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5.0 out of 5 stars More than I expected - Still!
If you are a photo-purist, you will not like this camera. It does not take RAW images; there are no manual exposure controls (other than the ISO setting); and it lacks both a manual focus ring and the ability to switch-out $1,500 lenses. Add to this the fact that the camera applies a degree of in-camera processing to every shot taken and you pixel-peeping people will be...
Published on May 27, 2012 by Fair Minded Guy

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3.0 out of 5 stars Great pictures but fragile design
I have been waiting for Sony to come out with a great pocket size camera that will work well in low light. I bought this camera upon release and must say that it takes great pictures! I really don't think that you can beat its picture quality at this price. My wife has a Canon S100 and that still has better picture quality and low light capabilities than this. However...
Published on June 28, 2012 by Jamesb

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5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome little camera!, May 24, 2012
This camera is amazing for its size and price. 10X optical zoom in a thin body! Full HD videos, super fast, light weight... I am very pleased. I have been looking for a nice small camera for a while but they were either too pricey (at least the ones with the features I wanted, such as at least 10X optical zoom) or a bit heavy... I am glad I waited for this one. Great pictures in low light as well. Good job, Sony!!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Small Camera, Big Impact, September 19, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
First off, my background. I am a professional photographer and owned several dslr and point and shoot. Over the years, this is the best little camera I ever have hands down. If you are reading this article, chances are you are shopping around for a point and shoot. Look no further and get this. As a photogrpaher, I always have a little point and shoot in my pocket in case you come across something you like to photograph. With 10x zoom this has become my travel camera for casual long weekend trips. The defocus feature is amazing. I use it for portraits and even macros. The intel auto is really intelligent. To capture sky details, you can focus on sky first then re-compose and you will be suprise with the outcome. Other features are plus. The night shots are so, so but still good for its kind. The low light settings are great. In a club or indoor lighting it does a fair job although shutter speed decreases dramatically to compensate for it. Now you are done reading this...time to order this baby.
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5.0 out of 5 stars spending a little more is worth it, July 25, 2012
J-J-J-Jinx (Silicon Valley) - See all my reviews
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
Earlier this year a got a new camera for the first time in a while. It was 16.2 megapixels and purple and had a bunch of bells and whistles (it seemed) and I was pretty happy with it. I'd been a bit confused before that about how "fancy" I needed to get with a camera and whether it was worth it to pay more for this or that inscrutible feature. My boyfriend was buying me the camera and I didn't want him to pay more for features I wouldn't appreciate or use or megapixels that make no visible difference.

Then, a few months later, I ended up with this Sony Cyber-shot. I'd been pretty happy with my new Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH25 until then and I was really ready to be not-impressed with the Cyber-shot.

As soon as the Cyber-shot arrived, I took both cameras on a biking trip in wine country with my boyfriend. He was using the Lumix, and I was using this camera. I have to say, this camera blew the Lumix away. If I didn't understand before why I would pay a little more for something like the Cyber-shot, now I do. The stability feature worked very well, the zoom took great pictures, and when we zoomed in on the same things (a lizard, a crow in between grapevine rows) my pictures came out much clearer. I also got more detail out of pictures shot in blazingly bright sunlight. Holding my arm out and taking video while wobbling along on my bike looked good and came out pretty smooth. Low light conditions also looked great.

I played around with the different settings on the camera. There are some artistic modes like "illustration" which are very cool. After taking a few pictures this way, I realized you can take a normal picture, then go back and apply the illustration effect (or one of the other effects) and then save it as a new picture, which makes more sense. Ultimately I found I'd rather save one copy as illustration, one copy as watercolor, bring them both into Photoshop and overlay illustration over watercolor at 47% opacity, but I guess I'm never happy with just using things the way they are. You can adjust the settings, though, so your illustration is a little less heavy on the ink outlines or whatever. Your choices are just high, medium and low, or in the case of the "extracted color" filter, you choose between red, green, blue or yellow. The choices are in the setup menu, so you don't automatically get them when you choose a filter.

