Customer Reviews: Sony HDR-PJ200 High Definition Handycam 5.3 MP Camcorder with 25x Optical Zoom and Built-in Projector (Silver) (2012 Model)
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Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
For my latest tech review, I take a look at Sony's latest HD digital video recorder, the HDR-PJ200.

I. What's in the package?

- Digital Recorder with built-in USB cable
- Mini-HD Cable
- Rechargeable Battery Adapter (Power Cord/AC Adapter)
- USB-=>Video cables (AV Connecting Cable)
- Yellow, Red, white component cables
- USB Adapter (USC Connection Support CAble)
- Rechargeable Battery Pack NP-FV30

NO SDCARD IS AVAILABLE. You will definitely want to purchase a Class 10 SDCard (4GB minimum but I recommend 32GB or 64GB).


- APPEARANCE: After unpackaging, I was pretty impressed of how small this digital video camera is. The width is probably 3-inches wide, small enough to hold with one hand and is very light. The camera is plastic and you get a feeling that if you do drop this camera, it's done for.

- BATTERY: Battery is not charged, so I had to charge the battery which took about two hours. The camera can be charged via it's built-in USB cable which will take about an hour and half. Like most digital cameras with a battery pack, it's best to take the battery pack out of the camera when not in use. For the MP-FV30, you get about 95 minutes of continuous recording time and 45 minutes of HD recording time, for standard shooting around 105 minutes. This battery goes about $15-$20 but I recommend going for a NP-FV50 for 180 minutes, NP-FV-70 (about 375 minutes) or a NP-FV100 battery which gives you about 745 minutes recording time.

- SHOOTING TIME: I recommend using a 32GB or 64GB Class 10 card for longer shooting.

HIGHEST QUALITY (FX) gives you about 45 minutes recording time
HIGH QUALITY (FH) gives you 1 hour
STANDARD HQ (HQ) gives you about 1 hour and 50 minutes
Long Play (LP) gives you 3 hours and 15 minutes.

- PROJECTOR: Projector and LCD screen can move 90-180 degrees. The LCD screen is touch screen (for zooming in and out, recording, playing video) and on top is a projector focus. On the LCD screen you can:

- ZOOM (Wide/Telephoto)
- Menu
- Guide showing recording, Automatic Exposure, Automatic Focus, Tracking Focus, Zoom, Remaining Battery, Counter, Intelligent Auto., View images, etc.

NOTE: Because a touchscreen is used, I recommend purchasing a plastic screen protector. Anything that can protect the screen from damage or scratches.

- INITIAL SETUP: Setting up the camera for region, date and time was very easy.

- ON or OFF: There is no power button. If you open the LCD screen, the camera turns on. For the lens, there is a switch to open and close the lens cover.

- BUTTONS: The buttons are user-friendly.

On top of the Camera:
- MODE: Switch from video or to take pictures
- Zoom Lens features a 30x Extended Zoom
- Photo Button - When selecting photo mode, on top is a photo button to take pictures.
On Back of Camera:
- Start/Stop Video
On Side of Camera with LCD Open:
- Projector - To switch to projector mode on playback
- Play button
- Slots for mini-HDMI and the USB-Video cables

- Built-in USB Cable
- Right on the hand guard is a mini-USB cable (an inch long). For people needing more wire, an included USB adapter with 2 ft. cord is included.

RECORDING: You can selected highest quality (1920x1080/60i quality, AVCD HD 24M), high quality (1920x1080/60i quality, AVCD HD 17M), standard (1440x1080/60i quality, AVCD HD 9M )and long time (1440x1080/60i quality, AVCD HD 5M).


During my tests of the HDR-PJ200, I realized that a lot of the functions are via touchscreen. So, with that being said, I would not let young children use the touch screen or mess with it as it is your primary way of using this camera.

A. LOW-LIGHT TEST: First test was indoor utilizing low-light. The camera detected low-light and tried to compensate but like most digital cameras around this price-range, low-light is not going to be that great. It will be grainy, but once the camera does pick up light, the video quality is great. Tested the camera in various indoor-light situations and low-light is OK, but it's outdoors during sunlight where this camera really shows off its awesome picture quality.

