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on May 18, 2014
love this camera! It's a DLSR type camera that has 720p HD recording and a whopping 20MP!!! and a crazy 60 zoom lens that is amazing! I travel alot and this does both the photo and recording needs I have. A great combo buy in one camera! easy to setup, download the software for your pc or laptop and pretty eassy to use as well. suggested for anyone who loves taking pictures or travels alot or a little looking to have a great camera and camcorder all-in-one! does both very well!
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on May 31, 2014
After schlepping around Europe and losing my interchangeable Alpha Sony in a German airport I just bought this camera for a travel option. The 63x zoom sold me. My husband and I have always traveled with multiple lens cameras and thought we might simplify our lives. This sony has a great feel, not exactly compact, so simple to use and the zoom is incredible. We are impressed with the clarity and image detail-THE ZOOM! The negatives are no manual focus, no remote, wifi or GPS but for the price we can do without. This will probably be the camera we grab first in our bag of of DSLRs.

Two months later....
After using this for a while I have a lot of peeves. The color is pretty bad. The A for aperture setting that is my favorite portrait setting is simply a black fuzzy frame around subject. The focus can be exasperating but for birds and mountain peaks I still love it.
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on October 14, 2015
I should have heeded the negative reviews of the model camera, but I was soooo looking forward to the big optical zoom of this camera as well as the fact that this a 20 megapixel camera, too, plus it has a large LCD screen and viewfinder for those times when yoy can't see the LCD screen in bright light.
But the operation of this camera is ridiculous.
And I can't beleive all of the better and glowing reviews of this Sony H400.
This Sony camera model disappoints on soooo many levels.
First, Screw the users who bought this camera and are telling people that you shouldn't use the full auto shoot mode and learn to use this camera manually to get, sorta past, this cameras big shortcomings.
When I buy a what I perceive to be a good quality point and shoot camera with full auto shooting features, I expect it to perform fantanstic when using this mode.
I may explore the manual photo taking features later as I get used to the camera and all of its feature set, but initially, for awhile, I expect flawless performance of auto shooting camera that touts great peformance and pictures using auto mode!
This camera has some sort of issue as the delay in pressing the shutter button and when the shutter actually responds is a good second, maybe two, before the picture is taken.
It's a very noticeable lag and I feel this is unacceptable from any good digital camera and very surprised to see this defect in a brand, like Sony.
I actually have the hold the camera steady for an additional second or two AFTER I have already pushed the shutter button?
I own three Sony digital cameras and one Nikon digital and there is no such shutter lag in Auto mode in any of those cameras.
There goes trying to capture ANYTHING that is moving. I would need to try and anticipate when a moving object will reach the camera lens and try to time it so the shot gets taken within that two second delay of pushing the shutter button.
Also, both the Electronic viewfinder, as well as the LCD screen are NOT very crisp and clear.
The LCD screen ( compared to my other cameras) is very coarse and grainy looking and make it hard to see if the image yoy took is really a good image or not.
The color of the images, overall, is good, but still not what I expect from a Sony product and from a company whose products are design for capturing the best images possible in all pricing levels.
Also, I tried taking videos (which I realised, that the audio being recorded is only in Monoaural sound and not stereo.
And, the video I took which were being taken in good bright sunlight exhibited some strange vertical color streaking/banding effects like either the lens (which is NOT a Carl Zeiss lens I have come to, automatically, expect in their higher priced camera lineups, but a Sony designed lens) couldn't handle the strong sunlight or the Super HAD CCD chip on the backside of the lens was not capable of dealing with the strong sunlight.
I have an older, but higher end Sony digital camera and a newer Nikon Bridge camera that take 720p video and neither exhibited this vertical banding/striping/streaking while video-ing a bright sunlight.
The video capture of this Sony H400 just couldn't do a video without introducing some weird light artifacts/abborations.
It could be either a limitation of the lens or the lower end CCD where newer digital cameras use the more commonly found digital CMOS chips for capturing light.
I bought this used, but still paid close to $200.
So disappointed and really so unimpressed and upset that Sony created and sells this sub par camera.
I will be returning this very soon and pay a little more for something better.
Stay away from both the H300 and H400 Sony camera models.
I think I am going to spend a little more on Sony's HX camera models, instead or look at other slightly more expensive Nikon models.
The Sony HX camera models look to be what the H models should have been.
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on September 8, 2014
I am a fan of Sony cameras, first off. I use the NEX system and love it. I have two Fujifilm point and shoot super-zoom cameras similar to this one (a 28x S4450 and a 42x S8350), and really like them. The reason I wanted another one was to get an even longer zoom, and this Sony is the longest available on the market right now. I found this camera to be too entry level in its technical sophistication for my use.