I can't say I've used all the features on the camera, but I've been trying! There is 3D, but I have no way currently to display anything 3D, so that feature is a bit useless to me...for now. The sweep panoramic mode is pretty great, I've gotten great, sweeping shots of the San Francisco Bay using it, and I just figured out how to shoot it in a higher definition. I do wish you could sweep in either direction. I've been taking sweep panoramas where I'm trying to get my bike in the shot on the left side and it can take a few tries since you sweep the camera right to left.

I really like that you can charge the camera using usb from your computer. That means you don't have to open the flimsy battery door and disturb anything. It won't charge at the same time as you are using it for anything, but the fact that it doesn't have to be plugged into a wall outlet using an expensive, proprietary charging unit is fantastic.

This is definitely my fun new toy.

The camera goes up to a 20x zoom (10x optical), but I've given up mostly on using the zoom. I take pictures mostly when riding my bike and I would probably be really bad at biathalon, since exercising and then trying to shoot something with a steady hand seems pretty impossible for me. When not using the zoom, the stabilization works very well for me. In some situations the camera takes more than one shot and I don't know exactly what's going on in there, but it's fast and works well. When using the zoom, though, I've found that the picture will usually look good if you reduce the size of the image, but if instead you want to use it at full size, maybe cropping a piece of it out, that piece will be quite pixelated. Sometimes it's hard because it's such a wide angle and I can't get closer to what I want to shoot, but overall I'm happier with the image quality without any zoom. It wouldn't even matter except I'm able to print 13x19 prints at home these days, and at that size everything better be perfectly clear and crisp and cropping is going to make the image too small for the format.

Overall, I think this is just a fantastic camera. I'm still learning all the features and haven't tried things such as anti-blink or auto-smile, but I really do understand now the benefit of paying a little more to get a LOT more camera.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Best Digital Camera I've Ever Owned, June 17, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This Sony (DSC WX150) is by far the best digital camera I've ever owned. It's very small which was part of the draw. It is smaller than other cameras with less features and less zoom. The 10X optical zoom was great -- as expected. It's the extras that are incredible. I took it on a two week trip to Europe. It performed well in low light settings like churches. The panoramic feature was great and worked well for a vista from a citadel in Namur, the Grand Place in Brussels, and a courtyard in Vilnius. Some settings allow you to blur the background which was probably the feature I used the most. At the end of the day the battery was low or completely exhausted; I wish I had bought a spare.

I'm a self-confessed camera junky and I love this one. My last camera was a Canon. It worked well but there are feature I like better on the Sony. For example, to review photos you've taken, you push a button and to return to shooting you simply press the shutter. On the Canon, you have to toggle from viewing to shooting. I've missed shots with the Canon because I didn't realize the selector was in the wrong position. The screen on the back of the Sony is big but like most cameras, in bright sunlight it's tough to see. The key was to trust the camera's automatic settings. I just ordered one for my husband.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Point and Shoot, May 29, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I've been looking for a camera that was better than my iPhone camera (which is pretty good) and not as cumbersome as a DSLR. After a lot of research and trying out one other camera - Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS7 - I got this one based on user comments, and boy am I pleased. Given it's compact size and relatively low cost it produces great images.

There were only a few things I was looking for in a compact camera: image clarity/sharpness, optical zoom, color fidelity, open shadow areas when background is bright, and low light shooting, and this one does it all very well. I didn't really care about all the other bells and whistles - GPS, video, etc.

There are a couple of things Sony can improve on. The analog user interface on the back could be better. Placement of various controls can take a little getting used too. The other is when shooting indoors in iA mode it wants to fire off the flash even when there is plenty of ambient light, ruining the picture. It works great if you turn off Auto flash and turn on only in really low light conditions. Annoying but very minor.

