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on March 1, 2013
I bought this camera exclusively for the 3D function, as I'm sure you will. A couple things about the product advertising. They were not deal breakers, but I prefer honesty in advertising. You are not buying this for 2D, DLP LED projection, lens options, or anything other than just 3D so don't throw away that 2D camera if that's what you wanted.

1. 1080i is the only 3D format. 1080p is not available in 3D, no frame rates, no bitrates, no codecs, nothing.
2. You can not take a picture in 3D. This was unexpected as several Sony 2D cameras can do a 3D picture.
3. Low light performance, is not HD. Instead it is adaptive to the light in that part of the picture. Brighter objects get higher resolution and frame rate. On a big screen, it appears distracting like a cheap low bitrate webcam with low res and a slow frame rate on dark areas, high fps high res on bright objects. There is no way to disable this, so either record with the built in light, which is surprisingly bright enough or have some regular lights on indoors. Oh and prepare for friends and family to ask you "how much did you pay for this again?" As with any Sony camera I've owned, auto focus in lower lighting doesn't work, it keeps guessing every few seconds. Usually in the wrong direction, but you can go manual from the touchscreen.
4. Ps3, can only playback the 2D portion from the 3D recording. So use the hdmi cable instead.
5. No adapter ring to fit a UV/dust filter, neutralizer, polarizer or water housing.
6. The sony 2008 waterproof housing fits, and operates the camera functions fine, you'll have to use construction paper to block reflections, and software to adjust the waters pink color balance. If you don't own the water case, they only made it with cheap stereo mic's. but it is water tight, even in salt water.
7. No slow motion in 3D.
8. No golf shot in 3D
9. X.V. Color range must be reselected ever time the battery is removed. If you have a 3D tv, you have xv color range. Charge the battery in the camera, or when swapping batteries, make sure your settings are all there.
10. Steady shot is better than my 2008 model Sony. Actually better than most current movies and tv shows that think shaking makes drama more realistic. It's not perfect but for 3D, reduced shaking reduces eyestrain headaches.
11. Other things that do not work in 3D. White balance, spot meter, spot focus, iris, shutter speed, auto gain limit, low lux, scene selection, fader, self timer, telemacro, digital zoom, auto backlight, smile shutter and sensitivity, flash, red eye, recording mode, frame rate, HD/SD option, 4:3 option.

A note about 3D on such a small 20mm dual lens camera, the bigger the tv, or closer you sit, less 3D effect. Farther away, smaller tv, bigger effect. Probably why most stores use small 40" demo tv's and upsell, expecting customers just to assume bigger is better. They call this 3D roundness. If you are like me, after a short time, my brain tries to compensate and flatten the picture because it knows its really a flat tv that should not have any depth. Thats why the end of avatar doesn't look 3D anymore. An exaggerated roundness factor, helps. PS 3 games usually have a 3D effect option to turn a soccer ball into a football shape so your mind sees a round soccer ball. This is not the same as the 3D depth option on a camera or TV set. That depth option is a parallax screen alignment only. If the whole scene shifted in front or behind the tv, you can adjust that, not the actual depth perception or roundness. That would require a specialized computer program to calculate scene depth and then fractal multiply it, which isn't available to consumers yet.
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on June 7, 2013
I purchased this on Amazon initially, but it didn't arrive on time, so I ended up having to look locally and return this one to Amazon. This camera has many features, most of which I have not used. It was very simple to open the box and begin recording great video. The video is excellent in daylight. I filmed a wedding and reception. The wedding was outside on a sunny day, the reception dinner was indoors and party outside after. I filmed some parts in 3D and others in 2D. In sunlight, both turned out perfectly. The picture was vivid and clear. Inside, was standard lighting, and the picture was slightly grainy. The party that started in the evening outside as the sun went down was a total failure since there wasn't sufficient lighting. I also took pictures using the camera feature. None of them turned out great, just okay, really to be expected since this isn't a camera. The pictures I took with lower lighting were worthless. I'm marking 5 stars on this because in the proper light (sunlight) or with proper lighting added, the video quality was outstanding in both 2D and 3D. The display rendered the 3D in amazing detail. As others have stated, the only reason to buy this camera is if you want to film in 3D. One more thing, the audio turned out better than expected, an external mic was not needed for this event.

