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on September 6, 2011
I purchased this camera in April of 2011 shortly after it was released by Sony. I did not really get to use it until more than a month later on a trip where it was mainly used as an underwater camera. I closely followed all of the manufacturers instructions on keeping it clean and watertight. The cameral was never in more than 3 feet deep. The camera failed miserably. Many of the pics came out with millions of white spots and no focus. There was water leakage in the lense. The panoramic shots came out with lines and uneven connections between the photos, the camera changed to the lowest resolution each time the video function was used without my doing anything. The resolution changed so often, that I did not notice. Often, landscape shots came out with undersaturated colors. We coincidentally spent a fair amount of time with another couple we met who had just purchased the same camera. They had none of the problems we had. The BIGGEST problem was that when I tried to replace it, it was beyond Amazon's 30 day return policy and they would not replace it. So I emailed and called Sony repeatedly and was directed to their Laredo, Texas "customer satisfaction" center. What a joke! I have never spoken to more uneducated and unfamiliar with the product techs in my life. I ended up mailing the camera back to them at my own expense and after a few weeks, was advised that there was nothing wrong with my camera and it was sent back unrepaired, with no instructions or invoice showing what had or had not been done. I continued to call and email them, and another tech asked me to send him photo samples which I did. He agreed that there was a problem after looking at the photos and said that their "high-level" techs were going to look at it and get back to me. Then I never heard from them again. I called and emailed them several times, tried to speak to a supervisor who never called back, and no resolution to my camera issues. Moreover, they scratched the glass touchscreen, and the lense still leaks. Other parts of the camera did not leak, only the lense, for which there was nothing I could do to prevent other than not use the camera in water. This has been a most frustrating experience. Never mind the lost pics in a part of the world I may never get to see again. SONY is Full of Baloney
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on October 20, 2011
I see all the negative reviews for the camera leaking. I have one for the supposed shock proof warranty. I am a caver and this camera has been great for 5 months. I take it in my cave sack take photos go home clean it and it has always worked well (other than the dust spots from the flash). Anyway, last time i went i tossed my cave pack about 4 feet down below me. Later when i got the camera out the liquid crystals behind the glass had ruptured. Something in the bag must have hit the screen on the back of the phone. I thought "well good thing it has a shock proof warranty". So i sent it to Sony and they said the damage wasn't covered. I asked what made the damage not covered. All they would say is we examined it and it is of the type of damage not covered. I asked whats the difference between this shock damage and the kind that is covered. They said "the camera was damaged in a way that is not covered". We went in circles, me trying to find out why and them telling me it was examined and judged that it will not be covered, but they never told me why my damage was not covered, but some other shock damage is covered. I asked to speak to managers and all just answered with the same script. I asked how much to repair and was told it would be more than the camera is worth so i would have to buy a new one. That is the last Sony product i will ever buy (and i buy a lot). Worst part is the camera doesn't even have a view finder. So even though the guts of the camera work, i can't see anything to take a photo. Panasonic here i come.
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on April 5, 2011
I really liked my first waterproof compact camera --- the Pentax Optio W10.
Took decent pictures and waterproof ... great for snapping pictures of my kids in and around the water.

Also bought the Optio W30 and W60, hoping that the updated models would be much better than the previous. Unfortunately, the picture quality seems to get worse with each newer model. Bummer.

Got the Canon D10 ... I like the pictures from the D10 better than the Pentax, used D10 as primary and the W60 as backup.
D10 is bulky and focusing is rather slow, but the jpeg colors are nicer than the Pentax.

Got the Sony DCS-TX10 last week, have not tried under water yet but have the following observations:

- Much quicker focusing than D10
- Wide angle starts at 25mm vs 35mm for D10
- Awesome HD movie mode with zoom support and stereo sound
- Good punchy pictures with accurate colors
- Very compact
- Image stabilization very good
- Sweep panorama is useful and fun
- Sliding cover protects lens

- It takes a few seconds from power on until first shot
- Takes 5-7 seconds to start recording a movie if not in movie mode
-- This is very annoying, maybe it can be fixed via future firmware update?
- Not too crazy about the touch screen interface
- Battery doesn't seem to last very long (about same as D10)
- Water proof to 5m versus 10m for D10
- Playing back pictures seems a little sluggish

There is no separate battery charger, it is charged inside the camera via a USB cable, like an iPod/iPhone.
I prefer to have a separate charger so that I can charge a spare battery while still using the camera, but I guess others might prefer just charging from a USB port. Just to be clear, it does come with a charger plug (like an iPhone) so you can charge from a wall socket as well. But no standalone charger.

Bought this battery and charger kit from Amazon:
Wasabi Power Battery and Charger Kit for Sony Cyber-shot NP-BN1, DSC-T99, DSC-TX5, DSC...

