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160 of 166 people found the following review helpful
on May 3, 2013
Love this camera! Takes great low-light photos (with or without flash) and has some great features. Took it out golfing the other day and using continuous shutter mode it actually caught full swings frame-by-frame. Very high quality pics too, when I uploaded them to the computer you could make out tiny details in a big picture - like the logo on my golf ball! In addition, they dual purposed the gyro sensor in the camera that helps stop blur t so you that while reviewing series of shots you can tilt the camera to cycle through them making almost a miniature movie of your pics.

Panorama works well and is super easy - no pausing in between frames, just keep moving the camera. Love the full 16:9 aspect ratio of photos as well. Wifi works great too - very cool and easy to send the pics right to your smartphone (which lets face it, is where most of us keep our photos now) for storage and uploading to sites like facebook.

It is really small though which makes it great for putting in your pocket or taking it out with you, but also makes the buttons a little close together. Takes a little getting used to.

When purchasing this camera it came down to this and the Elph 130. I liked the buttons and simpler of the layout of the Elph better, but I think I made the right choice with the wx80 - full hd videos, excellent low-light capabilities, panorama and a faster frame rate. Plus it charges by micro-USB without having to take the battery out of the camera - you can just use your phone charger.

I've read some issues about battery life, but I haven't had any yet. We took over 50 photos golfing in like 30 minutes and lost about a quarter power - and that's with a lot of screen time reviewing shots. I purchased a bundle with an extra battery pack just in case though.

I highly recommend this camera. Sorry for the long review, but when I was debating between cameras there weren't a lot of good detailed reviews, so I thought I'd try and help out.
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62 of 70 people found the following review helpful
on March 24, 2013
Updated: 06/24/2014

I am updating my review for two reasons. First, the price has dropped a lot for this item, making it one of the more complete compact cameras for its price. Second, because I have taken a lot of photos and videos after my review, and I have tried several cameras after this one, so I want to share my opinion.

First of all, I am a beginner photographer (if I can call myself photographer). I just like to point and shoot. So if you are an experienced photographer, this review might not help your decision. However, I am a technology and computing lover. I am courious and I like to compare things.

Photo Quality: I can tell you, this camera has a very nice noise reduction software. I compared its photos with a canon SX280, which should be unfair... but the truth is that in daylight results were very similar. The Sony could even give you more detail since its 16MP vs 12MP. Low light situations are impressive. The sony could take really good pictures in low light, better (IMHO) than the SX280. Like I said, I like to point and shoot, so normally I always stay in Auto-mode or advanced auto-mode. It has a great ISO sensitivity for low light situations but you have to stay still in order to get good photos, so if you are in a car trying to take pictures at night you will have some trouble. Using a tripod will help you get nice pictures in night time.

Video Quality: I think the same things apply here to both cameras. Sony quality in daylight is very good. It gets a little noisy when you loose some light, or indoors. It can still record in night time, with noise of course, but I managed to record a Disney Dreams Show with a decent quality. My only complain here is that when you zoom in and out you also record the sound of the internal mechanism, which of course is very anoying. The camera also records too much sound in windy situations.

Battery life: When you take pictures in auto-mode and day light, the battery life is acceptable (I would say about 250 pictures). When using advanced mode with low light situations is when you can get in trouble (about 100 pictures).

Camera Size: For some people this can be a problem or a blessing. If you have big hands or if you are clumsy, you might have some problems handling this camera. It is very small. On the other side it is really easy to carry all day long in small pockets; easy to take on a travel, on a plane, etc. Very nice for taking pictures in places where you do not want to be seen with a camera.

Functions: it has nice functions for this price range like panoramic sweep, wifi (can be controlled from a smartphone), gps, among others.

Final Thoughts: I sold this camera looking to improve overall quality, specially in low light situations (while being a beginner). So I bought the SX280 after reading the reviews, but I sold it after two weeks. Maybe for an experienced photographer it would be a different experience comparing these two cameras, but I was looking for a good point and shoot camera. I am buying other Sony camera at the moment, but that is beyond the scope of this review. For the money you pay these days for this camera ($120-$150), I think you will not find anything better.

Original Review:

Its a great package since it has so many features in a very light and small camera. Zoom and focus work great, panoramic pictures are very easy to take.

I bought it because I always wanted a good point and shoot for low light situations, and since it was one of the features advertised I wanted to give it a try, and I am very satisfied with them. Low light pictures are very good, even when you do not use the flash, can still get a good picture at night, with not so much light around.

