Customer Reviews: Sony DVP-SR200P/B DVD Player, Black
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on January 11, 2010
We are now on the second player after the first one skipped horribly then the sound on it went out all together and we sent it back and Amazon replaced it. We now have played 2 (brand new) DVD's on this one, and it is already starting to skip. No, we do not have a thundering herd of elephants living in the house. And no, the disks are not dirty, they are brand new and personally checked by us to be sure they are ok. We are also both electronics people so we know how to set this stuff up and how to troubleshoot. So we must conclude this player is a piece of junk and you get what you pay for or don't (what, you thought you would get something good for thirty seven bucks? get real - we're about to). 2 thumbs down on this garbage.
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on August 8, 2009
I don't know if I got a lemon or if I'm not doing something right, but it won't play dolby digital 3.1/2 dvds, which are most commercial dvds out there (but will play DD 2.0/0. I've gone through all the settings in the manual and the troubleshoot is no help at all. This was a disappointment given the great reviews it received.

UPDATE: After plugging/unplugging all cables, turning on and off a few times, setting and re-setting back to the original setting for over an hour, the sound suddenly came on very very low. Then once more resetting everything, the sound came on fully. Not sure what changed since all the cables are still in the same positions and all the settings are still the same. Just glad it finally worked.
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on March 18, 2009
I hooked up this player last night and got an orange screen - which should be blue. I played a DVD and the colors were, or course, wrong, so I fiddled around with the settings and got the colors to be wrong differently. I read the manual, checked the Sony support Web site and Googled key words. Nothing.

I went to the Sony support Web site, where this player is NOT listed (only Blu-ray players are) and sent an email off to the Blu-ray folks, asking which setting to tweak. I got an automated response.

I just called Sony support. The tech (as usual) had me troubleshoot from a script that had NOTHING to do with my problem. And, when none of that stuff worked (surprise!), so wanted me to re-configure the rest of my set-up, which I refused to do, since everything was working fine before my last player died. She then wanted me to plug something else in - I don't own anything else to plug in - because "there's no setting you can adjust to fix this."

As clueless as support was, the fact that the phone kept cutting out, for 10 or 15 second intervals, making the whole thing impossible. The tech could hear me saying and then I could hear her for one or two words and off we went again with me saying until the call dropped.

I haven't thrown out the packaging so I will return this player and buy something made by another company because, unfortunately, this is not my first bad experience with Sony support. Not that other company's are much better...
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on June 13, 2011
I expected better from Sony--even though this was an inexpensive DVD player. Right out of the box, the first one I bought kept automatically opening after I tried closing it. Also, the top 3 buttons (eject, play, and stop) didn't work at all. So I took it back to the store and exchanged it. The second one worked but only for a few months, after which the disc holder kept getting stuck and I had to pry it open with my fingers and shove it closed manually. I lived with this for several months, but now it won't even load the disc once I get it closed. This product is made of cheap plastic that breaks/jams easily. Don't waste your money.
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on November 13, 2010
Well, it was a nice DVD player while it lasted, until one day a DVD went in and did not ever want to come out. The next DVD player I get I want to look something more like a clamshell, with no chance of the drawer ever refusing to open again.
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on April 21, 2009
I don't understand how this player got such good reviews. It NEVER works without freezing!! I can go through 10 dvds and every one freezes, even when its a brand new movie. I also notice the top of the dvd player gets really hot. I manage a video store and bought this for my employees to use and get nothing but complaints from them about how they can never watch anything all the way through. Horrible player.
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on March 28, 2009
The remote does not have an eject button. The whole thing feels kind of cheap and it stops, pauses, freezes, and skips on DVDs that worked fine on my last machine. I wont be able to return this pup fast enough. Judging by the reviews, I thought this thing was fantastic. Forget it. My last DVD player lasted over 4 years - this was ridiculous.
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on July 8, 2011
Dont know if it is defective or what but ordered this before I went traveling and it didn't work in Feb. came back home in April tried again (this time hooking it to a cable box), and tried again from travels last week. Nothing. Should have returned it but didnt have the time and now it is too late. Save your money and look elsewhere
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on January 27, 2010
This was a big disappointment; I hooked this up to my HDTV and like the reviewer Ikat, I got all kinds of wrong colors. I had read that review and decided I wasn't going to waste my time with Sony tech support.

I packed this up and returned it for a refund; in the meantime I went to Walmart and got another Sony DVD player (the one that is double the price) and it works perfectly.

You get what you pay for.
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on December 17, 2011
I don't know that this is my player as I didn't buy it here. Mine says DVP-SR200P, not DVP-SR200P/B listed here. All the pictures and description sound like it's the same. If it is - DON'T BUY IT! It doesn't recognize any home made CDs except MPEG files. It does not play store bought DVDs that are in OAR - original aspect ratio - like 2.40:1 in that ratio unless you fight your way through the 'display' menu then you have to choose 4.33.1 Pan Scan (or some such nonsense) to get it to play in the OAR it came in. It opens the feature in 16X9 or 1.78:1. It has no 1/2 zoom which is handy if you're using an old analog TV like I am to keep the sides of the feature being trimmed by my TV. If it wasn't over the 30 days return, I would return it, but I didn't use it until it was in the box for 2 months. This is a lousy product and hard to use. And it does NOT play CDs or DVDs made on my computer unless they are in MPEG.

Hello again. I have learned another bad thing about this player. I don't know what hi-end DVD players do, but I have always purchased the least expensive DVD players there are because I'm poor, lol! But one thing I thought was true of all DVD players, and this makes since; every time I might loose power or more often, wish to watch the rest of the movie later, turning it off and when you turn it on again, so long as you haven't ejected the DVD you're watching it starts playing right from where you left off. Makes sense, right? Not this thing, it makes you start the entire movie over or go to scene selection and try to remember where you left off by the tiny little pictures they show of each scene or skip forward until you thing you're where you left off. Just another reason to not buy this deck

Discovery #2 fast forward gives you 1Xs and 2Xs - thats it! Again all the cheap DVD players I've had before this one had from 5 to 8Xs fast forward.
I'm sure I'll be back with more reasons NOT to buy this deck! Ahhhh have a nice day!
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