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85 of 85 people found the following review helpful
on March 28, 2010
I've had this TV for a couple of days and it exceeded all my expectations. I have been in the market for a new TV since November of 2009. I have done a ton of research and I believe that for the money this is one of the best TVs in the market. I looked at the Samsung LEDs and while they are good TVs, I find the glossy screens are distracting with all the reflections it creates. This can definitely be troublesome if your house has big windows next to the TV like mine does.

At the end, the Sony KDL-46EX700 was the perfect TV. Some of the great features include: ambient light sensor (the backlight changes depending on the amount of light source in the room), internet capabilities (Sony has a ton of widgets), exceeds energy star ratings, presence sensor (turns TV off when it does not sense a person in the room), motion flow control and finally a attractive modern clean design.

As for picture quality the TV shines on all level. I have U-Verse cable and the picture looks great in HD and SD. The picture quality on DVD is great, as well as, the Netflix streaming. Blu ray quality is out of this world.

As for sound quality, I am uncertain as my TV is connected to a home theater system. I really have nothing bad to say about this TV. The only knock that I have on this TV if any, is that the remote looks cheap. It does work, however, so I really can't complain. Plus I plan on replacing it with a universal remote.

In the end, If you are in the market for a new LED TV I highly recommend this TV.
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38 of 38 people found the following review helpful
on April 6, 2010

Getting a matte screen was the top consideration for me, as I live in a room with intense sunlight. If you are putting the TVin a bright room, it's one of the better options I found at this price point. There is excellent color accuracy. Greens are actually natural green, not neon as they appear on other brands. Very good black levels. I think the HD content is incredible. The Motionflow setting (120hz) is great for sports, but turn it off for movies and most other content. Excellent looking TV design. The ultra thin screen is striking. The automatic ambient light adjustment is a nice feature. The internet content is decent - particularly Netflix and Amazon on Demand. Be aware that not every movie in the Netflix catalogue is downloadable, and also be aware that only some of the content for Netflix and Amazon is in HD (this will probably improve with time, though). You can hook the TV up with an ethernet cable, or go wireless with a USB adapter (though it costs another $80 to purchase from Sony). This was easy to set up. The menu is easy to navigate. I like the various screen modes for different content. There are a thousand ways to customize the picture to your liking. Unlike some of the Sony models in recent years, the stand does swivel. Very energy efficient.


Contrast does diminish a bit when you are off center, but no more than other LCD's I have seen. It would be nice to have a separate Motionflow button on the remote for ease of access. The sound is thin, although you can improve it with some tweaks. If you are going to use it with a home theater, it doesn't matter. If you aren't, you might find it substandard. The Presence Sensor is a bit gimmicky - you won't care that you have this 10 minutes after you set it up. There is some noticeable judder on certain content, but I set the TV to the CineMotion Auto 2 setting in Picture Adjust - it seemed to smooth this out a lot. I can't discern much benefit from the LED edge lighting, other than the fact that it allows for the thin design.

The TV isn't perfect, but overall, I'm pleased with my purchase.
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128 of 162 people found the following review helpful
on July 14, 2010
You're going to spend a lot of money on a TV, so please read through full review first to consider what you are getting with this particular TV.

Only 4 reviews for this product at this time, but i will only write about things others have not already said, that i wish i knew before making this purchase. (Yes the screen is stellar, but only when you watch stuff in HD. The SD quality is terrible. The sound is also terrible).

Now the real reason i gave it 3 stars. I chose this TV over its competitor's because the BRAVIA trumpeted its "internet capable" features such as Video internet streaming and widgets. What they don't tell you is that you need a separate device of course, that only SONY makes of course, and that it is going to cost $80 of course. That was all news to me. Oh, and this thing doesn't have a name, it just goes by its model number UX-BR100.

So $80 in, I have to register BOTH products before i can use them together. Pain. It didn't help that the site they tell you to go to is not the right site if the BRAVIA TV hasn't been registered. I needed customer support to navigate through the hurdles to register both products. Big Pain. Once this was done, I went to try it, and i could not work any of the internet features without registering each of the other stuff online. EACH. Again Big Pain. I already had a Netflix Account, but it wouldn't let me activate it on the TV, i had to go online. Once i did that, I returned to test out the Netflix on the BRAVIA, and the only thing it displays is what is already in your queue. I could not browse my options and look through the selection. These are things you need to do online first, add to your queue, then go to TV and watch "instantly." I don't have a laptop, so having to go to my desktop EVERY time defeats the purpose of "internet capable" TV. As for the other Video options: There are about 20 other "options", 15 of which you will NEVER use or even check out. Of note is the Video on Demand options, of which you'll have two: Sony's VOD called Qrious or Amazon's On Demand. Amazon rents all movies for a $1 less than Qrious ($4.99 to $5.99). So that makes Qrious useless to me. The CBS "video" only shows two minute clips of their shows. No episodes. Thanks, but no thanks. Netflix lets you stream for $8.99 a MONTH. Best deal. But, their streaming options are pretty terrible, no current movies - the only ones i saw were Law Abiding Citizen and The Proposal. Not exactly 2010 material.