Overall, very happy so far!
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4.0 out of 5 stars Small and very lightweight, June 22, 2012
MyKeyReviews (Hampshire, UK.) - See all my reviews
Having owned the Sony DSCHX9VB which is part of the older series released by Sony, I was more than keen on getting my hands on this new model which whilst doesn't offer as much zoom, does offer more mega-pixels and features.

This model is extremely small, it's just a little bit bigger than the palm of my hand and is very light in weight.

Before I go into any more detail here are a few things it comes with and what you will need:

In the box:
Camera | AC adapter | USB to mini USB | Battery | Wrist strap | Manual.

Things you NEED:
Transcend 16 GB SDHC Class 10 Flash Memory Card TS16GSDHC10E (You can choose a different brand/memory capacity).

Camera Case | USB SDHC Card Reader | Spare Battery | HDMI - Mini HDMI cable | Anti-reflective Screen Protector | Depth Underwater Case.

- - -

Despite the camera being super small, it's comfortable to hold and it's really easy to navigate around the settings, for those who have owned an older Cyber-shot model such as the HX9, you will notice how familiar the settings are as they are practically the same with a few extras.

On the back you have a slider that lets you select which mode you want to be in; Picture, Panoramic, Movie mode, and within those modes you can go to different settings:

* Program Auto; a full customisable setting which lets you change exposure value, ISO, white balance, focus, metering, burst setting, smile settings and face detections.
* Superior Auto; shoot sharp images reducing blur and noise automatically.
* Intelligent Auto; Exposure adjustment with automatic settings. (Great for most situations).
* Background defocus; adjust how much defocus you want the background to have which gives you a lower or greater depth of field.
* Picture effect; tons to choose from such as partial colour, watercolour, illustration, black & white, pop colour and more!
Partial colour is my favourite as it lets you single out a particular colour (red, blue, green & yellow), so if you have a red rose and have it on the red setting, the rose will be red, however everything else will be in black and white.
* Scene mode; 15 pre-set modes to give you the most out of certain scenes. Here are some scenes available; soft skin, landscape, night portrait, hand-held twilight, gourmet, beach and more.
* 3D still picture; viewable on 3DTV's.

* iSweep panorama; shoot panoramic image by panning across the scene.
I love this setting, it's extremely easy to do and the results are fantastic, also choose from standard, wide or high-resolution panoramic shots.
* 3D sweep panorama; take a 3D panoramic image displayable on a 3DTV.
* Sweep multi-angle; can be displayed on a 3DTV or this camera, though personally is a bit of a gimmick setting in my opinion.
* Underwater sweep panorama; natural colours for a fantastic underwater shot. *Need the underwater housing for this mode!

You have the choice of three different video quality; FX (highest quality with 1920x1080(60i) resolution, FH (High quality 1920x1080(60i) & HQ (Standard quality with 1440x1080(60i) resolution.

Two modes are available in movie mode; 'Intelligent Auto' or 'Scene Mode' which will effect your picture outcome when taking a picture whilst recording.

The overall quality of the video and sound was decent, it's not as good as most camcorders available, however it's great for family videos and outings.

- - -

The battery life is pretty good, I've had it out for a whole day and didn't once need to recharge it until I got back home.

I have been really pleased with the outcome of most shots, it does portrait, landscape, panoramic, daytime shots and night-shots(as long as the flash can cover the subject) brilliantly, as for low-light conditions without flash or night-time shots even when using hand-held twilight settings, have been extremely poor in my experience, I still have yet to take one good photo in such conditions.

Apart from that I really like this camera and would still recommend it, but for those who want that little bit extra, I would recommend an upgrade.
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5.0 out of 5 stars INCREDIBLE camera!, June 11, 2012
Jim Teague "Diesel" (Kirkland, WA United States) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I've had several compact, point-and-shoot digital cameras at this point, and have always been very satisfied with the photos they took. But this one seemed to actually have some interesting additional features, as opposed to just more megapixels. And WOW! This camera is head and shoulders above anything I've ever had before.

