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on September 12, 2012
I'm a college student, so I placed a great deal of thought into my decision for purchasing this camera. I was looking for something cute that could easily fit into my pocket and accompany me on all my water activities in the summer. I also needed it to take fairly good photos in all kinds of light and be user friendly. This camera satisfied all of the above.

Water: I go on many float trips in the summertime and like to take photos of all our activities. I took this camera on a three day camping/floating trip almost immediately after purchasing. I was able to get it wet, use it in the water, and snap pics with wet hands- all without worrying. The manual does recommend letting it soak in clean, warm water after use- take this advice! I used it in the river and didn't clean it afterward- resulted in some of my photos I took at night being foggy from the dirty water that remained. The next time, I cleaned it and had no issues.

Photo quality/ease of use: My pictures in and out of the water look great! I'm still exploring all the (many) features and specific settings, but so far I love it! There are a lot of settings and options, so if anyone knows a good tutorial on these, please share. I love the many options to scroll through the photos stored on the camera card. The only small issue is something that someone else had mentioned: it is very easy to put your fingers in the way of the camera on the left side. But as long as you are aware of it, I don't think it's a dealbreaker.

Touch screen: This was my biggest concern about any camera. I had a Fujifilm touchscreen camera before and absolutely hated it. So naturally, I was apprehensive about purchasing another camera with this feature. I'm glad that I went ahead and gave it a try- the use of this touch screen is much better than my previous experience! The icons are close together- again, there are many options- but they stylus provided is helpful for people with bigger fingers.

This camera is much more stylish than other waterproof options out there- it is only slightly larger than my iPhone 4 and easily fits in my pocket. It comes with a wrist strap so it is easy to hold onto- and the stylus snaps right on to the strap cord. One HUGE bonus that no one has really touched on is the charger. It charges the battery inside the camera and the cord hooks up to the charger via USB port, so I can charge it in my car when needed. This was very convenient because the battery life isn't all that strong. I did make it last for two nights of camping and an all day float trip, but I was careful to turn it off when not in use.

This was a great purchase- I'm very satisfied.
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on July 11, 2012
I purchased the previous version of this camera, the DSC-TX5, in 2010. It had worked perfectly since then, the only reason I replaced it was for superficial reasons - the color had come off the lens.

In MAY, I purchased the DSC-TX20 thinking if I was happy with the first one, I'd be thrilled with the updated version.

How wrong was I!

My original camera I had taken on every vacation and done everything with it from snorkeling in Hawaii to tubing in Texas and skiing in Colorado. Loved it! I haven't taken a bad photo since getting it.

I purchased the TX20 right before leaving for a vacation in the Caribbean and left my old camera behind. I am so disappointed I did! The second day I used this camera, it died. First day - no problems. Lots of photos that all looked great. I went snorkeling on Day 2 and not 5 minutes after getting in the water, it died.

This thing is NOT waterproof. I took FOUR photos in the water before it died. My hand was 3 feet from the surface so depth wasn't the issue.

I didnt bother contacting Amazon for a replacement because it was past the 60 day mark when I finally returned home so I called SONY.

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THEM! Their reps were awful. I got the run around and was told it wasn't working because of blunt force trauma...despite the fact that there isn't a single dent, not even a tiny superficial scratch on it. Either this camera was assembled wrong or there is something up with the water seals.

I'm super disappointed. Even though I loved my first camera, I will not buy a SONY product again. It's not worth the risk of it being another faulty product and having to deal with their terrible customer service.
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on August 8, 2013
I purchased this camera in December 2012, unfortunately not from Amazon but directly from Sony. I used the camera 3 times!!!!! It is supposed to be at least "water resistant"?????? NOT! I did not even try to take underwater pictures, it was in my pocket for about 20 seconds & got dunked in the water when I was putting my boat in. It was dead after that so I had no camera for the rest of my trip. I sent in the camera for repair under warranty to SONY....their "technician" found that the "waterproofing" was in tact but they found "corrosion" damage so they voided the warranty & would not honor it. Nice job have successfully lost my business for ANY electronics for the rest of my life!!!!!!!!

