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on August 21, 2008
This is one of the best CD players I've used. I listen to a lot of Books on Tape and this player picks up exactly where you leave off even if you stop it to do something else for awhile. It's fairly good about playing scratched CDs and has not jumped while I have been working out in the yard or walking with it. The ear phones are OK but get bit irritating after wearing them for a time. If you are looking for a good CD portable player without the radio, this is it. It is pretty light on battery use also.
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on September 7, 2008
When I first began listening to CDs with this Sony player I was not impressed with the sound as it lacked presence and clarity. I played with some of the functions, such as the Mega bass boost, which resulted in too much bass, then I tried using the AVLS automatic volume limiter - a function I have no use for.
I found my answer through a careful read of the instructions regarding "G" protection, which is an anti-skip function that when turned on (G-on), and which is how my unit was set from the factory, the sound quality is just ok. You can improve the sound quality greatly by following these steps to disable G protection: With the unit turned off, press and hold down the fast forward button, then press the play button while looking at the display window. As you continue to hold down the fast foward button, press and release the play button and every time you do you will see the display readout cycle from G-off to G-on to G-off..etc. If you leave it on "G-off" you will benefit from the best sound this unit can produce. I'm using Grado SR-60i headphones, and the sound (in a quiet room) is simply astounding.
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on April 26, 2010
I received my Sony D-EJ011 CD Walkman a few days ago from While I have not had it long enough to speak of it's long term durability, I would like to share my initial thoughts and impressions.

I had a very specific task for this item when I purchased it. My wife and I collect CDs. We buy some new here from Amazon, but 90% of them we buy second hand from Amazon Marketplace, yard sales and flea markets. We do not currently have a home audio setup. We mostly use our iPods right now. Sometimes on a weekend we may buy as many as 50 CDs and sometimes it takes me awhile to get them all ripped to my laptop. Lots of times I want to try out a CD in questionable condition, or just want to play it and haven't ripped it yet. This is where I will mostly use the D-EJ011. I also just wanted to have another PCDP just for fun and who knows when they are going to quit making these things, most have already disappeared. I had a tough time finding a new one that wasn't total junk for a reasonable price.

Which brings me to the $29.99 price. When compared to my iPod touch... well.. Hey look, we are talking about a $300 product against a $30 product and I don't think that's a fair comparision. Is the touch 10x better for 10x the price? Yes. Probably 100x better, but for me this PCDP had a very specific purpose and it wasn't to be my main portable music player. I've read a lot of reviews on this player before I bought it and I despite all the negative comments, I took a chance on it and I'm glad I did.

BATTERY COMPARTMENT - I've read a lot of comments on the battery compartment. I think that has been blown way out of proportion. I have large, fat, Diabetic fingers. I also have an ounce of common sense. I found it very easy to open the door and insert the batteries. I also found it equally easy to open the door, then with the tip of an ink pen, pop the old batteries out when time for a change. Don't anyone take this personal, but I have a feeling that someone who can't exchange batteries in this player probably has found life to be very hard in general. Seriously, I don't get it. If anything I applaud where the batteries are because it beats the heck out of having them fall out of the bottom.

THE CONTROL BUTTONS - Again, I don't get all the negativity. The buttons are layed out in a very logical manner and are very easy to remember their positions if you just try. To the left of the display you have the slide switch that opens the top hatch. You can't mistake that button for any other. A donkey couldn't. Next in line is the volume up and down buttons. The volume up having a "feel dot" that even I can feel with Diabetic fingers. Next you have a mode button that a lot of people will never even need to use, and finally the bass boost button which is the easy to find right next to the headphone jack. I have no problem finding these buttons in a dark closet after spending 10 minutes with the player. To the right of the display you have "stop" then "play/pause" and finally the 2 directional buttons for skipping tracks front or back or FF & REW. I'll be honest, I'm not bright, but I had no problems remembering what these buttons were in a dark room after spending 10 minutes with the player familiarizing myself with them. If you can feel the headphone plug, and the display "glass", you should have no problem operating this thing blind folded. I think a mountain has been made of a mole hill on this button color situation. Just my opinion.

THE LCD DISPLAY - It's pretty small and you have to hold the player like you're eating a hamburger to read it, but make no mistake, even with Diabetic eyes I could read it even in a dimly lit room. You do have to hold it at the right angle and there does have to be atleast a little bit of light because it's not backlit. For $30 I don't expect it to be. It works well for me.

HEADPHONES - I never took mine out of the package so I can't comment on them other than I wouldn't be optimistic having had many pairs of entry level sony buds over the years that come with other Sony players. Do yourself a big favor.. If music is important to you, right here on you can purchase brand new Koss KSC-75's for around $15. They are known as being the gateway to audiophile sound and you are going to have to spend atleast $80 to top them, if not $100. They match with this player very well sonically speaking and heck, even the color matches. If you do not like clip-on phones I would suggest Sennheiser's PX-100s. I use them both with this player. One last word on the KSC-75s.. They will not sound their very best until they get upwards of 100 hors on them or atleast the 3 pairs I have haven't and many others have also found this to be true. They are awesome and you'll never believe the sound cost you only $15. You will need to adjust the clips to fit your ears in a way that the entire pad it centered and flush against your ear for best sound. Be advised, by design they will "leak" some sound that could annoy others near you.

