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on March 31, 2012
I did a lot of researchs before spending all this money on a camcorder

This one has all the best technology of Sony camcorders and more

Why to buy this one

1. Picture quality is superior, full 1080P which many other Camcorders have but the color quality is the best

2. The sound is 5.1 with wind sound reduction (we tried it outside in a windy day and it did a great job)

3. The moving lens technology makes the picture much more stable (I examined this technology by placing 2 camcorders on my car dash while driving and there was a huge different in picture stabilization)

4. The built in projector was more than my expectation, so cool

5. It has both sold internal and external memory

6. It has a remote control, GPS, wide lens 10X (17X optical)which gives you many options to use all kinds of attached lenses

7. 24.1 megapixels still image recording

But 3 things you have to think of

1. It's a heavy camcorder and can be tough to keep holding it for long time
2. Pricy, try to wait if you can and get it with the bundle (which it comes free)
3. Kills the battery faster than other camcorders , you need a spare one
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on May 15, 2012
I'm a pro filmmaker and worked for years in 35mm. I also have a Sony EX-1, which is a pro-level camera with 3 1/2" CMOS sensors.

In a/b comparisons of my EX-1 with the 760V, I have to say that I'm astounded. The color fidelity and depth is almost better on the 760 than my EX-1, and in terms of sharpness and resolution, the 760 is ALMOST the same as the EX-1--and the 760 costs 1/4th that of an EX-1. I did the comparisons on footage burned to blu ray, and shown on a 60" LED LCD Sharp Aquos TV.

I'm very, very fussy about image quality, and I was totally blown away by how GOOD the CX760V is.

I also did a/b comparisons using a CX160, and that camera showed a definitely inferior image quality with the EX-1. So you do get what you pay for!

In terms of the active steadi-shot, it's again nothing short of amazing. I did a 16 minute hand-held take, following my subject in and out of rooms and up and down hallways....and it looks like it was shot using a Steadi-Cam. If you use a still camera flash bracket (about $20 or less) for added stability for hand-holding, your results are even better. And the ability to zoom with such stabilization is great too. Finally, you can zoom to a full 10x zoom--and have things look ALMOST tripod steady. I've shown this camera to other filmmakers I know and they are astounded--and green with envy--when they see how easy it is to get such superb hand-held footage.

I do a lot of multi-camera interview, concert, show, and documentary footage. The CX760 intercuts beautifully with the much more expensive EX-1, so much so that I will be buying a 2nd camera to allow full 3 camera shoots with this great image quality.

I don't feel the camera is heavy at all (if the camera is too light it's IMPOSSIBLE to hand hold, even on wide angle!) and it's also so small and unobtrusive that you can easily get near-broadcast quality footage without being obvious or raising suspicion. I will probably use this camera exclusively for future projects where "getting permission" is nearly impossible. Funny, security will almost never stop somebody using an "amateur" camera, but will instantly stop and demand your ID, etc., if you have something that looks like an EX-1--even if you're on a public street and standing on a public sidewalk! This small camera will be invaluable for such shoots.

I'm totally delighted with this camera. Onboard sound quality is good, and it also has NightShot, which is fun if you want to do ghost-hunting videos or other extremely low-light shooting.

I've posted some test footage on YouTube showing off the Active (Balanced) Steadi-shot in a variety of situations--moving car, walking, panning to stop, zooming in to stop, shaky hand, and auto focus/auto exposure. I've also included some concert footage which intercuts a Sony consumer level older camera, a SR-11, my EX-1 (a pro grade camera) and the CX760v.

It's at [...] and you can also find it by hunting for "Sony CX760v Active Steadi-Cam Tests".
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on May 29, 2012
I've first read the other reviews here on Amazon before posting my own. This HDR-CX760 is a upgrade for me from last years HDR-CX700 and I have actually used both camcorders with the HDR-CX760 having just completed 3 weeks of daily use in very windy Mykonos, Greece and on the streets/canals of busy, wet and unstable Venice, Italy.

1) The camera is NOT heavy. It has 96GB of solid state memory which makes it very light. The battery size determines some weight factor based on which size Sony battery you will use (yes, take an extra).

2) The lens is heavier than last years HDR-CX700 but the benefits gained from the amazing 'optical balanced' system makes even an extra pound (if that were the case and it's not) so worth it. You will not tire out with the HDR-CX760 in hand all day. What we did, was attach a SLR neck strap to it so that it could rest against the chest like a SLR.

3) 'Balanced Optical' stability is amazing technology. Beyond any camera I have ever used. Buy it for this reason mostly and then for the brilliant colors this camcorder produces. The lens 'FLOATS' for perfected stability while shooting. No matter how hard you jerk the camcorder, stability mostly remains.

4) AVCHD formats and 60P vs. 24P vs. MAC vs. PC. Please do your homework before you shoot something vital. The menu is easy to navigate and user friendly but if you shoot top-of-the-line quality say at 24P, you'd better have a AVCHD DVD Blu-Ray player capable of playback. I had to upgrade to Denon's 1611UD to get both DVD playback at pure 1080P as well as USB playback using just files instead of DVD's. Same goes for a burner for Blu-Ray DVD's. I picked up Sony's very compatible VBD-MA1 burner which is a perfect marriage.

5) Is it worth $1400-$1500 for a camcorder? No way... It's worth much more for this high-end Made In Japan perfected near pro camcorder. The HDR-CX760 will exceed your highest expectations for quality and creative control and if that isn't your goal, you should consider an entry-level camcorder from Canon or Panasonic instead. And a iPad, cell phone or SLR with video capability isn't a camcorder. That's like shooting a wedding with a disposable film camera.

