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44 of 46 people found the following review helpful
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've tried many video cameras over the years, and consider myself a loyal Canon user. I've had the XL1, XL2, XLH1 and a few of their handheld consumer cams like the HFS10, so I was curious to see how this Sony HDR-PJ710V would compare to my past experience. And I have to say, I'm quite impressed.

Wide-Angle Lens

I really LOVE Sony's decision to include a wide-angle lens on this cam. I've bought an aftermarket wide angle for virtually every video camera I've ever owned, so to have that come standard this time out was a real nice touch. If we're talking a Canon XL camera, then the expense and hassle of an additional wide angle is justified. But as far as the average Joe(sephine,) getting a wide angle is a big deal in both cost and convenience. Most video cameras try to strike a balance between a decent zoom lens, and a barely adequate focal width. The problem with that is, the majority of us are using personal cams like this for intimate events like birthdays and family gatherings; environments that beg for the wide angle lens that most cams are lacking. Plus, aftermarket wide angle lenses never fit right, because the cams themselves weren't manufactured with the added lens in mind; even if you buy a name brand lens direct from the cam's manufacturer. So the extra attachments tend to block things like flashes, built-in lights, buttons, and often mess with auto-focus and an array of other nifty features you got the cam for in the first place. Plus, I hate carrying added attachments. A pro working environment is different; I expect to have a bunch of added gear in those situations. But for personal shooting environments, less is more. What's the point of buying a nifty little compact cam, if you have to lug around a bulky wide angle lens too? Doesn't make sense. As far as zooming, the 10x optical and 17x digital zoom works brilliantly too.

Floating Lens - Absolute Genius

Sony has taken their SteadyShot to a whole new level here, and competitors better take notice. The Active Mode SteadyShot on this cam means that the _entire_optical_lens_block on this cam MOVES to give outstanding image stabilization. The best analogy I can draw, is that it's similar to an accelerometer in a cell phone, in that, it senses the camera's movements and physically moves the lens accordingly to give an optimal focal point, and reduce camera shake to almost nothing. You can actually see the lens move inside the housing as you tilt and adjust the camera -- again... Uh-May-Zing!

Manual Focus & Aperture

Yes, this cam can do all that stuff automatically for you. But I have used many a camera where I had to fight with the auto-focus just to get it to focus in on the right thing. Believe me, having the option to manually focus your lens and adjust your own aperture settings is a huge deal, and not every cam offers the feature. Big bonus points for that one.

Every Shooting Mode Imaginable

Lets face it, sometimes cams like this come with so many bells and whistles, it can be daunting just to shoot some simple video. But the cool thing about this Sony is, you can put everything on auto-pilot and just shoot. Or, you can get into the nuts and bolts of it and really manipulate your shooting experience. 24p, zebra, peaking -- you name it, this cam's got it. So get as simple or as complicated as you like with this one.

Tracking Focus

Have you ever noticed that when you're operating a camera, that you're not totally a present spectator in what you're filming? Your attention is focused on keeping the subject framed and following the action. And because of that, you spend more time filming an event, rather than enjoying it first hand. Well, tracking focus eliminates that circumstance, by honing in on any subject of your choice and automatically following it, and keeping it in focus, even if it momentarily leaves frame and comes back into view. To put it plainly, set the tracking focus to follow your child in a school play, then just sit back and enjoy the show, while the camera automatically tracks your child's movements on stage and keeps them in focus for you. Coupled with the floating lens, and you almost don't have to watch what you're doing with regard to filming, and can keep your attention focused on what matters most... real life.

Built-In Projector

I'll refrain from pulling out the Thesaurus to look up all the synonyms for Cool; suffice to say, the built in projector is fantastic. It works quite well in an array of lighting environments and is easy to focus and use.

Decent Speakers

The built-in speakers on this cam are actually quite good and sound much better than other cams I've tried. It gets loud enough to be heard well and doesn't sound like a tin can. Even my pricey Canon XL cameras needed inline amplifiers just so the sound could be heard while using the camera.

High Quality Touch Screen

Excellent viewing angles, crystal clear image worthy of an HD cam, very responsive with no lags or quirks -- top notch and VERY nice indeed.

Good Menu Navigation

The next most important thing to a responsive touch-screen, is having coherent and clearly laid out menus that are intuitive and easy to navigate. Sony did a nice job here. Everything is easy to find, clearly marked in a way that makes sense, and pictographically pleasing to the eye. Some cams fail miserably in this department. What good are all the bells and whistles if the menus are so convoluted you can't find anything? You shouldn't have to repeatedly refer to a User Manual because the tech department failed to create coherent menus. Thankfully, Sony took the time to do a good job with this.