On top of that, SONY wanted to charge me $600 to fix a "camera" that I bought new for less than $200????? REALLY SONY???? haha

DO NOT EVEN ATTEMPT TO USE THIS CAMERA NEAR WATER! It was a great camera the two times I used it. SOOOOOOOO tired of big corporations doing this type of thing.

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on February 17, 2013
Camera is great on land, but sucks for underwater. Leaked on first trip snorkeling and corroded all connections. Would never even consider buying this camera again if for underwater usage.
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on November 26, 2013
The camera looks and functions great out of the box, but its appeal quickly disappears once you realize how susceptible the casing is to sprouting spontaneous cracks. Within the first weeks of having the camera, I dropped the camera off of a low table (admittedly my fault), and the camera case cracked in several places. I was flabbergasted that a camera advertised as being shockproof would perform so poorly. (After all, I've had cameras that weren't advertised as being shockproof weather much worse mishaps without incident.)

I was able to have the camera repaired under warranty, only to discover after my return from several months abroad, that they returned the camera to me with some of the same cracks still clearly there! So not only was I deprived of the use of my camera during a trip I specifically purchased it for, I returned only to find that it hadn't even been properly repaired! I sent the camera back in again, and this time it came back to me with a properly repaired case.

Flash forward a few months, when I discover (before another trip), that the battery compartment has a crack in it! This time the crack is not the result of any precipitating event, and it likely occurred when I merely pressed down on the door to close the compartment. I once again send the camera in for repairs (again deprived of its use during a trip), and it is repaired and sent back to me.

I recently sent in the camera for the FOURTH time, for a cracked case, once again on the battery compartment door. This time they claim that the fissure was caused by my dropping the camera, even though the camera is in pristine condition because it has spent more time out of service than in my possession! (Seriously, in addition to the camera constantly being in for repairs, I rarely use the camera, which is why I only notice the problems before trips. I also have a dSLR that I use as my primary camera, so this point and shoot gets very little use--which is what makes this situation even more ridiculous!) If there is a dent on one corner, as they claim (it is still in the possession of their repair department), it is the result of the first incident, which by its very position in the timeline of events, cannot be the cause of this crack. I tried to dispute their finding because I definitely have not dropped the camera since its last repair (or since the first incident), to no avail--they want to charge me more to repair the camera than I paid for the camera new on Amazon!

So a word to all those considering this model: it looks pretty now, but you won't think so once the case continuously sprouts new cracks due to no fault on your part, not to mention when Sony tries to charge you an exorbitant fee to repair a defective product. Do a quick google search for "cracked TX20 case" and you will see that this is not an isolated incident. I have probably purchased 15 Sony cameras in the past dozen years or so, and this one is likely my last.

Oh--and the primary reason I purchased this camera was so that I could use it underwater, but I have never been able to test this feature because it is always out of commission! And it looks like I never will be able to, as I won't be paying more to fix it than it cost.
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on September 7, 2012
This is my 3rd Sony camera and I have always bought a waterproof housing kit to go along with my cameras. When I saw that the T series was waterproof I decided to make a trip to the Sony store and check it out.

what I needed:
Zoom while video-recording
macro shots - like taking a photograph of your fingerprint if you wanted too
Something sleek and compact - this comes in many colors but I got the black one.

That's pretty much it. I'm not a pro-user. I have a toddler so in addition to carrying all his toys and diaper things I didn't want to lug around a big DSLR.

Small, sleek design
Waterproof - when you have a kid, you want to get in on the action with them. I went to a water park and wasn't worried about getting my camera wet.
Optical zoom while recording
With a very fast mover toddler I make use of the multiple frame bursts. You can take up to 10 photos in one instant and when you review it, you tilt the camera and it goes from frame to frame. Pretty cool to see your toddler dancing and you're controlling the speed and the direction he's going in the images.
You can adjust which "buttons" are shown on the LCD screen. Because I use the frame burst feature quite a bit, I added it onto my home screen so I can access it easier.
There are some features where you can make the background fuzzy and focus in on only a certain part of the photo. The image looks like it was taken with a DSLR camera.

