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65 of 69 people found the following review helpful
on July 9, 2012
This is really a superb TV. The settings right out of the box are probably the best you will ever
see. The Gorilla Glass2 is incredibly thin. This TV is about half the depth of the XBR HX929 and
is much lighter. To get the most out of this TV, I recommend the following:

1. Leave the TV in standard mode. Decrease the color saturation by 4% to 56. Turn off the presence
sensor and the light sensor. Set motionflow to standard (never use any of the others, including smooth,
as unpleasant background viewing will be very jumpy). When streaming SD set motionflow to OFF, otherwise
leave on standard as the motionflow manipulates the backlight to achieve localized dimming.

2. Set audio to standard and not dynamic. Increase bass to +8 and turn on auto-volume.

3. These settings should be used for all inputs including the special game mode. In my opinion, do not
use game mode.

4. For simulated 3D use the medium settings and not lo or hi. This seems to be the only one that works well.

That's about all there is to change. Best LED TV I've ever seen and that includes the XBRs. (I realize that
this TV is a 2012 model and the XBR is a 2011 model). I am sure the 2012 XBR will be spectacular, but as of now
this is the best LED TV on the market with black levels approaching the very best of the plasmas with much, much
better light transmission through the glass rather than diffused through a typical LCD panel.
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62 of 69 people found the following review helpful
on April 26, 2012
I got this TV on a swap with Sony on the 21st of April, so far it has been AWESOME! (Sony took back my defective 820 and gave me a 850) 46' model. I will be comparing the HX850 to the HX820.


*Slimmest bezel of any Sony TV yet
*Silver lining around the bezel adds a nice touch
*Input lag seems better on the 2012 850
*Less adjustment needed right out of the box, at least in my case.
*Speakers seem a tad bit better this year, but nothing to brag about.


*Remote is garbage, Sony needs to bring back the remote they used with the HX820. A victim of cost-cutting.
*Illuminated Sony Logo is gone. Another nice feature butchered by Sony's new cost-cutting strategies of 2012.


*3D viewing seems to have improved overall over the 2011 HX820, however tilting your head at all will ruin the picture. Perhaps this is resolved with the new 3D glasses? I am using the TDG-BR250 glasses.
*Motion sensor is gone. Never really liked this feature, but it was a good idea.

Overall the HX850 is a superior TV to the HX820, which is saying a lot considering the HX820 was and is an amazing set. Black levels are similar to the hx820 (awesome) and picture quality has gone up. As always, Sony is king when it comes to displaying the correct colors, vibrant and colorful to say the least.

Good set!
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50 of 56 people found the following review helpful
on May 19, 2012
Updated July 19, 2012 -

The 55 HX850 is a very good 2D TV with a picture that is so good that I purchased a second HX850 - the 46 inch version.

I would still recommend the HX850 with one caveat. We can't use the 3D. Sony's 3D should be labeled as a "beta." I would not have been so disappointed if I had been warned. I tried it and lost. The 3D was interesting for one short viewing, but the active glasses were uncomfortable to wear & bothered my eyes. Perhaps, they would have been OK if I had 20-20 vision & did not have to wear my corrective eyeglasses. Sony graciously allowed the return of its glasses and gave me a credit. For practical purposes, I am now the owner of 2 very good 2D TVs.

I purchased a 55 HX850 after reading the early Amazon reviews. The positive reviews about that TV were correct as were the negative comments about Sony support.

Both the 55 HX850 & 46 HX850 have superb pictures & appearance. The 2D picture is so good that it appears to have some qualities of 3D.

Excellent picture with nice appearance. CNET concurs. See its evaluation.

I was so irritated by the treatment from Sony Support (up to National Customer Relations) that I received that I went out and bought a 46 inch Samsung for another room, but its picture was very poor when compared to the HX850. Therefore, I returned the Samsung. I plan to keep the HX850 as my primary TV until 4K arrives. For another room, I bought its 46 inch version.

I have been buying exclusively Sony TVs for more than 40 years (at least 10 sets). Sony's support staff even referred to its records which showed many of my purchases. I was shocked that a very loyal customer's concerns were ignored.

My apologies to John Mi He got it right on Sony's support can be very bad. Sony's support varies in quality. If you get the right person it is good, but if you get the wrong person it is very bad.