Lastly, there are NO WIDGETS with this model. I don't know what other KDLEX700 model the other reviewers are talking about, but my KDL46EX700, according to Sony technical support does NOT support widgets. So naturally i felt a little misled.

When you factor in the $80 cost of the UX-BR100 to make use of your "internet capable" Bravia, the trouble of setting everything up, the lack of video features, the extra cost to use the few video features, and the absence of widgets, I do regret buying this TV. I could have gotten a 46 inch without internet capabilities for a lot less.

If you want internet features here's what I recommend. Buy a non-internet capable TV, and put the money you save towards an internet-capable wireless BluRay player or PS3. If you want Video on Demand, Sony's Playstation Network also rents movies and TV shows (it's exactly the same as Qrious, EXACTLY. Same options, same cost) and you can access Playstation through a PS3 if you already have one. You can also access Netflix (they will need to send you a disc you get to keep first) using a Blu-Ray player or PS3. These devices will allow you to browse through their options without having to go to a computer! As it should.

I've returned my $80 thingy. In conclusion, knowing what I now know, I wouldn't purchase an internet capable TV in order to by-pass a cost for a Blu-Ray player. You will pay more for internet capable TV, and get a lot less.

This is my opinion based on my experience. Good luck!

**Aug 31 - update** I see the cost of the TV has dropped since I made my purchase. My review was based on a $1350 price tag. Clearly i didn't think it was worth it. But the lower the price the more attractive the TV looks. For under $1000 it is good value.
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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on September 18, 2010
Ok... Where to begin.... This HDTV is a superb blend of function, style, and versatility. Having calibrated the settings via an online source, I am very happy with this tvs overall picture performance. Blacks are very deep, colors are natural, details are crisp and images in 1080p format are life like. 1080i resolution is very good and SD viewing is tolerable. The only draw back to this otherwise great TV?..... Light bleed in all 4 corners in dark room settings. In daylight or well lit rooms lightbleed is near impossible to detect, though in a virtually dark room it's readily apparent and can be bothersome and a bit annoying. While no LCD HDTV is perfect, it's that very understanding that provides your only solace in accepting this inherent flaw. No matter how you calibrate and no matter what settings you use, a noticeable lightbleed shall persist in dark rooms. Having said that, this tv looks amazing in the daytime and the matte screen is a plus for that reason. The styling is also a plus and the ultra thin frame is gorgeous. Energy efficiency is this tvs ultimate bread and butter and with it's energy savings features your electricity bill will make you smile. Considering everything, this tv is great because it's cost efficient, picture quality is above average albeit not perfect and styling and features are well presented in this model.

On another note, my friend has the 46 ex500 which is only slightly cheaper and with significantly less features. Features like led technology, bravia 3 engine, prescence sensor, Internet capabilities, thin design and similar picture flaws make the ex700 a much more logical choice in terms of what you are getting for the money. The price as it stands as of this review puts a difference of only $100 bucks or so between the two.

The 46ex700 has been recently discountinued in favor of a newer model boasting an updated bezel and frame giving it a more minimalistic appearance. There is also a rumor in the tech world that this was due to Sony's supplier of panels being unable to keep up with demand. Subsequently, according to these reports, the newer model shall now utilize samsung panels instead of sharp. Yes my unknowing Sony fans, Sony uses other branded panels in there sets.

The bottom line, this set is well worth the price of 1100 or less compared to it's nearest rivals above and below. The sound is average, features are rich, design is beautiful and calibrated picture in a decently lit room superb. Thank you.
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10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on July 10, 2010
This Sony LEDTV is very nice, The picture was very clear and sharp. The TV came with picture presets that was way too high, with some adjustment the blacks was very black and the picture just show vivde colors and sharp details. Love the way it looks, thin and stylish.

