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5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing Image Quality
As a professional photographer who mostly carries a 36 megapixel Nikon D800 SLR, I also needed a strong ultra-compact camera for those times when the big camera is just too much or I need to be inconspicuous in my shooting, and also for convenient personal/family use. For both uses, I find that the RX-100, Model 2 really exceeds all of my expectations.

Published 8 months ago by Pro Photog

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3.0 out of 5 stars Very frustrating in low light in Auto mode - SONY PLEASE GIVE US A FIRMWARE UPDATE!
I echo all the accolades of this camera from other reviewers. RX100M2 produces beautiful images that rival (or sometimes better than) DSLRs. The new backside illuminated sensor is supposed to be 40% better at gathering light than the 1st gen RX, though this has been debated. The daytime photos are fine. Evening/low-light photos are another story.

There is one...
Published 3 months ago by K. Shin

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301 of 315 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing Image Quality, August 1, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
As a professional photographer who mostly carries a 36 megapixel Nikon D800 SLR, I also needed a strong ultra-compact camera for those times when the big camera is just too much or I need to be inconspicuous in my shooting, and also for convenient personal/family use. For both uses, I find that the RX-100, Model 2 really exceeds all of my expectations.

Shortly after receiving it, I set up lab tests shooting the same objects at a range of ISO settings using 4 different cameras. I expected the Sony to surpass my older Canon compact, which it did easily. The surprise came when I compared the Sony images with my Nikon D7000 SLR, itself a very fine camera. The Sony RX100 M2 matched that fine camera at low ISO settings and surpassed it at ISO 1600 and above.

This little workhorse also has nearly all the settings one would seek as a serious photographer - 3-frame bracketing, manual white balance, focus and exposure control, aperture and shutter priority, 10fps rapid multiple shots, and more. Settings are complex, though and the manual confusing, So while it can behave as a point-and-shoot, this camera is best for someone having a good knowledge of sophisticated cameras.

I purchased mine with the optional, and rather expensive, electronic viewfinder that slides into the accessory shoe. It is a great viewfinder and I highly recommend this add-on for those of us who prefer an SLR-like way of holding a camera. And the electronic finder is really better than the usual optical, because you are seeing exactly what the sensor sees, and there is no mirror slap when you shoot.

I don't work much with video, but I conducted some tests of this capability anyway - full 1080 at 60P setting. I just went to dinner, set the camera on the edge of my table and recorded people coming and going. The results, even in the relatively dim restaurant lighting, easily exceed my 4-year-old $750 dedicated video camera. The RX200, Model 2 is a winner all around for those who are serious about image quality and features, need a pocketable camera and can afford to pay for these capabilities.
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5.0 out of 5 stars A worthy upgrade from the RX100, July 26, 2013
MyKeyReviews (Hampshire, UK.) - See all my reviews
Length:: 5:48 Mins

♦ Brief ♦

I purchased the RX100 last year, which has since been my favourite compact camera to use, and so far I haven't come across a camera that betters it, that is of course until this upgrade that brings some much welcomed extras.

Here are some of the upgraded features:

☑ An improved sensor (Exmor R CMOS Sensor); it's still the same size and has the same effective mega-pixels, but is now backlit which means it's able to pick up light by a further 40%.
☑ Hot-shoe; no idea why they didn't include this on the previous version, but at least it's here now.
☑ Tilt-able screen; one of the things I was longing for on the old RX100, this is one of my favourite upgrades by far!
☑ NFC (Near-field communications); I love this extra feature, by tapping the bottom of this camera onto your phone that has NFC enabled, it will connect them both together straight away.
If you don't have PlayMemories Mobile installed, it will take you to the store to download it (for free), if you have it installed already, it will connect them both together where you can then control the camera with your phone, though the modes are limited, you're able to take stunning quality photos and instantly transfer them over to your phone when taken.
☑ 24p recording; an extra welcomed option for those who love having more choice when recording (24p, 60i & 60p).
☑ PAL & NTSC choice; in the settings you can switch from one to the other which I'm sure certain people will love.