Horrible support. It's a tragedy. It's unfortunate that Sony has not followed the Apple model. Microsoft copied Apple & its stores are mobbed. But Sony stores are empty. I hope that Sony learns.
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17 of 18 people found the following review helpful
on July 14, 2012
Hi everyone after lot of research and demos of all the leading brands i bought Sony hx850 and i am very very happy with it. The design is very classy as expected from Sony and according to me its the best design. it has awesome picture quality with excellent build quality. Smart features are very good even though i dont use it that much. This tv reminds me of Sonys excellent trintron tvs. Worth it.
review image review image
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28 of 32 people found the following review helpful
on April 27, 2012
After much researching, comparing, and waiting, we finally got our LED TV. After the very first initial setup of the TV, the custom picture settings were not accessible (greyed out) so I had to reset the TV to its factory condition and run the setup again. This time all options were accessible. So far, we are very pleased with the TV. Of course, only time will tell how reliable it is; but it is great at the moment. The delivery was fast and as scheduled (Amazon had an option to schedule a delivery on a certain day and at a certain time). I was concerned about possible reflections (it is glass after all) but that is not an issue at all. So far we have not noticed any motion blur like on older LED TVs. Overall - very pleased.

4/30/2012 If while watching movies (BD/DVD) the so called "soap opera effect" bothers you, you can change the Scene Selection to Game. I have not noticed it that much while watching TV programs but the effect was very much present while watching BD movies. After changing it to "game" it is not much of an issue.
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15 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on November 20, 2012
EDIT 1-28-2013: Screen uniformity

It is approaching crunch time till I have to make a decision on whether to keep this TV and I have been thoroughly examining it.

Uniformity: In a pitch dark room, I displayed an almost pure black image (pure black turns off all LEDs, so that doesn't work), turned the back-light to max, brightness to max, picture to max, contrast to max, and turned off all the other settings (including local dimming). This reveals all of the panel and back-lighting imperfections. What I saw was somewhat disappointing (zigzag clouding, LED lighting/color inconsistencies, dirty screen effect/ short banding... Google images for "sony hx850 clouding" to see how this looks like). This was a serious stress test on the panel...simply turning on local dimming to "standard" hid most of the imperfections. Turning down back-light and turning up brightness made the screen 90% free of imperfections. Tweaking the other settings led to 95% imperfection free. Since I discovered the clouding, I now know where to find it and I can barely see it in some content. Overall, the right settings seem to mask the imperfections and they are not visible in normal content. In specific scenes, a bit of this is visible, but you really have to be trying to find it and set your vision focus on it. I think if you are going to be looking for these things during normal content, you'll be hard pressed to see anything in this TV when using the right settings.

Gaming: This TV excels in gaming. Fast motion is literally crisp/clear in the "Clear Plus" and "Impulse" setting. Other than faint trailing, the "Impulse" setting is truly artifact free, but it induces flicker on white colors; setting vertical sync in games seems to fix this. "Clear Plus" has faint halo "digital noise" that is hardly visible and not distracting. I think both settings are better than plasma, which has dithering, color trailing, and blurring in fast motion. "Reality Creation" adds incredible amounts of detail to games that I would find it difficult to go back to a TV that doesn't have this feature. The latency increases somewhat with "local dimming," "MotionFlow," and "Reality Creation" turned on, but unless you are a hardcore gamer playing tournaments (probably using a 24 inch monitor for that anyway), you not going to notice it and the latency is negligible; the latency is content-based and can be anything from 20ms to 40ms, depending on the amount of processing needed. Unlike plasma, you will not get panel degradation or burn-in.

Movies: This TV handles movies well. With the right settings, 24 fps motion shudder is not a problem. In a dark room with a low back-light setting and "MotionFlow" enabled (further dims display), black is truly black and contrast is great; using ambient light tricks, I don't think you can get better black (even in a plasma), which literally matches the bezel anywhere on the panel. When there is a bright images in the center and black on the edges, there is some "greying" of black, but this is never too much of a problem, even in a pitch black room. Unlike the "warm/flatter" images in plasma, this TV shows everything in "clear/vivid" detail. Reality creation seems to clean up content that is not HD, but I only tried this once on a Netflix stream (via AppleTV), which is mostly 720p now. I have not tried 3D and probably will not use this due to lack of content. Viewing angle isn't as good as plasma, but is good enough when sitting in front; greyer color seem to fluctuate the most and some colors don't change at all from angles.

Conclusion: This TV is almost perfect. It would be perfect if uniformity, viewing angle, motion, and latency increased a tiny notch. Perhaps next year's models will be better, but this seems to be as good as it gets as far as edge-lit LED TV.