Con : The sound coming from the speakers was weak and hollow, but any LEDTV this thin would not have great speakers, just use an surround sound system.
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on December 1, 2010
Ok I sell TVs In a local department store. I have the opportunity to look at all of them for months before I take one home. I usually can't listen to the sound, or play much with the menus. But I think the picture is the most important part.... this one has more picture clarity than any other one we sell. I still like the sharp led for it's "yellow" color. The Panasonic G series have the shock factor down (those of you who have seen this TV know what I mean) But this Sony TV has the best picture clarity over any other TV I have seen, without using any of the gimmicky 3d, 240htz, 4th color, junk. Plain and simple I love this TV. Things I do wish were different or better: wish it only had the one menu not that having more than one did not help keep down some of the confusion. I also wish the remote sensor was not located so far to the left of the TV. It should have been front and center or could have come with one of those remote sensor things. I also wish the sound quality was a little better.But at least it does not rattle the casing like my old TV did. (It was a Sony 40 inch VE 5.) I do not like my picture as brutally bright as most people do, and I think that Sony has this part down pat. For the features and price I paid for this TV I would rate it a 7 out of 5 if I could.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on September 13, 2010
This is a pretty good TV. Image quality is excellent, but keep in mind that as with all LCD's a little distortion in signal quality causes a lot of problems. I believe that is normal. It is edge-lit, therefore it's very slim and relatively light. It has a sleek design. HX700 looks more charming but that's only if you are willing to pay a few more hundred dollars for the looks and a few non-essential stuff. One problem is that it takes some time to power up. During that time you can't use the menu which sometimes causes inconvenience. But nothing serious. Another issue is that sometimes if you turn the TV off completely (-not standby-) then you lose time and date information and next time you turn it on you have to reenter that information. I don't know why that is the case, but I think that is the main issue that bothers me. Presence sensor is not essential but awesome. When you leave the room it turns of the screen but not the audio so that you can continue to listen what is being said. When you return it automatically turns on the screen. I also connect my laptop to the TV -the desktop looks huge- to watch movies. I use a simple VGA cable and it works very well. Overall this is a good product.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on September 15, 2010
I have had the TV for about a week and I am still tweaking the performance to my liking.

I like the size and the slim design. I have no real complaints other than the delivery service not showing up but that has nothing to do with whether one should buy the TV or not.

Like I said I am still working out the details for the best picture but I like what I see so far. The default settings seem a little dark to me compared top the flat screen I just replaced so I am will probably need custom settings that match my own taste. There is a lot more a glare than I am use to, especially from the side. I have a bright room and my last TV did really well the light having no glare at all. This one is good from the front but the from the sides I cannot see a thing.

The menus could be a little better designed. Navigating through them can be a pain depending on what you are trying to do but then again once I set it up to how I like it I may never go into these menus again.

I like the options. A lot more than I have ever seen before on a TV. I connected to my network before my initial setup and I liked what I it did. I now have a laptop, Xbox 360 and a TV connected to one network and it all seems to work great. I like all the internet options but have not used them all yet.

The remote seems big and clunky compared to others but then I may get use to it. If you have small hands you may find it too big.

Overall I think it is a good buy for the money and the price is only getting lower these days.

Update: About a month and I am still very pleased with the TV. Getting use to the picture and settings and I have no issues at all.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on August 21, 2010
Has everything in it, came with the WiFi adapter, hence was very easy to link with WiFi internet at home. When purchaed Model said 700 but delighted to receive 701, which includes the adapter. HD channel look great. Sound is OK for my 20' X 15' living room.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on December 29, 2010
I bought this for a steal at sears for 899. It was the best thing I'd seen for an Internet ready led LCD tv.

The picture Is great but there is some bleeding or clouding from the edges in a black scene and no lights on in the room...I've noticed twice in my two months of owning it. Its not that bad.

Internet apps...make sure you either run an Ethernet cable or buy the Sony wireless LAN adapter for about 80 bucks. When using the adapter it uses your only USB port which is a slight bummer but it's not too bad either. I haven't used the USB port for anything other than the wireless other than when I tested put the picture viewing feature of the works.

The Internet apps are pretty convenient...people love watching YouTube on there. Typing into the tv isn't too bad with the controller, you can either move around a cursor and select letters or use it like texting on a phone...not t9. There's a decent amount of free content that I don't have much interest in looking into...maybe someday if I'm bored. Netflix for some reason doesn't have a browse feature so you can both select AND watch need to queue movies on a computer. Hopefully they update this...who knows.

I use a stereo system so I can't comment on the speakers.

This tv does what I need it to do and does it well...I have no major complaints or gripes with this tv.
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