- Zoom is still 3.6x optical zoom, this is normal for high-quality compact cameras such as this one.

☒ One thing this camera doesn't have is a touch-screen, this is debatable as a lot of people like this kind of feature, however others don't, personally I'm not a fan of touch-screen on cameras; I have a NEX 5RL and I always use the buttons to navigate, I hate using the touch-screen for some reason.

☒ Grip is minimal (best used with the wrist strap), once again this is down to preference, I like the combination of the sleek style whilst having just enough grip, but others may not like this.

- - -

♦ Box contents & recommended items ♦

Included in the box are the following:
Camera | AC adapter | Battery | Micro USB cable | Wrist strap | Two shoulder strap adapters | Manual.

Things you NEED:
SDHC Memory Card (You can choose a different brand/memory capacity, though do remember as this is a 20MP camera, files sizes average between 3MB-5MB if your using Jpeg in fine detail, or is around 20MB if using the RAW format (RAW image has a '.ARW' file extension)).

Camera Case (LCJ-RXC) | SDHC Card Reader | Spare Battery NP-BX1 | HDMI - Micro HDMI Cable.

- - -

♦ Settings & Modes ♦

Just like the RX100, this is aimed towards people who are more advanced in photography due to it's great amount of changeability in settings, that said, like most cameras these days, regardless if it's a professional camera or for basic needs, they all seem to have automatic modes which allow people to snap shots quickly without having to worry about tweaking the settings in most situations.

The interface is pretty much identical to that of the RX100, with the addition of a few extra available settings located within the menu, for those who haven't seen it before all the settings are changed within the main menu, unlike the other cyber-shot cameras where a side menu pops up allowing you to change settings whilst being able to see what the camera is pointing at, this one has a solid menu that covers the whole screen, which is very appropriately tabbed making it easy to navigate.

Though if you wish to change a few settings quickly without going into the main menu, you can edit the 'Fn' button options (located on setting tab 2 in the main menu), this will give you the choice to select 7 out of 17 settings which will instantly be available upon pressing the 'Fn' button, choices range from image size, exposure, ISO, white balance, picture effects, HDR etc...

This function is partially transparent, so you can see where your pointing at.

To change modes, all you have to do is twist the mode dial located on top of the camera to the setting you want:

Intelligent Auto | Superior Auto | Program Auto* | Aperture Priority* | Shutter Priority* | Manual Exposure* | Memory recall** | Movie | Sweep Panorama | Scene Selection***.

* Advanced modes which allow you more customization in the settings.
** Allows you to set three different profiles, giving you quick access to your favourite settings.
*** Gives you a choice of many pre-set modes such as 'portrait', 'landscape', 'night scene' etc...

- - -

♦ Image Quality ♦

The quality is utterly fantastic, the camera is able to focus quickly to the subject to then take very nice sharp photos.

This camera is able to deliver an amazing amount of depth of field (obviously depends on which mode or settings you use), and found it be a bit more better than the previous RX100 when it comes to focusing on subjects at a closer range.

Due to it's sensor it's able to produce great low-light shooting results even when it's being held, though for some more impressive shots at lower lighting levels, I would recommend getting a sturdy tripod and play with the shutter settings.

The flash on this camera is also very good and I found it not to be overwhelming, I like the fact they've kept the same styled flash that allows you to manually point it upwards, allowing you to bounce the flash off the ceiling.

♦ Video Quality ♦

For those who are into recording movies/video footage, then you will be VERY pleased with this camera, especially on it's highest quality which produces a very smooth looking video.

You also have the choice of the following recording modes: 'Program Auto', 'Aperture Priority', 'Shutter Priority', 'Manual Exposure', which gives you more control over your movies.

The in-built stereo microphone is also very good quality, though with the addition of the hot-shoe it allows you to add a more advanced microphone (model number 'ECM-XYST1M'), when it becomes available.