EDIT 1-21-2013: I want to address the motion shudder in movies complaint below.

I found out that setting MotionFlow to "Smooth" or "Standard" and CineMotion to "Auto 1" gets rid of 99% of judder. Using "Clear" or "Clear Plus" is great for games, but induces MORE shudder in 24 FPS content. Clear Plus shows almost perfectly blur free motion, but there is a faint trail. The trail is not visible in normal content, but can be seen in a simple object moving through a simple solid background. Smooth/ Auto 1 = Soap Opera Effect. Clear Plus/ Auto 2 = clear frames, but judder.

EDIT 1-9-2013: I've had this TV for almost 2 months and it has been preforming flawlessly. A few things I noticed:

Motion in games: Setting the TV to Clear or Clear Plus allows fluid/blur free motion that I have not see in any other TV. I do have a complaint: In complex fast motion (lots of colors and shapes), here seems to be a really minor digital "halo" artifacts around objects that stand still and have motion around them (like when panning the camera around a person, it looks like random grainy dark pix-elated stuff up close around the head and body); and in simple fast motion (few colors and shapes), there is a faint motion trail when a white object is on a dark background (a double of the object trails behind - for example, a mouse pointer on the black title screen of Skyrim). Oddly, both of these things do NOT occur in Impulse mode. Impulse mode gives off an annoying flicker in 24fps content (like movies), but works fine in most games (little flicker, but supposedly it increases latency); a note about Impulse mode... it dims everything considerably and you must increase the back-light, picture, and a few other settings and maybe even turn up the gamma to get decent brightness (even in a dark room). I have been using the Clear-Plus settings and not paying attention to the first 2 complaints because they are extremely minor.

Motion in movies: I notice a lot of motion shudder in 24p content (movies), which is normal. The TV seems to get rid of maybe 75% with the max smooth motion settings, but there is still plenty of shudder. The new Panasonic plasmas' cine-motion settings are smoother, but induce detail blur. Of course, motion shudder is the fault of 24 FPS movies, not the TV.

Dirty Screen Effect: Being a perfectionist, as much as I wish I would just ignore it like my wife (who says she never see it), I keep wanting to find this visible when watching stuff. In 99% of content, it is not visible at all, but occasional scenes like sky camera pans, it shows up for a few seconds, I immediately see it and it stands out, particularly a shot thick band in the center right stands out. This complaint kind of makes me want to exchange, but I worry the new TV will have it the same or worse issues.

Viewing Angle: This kind of has me stumped. When sitting 6 feet away and in the center, occasionally it seems the left and right sides are brighter than the center. If you move to the left or right, the effect follows; for example, move to the right, then the right looks normal, but the left looks brighter. Other times, it seems the whole screen is uniform even from a wide angle. This may be due to the content I am watching.

Black: Overall, black is black on this set with a few limitations. Light comes from all 4 sides, so if there is a scene with a small dark side and mostly bright everything else, that side isn't deep black (more of a very dark grey). Otherwise, if there is a black object surrounded bright everything else, that object is surprisingly deep, bezel matching black. Sometimes black is amazing and other times it dark grey.

Other comments: During bright content, all sides of the TV seems to have a really thin line (less than 1 finger up close) that is lighter than the rest of the screen; it seems to stand out more during motion. Fast motion seems to have a slight "jail bar effect" of light/dark/light/dark bands. The corners have a dark spots (the top 2 more so than the bottom 2).

Original Review:

This is the best LED TV out.

Everything about is near perfect except one thing: Dirty Screen Effect (see in a solid color slide when looking VERY carefully to find random vertical and horizontal darker short bands) exists on all LED LCD TVs. It is on this set as well, but it is so minor, you will never see it normal content. You probably can't see it if you watch 8+ feet away.

Problems like blooming (glow), clouding (light spots), and flashlighting (edges brighter than center) exists on all edge lit LED LCD TVs. A test for this is watching movie credits in a completely dark room. With local dimming on and back-light turned low (less than 4), blooming is surprisingly very minimal (only visible in the extreme movie credits in dark room test), clouding doesn't exist at all (mine is literally cloud free), and flashlighting doesn't exist (edges are as dark as the rest of the panel). During normal content, edge lit problems simply doesn't exist on this set and you'll never know about them unless you know what to look for.

