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on June 18, 2012
I was a little skeptical about ordering this at first because of the other 2 bad reviews, but then I realized the reviews didn't really talk about the product quality, just that they didn't get what they thought they were getting. So, here is what I was hoping I was getting: 1. 9-inch screen 2. 4 hours of battery life 3. A clear screen 4. Good sound quality 5. An easy to use portable DVD player

That's it! It has what I was looking for at an excellent price! I don't think I could have been more pleased. The sound quality is great if you use halfway decent headphones. My son's only cost $20 and it sounds great with them. Just bear in mind that a portable DVD player isn't going to have the sound quality of a large TV. Although, it's still pretty good in my opinion.
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on July 21, 2012
We have tried other brands of portable DVD players and they cannot compare to this. Of the 3 we have owned, This is by far the best. When traveling on rough road there's no skipping, the picture is beautiful, the sound is excellent. One of the best features is we could hook it up to the large HDTV in our hotel room in the evenings and watch movies using is like a regular DVD player at the house. I would recommend this to anyone.
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We have been using Sony portable DVD players for many years and have always been very happy with them. This model has the usual GREAT PICTURE AND SOUND we expect.

Actual play time ranges from 3hrs (default) to 3hrs 50mins depending on backlight setting (at full screen). Realistically expect 3hrs 30mins at most since a backlight setting of 5 starts getting pretty low.

If considering the 7" version of this, I highly suggest spending the extra $20ish and get this one. The 9" screen alone is worth it.

It has a VERY SHORT CORD, past models cords were a full 2'+ longer than this one. The new cord port is incompatible with past ones so if you are replacing an older model, you can't use the older cord. Sony said they don't sell a long version of the new cord, if you find one from a third party company please note it in a comment :). You can always get an extension cord.

The Sony line-up has changed considerably. Gone are the mid-range models with 6 hour battery, 2 headphone ports, etc. They now just offer two very competent models including this one, as well as one with high-end features that is a $200ish affair (at the time of this review). I hope to see models with 6+ hour batteries in the mid-range again.


- The usual GREAT PICTURE and SOUND of a Sony portable DVD player.

- 9" DISPLAY (diagonal) which is a much better size than 7". It also has a much higher resolution than the 7" model (800x480 vs. 480x234).

- Battery Times:
3.00 HOURS battery time with default backlight setting 10 out of 1-20 (full screen).
3.50 HOURS battery time with backlight setting 5 out of 1-20 (full screen).
3.80 HOURS battery time with backlight setting 1 out of 1-20 (full screen).

- Includes car lighter charging adapter.

- An A/V (Audio/Video) output port and extension adapter that allows this model to drive a display monitor or TV that accepts standard/composite (red/white/yellow), if that is useful to you.

- Includes REMOTE CONTROL, if that is important to you.

- Includes USB FLASH DRIVE PORT, if that is important to you.

- Sealed buttons which reduce the places junk can get into the main unit of the player to only the disc lid.

- As expected for Sony models, appears well built, HANDLING SHAKING ON THE ROAD very well. It is a simple, good-looking design with a hard shell. On average over the years our Sony models have each survived 2+ years with near daily use.

- Over many years with Sony's products I have found CUSTOMER SUPPORT to be top notch. That said, they couldn't answer two easy questions about the product since they didn't have the actual product available to anyone there, and twice they didn't send an email answering my questions they couldn't answer on the spot. Despite these customer support misfires, I have found them to be mostly excellent.


- VERY SHORT CORD (3'2") compared to past Sony DVD portable players, which had cords some 2 feet or so longer than this one. This can often mean BATTERY DRAINAGE that was otherwise avoidable as sometimes you can't watch it and have it plugged in at the same time. Of course there is always extension cords.
C2G / Cables to Go 29929 Outlet Saver 16 AWG Power Extension Cord (2 Feet, Black)

- For some folks, the above battery times aren't enough and the disappearance of 6 hour battery models from the line-up makes this a bigger deal. They might consider the Sony Blu-ray/DVD portable player for a little more battery time even if they don't use blue-ray discs, however it's much more expensive. That player also has 2 headphone jacks and a flip swivel screen.
Sony BDPSX910 Portable Blu-ray Player

- In previous models you could Fast Forward and Fast Reverse with right/left arrows. This new model refresh instead only recognizes dual use of the skip buttons to cover FF/FR AND Skip, depending on the timing of the push. It is thus now easy to ACCIDENTALLY SKIP INSTEAD OF FF and vice verse. That said, you should be able to get used to it once you figure it out.

- I hate to bring this up since I am a loyal user of the Sony DVD players, however, if the design needs to be so stingy as to greatly shorten the cord, it makes one wonder where else money was saved that one can't see.


Before committing to this model, you might consider reviewing features available further up the Sony line:

- 3-3.5 hours BATTERY TIME is excellent for inexpensive players, however, you'll find 4.5+ hours at the high end. Some day 6+ hour battery models may return, too.

- This model has 1 headset port, the top end Sony Blu-Ray/DVD portable player has 2 HEADSET PORTS, and most previous models did, too.

- The top end Sony model's SCREEN CAN SWIVEL to face any direction.