I've not taken it in the water yet ... so unless this camera dies on me after hitting the water or does something really unexpected, I would say this is the best waterproof compact that I have owned and would highly recommend it.
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on May 15, 2011
I recently upgraded from the TX5 to the TX10 (lost my TX5). The first thing I noticed was the more plastic-like feel to the TX10. The 5 felt more like a small canon, real solid and heavy. Don't worry though, the plastic feels very high quality and nothing about the camera feels cheap in hand. The touch screen takes some getting used to. If you're an SLR user or a canon point and shoot user then you'll probably be frustrated with the Sony menu's at first. The OS is getting better and better with each iteration. This camera is definitely more user friendly than my NX-5 even without the dials. Personally I like dials and larger buttons but you'll need to make the trade off for pocketability. If you're undecided at the TS3 and theTX10 it might help to know that the TX10 feels about half the size in your hand. It's really tiny for a waterproof camera. My sister has the Canon D10 and again, it feels huge compared to the TX10. Overall, the camera has an insane amount of features for the price point. The pictures look amazing but they do have a "painted" look at times. Sony uses quite a bit of processing for noise and shake reduction which gives occasional photos a fake look. Though at this price point I think the camera takes phenomenal pics.

One major issue is the color shown on Amazon and Sony's website. It's not even CLOSE to the blue you'll get. I bought the blue because I have a Benchmade knife that looked to be the same exact color. It's not... This camera is about 10 shades darker and has a very anodized/glossy look to it. Honestly, it's very girly looking. I sent it back and went with the green which has a much more matte and manly look to it. It's similar to old greenish/yellow sony products from the past (mini-disc players especially). Don't be fooled by YouTube unboxing videos either. For some reason cameras cant seem to capture that blue color accurately. I should have listed to the other reviewer on here.

* Tiny!
* Great photos for the price point
* Amazing features, underwater panoramas? Crazy.
* Solid Feel
* Great battery
* Touch screen is great with gloves, there's a stylus that hooks to the wrist strap. It's easer than fat fingering buttons, even big ones.
* Amazing low-light pictures

* Only 16MP in 4:3, switching to 16:9 photos gives you 12MP. If you're a pixel counter you might get annoyed. I'm not.
* Only waterproof to 16ft
* Very slow movie recording. 5 seconds from button click to actual recording.
* A bit slow moving through menus and deleting photos

Final Thoughts:
If size isn't a factor, I'd probably go with the TS3 because of the extra depth and dials. If you're a backpacker or someone that doesn't wear giant cargo pants, definitely go with the TX10. You can take it everywhere! Lastly, unless you want to tell people it's your girlfriends camera, go with the green or black.

I still love this camera. I recently took it to Havasupai for a pretty rough trip through rocks and water. The screen is showing some scratches after hitting a few rocks (not gorilla glass apparently). I was also a little frustrated trying to use the touch screen with wet hands. Otherwise the camera was a great asset on the trip. I jumped off an 8' waterfall while filming a movie and the camera continued to film after splashing in the pool below... good times.

Be careful where you put it in your bag though, I had it mixed with some towels and water and the lens cover slid open and drained about half the battery before I caught it.
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on November 28, 2011
Exact same thing happened to me as did to KW. KW said:

"The camera leaked and stopped working. When I sent it to Sony they told me that they found corosion and the warranty was void. I told them that it was warranted to be waterproof and if the seals failed it should be covered. They just kept repeating their words and refused to honor their warranty"

There has to be an issue with the seal. I spent 45 minutes on the phone with the idiots at sony having a "chicken and the egg" conversation about why there was corrosion found. Obviously, IT WAS THERE BECAUSE IT LEAKED WHILE IN THE WATER. Very frustrating. What a waste of money.
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I just received this camera yesterday, and have spent some time with it. So far I have not been dissapointed. Spend some time reading the manual, there is a learning curve involved to get the most from this camera. The pictures and video are crisp and true to color, and performs very well under low light conditions. Like another reviewer suggested be sure to pick up a Wasabi Power Battery and Charger Kit for Sony Cyber-shot NP-BN1, DSC-T99, DSC-TX5, DSC-TX7, DSC-TX9, DSC-W310, DSC-W320, DSC-W330, DSC-W350, DSC-W380, DSC-W560, DSC-WX5, DSC-WX9 as you can not charge the camera battery externally. The kit comes with a wall charger, vehicle charger and 2 spare batteries, with this kit, you will have plenty of power available to shoot all day without the worry of ending up with a dead battery. I will be taking this camera with me on a cruise I will be taking in Hawaii later this year and wanted something I could take with me when I go snorkeling and hiking.
You have the choice of 2 different storage mediums, the Sony PRO-HG Duo HX Memory Stick and Class 10 SDHC Flash Memory Card note that you can use slower versions of the memory cards, but it will increase write times for the data so if you want exceptional results while shooting video or want to shoot burst photos, go ahead and pop for the faster memory cards.