- - -

♦ Helpful information ♦

When transferring files, if you're using the USB lead provided, make sure when it's connected you turn the camera on, otherwise it wont recognise the camera is connected.

Personally I would recommend getting a USB SDHC Card Reader, it's so much faster to navigate through files and delete the ones not needed, you can then copy and paste the desired photos onto your computer within seconds.

Pictures are located in the "DCIM" folder.

Videos can be found by going through folders; "PRIVATE" - "AVCHD" - "BDMV" - "STREAM".

- - -

♦ Overall opinion ♦

Due to the RX100 having such a positive response from customers all over the world, I think it was a clever move by Sony to improve the camera even further by adding extra features consumers had been talking about which would improve it even further, and with the RX100M2, it has done just that!

With the extra additions of an upgraded sensor with better sensitivity, hot-shoe, tilt-able screen, WiFi & NFC features, this definitely makes the RX100M2 a worthy upgrade.

That said, I don't think it completely replaces the previous model because the RX100 is still a great camera and is available for a lower price, however if the extra features are something that would be of a greater use (which for me it has), then I think it would be well worth either upgrading, or buying this over the RX100.

Overall I would definitely recommend this camera, it's just utterly brilliant!


♦ Video ♦

I have now included a video that shows the unboxing & overview of the camera. Please note that I have the the Japanese version hence why the documents are plugs were Japanese, however the US version will get the appropriate US plugs etc... :)
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5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing P&S camera with near DSLR Image Quality, July 31, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
My primary camera is a Sony A65 with a G Series 70-300mm zoom, a macro prime, a wide angle prime and a 18-135mm kit lens. I shoot wild life, ultra marathons, sunsets, friend's weddings, events and anything else that takes my fancy. I keep buying point and shoot cameras because I love the idea of a pocket sized camera that is always ready. But the image quality is never good enough and I end up selling them. I read the reviews of the RX100 and decided to go all in on the RX100 II. Maybe this time I'd find a worthy compact camera to supplement my A65.

I got the Sony RX100 II on the day it was released (thanks Amazon). I had bought the Wasabi external charger and spare batteries from Amazon in anticipation, so I could start shooting immediately I got the RX100.

If you have used Sony Alpha cameras, the menus are easy to navigate. I soon figured out how to shoot in Manual mode and how to use the front dial and rear wheel to adjust shutter speed, ISO and f-stop quickly. The only problem I found was I'd sometimes pop-up the flash menu while using the rear wheel. I shoot RAW and JPG. Until Adobe release support for the RX100M2, I need to use Sony's image converter to process the RAW files. It creates a TIFF file that loads into PSE 11.

The camera feels very solid and it is easy to handle. I keep putting my left forefinger over the flash, but I've kept the flash turned off, so it isn't a problem so far. The LCD screen pivots nicely, so you can take overhead shots and shots with the camera held low and discreetly. I do miss the A65's EVF but I'm not quite ready to spring for the RX1's $400+ EVF option.

Image quality is amazing. I compared macro shots of bumblebees on flowers taken with the A65 and 300mm zoom and the RX100. The RX100, wide open at f1.8, and held 2" away from the subject delivered more detail and nice brokeh. The RX100 turns out to be a great camera for casual macro photography.

The few sunset shots I've taken match those taken by the A65.

The WIFI capabilities will appeal to many users. It was very easy to pair the camera with my PC and my old Android phone. I can use the phone as a remote control and view finder. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm planning to use this feature to shoot small birds, such as hummingbirds.

I shot an ultra-marathon using the A65 and the 18-135 zoom. I considered using the RX100, but the lack of a view finder stayed my hand. If Sony releases a cheaper, lower-res EVF for the RX100, I'd be in hog heaven.

It is starting to look like the RX100 is going to be my primary camera, with the A65 staying home until I need the reach of the 300mm zoom or the power of an external flash. I am blown away by the RX100 and I've just started dipping into its capabilities. I'll update this review as I use the camera in different shooting situations.