The intelligent scene selection is a great addition: get up close to take a shot of a flower with a bee on it...and presto! It changes to "Macro" mode! And the photo itself is stunning -- zoom in to see every hair on the bee's body. The image stabilization is excellent, as well. The wind always seems to blow, just as you're ready to snap a close-up of a flower... but these photos still come out super crisp, every time.

Frankly, I've been blown away by this camera. I hope the reliability and durability hold up, but so far, it's fantastic.
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5.0 out of 5 stars GREAT POINT AND SHOOT CAMERA, July 25, 2012
A Gamer at Heart (Agoura Hills, CA USA) - See all my reviews
Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What's this?)
I am not a professional photographer, nor a serious amateur photographer. I am a dad who likes to take great pictures of his family and important events. I say that so you can gauge the value of my review accordingly.

I have owned several Sony digital point and shoot cameras over the last 10 years. I recently switched from Sony to a Canon point and shoot. I was mildly satisfied with the Canon's picture quality and was eager to try another camera. I have had this camera a while but wanted to wait on my review until after I used it over our recent summer vacation. In short, while no point and shoot camera is perfect, this Sony is a tremendous camera and a great value for the price.

The beauty of this point and shoot is the ability to be as involved, or as uninvolved, in the photo setting up process as you want. A point and shoot, by definition, means you turn the camera on, point at your subject, and press a button. This camera performs that function very well - it turns on very quickly and is ready to shoot almost instantaneously.
What I really like is the easy to navigate and understand menu. Select EASY and most options are just removed. You point and shoot. Select INTELLIGENT AUTO and the camera does its best to determine what type of scene you are photographing, selecting from 10 different scene types. (night, portrait, backlit, etc.) Select SUPERIOR AUTO and the camera adds three additional scene types. Select SCENE and you can choose from a myriad of additional scene specific settings, like for the beach, shooting at night with or without a tripod, defocusing the background (so it looks like a DSLR), etc. Overall, I found the camera did an excellent job correctly detecting the settings and delivering very high quality, color correct, images.

One of my pet peeves is auto flash destroying the background of a picture shot at night. The subject is lit but the background is too darkened to see any detail. This Sony thankfully does not have that problem. It properly lights the subject while correcting the exposure to show background. One of the scene selections is called HANDHELD TWILIGHT and allows you to shoot in low light without a flash. My pictures taken in this setting were excellent.

The menu settings are intuitive, and easy to understand. You can even access a built in help menu, which I thought was a very nice touch. The camera is incredibly small - which I like because I prefer a small, compact camera. Both INTELLIGENT AUTO and SUPERIOR AUTO contain an image stabilization ability, and out of the hundreds of vacation photos I took (many on horseback, moving and bouncing) only a handful were out of focus. I point this out because some believe a camera can be too small and difficult to hold, producing shaky images. I suffered no such problems. The buttons are small as well, but manageable.

This camera shoots video in high definition (1080P). The highest quality video setting can only be burned to Blu-Ray. I shot my vacation videos in this mode and suffered some minor stuttering during playback on my gaming computer which has a high end gaming video card for rendering video. I would recommend the next lowest setting unless you plan to burn your movies to Blu-Ray. The minor stuttering aside, the quality was amazing. My relatives (who I forced to watch my vacation videos) were stunned by the video quality that this tiny camera delivered. The zoom is also very impressive. I took clear, quality images with the zoom nearly maxed out with little noise.

Overall, I am quite satisfied with this camera. SUPERIOR AUTO takes the guess work out of settings and delivers wonderful pictures. The BEACH mode delivered stunning ocean photos. Give this camera a try and I suspect you will also be pleased.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Very nice camera, June 14, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I went for the WX-150 after trying a Panasonic ZS-20 (which I also reviewed) and have to say that I am much happier with the WX-150. It is definitely slightly pricy for the features offered, but I think you're paying for the premium lens and processor/sensor package. The photo quality definitely justifies the price. It's the same Exmor-R sensor offered in the Sony HX200V which goes for over $400. The photos are the best I've seen in a point and shoot in this price neighborhood and I spent hours upon hours researching cameras, reviews and comparison photos (thanks digitalcamerainfo). Considering I paid $200 for my Kodak C875 five years ago I would say this camera is very fairly priced.