B. OUTDOOR TEST: In sunlight, this camera looks absolutely fantastic! Vibrant colors and I love the zoom for this camera. From far away, I was able to zoom 30X and get a good closeup of a section over 100 yards away. But the more farther you zoom, the more difficult it is to shoot without shakiness. The camera has camera-shake detection, but you would need to enable Intelligent Auto Function. So, for long distance shooting, I do recommend a tripod. Otherwise, I zoomed on a person in movement about 75 yards away and the camera picked up motion detection and was able to capture the person amazingly well without blur or problems.

The camera has Face Priority and Tracking Focus which helps the camera capture clear images. There is also a smile shutter included and that the camera easily detects.

Subject detection was easy to set. Face Detection allows for adjusting of focus, color and exposure and to select portrait or baby. Scene detection allows for backlight, landscape, night scene, spotlight, lowlight and macro.

Photos are easy to take with this camera. You can choose from the following image sizes L 16:9 (5.3MB), L 4:3 (4.0MB), S 16:9 (1.3MB), S 4:3 (VGA)

I felt the project worked very well around 3-4 ft. from a solid source. There is a projector focus on top the LCD screen and it works! The more outdoor shots you take, the better the projector quality is as opposed to shooting indoors with low-light.

E. PlayMemories Home (Lite Version): The camera comes with a built in PlayMemories Home (Lite Version) to transfer video to your computer. When plugging the device to your computer, you can install the software to Windows 7, XP computers. For Mac users, a storage drive will show on your computer. But if you have iPhoto or iMovie, you can easily access the files. But included in the storage drive is a MAC URL to access Sony Software.

But plugging the camera in to your computer, you are given two choices: USB Connect or Disc Burn


Sony's HDR-PJ200 is a solid performer with great picture quality when it comes to outdoor and areas with a lot of light. While low-light, it may be too grainy for some. But there are other cameras that perform better in low-light.

It's strength is in its 30x Extended Zoom and how it's able to capture motion detection very well. And of course, the biggest plus for this digital video camera recorder is its projector. The projector does work amazingly well if a solid object is 3-4 ft. away. I've tried it on a various of colored walls and objects and the projector does work. You just want to make sure that the video is outdoors for it to look bold and beautiful via projection. Otherwise with low-light indoor video, I was having to put the camera about a foot away from the wall for it to look right.

I like the fact that Sony included various cables with the product, also the automatic USB is nice to have as part of the camera.

But the big question people may ask is $379.00 a good price for the camera. You get an HD camera with a projector. Most video cameras don't offer that. But it all depends how important the projector is for you. It's great if you are on vacation and want to project your family trip on the back seat of a car so the kids can watch.

With that being said, this camera is tied into its touchscreen. Break the LCD screen, and the camera is done for. And because the camera is light, made of plastic, I don't want to think about what if you drop it. I've dropped camcorders before but they were bulky, I dropped FLIP cameras but they seemed durable. But the HDR-PJ200, I get a feeling if you drop it, it's done for. So, I highly recommend purchasing a bag for this camera and possibly adding a secondary wrist strap.

But overall, the camera does deliver when it comes to capturing HD video in well-lighted or outdoor environments. But how important is the project for you, that's probably going to be the biggest drive. While it works great from outdoor shots, if you are looking at it to capture your baby or child when asleep or in low-light, the camera may be too dark/grainy for your taste. But if you feel this is a camera to take with you for outdoor travel and need that projection for personal or business, it works remarkably well.

But there are other cameras that perform just as well without the projector and are much cheaper. So, if the projector is important, then the Sony HDR-PJ200 is for you!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon September 26, 2012
Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Sony's 2012 model HDR-PJ200 has lots of bells and whistles for an entry level camcorder and 5.3 megapixel still image capture device. The price is okay knowing that you get a SONY quality camcorder with built-in projector but honestly, the still image capture is very poor and video recording performance is average at best.