Black looks like pure black in all content. The panel during movie credits looks pure black with ambient room light, but you can see the blooming in a dark room. In content that has high contrast and has some kind of graphics near the edges, black is pure black. During normal content (games and movies), black is pure black so much so that it literally matches the bezel.

Viewing angle is great, but not as good as plasma. You will see some color fluctuating (mainly grey) when moving head. It isn't a problem if you are sitting still, 6+ feet away, and sitting in front. Viewing angle of edge lit LED LCD is surpasses back lit (like the 929).

Gaming lag is far better than the Panasonic and Samsung higher end plasmas. 40ms with all the settings turned on and half that with them off.

Sony's processing features are first class. Reality creation turns non-HD content (including games graphics) into rich detail... it is actually surprisingly effective and I had a few "wow" moments of what it did to Skyrim (turning it off made everything seem blurry). Motion processing made the soap opera effect (1 setting) or simply took the judder out (separate setting). My comparison with the plasma showed that the Sony allowed "true judder/artifact/blur free motion" in games (Panasonic VT50 plasma had blur and judder/shudder/rainbow color artifact like crazy).

With the price dropping, this TV should be on top of your list. Sony is getting back in the TV game.

Unlike plasma, this TV allows more than "weekend blue-rays." Hook it up to a computer monitor, console, gaming rig... you name it and it delivers.
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21 of 24 people found the following review helpful
on December 16, 2012
We bought it on 11/12/12, it was delivered on 11/20/12..The company unpacked it and removed all the packing and hooked it up. That part was wonderful. We had to sign a form stated everything was ok. Then 2 weeks later a green spot appeared on the screen and then yesterday a red dot appeared. We contacted sony and are waiting to find out what will happen from here. Our tv is less than a month old. I am disappointed with sony.
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14 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on August 31, 2012
I have a five-year old Bravia LCD that I love. The picture on it is superior to the Samsung LCD and Plasma I also own. I had very high hopes and expectations for this new Bravia I bought. It has exceeded both.

Wow, the picture is stunning. Even the wife said the picture was really good, and that was while watching an old episode of friends on TBS. The settings allow for good adjustment of the picture and provide a really nice menu to tinker with. The sound quality of the TV itself is good. PS3 looks great on it.

It's so thin and light hanging it was a snap (and I am not handy). The remote is really good. It's cheap feeling, considering this is a middle-high end TV, but it's shape is very comfortable and the buttons are all pretty intuitive.

All in all, this isn't the cheapest set, but I have a bias towards Sony televisions. I'm sure the Samsung and LG LCD/LED sets are comparable in picture, and probably cheaper in price. That said, I just really like Sony and this TV is phenomenal. Plus, I got an extra PS3 in the deal, so that's a bonus!

UPDATE: Just watched Resident Evil in 3D using the PS3 blu ray; amazing. Also watched some of the 3D trailers on the 3D Experience app. The picture is sharp and clear. Using the latest Sony glasses, which are light and very comfortable. Fantastic picture. I have no previous 3D experience to go by, so take that into consideration. Again, LG and Samsung probably make excellent 3D sets as well (LG is passive I believe, so the glasses are more convenient and cheaper/free with set), but I am very pleased with the performance of this set.
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11 of 12 people found the following review helpful
on July 18, 2012
I bought the 46HX850 version for my game room to replace my 5-year old rear projector TV. I have to say it's more than what I expected. I bought the 55HX929 for my main room and didn't expect to see the new 850 at that level. I have to say it's very very close to the 929 although it is not a full-array local dimming LED like the 929. The good thing is out-the-box settings are great! Didn't need to change it.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on October 11, 2012
I got the hx850 after first purchasing a samsung es6100. I was used to a 5 year old sony xbr lcd tv, so i had thought that whatever new set i bought would exceed the picture of my old set. Not so-the samsung was a big step down in both picture and build quality. I eventually returned the samsung and got this hx850 sony. For those that care primarily about the best picture, and also dont want to go with a plasma, this is as good as it gets. I checked cnet and they agree, that this set is the best led set on the market. I cant comment on the 3d or the internet features since i dont use those, but the build quality is excellent, it has plenty of recessed hdmi inputs, and the picture is stunning. I know salesmen always use the line "this brand x set is made in the same factory as the sony", but i can assure you that this tv is worth the extra money. Only ding i would give it is for the cheap remote, but the reality is that most people getting this kind of tv will probably be using a nice universal remote and only use the factory remote for initial setup.
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