Okay, so I'll cut to the chase. All of the features mentioned on the Amazon item description for this camera are great and exceeded my expectations. So, I'll skip re-describing them here (as much as possible) and mention the things I would have liked to know before buying this camera. I'll start out saying it is tiny. Like almost spy-camera tiny. At first that seemed very strange to me, but it's like anything else, once you get used to it it seems normal. The WX-150 was weird to hold at first and I was afraid it would easily slip out of my fingers. That's what the provided wrist-strap is for, I suppose. Now picking up my old camera makes me feel like I'm picking up a clunky plastic brick.

The next thing to mention is that the camera seems a little slow. Taking burst pictures takes about 3-5 seconds to record after doing the burst and that is a lifetime if you jumped the gun on trying to capture that perfect action shot you were trying to catch. However, it is amazing when you do capture a cottontail rabbit in mid-hop or a bird taking off into the air with wings outstretched. The burst photos aren't perfect but about half of your ten-shot series will be beautiful. The burst mode shuts off the flash so you better have good lighting (preferably outside) if you want to capture action. I have to agree with the reviewer who said they wished Sony would have offered a 2-per second burst mode for up to 50 shots like Panasonic. That would almost guarantee capturing any action shot you were trying to catch. I guess that's what video is for, though.

Taking regular photos is also a bit slow - especially if you have the flash on. The camera waits until the capacitor is recharged for the flash before it will let you take another photo with flash on. My conspiratorial side thinks that Sony detuned this camera's speed so it would take less business from their more expensive models. The speed definitely isn't a deal-breaker - this camera is like greased lightning compared to my old camera, but it does seem a bit slower than the ZS-20 I tried for a week.

Now the zoom, while the zoom is only 10x I found cropping (or using the digital zoom at 20x) provided better quality photos than the Panasonic at 20x optical zoom. Sony has a beautiful thing going when it comes to picture quality. For a non-DSLR this camera takes great photos and that's the most important feature for a camera to have.

The user interface takes a little learning, but you should have it down pat after the first 200-300 photos. There is an onboard user manual which is very nice and answers most of your questions. It even describes what all the little icons mean for the current configuration you have the camera set to - so it's pretty easy to know what is going on. The buttons on the back are tiny and I have bumped the spin-dial a couple of times while taking photos which can screw up your shot because the spin dial changes the camera mode and the camera will take the photo in the accidentally selected mode. The on/off button takes only a touch to turn the camera on so that may cause the camera to accidentally turn on in your pocket. Hopefully Sony was smart enough to put some sort of limiter on the lens so if it does turn on in your pocket it won't try to force the lens to come out and cause damage. I'd test it to find out, but I'd rather not break it two weeks after getting it.

The camera has onboard red-eye correction software that will do a good job of removing red-eye after the photo is taken if you go through the steps. I've needed to do that a few times. It also offers "smile-detection" software which works okay. I've noticed that the kids need to really be smiling big and for more than a second or two to make it work. Kids who don't smile very big or very long won't work very well with this feature.

The camera does not allow aperture or shutter control so don't buy it thinking you'll be able to get that cool nighttime freeway shot where the car lights are streaking down the road - or capture a bolt of lightning during an electrical storm, unless you're extremely lucky. The camera does provide what 99% of camera buyers want - a camera you can turn on, take a great picture, and move on with enjoying what you're doing.

The pictures turn out very nicely in "intelligent auto". It does a great job of taking any thought out of taking a great picture and makes pointing and shooting easy-breezy. I've noticed, however you need to have the flash on with motion/action photos even with moderate light or you end up with blurry pictures. That goes for all modes, not just "intelligent auto". Also, the intelligent auto changes scene modes automatically - though not always completely accurately. Oddly, when running in "intelligent auto" mode I did have "infant" come up while taking a photo of my one-year old so the camera can do it, but it isn't an option if you try to select it manually by switching to scene mode. A lot of times the intelligent auto mode sets to "flower" mode when taking pictures of the kids.