- The POWER CORD PLUG-IN PORT IS INCOMPATIBLE WITH MOST PREVIOUS MODELS' CORDS, so you can't use an old cord to overcome the very short cord with this model, and if you have several Sony DVD players in the house you can no longer mix and match cords.

- Doesn't charge while used (see below under "Tested").


- The battery times at different backlight settings, results found in the PROS section above.


- I semi-confirmed the claim that it mostly DOESN'T CHARGE WHILE PLAYING (but it keeps it from draining). More precisely, limited tests suggest it charges at a rate of roughly 1 min per 8 minutes of play time, so there might be very slight charging going on.


- It RETURNS TO SAME SPOT YOU WERE WATCHING AFTER YOU TURN IT OFF AND ON. One review said you can't, this is incorrect.

- You CAN ADJUST COLOR, CONTRAST, Hue, and Backlight. One review may suggest you can't adjust the first two, this is incorrect. You can see the results of the adjustment, they work.


- To replace accessories call Sony at 1-800-282-2848.


- To SKIP FORWARD tap the 3rd button up on the skip forward icon once with a quick tap.

- To SKIP BACK tap the 3rd button up skip back icon twice with two quick taps.

- To FAST FORWARD hold your finger on the same skip forward button for a second or so. Do that again for more speed. Do that yet again for even more speed.

- To FAST BACK, it is the same as Fast Forward but with the skip back button.

Hope this helps someone :)
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on October 21, 2012
If Sony wants to make a newer model of a DvD player, you would think they would improve it, not take away features. It is quite puzzling.
Pros: All sony players have much clearer picture quality than most other companies. That really is the most important feature. It also has the ability to fast forward, and rewind, not just skip chapters like many other players
Cons: They took away 3 features!!!!! 1) swivel screen 2) instead of 2 audio headphone jacks- which were on the previous model, they only put one, so if you take the player in the car with you, only one person could use headphones at a time, instead of 2 kids sharing it. 3)THe battery is not replaceable.
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on September 6, 2012
I've been looking for a reputable and economical brand name portable DVD player with a USB port to play a variety of media in a lightweight package. The goal was to have a player to entertain a small child and/or a soldier in the Middle East with few moving parts. For our needs, most of what's played comes from the USB stick, not the DVD player piece. Sony has hit the mark with this player. Both the child and soldier can have hours of entertainment without having to carry additional pieces. We could've easily bought a tablet instead, but the investment would be substantially more cost wise, and likely require a computer to change files. Both situations would not be ideal.

(1) Player has a USB port. We fill a USB drive with MP4's so hours of various video are already attached to the player without worrying about discs getting scratched up or lost. Our MP4's are done at 400k/s, which can be a bit jagged, but is only noticed if staring very closely at the screen. If you want higher resolution, the files will be larger, and take up more space. MP3's and pictures are options as well. Picture and sound quality are great. We use the mini USB sticks that are the size of a thumb print so the stick remains connected to the unit and available upon player boot without being intrusive.

(2) When using the DVD player portion, the picture and sound are superb. While this piece won't be used much, it's good to know that if a DVD is used, the quality is there.

(3) Controls on the unit are full functional and self-explanatory. Hence, we do not require the included remote to work.

(4) The player comes with an AC adapter and car charger to charge the internal battery, so Sony does know that it was made for on the go. Battery life is about 4 hours, which is enough for 2 movies.

(1) Unlike the DVD, once "Stop" is pressed on the player when using the USB stick, it will not remember where you stopped. Solution = press "Pause" instead. Unfortunately, if you're stopping for the day and want to power down, you will need to fast forward next time around.

(2) The player does not remember the LCD mode settings for screen preference. It will remember color and contrast settings, but if you want the screen viewing to be something other than normal (e.g., full or zoom), it needs to be reset with each movie.

(3) The battery is attached to the unit. Hence, there is no way we can buy a second battery unit to do a quick change. When the battery no longer holds a charge, it will likely be irreplaceable, rendering portability useless. Similarly, with the leaps and bounds of technology, I would think they could design battery life that would last more than 4 hours for those full day flights or road trips.

(4) The video out functionality is great because we can view media on a TV. However, the only video out uses RCA cables. There is no HDMI functionality, which has become a standard in the past five years.

At the end of the day, however, the unit is economical, rugged, and meets our needs. All users have been happy thus far.
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on June 12, 2012
Okay, I heeded the other reviews and noted the four hour battery life and the non swiveling screen. I wanted a simple device to watch education DVDs. My laptops are heavy and somewhat fragile because of hard drives. I figured for the price this would fit the bill. It's perfect. The screen is bright and clear. 4 hours is plenty of life for physics lectures!

Chris Reich,
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on March 31, 2013
I looked at a bunch of portable DVD players before ordering this one. I was close to buying the older 7" Sony with dual headphone ports, but reviewers noted that you couldn't charge and use the player at the same time, so I spent the extra cash and got this newer model.