My other two super-zoom cameras were made of metal and are solid cameras, and the focusing and image quality are both excellent on them. They were about the same price as this Sony, but of much, much higher quality, and the images were better out of the Fujifilm cameras, as well. The Sony H400/B has a plastic housing, with rubberized trim, and it's very hard to navigate around the menu. Each time you choose a setting on the menu, you then have to go back into the menu and scroll down to the next setting you want to change. You can't just set everything at once. It's not an easy camera to use, despite it being at an entry level. And, you would think, with all that plastic versus metal on the body, that it would be lighter weight. It's not (although it's no where near as heavy as a DSLR).

I took it out to shoot some flowers to test it out, and had intended to play with the long zoom as well. It's focusing mechanism is really bad. The specs said it could shoot as close as 1 cm, but I couldn't get it to focus closer than about 20", even after playing with both the f/stop and the three different focus options to try to get it to respond. It does not have a flower or macro setting, so I never did figure out how to use it for closer up work. I had to turn up the ISO to 800 to get the lens to even register an image at full zoom. I have never had to change the ISO on either Fujifilm to use the zoom in a situation with comparable scene lighting.

The other thing that I didn't like at all was the limited range of the aperture. I shot in Aperture priority, Manual priority, and a Program/automatic setting. On all of them, the maximum aperture was about f/8. To get the light I needed to shoot the flowers, I had to use it on f/4, at about 1/80 second, which was really pushing the limits of handheld. Even still, there was very limited bokeh behind the subjects at that wide open aperture because the lens is so slow. I shot the same exact gardens last week under very similar lighting conditions, at about the same time of day, and was able to get a faster shutter speed and a smaller f/stop with the Fujifilm (S-8350).

It turned out not to be worth the extra zoom length for me to go backwards in convenience. I returned the camera to Amazon the day after it was delivered. Once the refund is processed, I will be ordering the 50x Fujifilm Finepix S-1. I'm hoping it will give me the convenience of the single lens (rather than traveling with interchangeable lenses), and give me the additional zoom I want. (And it will allow me to shoot raw files, which I had compromised on with the Sony.)

I'm still a huge fan of Sony, just not of this particular model. I would suggest you opt for a different camera in this price and feature range.
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on August 9, 2014
Be careful, there are at least 4 versions of this camera, and this one is the "cheapo" Walmart" reject!! Not worth the money, and don't waste your time. The GOOD versions, are the ones that have a Auto-focus and Manual selector switch on the left side of the lens housing. ALL others, are the cheapo version.
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on September 15, 2014
I took this camera to Alaska and photographed dall sheep, moose, grizzly bears, caribou, orcas, and whales. The powerful 63x zoom made the subjects look like they were 50 feet from the park service bus although they were over 300 feet away.

My big gripe is that the camera frequently loses focus. Think a firmware upgrade is needed.
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on August 3, 2014
I am very happy with my cH400 camera. It gives me what I wanted: a good point and shoot with very good telephoto capabilities. The pictures and movies are very clear. It doesn't replace the flexibility of an SLR with flash options, but for my purposes, and the price I paid at Amazon, I am very happy.
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on May 10, 2015
This claims to be 63x zoom. Really it is not!
I've compared it to the Nikon P530 42x zoom and hands down, the Nikon is far superior and zooms further then this camera and at 42x.
That tells me that this camera is more of a focal range in the 40s-50s and not 63.
There is no auto focus when zoomed in. You have to tap the button to focus and that is even a bit tricky.
Spend a bit more for a better camera
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on November 24, 2015
Overall not bad. Sony advertises the extremely long zoom and the quick focus. The one I purchased, not so. The camera took longer than expected to focus at a fast zoom. Slow continuous zoom, the camera works great, but if you need to catch something in a hurry, I missed more than I caught, due to the slow ocus. Returned the camera after a couple of weeks. Needed quicker response for long zooming. For anyone wanting to use the camera as a great point and shoot, without needing quick response for the longer zoom, I highly recommend. Great quality when taking regular photos. Also, the quick panorama works well. Works just like taking a movie, only stitches stills. good feature.
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on January 13, 2016
This is a very nice camera with a great zoom. Have taken it to many sporting events and come away with clear pictures. The battery life is very good as well. Only complaint is after you take a picture it takes a few seconds before you can take another. I have included a picture I took from the very last row of FedEx Forum in Memphis. As you can see the zoom does its job.
review image
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