My only complains would be that it does not come with a separated battery charger (but it is optional), and the HDMI cable is not provided. I know is not such a big problem since you can buy them, but it would be nice to receive them with the camera (just like the canon sx260).
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73 of 86 people found the following review helpful
NOTE: I ended up returning this camera. It was a little too tiny for my liking, and I also had an issue of it losing my password on occasion.

A couple years ago I tried a Canon Elph -- this camera is similar in size, so if you have large fingers, you may have trouble using the controls. It's so small, Sony went back to a smaller 2.7" LCD screen when they've been using 3" screens on most of their latest cameras.

There is no control mode knob on top. Everything is set via menus, however there is a dedicated Movie Button.

No touchscreen. I knew it didn't have one, but some web sites like Snapsort, where you compare various camera models, are saying this DOES have a touchscreen. That is incorrect.

The Menu Button is no longer a round easy-to-push button, it almost looks like a rocker switch with the Help/Delete button right below, as best I can tell they are separate, but touching, buttons. The Menu Button is hard to push without touching the Control Wheel, and vice-versa. Especially so if you have short fingernails. You almost need a stylus, not kidding!

This camera is made in China. I have other Sony cameras also made in China and I've had no problems with them; I think part of my problem with this camera is it's so tiny and feels more fragile than the others - such as this one, one of my favorites but much larger/heavier and harder to carry in a small bag: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX10V 18.2 MP Exmor R CMOS Digital Camera with 16x Optical Zoom and 3.0-inch LCD (Red) (2012 Model).

I started to return this when I thought Sony had included the wrong size micro USB. Well, stupid me! I was trying to insert it into the bottom of the camera where the HDMI cable goes because I hadn't noticed the small door on the side. The charging hook-up is behind one of those rubber flap doors on the left side of the camera (as you are facing the lens). I hate those rubbery doors as they easily break off after using them for awhile, so I will buy a separate battery charger.

The battery charges inside the camera via the micro USB cable and the AC adapter which are both included. Not a big deal as most all new cameras come this way now, the manufacturer saves money since they don't have to provide a separate charger. You can also charge it without the AC adapter, by plugging it into your PC, but that will take longer.

I've finished with the "Cons"! Let's move on to the good things.

Super-fast at start-up, focusing, and processing to take the next photo, due to the Bionz processor.

Decent pictures, especially outdoors, but most cameras are this way - I am not a pixel peeper but you shouldn't be with a camera like this. To a normal person, the photos this produces are fine. Although these photos aren't as good as what I get from my Sony HX10V, but it costs a lot more and it's a larger camera (see link to that camera above).

Superb movies! Sony amazes me with their ability to make cameras where the videos are so much better than others.

Battery Life: Some complain, I think it's pretty good. I have taken over 150 photos and 10 movies since I got it and the battery symbol is at 1/2 remaining.

8X optical zoom, not as much as other cameras, but even if you use the Clear Image Zoom (digital but better than most) you can go out to 16X zoom.

16 MP - this is still a little high, but I'll take it over a 20 MP camera with a small sensor.

Wi-Fi - If your router has a WPS Push Button it's easy-peasy to set up (my Cisco Valet has the WPS button, but I'm not sure if other routers have this button as my only router experience is with Valets). After you have the PlayMemories software installed, you have to "one-time" connect the camera to your PC and set up the SSID/password. If you have the WPS Push Button, you press your router button first, then get into the menu on the camera and press Wi-Fi Push. It takes a few minutes to completely connect, but once you've done that, you're good to go. It also takes a long time to transfer photos. If you don't have the WPS Push button on your router, you have to enter everything manually like a keyboard on your LCD screen. You can also use your SmartPhone as a remote control to take photos but I haven't tried that yet.

Special effects: Love the watercolor and illustration effects, which you apply in the playback menu, and it also saves your original photo.

EASY setting - perfect for older people who want limited choices and feel overwhelmed with a digital camera.

Conclusion: If you are looking for a tiny camera that you won't even notice if it's in your pocket, this is a good choice...but don't expect the Wi-fi to work perfectly and grow your nails longer for the tiny buttons.
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50 of 62 people found the following review helpful
on March 26, 2013
This is Sony's new Cybershot for 2013. It is a very powerful and compact device and after using it for a week it performs much better than my older Sony model in overall speed and low light conditions. This is due to the upgraded processor and the upgraded Exmor R sensor. This new model has an 8x zoom which is an upgrade from the 5x of the previous model which is a welcome addition. One of the newer more cutting edge features is the built in wifi. This lets you transfer pictures to your computer, your iOS or android device, or use your iOS or android device to remotely take pictures and it works flawlessly. Another fun feature are the "Beauty Effects" which are built into the camera. They include skin tone changing, eye widening, and teeth whitening. These aren't only easy to use, but they actually work surprisingly well.