I will update this review from time to time with any tips or tricks I learn while using it.
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on August 7, 2012
Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-TX10 16.2 MP Waterproof Digital Still Camera with Exmor R CMOS Sensor, 3D Sweep Panorama and Full HD 1080/60i Video (Black)

This review is done after more than a year of using this camera. I purchased this camera back in May 2011 primarily because I wanted to take some underwater pictures and videos for my awesome vacation in Hawaii. Being a skeptical person, I read reviews, research, look at specs of all the waterproof cameras and decided on the Sony Cybershot TX-10. I have taken it to snorkeling in Maui, snorkeling Phi Phi island in Thailand, silly underwater group pics in swimming pools, fish ponds, trekking in the jungle (with rain), taking pics of crabs on the beach and have sand all over it, cold weathers in new york. I give it 5 star for the ruggedness and waterproof quality. I mean, I take this little gadget EVERYWHERE i travel. I took my boyfriend's DSLR with me to Thailand because I thought I was going to use it, but I ended up using this Sony instead because it's so small, light, and attractive. I also give it 5 stars for the looks, yes. This camera is sexy, slick, and discreet, and people give compliments all the time. They don't believe it can go underwater and in the rain!! It's so small and think I can fit it in my back pocket or small wrist purse when I go night outings with my friends. I will give it 5 stars for the quality of the images and videos, high res. images everytime, this camera can take pics in darker surroundings. It also offers many modes to choose from. My favorite is the macro mode. This camera can take things super close up! I like taking bug pictures. haha. Video quality? that's the awesome part, you can do everything with this cam. I took so many videos, (underwater ones too), and they are in great, satisfying quality and sound. I mean, if you mess around and learn all the modes, you'd realize so many things you can do with the camera. Another mode I use alot is panoramic sweep. I love this mode!!!!! When I travel to a great place and I can't seem to get everything in a single frame, Panoramic sweep is so handy for it. Yes, you can take 5 different pics and use photoshop but that's just too many steps. Some down sides to this camera would be, there is a delay (like 3 seconds) when you press record for video. It gets annoying because if you have the need to immediately record'd totally miss it. I learn to just get used to it so it doesn't bother me too much. Same thing when taking pictures, if you want to immediately snap a can't. There is that 1-2 second delay. It's a bit frustrating sometimes. There are some scenes/modes that I don't use very often but they come in handy when the time calls for it. Over all, I am satisfied and I can say that I love this camera and it was worth the money I invested in it. If you have any questions and want sample pics, let me know!!
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on March 12, 2012
I was really loving this camera, until it slipped out of my hand, fell about 3 feet, and the front sliding cover popped off. I sent it in for warranty, and Sony's service center is telling me that because it was dropped it is out of warranty and the repair is $267! Needs a new lens, new front cover parts, new microphone, etc. The description says you can drop it from 5 feet, but I'm not sure why they would advertise that if the warranty won't cover the repair. I've had many Sony Cyber-shots and never dropped them or needed repairs, but after dropping their "rugged" model and having them refuse to repair it under warranty, you're much better off looking elsewhere if you want something rugged.
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on August 20, 2011
First, some background on what I was looking for: I'm a casual photographer. I wanted a waterproof camera which would produce high-quality photos in all settings (indoor, outdoor, and underwater. My intention was to completely replace my 7.2MP Sony DSC-W7, which I LOVE. I wanted to add the underwater feature without compromising on other features. I did not want to spend more than about $400 for everything (camera, two 8GB memory cards (Class 10), two extra batteries with charger, and float strap. This left me with about $340 max to spend on the camera itself. I do NOT know a lot about photography. Terms like "ISO" and "white balance" are foreign to me. I like to use pre-programmed scene modes and auto features. I enjoy digital scrapbooking and I frequently zoom and crop. It takes a very high quality photo to crop out/enlarge a small figure without too much distortion.
I began my search online and spent about 6 hours researching the cameras in my price range. The cameras I focused on most were the Canon D10, Sony TX10, Panasonic TS3 (sometimes referred to as FT3), Olympus TG-810, Olympus Tough 8010, Fujifilm XP30, and Pentax WG-1.
I eliminated most of these options rather quickly based on their reviews, overall ratings, and the quality of photos that I reviewed. I narrowed my focus to the Canon D10, the Sony TX10, and the Panasonic TS3.
I wanted to love the Canon D10, since it seems to be the overwhelming fan favorite, but I ultimately decided that it wasn't going to be a good fit for me. The price of the D10 is similar to the Sony and the Panasonic, but it's a 2.5 year old model which doesn't have HD video. The photo quality seemed about equivalent to the other two, so I decided to only focus on the two models with HD video.
I would have been completely sold on the Sony, since I've used only Sony cameras most of my adult life and I've never been disappointed in one; however, there were some notable deficiencies which most reviewers found with this model (detailed below), so I was a bit hesitant to take the plunge. The Sony was also priced near the top of my budget ($329), whereas the Panasonic was only $275 at The Panasonic reviews seemed to all be very positive, with the only significantly commonly-noted problem being lower quality indoor photos. However, all of the indoor, outdoor, and underwater photos that I reviewed online looked very good.
I decided to take a chance on the Panasonic TS3 and I really, really, wanted to fall in love with it. I ordered it from Amazon and they delivered it the next day. I wasn't blown away by this camera. The outdoor photos were good. The video was very good. The underwater photos (taken in my large fish tank) were very good. The indoor photos were POOR. I decided to order the Sony TX10, hoping that I'd see better results. I ordered it from Amazon at 9pm that night and it was delivered at 1:00pm the next day (gotta love Amazon!). The photo quality of the Sony camera is outstanding. I'll be keeping the Sony TX10!!! For some people, however, the Panasonic might be the better choice.
First, I'll provide my overall recommendations, then I'll add in all of the detail:
You value the quality of the photos/video above all else.
You like touch screen devices.
You don't plan to dive lower than 16 feet.
You don't care if you can't adjust your settings (other than zoom) underwater.
You want a VERY small camera.
You always use a wrist strap.