I was going to give it 4 stars because it doesn't have an affordable view finder option. I'd like a lower resolution EVF that would plug into the multi interface shoe. On the other hand, an external view finder compromises the ideal of a pocketable camera that is ready to shoot at a moment's notice.

Update - Aug 1st, 2013:

I just discovered that when the camera is off, I just have to touch the review button to see my pictures. This saves the camera from extending the lens.

I bought the Sony PCKLM15 LCD Protector for DSC-RX1 (Black) to protect the screen. This has a stiff border and seems to be better than those 3rd party films. I also ordered the Sony RM-VPR1 Remote Control with Multi-Terminal for when I use a tripod and the Sony ADPMAA Shoe Adaptor for Mi Shoe so I can mount my Sony DSLR Alpha HVL-F43AM Camera Flash. Will update again after I've tried them out.

Update - Aug 4th, 2013

The RM-VPR1 works very well on the RX100. I'll be using next time I need to take tripod mounted shots. The Shoe Adaptor makes it easy to mount the F43AM flash. There is a protective cover you need to remove from the adaptor before you can slide it onto the camera. The combination of a large flash unit and the tiny RX100 looks odd and makes the camera more difficult to handle. You end up holding the flash and the camera. It sort of defeats the portability requirement, but the camera takes such great photos that you can use it in contexts where you would normally use a DSLR.

Update - Aug 12th, 2013

I tried using my old Android phone as a remote control to take pictures of a hummingbird at a feeder, using Sony's Play Memories app. This could be a great feature but it is fairly primitive; it seems to be geared towards getting photos from the camera to social media. It was sluggish and introduced a long delay between shots. You couldn't trigger a burst of shots, even though the camera can do that. Focus is an issue, because you don't want to introduce focussing delays and sounds. I chose to use manual focus and pre-focussed to where the bird would be. Despite the limitations, I got a few nice shots of a hummingbird shooting while wide open (f/1.8). Next time, I'll zoom in. If Sony could migrate more control to the Android app, wildlife photographers would rejoice. It is very cool to use your phone as a remote view finder. It is almost enough to induce me to buy a smarter phone with a better screen. What I would really like to see is a smart phone app that replicates the RX100 interface.

Update - Sept 4th, 2013

I bought the Sony AGR1 Hand Grip for DSC-RX100 series (Black). It was easy to attach and stays on solidly. It does improve the way the camera feels and makes it easier to shoot one-handed.

I upgraded my Kindle Fire to Android Jellybean so I could install Play Memories. It is a bit flakey but I can now preview and shoot from a tablet computer. Interestingly, Sony is headed in that direction with the release of the Sony DSC-QX100 Smartphone Attachable Lens-style Camera and the Sony DSC-QX10/B Smartphone Attachable 4.45-44.5mm Lens-Style Camera. I hope this leads to much more sophisticated versions of Play Memories.

I'm using my RX100 a lot. The highlight for me is macro photography. I can get in close to a subject and get super-sharp detail; better than I get with a 300mm on my A65 in stand-off mode. Moreover, I can crop heavily and still have a sharp image. However, getting focus is a problem, especially in sun-light. I've resorted to taking lots of shots as I move my camera around the subject. This has forced me to order the Sony FDAEV1MK Electronic Viewfinder Kit (Black). I know it's a lot of money to spend on something that should be standard on any serious camera. I could just put my prime macro lens on the A65 and do the same stuff, but I don't carry it around with me all the time. Next update will report on whether or not I spent my money wisely.
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5.0 out of 5 stars From DSLR To RX100M2. Photography is FUN once again!, October 11, 2013
This review is from: Sony DSC-RX100M II Cyber-shot Digital Still Camera 20.2MP, Black (Electronics)
It basically just came down to a point where I told myself this during a vacation:

"I am not a professional photographer. I am just a serious hobbyist who likes getting quality pictures during family vacations. I do not shoot sports or fast action, I do not shoot weddings. What are you doing walking around Las Vegas with a Nikon D7000, big/heavy Nikon 17-55 F2.8 around your neck, along with the other lenses and your flash inside your camera bag which is hanging on your shoulder???"