Last month I also reviewed Sony HDRCX580V High Definition Handycam 20.4 MP Camcorder with 12x Optical Zoom and 32 GB Embedded Memory (2012 Model) camcorder for Amazon which sells for more than double the price of this HDR-PJ200 and does not even have built-in projector. In my humble opinion the high end model does have better video capture quality & image quality especially when it comes to Still images. Remember! - You always get what you pay for.

The optical image stabilization especially on zoomed images is better with the high end model. The HDR-PJ200 had some difficulty in maintaining stability especially when zoomed. You do need a very steady hand or tripod if you want extreme close-up. It still takes pretty good Hi-Def Video, but I find the low light performance is poor and there is some video noise here and there.

Surely this camcorder is not for serious video enthusiasts or could be because I got the high end model to play with recently and have proof videos for comparisons and now I can surely tell the difference. If you have the money you should surely opt for the high end model.

[+] Super Compact Camcorder which is extremely lightweight & easy to carry
[+] Built-in Projector is fun to have! - adds coolness to the product.
[+] Carl Zeiss lens & Good build quality as you would expect from SONY
[+] Decent HD quality Video capture under good light conditions for the price
[+] Uses Standard SDHC Memory cards for recording - No more tapes! No moving parts!
[+] HDMI out & HDMI cables included for TV connectivity

[-] Very poor Still image captures
[-] Washed out grainy video especially under low light
[-] Touch Screen LCD is shinny and hard to see in bright sunlight

It is hard to justify the need to purchase a camcorder these days as most of the Smart phones are capable of recording 1080p HD videos and takes excellent quality still images. Having said, if you are one of those people who likes to take lots of video and would like to have a dedicated device just for that then purchasing a camcorder is justifiable.

Please remember that you do need to add 32 GB Class 10 SDHC Flash Memory Card to the price of the camcorder but it still comes under $400 dollars in total. For the money I think it is an average value camcorder in all respects and the built-in projector makes this camcorder somewhat more desirable than others thereby achieving a 4 star rating.

The camcorder build quality is very good as you would expect from Sony but you will have to remember these products are mass produced in china now-a-days and has become more or less use and throw commodity.

Hope my review is useful to you, if you have any questions please feel free to comment and I will try to answer them to best of my knowledge.

Happy shopping here on Amazon!
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Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
It's really amazing how much technology is getting crammed into these little cameras. What was small two years ago is now big by comparison. This lightweight camera packs a lot of punch for its small size and offers decent performance especially when outdoors.

This little camcorder from Sony is a decent entry level HD camcorder but I've found you might want to opt for a slightly more advanced camera in their lineup. That's not to say this camera isn't worth considering but it is worth thinking about whether spending a little bit more for better quality video and an external mic input justify spending a little bit more.

Sony includes an HDMI cable with the camera so that it can be connected to an HD television. This sounds trivial but so many manufacturers don't include the cable and require an additional purchase in order to hook it up to a modern television. Sony also gains some kudos for using standard SDHC cards and no longer requiring their proprietary memory stick format.

The 25X optical zoom is great to have in a product this size. But I recommend having the camera on a tripod or resting on a stationary surface in order to use it. Even with the stability controls it doesn't take much to get a shaky shot at full zoom.

The camera includes an onboard projector that is unique in the product space but not all that useful in the long run. The color and picture quality on the projector are remarkable in a dark room but the camera does not allow you to play anything other than what the camera recorded. So it's not possible to load back in edited footage from your computer.

Video quality is good in outdoor light, so-so in dark environments. I found the next step up in the Sony product line has better video quality.

The camera does not include an external microphone jack. This is unfortunate as good video often requires good audio. Although the camera does do a decent job of isolating speakers, it really can't do much in a noisy environment that would benefit from an external microphone.