The scene modes seem a little limited in options. There is no infant or kid mode (though they do offer "pet" and "food"). The camera has artistic modes that do things like cut out all but red, green, blue, or yellow and makes everything else back and white. That makes for some cool pictures especially if you're at a flower garden. It also has a cartoon feature that makes whatever you take a picture of look like a cartoon drawing. It's kind of neat and fun to play with.

A couple of last minor things. The cord attaches to the bottom of the camera so you can't have it sitting upright while charging or hooked to your computer. I suppose it doesn't matter because it's so skinny that it would be susceptible to tipping over anyway. Also, it would have been nice if they had provided a rubber grip on the front to aid in one-handed holding of the camera. It's so light that it isn't a big issue, but a rubber grip would have been appreciated. It wouldn't have had to be much - just a small protrusion of rubber sticking out no farther than the lens.

So, to summarize, the camera is very nice for people who want to take great pictures without a lot of hassle all while being able to put the camera in your pocket without it being very noticeable to you or anyone else. The photos are great for a non-DSLR and the features are plentiful enough to keep you from wishing too much that you'd spent another $100 for only a few more features. Definitely a camera for point-and-shooters who want a few more features like panorama, HD video, and burst shooting and a lot better photo quality.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Very satisfied, July 10, 2012
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I don't know much about cameras, I know I wanted a compact camera, I couldn't afford a DSLR and frankly theyre too big, so I spent days reading and searching before buying this and I can see I've made a great choice.

The camera is really small, really thin, and really light. The camera came with the battery, battery charger, mini USB cable.

NOTE: I bought the camera with a 32 GB SD card. Because the package did not include an SD card. The 32 GBs allow you to take up 5000+ pictures. So if you're going on a vacation. This should be perfect because you won't have to plug it on your laptop everytime to transfer the pictures. The 32 GBs is enough. I recommend you buy a case as well. Maybe a screen protector, none of those came with the package.

+ The panorama feature. Excellent! You have to put it on a steady surface and do it somewhat quickly for the picture to come out right cause when I did it really slowly, I couldn't get it right but if you have a tripod, you don't have to worry about that .

+ The partial color effect. My friend has a DSLR and she has to load the pictures on the PC in order to do the partial color effect. But with the WX150, you can just set it and shoot. I put up two images on Amazon that you can see, partial color red (The car) and partial color green (the plant). HOWEVER, it does sometime leave out parts of that particular color, but it is understandable, every color has different shades .

+ Quick shots. You can take quick clear shots in less than 1 second, as opposed to waiting 2 seconds until the target if your pictures has moved and the moment is gone. But of course its not the same as take your time with the camera so it can get a crispy clear shot. But its great nonetheless

+ Its really easy to use. Theres scene selection which I enjoy but if youre not the type to pick what sort of setting you want for your picture, you can just put it on easy mode and it'll do that for you. However, setting it yourself might be better sometimes.

+ 3D feature. Although I'll probably never use it . It's still nice to mention this to people, that makes them understand how advanced this camera is.


- Some pictures lack detail, I expected it to be more detailed than that and I expected them to last when you zoom in on your picture, but theyre clear nonetheless

- No Bluetooth or WiFi. This may be a good thing or bad. Depends on you, it'd take a lot of your battery life that's for sure. But when youre travelling it's nice to just upload it to whatever you want, but if you have the SD slot on your laptop, that makes it eaiser as well, you don't have to plug the laptop to the camera everytime just take the SD card out and put it on the laptop

- NO HDMI CABLE, NO CASE, NO SD CARD with the package. ALSO, BUY AN EXTRA BATTERY!!! One won't last you a full day esp if you're travelling

I love the camera, I recommend it to anyone who wants a compact camera close to an DSLR that's light and small.

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