My major con on this camera was the short battery life. It took 2 batteries for 1 hour of videos (I did shut it off/on quite a bit) running no external devices, so plan accordingly.
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on April 4, 2013
I took 3D video at a colorful Indian wedding. Everybody, even the hired videographer, who saw the video in the 3.5-inch LCD would go WOW. I have to try the video on my 65" 3D TV.
The camcorder replaced an earlier excellent Sony camcorder HDR-CX500V, lost in Nepal. I am too new for this camcorder, but I am sure this will be a good or better replacement.
The 3D video is crisp and amazing and so much better than the 2D.
I recommend this camcorder to all.
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on July 28, 2013
I have only owned this camcorder for around two weeks. We took it on a trip to western Canada and the recordings are amazing. The camera is also small and very light to carry. Our family loves it!
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on July 21, 2013
Beautiful picture and in crisp 3D! We used it for our vacation in Kauai and now we have a ton of memories recorded in 3D. Almost like being there in real life.
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on October 18, 2013
I've purchased several Sony camcorders and will continue to purchase in the future. Lost my original TD10 during vacation, so I had to purchase this replacement TD30 without even blinking. The quality and build of this product is great. Make sure you use the Sony PMB software for archiving all your photos and videos.
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on March 18, 2013
Another post mention that a big screern 3d tv shows lack of 3D effect...
I also bought Vizio 3D 65" ($1600) from big brand store and the 3D effect are awesome from the camera. I watch at 8' from the TV which vizio recommends for 3D viewing.
The OEM battery (NP50) only has 71 minutes to start with, so I bought 2) NP-100v's & charger aftermarket kit for $40 online, far far cheaper than just 1 of Sony's batts. It now starts with 245 minutes (4hrs) remaining on the cheap np-100's. 2 np100's should last you all day, but the more you zoom in & out, it will use it a bit faster. Getting the 100's is almost a must.
One can get confused on after market battery ratings. Camera says 6.8v but you will see 7.2 or 8.4v battery advertised. 8.4v is the charge voltage, 7.2 is a full charged battery and 6.8 is the means voltage (in operation). So don't worry about how other manuf. rate the specs. Its the same - correct battery.

Does NOT come with an SD card so you cannot record (no built-in memory). I had to wait. Be sure to look for seller in USA and not china less you want to wait for weeks.
I picked up 2)64g PNY Pro X SDXC cards fairly (very) cheap ($40 ea) as no one else was bidding on them.
Few days later, am playing with the camera and am very satified with it.
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on December 19, 2013
I bought this camcorder because all the reviews were great. Immediately after my first vacation I wanted to burn my recordings into a 3D disc. It would not burn. I went through 7 layers of Sony IT support without any resolution. They finally sent this case to their software group in Japan. It has been almost 2 months and I have not heard a word from Sony. When it comes to camcorders I have always bought Sony, this was my 5th camcorder. I will wait another month and then take Sony to small claims court. It burns in Blu-ray but not in 3D. I guess it is time to say goodbye to Sony camcorders and move to Samsung or LG, another emerging brand name with better quality and software.

Now it is January 20, 2014. There is still no solution from Sony. They did try to resolve my problem by buying the camera back from me. In the meantime, I downloaded PlayMemories Home software on my work computer, bought a Samsung external BD R/W burner and tried again and got the same error message. I can burn in BD but not 3D. When I connect my HDR-TD30V directly to my Samsung Smart TV, I can watch everything in 3D and the videos are beutiful. PMH does not work. If you buy this HDR, expect to store all your vidoes on SD Class 10 cards.

February 16: I bought and used Cyberlink's PowerDirector 12 Ultimate and was able to burn a 3D disk. I am not returning the camcorder as I love the videos it takes. I am very disappointed with Sony's software but their customer support people were very helpful. For that reason I will change my review to 2 stars.
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