Overall I'd say this is an improvement over less expensive "flip-cam" style camcorders. The zoom alone is a differentiator but if you're going to opt for a camcorder you might want to consider a mid-level version from Sony or Canon that offers better quality video and the microphone port.
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VINE VOICEon October 25, 2012
Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have owned almost every type of the video cameras and camcorders for home purposes since 1983. I still remember the days that I used a video camera whose size is same as a camera that a TV camera man uses to film the news outdoor and had to carry a video recorder together with a camera. This video recorder alone is very big and its size and weight are almost same as 4 blu-ray players I have now. Ever since, there have been few drastic improvements in video cameras including coming out of 8mm tape (the term camcorder started), getting into digital format, media changing from a tape to a hard drive and flash memory etc. For the last few years, I have lost my interest in camcorders since there has not been any camcorder that caught my attention. And now I have found one that really made me excited and would like to share my experience with the Sony HDR-PJ200.

- Picture Quality

These days, practically any HD camcorder on the market makes stunning video, if there is enough light. I own 3 HD camcorders from Canon, JVC, and Samsung and they are all fabulous HD camcorders. The Sony HDR-PJ200 is no different. Specially, the HDR-PJ200 produces more vivid colors than any camcorder I have. If you take a video of the garden with lot of flowers, the HDR-PJ200 will shine. I would not want to say the HDR-PJ200 tops other camcorders, however, the HDR-PJ200 takes pretty decent videos in terms of the picture quality. But, when it comes to the indoor shot, the HD camcordes easily show their weaknesses. Although Sony claims in their product information as "Back-illuminated Exmor CMOS sensor for superb low-light video", the low-light video footage coming out from the HDR-PJ200 is not better than any other HD camcorders I have. My favorite camcorder for low-light video has been the Samsung HMX20c, which has a large CMOS sensor (1/1.8 inch). The HDR-PJ200 has a 1/5.8 inch Exmor CMOS sensor, which is comparatively small. I would say the Sony HDR-PJ200 has acceptable overall video picture quality. Since I do not take still pictures with a camcorder, mediocre quality of still pictures from the HDR-PJ200 was not a big problem for me.

- The Projector!!

Ok, here is the most fun part. I heard from my friend in Korea that they have a cell phone with a built-in projector so that they can show videos and pictures in a cell phone to a big screen anywhere. I was really skeptical about that. And I did not expect much from the HDR-PJ200 either. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the tiny tiny projector that the HDR-PJ200 has. Yes, you cannot compare the built-in project of the HDR-PJ200 to any of the projector you use at home and work. The HDR-PJ200's projector is nowhere close to it. However it really shines in special occasions. I brought the HDR-PJ200 to a chinese moon festival party held by my work buddies. I took some videos during the event. When someone found out that the HDR-PJ200 can turn into a projector, we turned off all the lights and projected the videos on the wall. I literally heard 'wow' from so many people. The HDR-PJ200 has a special feature called 'highlight' in it. What it does is that it randomly adds transitions, edits the scens and plays music automaticall so that it looks like an edited video. Many people were amazaed by this tiny camcorder can do the auto editing and project the video on the wall approximately the size of 60 to 70 inch. In a total darkness, the picture quality projected on the wall is not bad at all. You better not use the projector with some lights, however, under the total darkness like nights at a camping, this camcorder can give you and your significant others so much fun. We had a real fun in the party because of this small friend, I mean the HDR-PJ200.

- More Good Things

I have not been a huge fan of Sony camcorders and digital cameras. I know they make beautiful videos and pictures, however, I did not want to pay a lot of money (comparatively) to buy their proprietary memory cards, such memory stick duo etc. Now, I can use standard SD, SDHC, and SDXC memory cards for the HDR-PJ200. That is a huge improvement for me. And the HDR-PJ200 has a USB cable attached in the body. What is this about? You can charge the HDR-PJ200 with any USB port near you. That is amazing feature for me. Even if you did not bring an AC adapter, you can still charge your camcorder by using your friend's iPod charger, any computer's usb ports, or the usb port built in the seat of certain type of airplanes. Although it took twice more charging time than the AC adapter provided, I love it so much. And the USB cable is conveniently hidden under the hand grip. Great job, Sony! The last thing that I like was that the HDR-PJ200 is a very light camcorder. Probably the lightest camcorder that I have ever owned. But Sony did not sacrifice the build quality. Kudos to Sony.

