to a Sony engineer tonight. He got out a matching model and I talked him through reproducing the problem with this model and the online demo videos. It was almost amusing to hear him saying, "oh, that looks terrible! Oh, and this video is even worse!"

He promised he would take it to the software department, and then even called me back about 30 minutes later to let me know he'd taken the problem to the software engineers and they would be working on the problem. I'm sure it will be many weeks before an update is released, and I simply can't forgive the HORRIBLE Sony service (every call to their call center will be full of static and echos), but I am at least hopeful that a resolution will come eventually.

Other than the 3D, the TV is fine. The interface is a little clunky on some of the other features like bravia sync and the yahoo widgets, but it really shines if you hook up a PS3 and sony receiver. You can power on all 3 devices and control the PS3 from one remote. This is actually the reason I bought a Sony setup - I'm hiding my PS3 and receiver in a shelf behind the TV and wanted to be able to control the receiver from the TV.

If I had to do it all again, I probably would not buy Sony equipment - how do you put out a 3D TV and not bother to test the 3D component? But I'm content with this system now that I have it and can wait a while for the 3D fix to arrive.
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on March 30, 2011
I just received this TV from Amazon 2 days ago after returning a Vizio with similar features. The Vizio picture would freeze up and HDMI inputs were unstable until the set warmed up for about 6 minutes. Amazon did a great job of handling the return.

My new Sony has a great picture and general features. The color was good with almost no adjustment, yielding good contrast, saturation and flesh tones. As mentioned by another reviewer, the picture was on the dark side as received. This was easily fixed by turning off the auto dimming feature. It would be nice if the auto dimming was adjustable because it currently stops down the backlight too much.

Not too sure I like the onboard manual which has to be exited before going to the "Home" mode to adjust a feature. I found myself forgetting the adjustment sequence shown in the Manual by the time I got the proper Home feature displayed. It would be better if the Manual and the Home modes could be displayed side by side on the screen and each (at least the "Home" mode) could be accessed.

When I try to run a Playstation 2 game on this computer, such as Guitar Hero, the Playstation controller button pushes are out of sync with the screen feature being controlled, which renders it unplayable. I have searched the on board manual and not found any reference to synchronizing the game controller to the screen action. Pressing the "Scene" button on the TV controller gives a "Game" option, but apparently this only sets screen colors, etc and does not synchronize with the Playstation controller. Is this set incapable of working with a Playstation game?

Despite the above criticisms, I love this TV for its great picture and general quality and performance. It works great in TV and HDMI input modes, which is what I use 99% of the time. It also syncs easily to my non-Sony Audio receiver and Blu Ray player.
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on April 5, 2011
I just bought this sony from Amazon. It arrived super fast 3 days. I love this T.V. it has everything you could want, and one of, if not the best, picture, of any hdtv out today. Check out C-Net and Consumer Reports reviews. I own 4 sony hdtv's. I am very pleased with all of them, no trouble what-so-ever with any of them,from 60" to 32".This new line of sony hdtv's has "motionflow" tech. from 120hz. up to 960hz. The 3D works great. If you are looking for a great hdtv, this is it, at a great price. I highly recommend this T.V.
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on July 17, 2011
This is a great TV. See the other reviews, I'm pretty happy with it. 3D works great, although I still feel like it's a gimmick. I bought the 3D pack that included a 3D transmitter, 3D glasses and a movie. Do note that you don't need a 3D transmitter for this TV, it is built in, so you might as well buy the glasses separately unless there is a monetary advantage.

This is my first Sony TV in a while (usually they just cost too much above the competition to bother). I am impressed at the design of everything, from the menus to the remote, to the very thin nice looking TV itself. Clearly this is Sony's core business.

I did want to point out some things for those of you hoping to use online services like Amazon Video On Demand with this TV.

Amazon has directions on how to setup services on the TV, which requires going to the Sony website and signing up for their online service (free) and entering a registration code that you have to get from your TV. This TV doesn't have cross media bar, and there is no "Activate Enhanced Features" option. So you may be wondering where to find your registration code. I called Sony service and they pointed out where it is- it is located in the Netflix section. Even if you need the registration code for other services like Amazon Video On Demand or Amazon Prime Instant Viewing or whatever, you need to look in this section to find your 4 digit registration code.

Second, if you do want to use the internet with it, you need an Ethernet cable hook up, or you are forced to buy a proprietary Sony wireless adapter. WIRELESS INTERNET IS NOT BUILT INTO THE TV! I would suggest that if you don't have an Ethernet jack near your TV, try using a power line Ethernet adapter(plugged into the wall, not a power strip) instead of buying Sony's scamware. At least you can use the power line adapter for other stuff and it may even cost less. I just plug a router into the power line adapter and plug it into the TV and all my game consoles. Wireless is still a pain for most applications and this solves many of the issues game consoles and TVs have.
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