6) Sony customer service is still really sub-par. In fact Sony Corporation is dismal for customer service and support whether you buy a cheap $300 camcorder or invest $1500 in a top-of-the-line camcorder. But the risks still weigh-in as a positive buy in that this really is the BMW of camcorders.

7) Know that you will get the most unforgetable quality attainable in a prosummer camcorder; especially mentioning again that 'Balanced Optical' stablization found on Sony's very upscale HDR-CX760.

Worth every dollar...
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on December 18, 2012
The HDR-CX760V Handycam is one of the best HD camcorders on the market.
The one big flaw is its use of slow "high speed" USB 2.0 to transfer data. It takes hours of time to transfer movies from its flash memory into a computer. I wish Sony had equiped this camcorder with either a USB 3.0 or a Firewire 800.

Firewire 800 can deliver sequential transfer rate of around 90MB/s, USB 2.0 hovers more around 40MB/s and USB 3.0 averages at 150MB/s.

I think Sony dropped the ball on this one.
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on June 6, 2012
This is by for one of the best camcorders Sony has ever made for a consumer class. It has a ton of controls. Sony even added a manual Gain setting this year. The 60p, 60i and 24p shooting modes are excellent. The 1/2.88 sensor does very well in low light conditions. IMO it does better than the Canon Vixia HF G10. The 96GB of flash memory is more than enough.
The feature that really shines is the Balanced Optical Steady Shot. It is some of the best I have ever seen. When Sony said it offers up to 13x better stability than other generations they were not lying.
For the price you do get alot of features that other companies lack. The 26mm lens is also a plus, it's very wide and gets everyone in the shot. The night shot is also a bonus.
The only thing I would suggest is to get a bigger battery, It really drains the juice with all the new features.
I have to give it Sony, they really amazed me this year..
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on July 6, 2012
lens move as your hands shake ( the selling feature of this camcorder )
96GB internal storage
can take photos in video mode without switching to camera mode.
can keep taking photos until it buffer runs out, you will know this when it wont take anymore pictures and the sensor icon has this red graph moving left to right.

cannot take photos while in video mode if you pick highest quality 60p
some icons will not go away on the screen i.e. the 5.1 surround sound icon
taking photos in video mode takes much longer than in camera mode and you will not get the review shot like you do in camera mode ( by design i guess so that it wont interrupt the video shoot )
with the hood attached it seems to block a portion of the built in flash.
stock battery doesn't last that long (fv50) so pick up a fv100 while you're at it if you plan on using it alot.
optical balance only works if you have lens conversion option TURNED OFF which means your videos will shake if your hand shakes during the tele mode or wide mode.
could use a COPY mode so i can copy from internal to sd card ( doesn't seem to have it )
it remembers if left on sd card so if you take your card out it stays on recording to sd card so it wont work ( could be a pro or a con since there's a lag switching between internal and external i.e. the camcorder power cycles )
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on May 7, 2013
Great picture, great sound, reasonable battery life, enough manual settings to keep me happy in just about any situation (although I've found that the "Intelligent Auto" setting handles most situations quite well), and the Balanced Optical SteadyShot is simply *amazing*. Had some glitches when trying to use the direct copy to external HDD functionality, but it was with an older drive and a new 320GB GoFlex purchased just for this purpose has been flawless. The tracking focus works amazingly well, and I've used the projector more than I thought I would - has come in handy several times when people wanted to see what was recently shot, and is easier than trying to find a TV/monitor for playback.
My main gripe is that the lens module (the floating lens/sensor module that makes the SteadyShot so smooth) doesn't get locked down when the camcorder is turned off, even with the lens shutter closed. This means you can feel it bouncing around and bottoming out when you're carrying it - for example, it's unnerving to carry it in a fannypack because you can feel it bumping against the stops as you walk. So far no problems because of this, and I try to be gentle carrying it (or put it in my backpack, where I can't feel the lens unit thumping around :), but it's pretty disconcerting that such an important component is allowed to float around freely.
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on February 5, 2013
I had a minor problem getting the on-board software to download to my laptop (Dell XPS Studio, Windows 7), but a quick call to Sony tech support solved that problem. Now I am enjoying the great color and detail in videos. I am finding that shooting video (and the associated audio) is way more interesting and revealing than still photos. The detail in the video is as good as most digital still cameras in my view. I have already captured some important family and friends get-togethers. Plus some interesting animal shots; animals make good practice subjects to shoot video, as they move unpredictably. I am enjoying learning this new skill. The camera yields steady hand-held videos unless you move the camera enough such as when panning. The steady-shot feature works very well for me, even in long telephoto shots. In bright sunlight I find it easier to use the viewfinder than the LCD screen. Despite all its capabilities, it is relatively compact and light, makes me want to take it everywhere. It is easy to use, and it is easy to download your video masterpices to the computer, then do basic editing such as trimming out the unwanted portions of a video, then combining these takes into one longer piece. I haven't yet used the built-in GPS, the night video capability, the manual settings or the built-in projector, so can't comment on those. This camera has good performance in moderately dim indoor situations, i.e. the scene you see on the LCD screen and in the finished video is brighter than the real-life scene itself. The supplied camcorder battery might last for 40-50 minutes of average shooting, so I bought a second battery and a compact wall recharger, so I would always have the camera ready to go. The camera comes with a recharger but I think having the extra battery and the wall recharger is more convenient, and I don't have to do without the camera during a recharge. The batteries are easy to remove and replace. All in all, this is a quality camera.
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on June 11, 2013
I've owned numerous video cameras and camcorders, mainly prosumer ones and this one is the best. It produces beautiful imagery and is very well automated. Its a great still camera too and you could probably leave your still camera at home if you wanted to travel light.
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on September 23, 2015
This is a fantastic camcorder. It is light, easy to pack for trips and the hard drive stores a tremendous amount of recording. Picture quality is excellent and the software that come built in is easy to use.
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