- Few Caveats

Here are some weaknesses of the HDR-PJ200. First of all, you have to manually open and close the lense cover every time you use. And you have to use a stiff sliding switch to open and close the lens cover. I do not mind opening the cover manually, however, I would rather have a lense cap than pushing the switch hard every time. Second, there is no thread for a filter. I always use a UV filter to protect the lenses, but there is no way to attach the filter on the HDR-PJ200. I already had a fingerprint on the lense. Yikes! Third, this might be a serious design flaw. The port to connect an AC adapter is located right under the hand grip of the camcorder. What it means is that if you use power provided by an AC adapter, you cannot put your hand inside of the hand grip. Sometimes I use a camcorder with an AC adapter not to have battery worry, I cannot do this conveniently with the HDR-PJ200, since I have to hold other side of the body not to use a hand grip. This should be fixed in the next version of the HDR-PJ200. Fourth, the sensitivity of the touch screen is plain bad. You should press hard to make the button on the screen works and the sizd of the buttons on the screen are very small for some buttons. I am not expecting the touch of an iPhone here, but this should be improved. Fifth and the last, there is no external mic input here. This might not be a drawback of any kind, but for the person like me who prefers to use an external mic or a mixer output for the better sound quality for some events, this could be a deal-breaker.

- Overall

Although I pointed out some drawbacks right above, the HDR-PJ200 is definitely a revolutionary camcorder for me. I am a huge home theater fan and have never expected to carry a projector anywhere. From the experience that I had from a party, I could have so much fun with the HDR-PJ200 for upcoming trips and campings. Last Saturday, I went to a park with my wife and took some great shots of the fall colors. By using a highlight feature of the camcorder, we enjoyed the shots right away sitting on the wooden bench. That was so much fun. By the way, you can have several different length of the highlights in a touch of a button. Despite the caveats I mentioned above, I give the HDR-PJ200 for five stars, since it gives my interest in camcorders back. I should admit that I have never had a fun camcorder like this before. I am about to put more musics in the HDR-PJ200 to have more background music options for the highlight feature which I have never imagined before.
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on March 27, 2012
Ok so my wife picked this up for me today at BestBuy for about four and a half Benjamin's, actually 10 under that. Anyhow. First the PROS. It does great in indoor light during the evening. It even has a low light setting for VERY low light. The projector is very cool, however for me I don't know how often I would actually use it in a practical situation. It's rather small, which is good, makes for easy carrying. Takes standard SD memory cards. Records audio in stereo, picks up the sound well, has some focus following feature where you can long press on a subject in the viewfinder and it will keep the subject in focus so long as it can see them, while they move around the scene. The zoom is great, very clear and VERY STABLE, great job on the image stabilization!!!! Also the MACRO is GREAT!!!!!! Seems like you can practically put something all the way up to the lens and it will focus on it.

CONS: The still image quality is GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!! My EVO 3D does FAR OUTSTANDING SUPERIOR photos compared to this camera. This camera claims it can do 5.3 megapixels, my EVO 3D does 5.0 megapixels. There is no excuse for the horrible lack of quality for the stills in this camcorder. Maybe many or most people won't use that feature, but you pay for it, it should be more than a novelty. Also most people probably won't mind but there is no input option for different microphones, nor are there inputs for headphones. Also: It is *NOT* truly FULL HD!!! It does NOT do 1080P, only 1080i. There IS a difference!!!!

Personally I feel this camcorder is overpriced. We are probably returning it tomorrow. If it was about a hundred bucks less, I'd probably keep it. The projector feature seems weird as I just don't know how practical it is. And the projected image is only at 640 x 360, that's not even VGA resolution. Seems just like a gimmick to sell the camera. If it was a higher res ok.. but still not sure where the niche is for it. Some people will LOVE this camcorder. And to be honest, if it did FULL 1080P, I would probably keep it. But as it is.. it's getting returned tomorrow.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon October 1, 2012
Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Sony PJ200 has most of the features of their high end camera that costs over $1000 more. They share the same touch screen menu, cable ports, battery and charger, zoom toggle, shutter button, hand strap, and SD card slot. This entry level camcorder is especially appealing to those with a limited budget and those with small hands (men with large hands will find many things to frustrate them) due to its small size. The camera is small enough to fit in a man's front pocket. It is very light weight.