If you are looking to upgrade your camera and $200 is your pricepoint; the WX80 is a great choice for a full featured point and shoot for 2013.

If you wanted a bit more zoom (20x), a slightly bigger screen, and a bit more megapixels (18MP) your next option is the April release Sony seen here.

Of course, when you're ready for the big leagues it's time for the RX1 which was voted the best camera of 2012 by many enthusiasts.
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9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on May 14, 2013
I chose 5 stars because it really takes such lovely pictures, even just on the automatic setting. I am still learning but everything about it, is great. The quality and weight you can feel simply by holding it in your hand. The powering on function is really fast! As soon as I tap it, it's on and ready to snap away! The macro function comes on automatically when you are very close to something...hopefully I find an actual button for it but I haven't yet. The flash is powerful, but doesn't wash anything out. The backlighting feature that it is so well known for is also incredibly good, I can take pictures in such a dark room without flash but still don't need to brighten the picture later. I haven't had a camera before that didn't need that. The zoom is also really nice, you can get very close with it and you don't lose too much quality in the picture.

Over all I love this little camera, it is exactly what I needed at this point in life, and great for the money.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on June 7, 2013
I have a Fuji HS20EXR - I love it. It is the perfect bridge camera for me. But I have been searching ---- forever --- for that tiny camera that does well (not perfect --- come on, let's get real) in low light. This is it!

I do not own a DSLR so when reviewers talk about how they wish there was RAW capabilities, I kind of tune out. I am that amateur who just loves to take a good picture, using macro, or one in low light, or zooming in on my neighbor's flowers and having it look like a magazine photo (though not enlarged to show any potential flaws).

I struggled to get the wi-fi going; had to call Sony customer chat room; 1 hour --- I couldn't find enough info in the manual nor the play memories download to explain how to get wifi going to send pics from the Sony WX80 to my Iphone 4S. (Maybe the readers are smarter than me.)

Some tips (I hope I remember the all the steps): Download play memories to both Smart phone as an ap and PC computer (for wi-fi capability to both), Go to Camera and go to the icon that looks like a suitcase which is shooting settings. Move down to WPS push and sync with your wi fi. You will have to enter your I Phone Password. Then make sure under Iphone Settings - you show wireless as on and a new WiFi choice. When you want to send a pic to your Iphone; you hit playback, Wifi, select Image (or images), then go to your iphone and make sure right wireless address is chosen (under Iphone settings wifi) and also make sure you open play memory ap and choose connect. THEN it works.
After walking me through this; then the SONY Customer Service sent me this link which I had not found on my own:

As long as I use it occasionally, I should remember that there's three parts to downloading - send from camera, click the right wi-fi choice on your phone and then open playmemory ap on phone to connect. Please --- if someone thinks this is easier than I have laid out - feel free to comment but, please, don't judge. I've done my best.

And even after all this: I've had fun sending pictures to my iphone and I still rate the phone 5 stars for all the reasons listed above. The pictures are pretty great for the size & price!
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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on June 14, 2013
I've had this camera for about 2 months now and have taken it to several events and parties. I get great shots even with difficult lighting situations. Pictures are beautiful and the features on the camera are easy to use. This camera is not just for the laymen, but gives enough options to foster the creative process. The HD video is impressive, but can lack clarity when zoomed in. When sharing from the camera screen, everything is clear and crisp. Pictures look great even on the big screen. The size is perfect to fit in a pocket or purse and is very light. I would recommend this camera to a friend for sure.
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on April 25, 2013
What i like most about it is the Carl Zies lens .... the picture quality is very good & its very small & Handy.
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32 of 43 people found the following review helpful
on April 18, 2013
I'm flabbergasted by the lack of battery life. When battery died after 30 minutes of use, I thought I had a dud, but apparently this is how long the battery is supposed to last for ordinary shooting (according to the manual). I can't believe Sony engineers ignored this. It makes the camera a novelty item, rather than a viable camera (maybe the idea is you bring this AND a camera with a normally functioning battery?). I don't get it. There's no workaround either. You can't plug it into an external power supply. When a USB cable is attached, all functions are disabled except browsing, and unlike the Handycam-line, there aren't other battery sizes to attach. The battery compartment will only fit this tiny and inadequate battery. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible.
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17 of 22 people found the following review helpful
on April 6, 2013
This camera is loaded with more features than I expected and takes wonderful pictures. Very easy to figure out the camera settings menu for ease of use..
I did a battery upgrade and would recommend this to be very worthwhile especially with the dual voltage charger..
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