DURABILITY - Having the player only 3 days it's hard to say. It seems rather fragile and I'm kinda overprotective of mine. I only use mine sitting still so if I never drop it, hopefully it will last. I will likely purchase a second on of these just to have as a backup incase PCDP become completely obsolete and they ain't far from it now.

BATTERY LIFE - I was more bored than usual the other day so I thought I would do a little test someone might find useful. I put in a new pair of Rayovak alkalines (black/blue/silver/w/ white logo) found at Wal-Mart and other stores. They are on par with Energizers and Duracells for less money. I had the "G-Protection" set to "G-Off" the entire time as this will give you the best sound as per the instructions and the fact I was just sitting with it. I mention this because supposedly it also knocks the battery life down from 16 hours to 11. I wanted to play a bunch of CDs straight through and see when the batteries died. I did this over the course of 2 days. Here was my results:

RUSH - 2112.......................................38:50
PINK FLOYD - WISH YOU WERE HERE...................44:24
THE BEATLES - REVOLVER............................34:39
THE WHO - LIVE AT LEEDS...........................77:00
BLIND MELON - SELF TITLED.........................49:14
GRATEFUL DEAD - AMERICAN BEAUTY....................42:21
NIRVANA - NEVERMIND............. ..................42:32
ZZ TOP - TRES HOMBRES..............................44:57
KISS - LOVE GUN....................................32:52
THE CLASH - LONDON CALLING.........................64:59
AUDIOSLAVE - SELF TITLED...........................65:28
RADIOHEAD - THE BENDS..............................48:44
AC/DC - HIGH VOLTAGE...............................44:22
LED ZEPPELIN III.................................. 43:04

That came to almost exactly 12 hours. It was bogging down a little on Led zeppelin III so that 11 hour estimate was pretty darn accurate considering AA brands will vary! I bought 60 of those batteries at Home depot on sale for only $9 so this was cheap entertainment. You could use rechargeables and you could also go the lithium AA route. Also you could buy the optional AC adaptor but who wants to be tied to that thing? I was happy with the battery life because for my needs I'm not going to be changing batteries very often. Playing 15 full CDs on the high quality setting ain't bad I guess. Batteries in bulk are your friend. I had the mega bass set on "SND 1" most of the time. I assume that may have some affect on battery life?

SOUND QUALITY - SQ is a really hard thing to judge and put into words for me because everyone hears and processes sound differently and depending on what equipment they are use to, they could judge this player sounding anywhere from crappy to awesome! The SQ did not blow me away but it was at or very slightly above what I expected it to be for $30. It wasn't even in the ballpark of the sound produced by my iPod touch with the same headphones and rips with dbPowerAMP LAME mp3 encoder set at -V0 (extreme high quality). I mean, not even close. At the same time it wasn't unlistenable and I don't mean to imply it was. I found it was extremely picky about the CD. Some Cds sounded short of fabulous, and a couple sounded near unbearable. This was a lot to do with modern CDs being overcompressed and also the fact that you can't very well adjust the sound with this player. In most cases I found the megabass control to be unlistenable on the "off" setting, close as I could get on "SND 1" and with many CDs waaaaaaaaaaay too much bass on "SND 2" setting. Though a couple of CDs sounded great on SND 2. I only tryed playing a Cd with G protection on for a few minutes. I did not find it to be the night anf day sound quality difference I had read about, but for placebo reasons, I find I want it turned off despite shorter battery life. I will say my player never skipped or hiccuped once in all 15 full length CDs played with skip protection off. If I moved around more, I'm sure it would.

OVERALL - I am very happy with it. Depending on your needs you may be too. The low price is great. is as good as online shopping gets. I would have liked to had the display on top and a little bigger. I would have liked to had a little better SQ if it was my main player, but fine for my needs. The fact that it knows where you leftoff when you last stopped it or turned it off is a great feature. It has more functions than I would ever need actually as far as shuffle, bookmarks, and a couple of other things. My gripes are minor ones here and I think the product is waaaaaaaaay better than the reputation it has gotten from previous reviews. It's a very enjoyable player to listen to depending on the CD and a pleasure to operate.

I have not tested it with CD-R's yet. If that ends up being a problem I will update my review. Hopefully I can report back on the durability as well.

Hope this helps someone!
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on June 16, 2008
I bought this to while away the 40 minute bus ride to work. It's a great little machine. Simple and straightforward, compact and easy to operate. The battery life is good. I'm at about hour 10 and still going strong. Actually the battery insertion is not the easiest, and the earphones that come with it are not very good; mine were broken on the second day (mysteriously, a wire poked through the earpiece) so make sure you have your own. But as I said the player works great, and the battery life is good. As for the battery insertion - actually the battery removal, take the innermost battery out first.
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on December 3, 2008
The motor on this thing burned out at 120 days. As it is out of its 90 day warranty (all but useless anyway), I now have a $30 piece of junk. This player has been treated with TLC, no drops, no bangs, no thumps, no mistreatment of any kind.