Obviously you can't pay half the price of the mid-range Sony CX580 without giving up some more expensive items. The camera lens is not as high a resolution. It is good for the consumer but wanting for a perfectionist. The LCD size drops from 3.0" to 2.7". The included battery is half the capacity. The memory card is Class 4 8GB because there is no internal memory while the CX580 has 32GB internal memory and up to a 64GB SD card slot. (I use Class 10 32GB memory cards in addition to the internal memory). The LCD does not display as much camera diagnostic information. The anti-shake is not as good and neither is the low light. However, they are adequate and if you have some room light from a window or bulb I was surprised at the improvement shown. A manual lens shield replaces the sun-screening lens hood. The still camera drops from 20.4 mega pixels to 5.3. The heavier CX580 is quite steady.

If you decide to buy this camera and want to improve the performance, you can buy the NP-FV70 battery, Class 10 32GB memory card, and a monopod (one-legged tripod for stability) for under $100. The screen can be used with your left hand to zoom or take snapshots. This helps steady the camera. Or you can use your right hand to access the toggle and button on top of the camera to do the same things.

You may find that you like the replay better on your TV than your computer monitor. The Sony camcorders come with a cable that plugs into the TV 3-jack input as well as ones that connect to computers and hard drives. For some people without a large screen available at the time, using the projector will be an attraction. For others, it will constitute a gimmick that they have no use for. I tried it on a white-board after dark and from 5' away I got a 2' wide image that was bright and clear.

I noticed a low clicking noise that was recorded on the video while zooming. While filming, the face recognition automatically saved a still image. The Sony software provides you with a lot of choices. I found that leaving most settings on "auto" provided the best results but its nice to have options for the unique situations that come up. Be sure to allow the camera time to make its adjustments before you begin shooting. Slow panning is a must for clear video.

For Mac users: Photos are quick and easy to load using Image Capture. And iMove will quickly import the video portion. For the high-end users, since this is a USB camera, it is not recognized by the older Final Cut Pro 7. But it is recognized by the newer Final Cut Pro X.

The Skinny: Sony has a line of cameras that start with inexpensive, feature-laden models and progress to high-end while sharing the same operating system. Learn on one, trained to use them all. I like that. If you can live with the limitations, you should get a lot of satisfaction out of the PJ200.
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VINE VOICEon September 25, 2012
Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I was excited to get this yesterday; I plan to use it with my Dad to tape veterans returning from Honor Flight trips to Washington, D.C. If you know a WWII or Korean veteran, consider letting them know about this free service to honor our heroes and let them see their memorials.

Anyway, I plugged in the camcorder and waited until the charge light went out and no power. I tried again, still no luck. I have access to another camcorder which uses the V type battery and borrowed that - and the camcorder works fine. The charger also works and the problem was clearly with the battery. Video quality is acceptable / I have more testing to do (and I had to return the battery to the camera it was from so I can only used it plugged in now) - as this was a Vine request I can't get replacement; I guess I'll have to go buy a battery so I can use it.

After reading the other reviews I was prepared for very dim projector (I have the projector model) - but it was not too bad; projecting to a 100 inch image might be possible in a totally dark room with dark adjusted eyes but with any light in the room that would not work too well. That said, I projected with the unit about 5 feet from the wall in a room lit by 4 lights and my wife could easily see it from across the room, though of course it is not a bright picture like a TV or a dedicated projector.

Overall, 2 stars off total; one of those is for the dead battery; this is not a bad value (as long as the battery works!)
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VINE VOICEon October 17, 2012
Color: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
- Compact/light
- Attractive Design black finish
- Built-in USB for easy transferring/charging
- Builti-in Projector
- I do like that the SD card slot is on the side, as opposed to being at the bottom, so I don't have to take it off the tripod.