No more. To be honest, it was taking the "fun" away from photography. After a few hours of walking around during trips (wherever I would be), I would just feel tired and desperate to dump my camera bag somewhere and leave it there forever. At certain times, it started to feel more like a "duty" to crouch down and get this certain tough shot.

Do not get me wrong. I am aware that with DSLR's, among other larger cameras, you are able to get magnificent results and shots that I may not get with my RX100M2. But you know what? It's vice versa. There will also be shots I get with my RX100M2 that I would never have gotten with my DSLR.

The RX100M2 is plenty sufficient for what I shoot, which is 99% landscape/scenery, family portraits and some low light.....which is what this camera is made for. It has AMAZING image and video quality for a camera this size. It is as close to DSLR as you can get. VERY well built, not plastic cheap stuff. There is NO better traveling camera than this, period. It easily fits in my pocket, while giving me superb results.

I plan to use this little gem like crazy.
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5.0 out of 5 stars A winner camera from Sony, September 4, 2013
Paul D. Bui (Milpitas, CA USA) - See all my reviews
There is no need to repeat what has been said about this cute puppy. The followings are personal impressions, observations and experience that I'd like to share, hoping they might be helpful in some way or just interesting to read or know in some other way.

After a month of usage, along with some adjustments and additions, I have found these features useful by themselves or worthy of price difference over the already excellent RX100. My opinion on the latter is based on reading numerous reviews and watching many YouTube reports. These features are:

- Wi-fi capability: I can take photos in California, transfer them onto smartphone, then send them to anywhere on the planet. I talk about high quality photos, not iPhone equivalent.

- Richard Franiec's grip: unable to wait for Sony's grip, I purchased one from Lensmate. It blends completely well with the little Sony and nicely and noticeably increases its photo taking capability. So far I do without any strap, just using a small Sony bag that fits the RX100m2 well.

- Tilted LCD screen: Enables me to monitor and take photos from above the head or ground low level, using the built-in lever meter (more below).

- What I called a "3-D lever meter": left right and front back lever. Very useful!

- Compact yet solid form: I don't find anything cheesy or cheap about this piece of jewel-like camera. Ok not that high quality you might argue but it's clearly a Sony, and I don't care where it was made from. Hey, my trusty Nikon D7000 among other quality gear is also made there.

- Beside usual DSLR modes (P/S/A/M), the Auto mode is really intelligent and satisfying.

- The LCD screen alone is a beauty itself. Instead of putting the camera in pocket and risking the screen scratched, I bag it in the little Sony bag (see above) that Focus Camera bundles with the purchase. Turned out a vey handy and effective accessory. Oh, the camera in the bag is always with me when I go out, attached to the belt.

- Hot shoe for adding accessories later on: I am very curious about the EVF and mic, but they will have to wait until I have settled down with the camera as is, and until I can justify and afford the extras.

- RAW capability, but JPEGs are quite good. Only time I find raw essential is when lighting is complex, less than predictable requiring WB correction in post processing.

That's all I can think of for now. May come back later if anything new and interesting is discovered. Happy shooting!

Updated 9/6/2013 - Some more thoughts on the subject:

- Add non-Sony extra batteries and charger at lower cost.

- Shoot RAW for ultimate image quality control. LR5 is already .ARW friendly. Download Adobe DNG free converter and have fun with Photoshop/Sony .ARW raw files. Thanks Susan Elliott and Ohcat9 for your greatly helpful information on this.

- Flexible compact-ability and pocket-ability: shooting sans EVF 95% of the time, and with EVF the remaining 5% when focus, bright lighting, and stability are critical. No, I don't have the EVF yet, this is just crossing my mind.