Takes some time "processing" the image after I finished taking a pic. I think I was using the "intelligent" mode though.
It also takes some time when you can actually scroll through the pics. You have to wait til the page loads and it takes some time. It's kinda irritating.
You can only force flash when you're in certain modes.
The pictures you take during the video are not so good quality.
The touchscreen doesn't compare to the iPhone.

I wish Sony would install some time lapse software and color selection (e.g. take a photo in black and white but select out one or two colors so a red rose and everything else i black and white).

Other than the slowness of the camera I think it's great if you're looking for a rugged camera and if you have a toddler =)

I will definitely buy another waterproof Sony camera after this one.
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on July 9, 2013
I bought the Sony DSC-TX20 in December of 2012. Used it in Hawaii in January and used it again in the pool in June of 2013. I only used it twice, and always made sure the camera seals were completely clean before immersion. I've used Canon products underwater before and am familiar with proper care and use of underwater cameras.

When I used it in the pool the second time, the seal somehow failed and allowed a little water into the camera. Even though I was not near the maximum depth for the camera, some water got into the camera and it stopped working. Again, prior to immersion, I had checked the seals and ensured that the openings had positively latched.

After I sent it into Sony, their customer service center informed that it was not covered by warranty due to corrosion in the camera. Their explanation was that it was "uneconomical to fix the camera, so the warranty was void." To me, this is completely illogical and unfair. Not only could they not tell me how the cameras were tested to see if there was a seal or product failure, two of the four people I was transferred to were somewhat rude. The third, who supposedly worked for the national customer service center, ended up telling me that she was going to transfer me to the tech center that had the unit in hand and were the ones that tested it. She ended up transferring me to the first unit. The final individual was rude and told me he couldn't transfer me to anyone, or back to the original unit. I was told, again, that because there was corrosion in the camera, they would not honor the warranty. They could not seem to understand that the water and corrosion in the camera was because of a product defect.

So, I'm out the price of the camera after two uses, including warranty shipping back to the Sony customer service center. I've been a long fan and customer of Sony products, but this has definitely turned me off. I would highly recommend against this camera, and, after the customer service experience, against Sony cameras at the very least.
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on June 30, 2012
I bought this camera after my TX5 drowned in the pool (my fault, I forgot to clean the seals after using it in salt water). I have to say the TX20 is a major upgrade from the TX5, the photo quality is better and the video quality is incredible. I was always a bit dissapointed with the TX5 due to it's fair picture quality and clunky touch screen but loved every other aspect of the camera. The TX20 fixes these problems and more. The touch screen is now capacitive instead of resistive which enables it to be as accurate as a quality smart phone screen and the photo quality is much better. The photos from the TX20 look more vivid and life-like when compared to the TX5 and the video is much smoother. It is very fast and responsive in every aspect and is fun to use. Many fun picture effects to play with too. As with the TX5 the best part in my opinion is the durability, I like knowing that my camera can come anyplace I want to go. What good is a camera really if you can't use it anyplace you want? Another major upgrade in my opinion is this camera's ability to take photos while recording video, I have already found this feature to be extremely useful. The only negative I can think of is maybe the battery life, however this can be fixed by purchasing the Wasabi brand replacement batteries which last about 1.5X longer in my experience. Bottom line if you're looking for a compact camera that takes very good photos and stunning quality video and durability is a factor then this is your camera. Highly recommend.
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on December 4, 2012
This is our second Cybershot TX underwater camera, and we love it. This new model has considerable improvements over the original. The capacitive touch screen is SO much better than resistive on our older model. This is by far the best family camera we've owned. The waterproof, shockproof design means this goes everywhere the family goes...the beach, pool, jet skiing, wake boarding, kayaking, rafting, zip line in Maui, snowboarding, it's been on all our trip and taken a beating. The best part is that it looks and feels like a normal point and shoot so it blends in during non-extreme events, where a hard-core ruggedized underwater camera would just look ridiculous.

If you are looking for a great all around camera that goes where other cameras (and iPhones) fear to go, this is for you.
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on December 25, 2012
Had a Sony TX10 and the latch broke so Sony sent me the TX20 since they couldn't get the part. I took it to Mexico about a week after it arrived and on day 3 I took it snorkeling for about 15 minutes. I went to charge it later that day and there was water in both access doors and it no longer works. Terrible "waterproof" camera!
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