The battery included with this camera is the smallest capacity Sony has available, the NP-FV30, which will give you about an hour and a half recording.
They also have other batteries available which are pretty much doubles the battery life:
NP-FV50 (about 3 hours)
NP-FV70 (about 6 hours)
NP-FV100 (about 12 hours).

I was kind of surprised at first how low the price was for this camcorder considering it had a built-in projector... but now I see why.

Well, here's why:
- No automatic lens cover (you have to open/close yourself with the switch on the side; well, it's still better than carrying a lens cap)

- Digital Stabilizer - Not a real stabilizer: "Steadyshot" on this camera is not an optical stabilizer so it really does nothing. If you have it "Active" then you're actually cutting off the video/view when it should be wider because the camera zooms in slightly for it to stabilize it electronically. I would personally have it OFF when you get it so you get more in the picture.

- No threads on the front of the lens, which means you can't put on a wide angle lens

- Does not shoot progressive HD.

- No Built-in memory

- If you close the LCD, it will stop recording since it will auto-shut off; there is no option to disable the LCD power off like on the higher model; there is no actual power button on this
model either (it just has a Play and Projector button)

- This camera is not for stills. Yes it is really bad for stills (only good if you're uploading small pictures). Again megal pixels has nothing to do with the quality of the picture. Higher megal pixels means nothing if the sensor is not capable of handling that amount. This camera is certainly not capable of handling 5MP. If you want to take good still pictures then you need to buy a still camera.

But it's actually surprising that the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX30V 18.2 MP Exmor R CMOS Digital Camera with 20x Optical Zoom and 3.0-inch LCD (Black) (2012 Model), a digital camera, shoots better video than this camera model. The advantage of this camera is that it zooms faster.

If you're picky about quality and really want HD, you really need to get up to the Sony HDRCX580V model.

The projector is pretty cool though, definitely not a gimmick. The camera has a nice design and is compact and light. Macro is good too. There is no recording lamp on the camera anywhere.

But this is pretty much Sony's basic entry HD camera with Projector added to cover up its below/average features. If you don't mind these flaws, then go ahead but personally, I would invest in Sony's higher model or even just go with HX30V if you're just casually shooting video.

You really get what you pay for with cameras. There's a reason why really expensive cameras cost what it is. I used to work in camera sales, and I had a lot of customers return and complain on how bad the HD quality is when they're buying entry-level HD cameras/pay only a few hundred dollars or less. It's really foolish to think you're going to get the best HD quality out there for a few hundred dollars. With that mind, if you're not overly picky and realize the limitations of this camera, then you will be happy. If you're very picky, save up your money and invest in a higher model. If you're going to be shooting precious videos like your kids 1st birthday or wedding, you really shouldn't be settling for a low-end camera anyway - you can't put a price on that.
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on October 15, 2012
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The projector is the key feature but unfortunately it is rather grainy in picture quality. Also- because of its size I find it unnecessary to project movies with this camera.
It's more like a toy to me.
I would not base acquisition on this feature. That fact said-very little reason to buy.

The zoom lens is a good one and it has good focusing feature-following the subject at hand. You can use standard cards which is not always true with sony. Image stability appears good.
Tracking your subject is easy.
The still images are inferior to most of my other cameras-and that is disappointing. The HD aspect is questionable,does not have that kind of clarity.
It has no earphone or headphone jack either.
The lens is good quality,and the built in projector could be useful to some-though it's range is limited.It has cables for connecting to TV. The touch screen is hard to read in daylight,making it difficult to get good compositions in that bright light. It's not bad-but at the price I would desire a better package,with less drawbacks.
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on March 18, 2014
Better buy one without a projector. It stopped working within a year. At first started with a white patch and then the whole projected screen went white.
They say that it has international warranty (as usual limited - a nice way to deny service). And they asked for half the original price to fix it.

Dont go for all these added features like the projectors. Looks like they are testing these stuff with your money.

The rest are all fine with the product
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