If you purchase this player, please listen to your motor. If it is giving off audible noises (it should be almost dead silent) so that you need to have the player further away from you just so the noise doesn't degrade the music, you are hearing the motor burn out. If you are within the warranty period, I suggest you return it immediately. Don't wait for the end.

On start up, if the unit does any searching at all to find the first track, or gives you a "no disk" message, you are looking at a failing player. It should just kick to the first track and play.

The earphones are pretty useless for me. They are "in ear" and if they don't fit, you'll quickly be looking for a new set. That's a questionable investment given the low manufacturing quality of the player.

The track programming is very limited. It works only in numeric sequence, i. e. track 1, 2, 3, etc. You cannot program say, tracks 3, 1, 2. Also the programming act itself is clumsy and difficult to get right.

The player just feels flimsy and cheap. I don't have any better suggestions, but this thing is not a first choice. Unfortunately cd players seem to be dieing off under the mp3 deluge.

Added 01/10/2013: Somehow I never got around to mentioning that the AM receiver was terrible. Only the very strongest stations are audible. If you need AM, say for sports, this is not your unit. Best wishes.
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on September 14, 2008
- anti-skid really works here. No skid of any kind,
- battery saver big time,
- internal battery compartment, won't fall out by accident (goes well with anti-skid)
- remembers where it left off! If I open the cover and close and restart, it starts from where it left off!

- sound quality is ok, no better or worth than my $300 Yamaha or my $9.99 generic brand player from Target. The trick is the headphone. I only listen with Grado SR325 or SR125. Any CD play sounds equally fantastic. It's all in the disk, all in the headphone jack. You just need the right headphone to bring it out to your ears.

- buttons too small and hard to decipher, display is TINY and almost impossible to read. Doesn't come with AC power converter. But for $30 at Target, I shall withdraw my complaint and give it a 5-star rating instead.

Save your bucks for a pair of great the Grado headphone set. It's not the player. BTW, only reason I returned the $9.99 one and got the Sony instead is that the generic brand player doesn't have anti-skd and any slight touch will make it play from the very beginning - too annoying.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 30, 2013
I bought this same Sony Discman DEJ011 with Mega Bass on a store closeout from Circuit City, and it has been a playing delight for my CDs for years. It has been pulled, dropped and yanked many times without breaking, but I finally carelessly snapped the lid off while cleaning around it, and the top coil severed so I needed another one. Couldn't believe the exact same model was still sold here on Amazon, thrilled to replace it at a decent price. This player is super easy to operate & battery load, has great adjustable sound balance buttons as well as digital volume readout, and makes playing any CD (even the home-burned ones) a theatre experience. One minor complaint from me, I did not like the earphones it came with, so I purchased a $25 pair of cushioned "pilot's" headphones from Radio Shack with a coiled foot-long cord & jack, these phones also have sound balance swivel adjustment at each ear and are a perfect complement to this unit.
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on October 15, 2009
I was sad when my walkman player for 8 years died out on me. I have never had a problem with a sony product in my entire lifetime, and as my grandfather once said "Sony doesn't make junk." I found this statement to be true up until I got this product.

I decided to test it out, sitting on a flat surface when I first received it. Really loud noises start coming out of this walkman that never occurred in the other model, and they stayed even as the cd played. I than read how you could disable an antiskip mode to make it quieter. I did so, the machine was still loud but not obnoxiously loud like before. The next day I walk home from college to find out that 20 seconds into my cd it stops playing, I pull the machine out of my pocket to read "NO DISC" on the display. I think that is strange, and restart it, same problem 30 seconds later.

I than realize that I should turn on the antiskip feature because obviously it wasnt working with it off. I do so, walk for about 20 seconds and it shuts off again repeating "No disc". I have tried it in both modes and various cds (that would never skip on old model). It is safe to say that this product is a piece of junk I believe that sony focused to much on design and not on quality. However, this is the only bad sony product I have ever encountered, I still trust the company but this was a horrible product that you wouldn't expect from a company like this.
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on September 5, 2008
Was looking for a fair priced player to listen to my audiobooks and CD's that were burned at home. Other players did not do well with the home burned CD's, this one excels. I am very active when I use this and it never skips. I love that it recalls the track you stopped at, not only when you temporarily stop play but also when you change the batteries. I love this machine.
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on November 17, 2008
I really love Sony products, and this one had such good customer reviews that I don't really know what went wrong...
I bought this for my son, who has to listen to therapeutic music for 30 minutes per day. I figured the anti-skip technology would be important to keep the music playing for a bouncy little boy. I liked the shuffle feature too.
But from the beginning, it worked poorly. Frequently at the end of 30 minutes we'd find the music had at some point turned off, and we didn't know when or why. And the ALVS apparently reduced the volume on some therapeutically distorted disks so low that they no longer had therapeutic benefit, and was too easy to accidentally turn on. The layout of the buttons was awkward, with the play button too far from the headphones port to easily control in a tune belt. I'm giving up on getting this working right and buying something else.
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