You can live with grainy indoor photos.
You don't typically enlarge your photos to 100% (because they will be distorted).
You want a camera with GPS.
You plan to dive deeper than 16 feet.
You want a larger (but not too big) camera.
You're looking for a less expensive option.


PRICE - The Sony is +/- $50 more expensive than the Panasonic.
SIZE - The Sony is significantly smaller and lighter than the Panasonic. I don't think one is better than the other, per se. It's a matter of personal preference. The Sony will fit in most pockets. The Panasonic probably wouldn't.
RUGGEDNESS - Both cameras are rated very well in this area. I haven't "tested" them, but it seems like the Panasonic is built a bit tougher and would be less likely to get destroyed in a fall. Rather than test this feature, I'm going to just trust the experts that either one will hold up well if dropped.
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on October 1, 2011
This is without a doubt the best compact digital camera I've owned. My last two cameras were a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH20 and a Canon Powershot SD900.

I bought the panasonic about a year ago, but it kept having problems opening and closing its lens, especially if I went to a beach or anywhere there was dust: dust would get into the mechanics and gum them up for days.

This camera is ruggedized: it says it's good to 16 ft underwater, and also that it's dust proof. Best of all, it's SMALL. It's smaller than our Panasonic was, and I think perhaps about the same size as the Powershot was.

The best thing about this camera is the image quality. It's a 16 megapixel camera, so I expected to be able to take 5 MP pictures without degredation. I just got back from Disneyland where we took 600 pictures and a couple hours of video using the camera. The video is amazingly good quality for a compact camera, and I believe it's close in quality to my dedicated canon camcorder. The still shots are also amazing. While not quite as good as a digital SLR, they blow away any of the pictures from my previous compact digital cameras in terms of quality. I took some 16 megapixel shots of the Storybook land ride in disney during the day, and I was shocked at how good the detail was. Even blowing the images up, they looked crystal clear with relatively little in the way of artifacts. Otherwise I shoot at 5 MP resolution and am very pleased with the results.

The movies range from I believe 720p up to 1020i or 1020p. I used it in the lowest resolution and was stunned by the frame rate and quality.

Caveats I've seen in other reviews hold true: it takes a few seconds for movies to start recording once you press the 'record' button, and a few seconds for them to finish recording (though actual data stops when you press 'record' to stop recording. It does pretty well at night, though like most camera's it'll do a much better job with subjects that stay still than those that move.

Reviews I read were mixed on the touch screen. For my part, I like it. Now that I'm learning my way around the menu's, the touch screen is convenient, and quick to change options.

It has an auto-panorama option which was a lot of fun. I turned left, then click the shutter once in auto-panorama mode and slowly turn until i'm facing right. The camera combines all the information it gathered and makes a panorama, then shows it to you right on the camera. Awesome!

Overall I am extremely satisfied with this camera, and looking forward to using it at the beach and near / in pools without worrying about it breaking!

I've had the camera for 2 weeks, and used it perhaps 8 hours. A week at Disney will do that. My favorite camera ever!
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