- AWB (auto white balance) is mostly spot on during daytime and/or outdoor. Shooting indoor in evenings, it's easy to tweak WB (in my case: push Fn key, select WB, rotate control wheel to select best WB while looking at the LCD). For instance, I found the Fluorescent White Warm match to my room lighting in the evening. YMMV.

- AF is both effective and fun with focus magnification and/or focus peaking.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Purchased from Amazon Warehouse, November 28, 2013
Eddy Liao (Laguna Niguel, CA USA) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Sony DSC-RX100M II Cyber-shot Digital Still Camera 20.2MP, Black (Electronics)
This review specifically pertains to buying the RX100M2 from Amazon Warehouse. I bought the camera as 'used-very good' with the description that it was suppose to have minor cosmetic imperfection on the front .5x.5" and item was repackaged. When I received it, the only thing that I could tell after very close inspection was maybe a fingerprint on the front of the item. Other than that, the entire camera appeared completely clean and new with no scratches anywhere. All accessories were present, and the camera functioned as it should for being turned on for the first time. The box was original and appeared a bit dinged up. I highly recommend anyone considering a used purchase to trust the amazon warehouse.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Simply the best in its class., August 6, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I have a Canon 5D mk 3 for work, a Leica M9 for play, and a Sony RX-100 MK 2 (and RX 100 for back up) for taking photos! It and its predecessor are outstanding and outstandingly well designed and built little cameras that I use to catalog my life and travels.

I have $13K of M9 and 35mm Sumilux FLE alone and it increasingly stays.....home alone. The RX-100 just delivers. I can also see myself getting an RX-2 assuming it has phase detection autofocus and preferably an F1.4 lens, and also a tilt flash, rather than a Leica M, body but meanwhile, the RX-100 (& MK 2) are as good as it gets for a camera this size.

For me the very best feature on both RX-100s is the tilt(bounce) flash which delivers a quantumly superior result over direct flash when there is a ceiling to bounce off.

The Mk 2 does have close to a one stop better low light performance and the tilt screen has already proven useful. But it's predecessor is awesome too and both lighter and smaller.

Issues for me, as others have noted: the screen in particular is extremely vulnerable to scratching and the paint is a bit fragile too on surface edges. The excellent lens is compromised by its significant F stop reduction when zooming (1.8-4.9), compared especially with the Panasonic LX series (1.4-2.2), not to mention the 28mm versus 24mm minimum focal length, but obviously they were fighting physics when designing a camera this size with a 1" sensor.

And yes, not including even an external battery charger is pretty cheesy in a camera this price. (Ditto the RX-1). And the EFV is crazy priced considering even the elevated cost of the camera it attaches to. A very strong recommendation: buy the travel charger and spare battery from Sony (only) at $59. The charger is USB connected and acts as and is barely larger than a case for the the tiny battery. The no brand chargers (and batteries) available on Amazon are cheap for sure but really large and crappy.