First, the cons: The AC charging cable for indoors is only about 3 feet long, far too short for any reasonable indoor viewing and charging. The touch-sensitive buttons can be tough to work with while riding in a car because you don't get that tactile feedback of a button press. And the device itself is poorly weighted. If you set it on the floor and open the clamshell, if the screen is at an angle any larger than 90° the player will rock back and lift the base off the ground. The screen seems to be heavier than the base and battery and doesn't feel very solid. There's also only one headphone port now instead of two, but you can get a two or three way splitter online for a few bucks. These cons don't take away much from the overall experience, however, and I only took away one star for them. Compared to many of the other players from no-name brands or Panasonic, the build quality and screen quality just seem so much better.

For the pros: Fantastic little screen. I didn't expect it to be so clear, and the resolution is surprisingly good for such a small and inexpensive device. The DVD settings are good and give you adjustable options like brightness, contrast, etc. there are a few different sound settings, I've found that Standard and Dynamic are both very good. Volume level is also good, and the sound quality is decent for the tiny speakers. You can always use headphones or plug a male to male cable into your car's AUX port and play the sound through the car speakers. The DVD tray is a push-open/push-close design and feels solid. The buttons are well designed, and while I do prefer actual buttons to these ones, at least any liquids won't get inside the buttons and ruin them. There is a Hold button to prevent button presses by you or a child, which helps. One big plus: the screen opens flat with the base, and is great for use like this with a player carrier in the car. It doesn't swivel or fold all the way back, but I found the full 180° opening to be perfect for our use and with the case we got. I can't comment on battery life yet, but if its sunny out and you have the brightness up, the battery won't last the 4 advertised hours. Just use the car charger and you'll be fine. The good news is that the car charger is about twice the length of the AC charger, so you can string it into the back seat if your accessory plug is only in the front seat. I ended up buying a Case Logic case/mount for the car that supports 7"-9" portable players and it works great; with four points of contact it's nice and stable. I think I'd recommend this player over the competition simply because I've had great luck with Sony DVD players and Blu-Ray players before and the build quality feels a lot better than the other ones around.
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on October 16, 2013
For the most part, this is a great portable DVD player. DVD loads fast with no fuss. Great picture and sound. Touch sensitive controls work reasonably well, although I prefer the old buttons from the earlier models. Light weight, convenient and reliable.

But I have one BIG problem with mine. When the DVD is spinning, this thing buzzes like a chainsaw! The buzzing is so loud, I have to turn the volume way up just to hear the movie over the buzzing noise! And not only is the buzzing noise bad, but the vibration is just unacceptable. It shakes the crap out of anything you set it on. I've had mine for several months now and no matter what DVD I put in it, the buzzing and vibration is always there even though none of my other DVD players has this problem with any of my DVDs.

Sorry Sony, but this buzzing problem totally overshadows all the other good qualities of this DVD player and pretty much ruins the experience of watching a movie on this thing.

Also, the overall construction of the player just seems cheap and weak, not at the sturdy quality I've come to expect from Sony. And the power cord is only 3 feet long, WAY too short for people who regularly run this thing from the power cord. Need to double the length of the power cord.
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on July 27, 2012
Compact, easy to use, great picture, and the battery life is in the vicinity of advertised. It doesn't skip on a bumpy road and the "resume" feature works. Don't expect great sound out of the speaker; it's a portable DVD player, and NONE of them are very good. Buy some headphones, and kids and parents will both be happy. It comes with both AC and DC (car) power plugs, so keeping it going is not a problem. It also comes with a VGA adapter for plugging into regular TVs. To sum up: first impressions are good. Over time, we'll find out about durability.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon February 24, 2013
This is one of many portable DVD players I have owned. This time I went for something a bit more expensive- simply because I was hoping to find a durability worthy of a house full of kids and pets. Too many broken electronics can make a woman go insane. This came extremely well-packaged and complete with everything a person could ask for- including a remote (which all kids adore). We have a 'one channel' television in a remote part of Alaska, so we buy DVDs to make up for the 'cool kid cable shows' that the kids miss out on (Disney, Nickelodean, Cartoon Network, etc). So far I'm very impressed with this DVD player. It's one of the most kid-friendly ones I have found on the market.

The screen and DVD player itself are made of a... plastic? sort of material that doesn't leave fingerprints- which is GREAT for young children. It has a textured back that always looks shiney and new, no matter how many cheeto-covered fingers have touched it. And the screen itself seems to be kept fairly clean as well.

The buttons are a 'touch' ones- meaning they don't press down, they react to touch. I did notice that with our younger children the touch wouldn't register right away (I'm assuming because their fingers are small). But with any kid about 7 years of age I would say it works flawlessly. We never have problems. And if the younger ones do, we just let them use the remote.

The playback quality is very good. The sound goes from a nice, low bedtime tone to a much louder (traveling in a car or airplane) tone. The screen is fairly large and the picture quality is very clear. For being portable, it really does offer a nice viewing experience.

But the one thing I love about this DVD player is how durable it is. It has been dropped, jumbled in backpacks, collected dust on the floor, and probably stepped on a few times- and it's heald up like a pro. This is definitely one of the best child-friendly technology purchases I've ever made. Kudos to Sony to obviously thinking through tiny finger prints and book bag durability.
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