All in all Sony is taking over the world of serious digital photography with their industry leading sensors which are also driving the success of Nikon. And with their constant innovation. Bravo, Sony! Evidently a full frame NEX will be announced in September with Zeiss prime lenses. Probably with their new phase detection integrated sensor technology. Not good news for Leica.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Very strong performer., August 27, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Got the camera within 18hrs after ordering it. That was nice. I had a lot to learn to be able to get all I wanted out of it. Played around with it for 2 weeks. Then took it to a trip to Las Vegas, Zion and Bryce National Parks. Good movie quality. (Zoom was slow and exposure was a little tricky - in move mode only.) Surprised by how well soo many pictures came out. High Rez screen better than most. Lots of envy from everybody I showed pictures to. Very pocketable. Hiked with it in my cargo pockets. In the end it had scratches and wear all over the body and on the screen. Had to blow the grit out of the top knob. The action on the rotating ring on the back is not what it originally was as I used it soo much backing to review pics I had just taken. I was never silly enough to put this camera in my pocket with keys or coins. That is just stupid. In short I used it hard and still very pleased. I took some incredible pictures of the milky way out in the parks and away from lights. 1.8, 3200 ISO and 20 second exposure. Amazing. Good low light pics. Fast from off to picture taken. Missed almost nothing. Friends couldn't dodge me. Fast good Auto focus. The zoom really slows the exposure. Wish zoom was a more like 5X or 8X. Panorama function is a little tricky. HDR is good. I wish it had more knobs for adjustments. I'm not a fan of working through menus to do stuff. Pricy but only the very picky will be disappointed. But for the size very hard to beat.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Best camera swap I've ever made, August 5, 2013
R. G. Rottschalk "RGR" (Villa Park, Illinois United States) - See all my reviews
I have a habit of selling cameras to get whatever new one sounds great. I've had Canon 30D, 20D, 2 "L" lenses, a Sont NEX 7 with the 18-55 kit lens. Didn't want to lug the weight of the DSLRs and the NEX7 demands another $800-&1000 for a lens capable of the technical features of the camera. I've had the RX100M2 for a week now and am thoroughly pleased. Image quality is outstanding. I can crop 10% out of a full sized image and still retain clear detail. It is small in my large hands but an added Lensmate front grip has solved my confidence in holding it. I tried he wrist strap for a few days but felt it slightly inadequate considering the value of this camera. I've ordered the reasonably priced leather strap made for the NEX7. Maybe I'm old fashioned but I can't imagine trying to carry his fine camera in my pocket with no protection. A decent LCD screen protector is $11, very with the investment on a $750 camera.
Bottom line...the RX100M2 is capable of exceptional images. Returning to add....I meant to include reference to the great Zeiss lens mated to a great new sensor. The buttons are small but a few days of shooting and anyone can learn where they are...almost everyone. Autofocus is fast although I haven't tried low light very much yet. The lens motor is almost silent and the programmable zoom ring is firm but precise. I like the heft of the camera. It feels like a solid camera for its size. And the WiFi downloading of images to my phone is great if you can't wait to get home to show them off. I have an old school opinion that cameras don't belong on phones, despite the pretty decent quality of the images. I prefer top quality images to be displayed on any media and this camera does just that. Now I need to save up for the EVF because I got used to the one on the NEX7 and it was suburb.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Original RX100 is better for Low Light, August 7, 2013
TishKitty (New Orleans, LA) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
When I first read that they came out with an upgrade to the RX100 in less than a year of it's release and it was $100 more I was frustrated, but Sony's promise of 40% better sensitivity in low light because of the new style sensor I decided to preorder it. I even asked the Sony reps directly if it was across the board in all ISO's or just because it added one extra high ISO setting of 12800 and they verified it was more sensitive across the board with less noise, I don't see that claim on their website anymore. I tested both cameras against each other for the last week and the RX100 II requires a lower shutter speed for the same shot, or a higher ISO. There also seems to be more fringing at 1.8. I shoot events with a lot of dancers and moving people and I was expecting to be able to use a slightly higher shutter speed so this is a huge detriment for me, I'm sending it back. It also requires a different case, the screen will not open because the bottom left corner catches on the original Sony case (the new one is cut deeper and more square). It feels a bit heavier and the flash shoe adds unwanted height (and makes the old case a tight fit). Comparison photos show approximately the same amount of noise, and while the images might look a bit sharper, it seems because it's at a slower shutter speed or higher aperture. The RX100's have internal image correction and I believe it may have been changed to increase the contrast and I don't see any way to correct this. If you only shoot in JPG format, or don't want to do any post processing this might be a nice feature for you, but for manual RAW shooters it's a disadvantage. I have two other Sony's including an Alpha, this is my back up camera, it's the only brand I have owned since my first digital camera. I love Sony and if you don't have the original RX100 and don't shoot a lot of night and low light photography it's an excellent camera, but I prefer the original.
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