Great Mic with 5.1 Surround Recording

Excellent wind reduction and noise cancellation, with 5.1 recording to boot. And the accessory shoe and added inputs can accommodate higher caliber external microphones.

Geotagging Via the Built in GPS Receiver

This is one of those features I don't expect to use much, but I can see it being invaluable for some people. The camera can automatically tag your photos and videos with the precise location of where they were taken, via the internal GPS receiver. Think of Google Maps automatically built into your video camera. Nice touch.

Bottom Line -- Sony has certainly moved the video camera into the next century with this one. The HD video quality is pristine, and the camera is very easy to use. And the floating lens and tracking focus are exceptional. And I haven't personally seen these features on any other video camera. It is pricey, but this is a great video camera. I'll definitely be reaching more frequently for this one over my Canon. I can't see giving this video camera anything less than 5 stars.
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VINE VOICEon April 28, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Want the short review? Okay. THIS THING IS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC.

Here's the obligatory, longer and more detailed review. We'll do bullet point format for this one.

- It's kind of weird seeing the lens bob around the way it does when you first take it out of the box. I swore that it was broken and was ready to scream bloody murder until I plugged it in to the AC cord and powered it up. The lens moves like that because it's basically its own steadicam. It locks into place when it turns on but it seems to be on a gyroscope of sorts. Handheld panning shots are now incredibly smooth.

- Just about everything you need comes in the box

- There's an attached USB cable that comes out from the camera and rests in the hand strap. Never seen this before in other cameras and it's a wonder as to why if this is indeed the case, why this wasn't done sooner. Admittedly, it's a very short cord (maybe 2") but the box comes packed with a USB extension, so don't worry about your camera getting uncomfortably close to your computer if you don't want it to.

- Connected to my Mac through iMovie with absolutely no hitches (sigh of relief)

- Video looks GORGEOUS. Guaranteed, this camera has the settings you need to get what you shoot exactly how you want it to look

- 24.1 MP still photo capability

- Manual focus knob up at the front. If you've got the included lens hood attached, the lens hood kind of gets in the way of comfortable operation but the fact that this camcorder has a manual focus knob included is a very, very good thing

- Speaking of focus, you can use the viewfinder to select targets to keep focus on

- Viewfinder is a touch screen and very intuitive

- The camera as a whole is very intuitive in fact. There was very little I had to go back to the manual for, once I had a decent amount of time fiddling around with it

- The viewfinder has a projector on it. This seriously boggles my mind. Naturally, it doesn't look so great in a bright room but project your footage against the wall in a nice dark or dim room and the results will astound you.

- A built in, Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound microphone. You can see the mic levels on the viewfinder in a small, unobtrusive little icon for each channel. Amazing.

- Takes SDHC cards on top of the already included 32gb's of internal memory

- Nightshot and built in LED flash/light for those low light shooting situations

- Also has GPS geotagging capability. Didn't really mess with that too much as I already feel like everyone already knows where I am as it is

BOTTOM LINE: This camera is really, really impressive. Yeah, it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of a professional grade movie camera but I'm willing to bet that in the right hands, someone will make a great looking picture with this thing. The picture is beautiful, the sound is crisp, it's easy to operate... I can't say anything bad about this camera because I'll be nitpicking, which I will leave to the super tech savvy reviewers. Take it from me, this camera does not disappoint.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I'm not going to lie, since the late 90's, I've been a pretty solid Canon customer. Sony gear always seemed just a little too proprietary (I'm talking to you, MemoryStick) and just a little overpriced. But the HDRPJ710V has definitely changed my perceptions.

I've been using a Canon Vixia HFS10 for the past couple years, so I'm accustomed to a "prosumer" camcorder. And while the HFS10 is an incredible camera in its own right, I can't believe how drastic the improvements in the newer Sony camera are. Facial recognition is almost instant, and very intelligent. Transitioning from various sources of ambient light is silky smooth, and the picture quality is well maintained through very bright light, as well as low-light.

I was especially surprised by how good the night vision / pervert function is. Resolution is excellent if you have even the slightest bit of light. Similarly, I wasn't too hopeful about the Dolby Digital recording capabilities, but the end product is astoundingly professional.

The Zeiss lens is suspended in a float, so it takes a fair amount of trembling to see a shaky picture, which is a good thing... largely because the handstrap is unforgiving in its smallness. Though on the upside, Sony chose to integrate a USB cable in to the handstrap. And if you're the type to add filters, you can use the native 52mm screwthreads, or the included stepdown to 37mm. Also included: a very nice lens shade, remote, HDMI, and AV cables.

So, awesome image quality, very good build quality. My favorite thing, though, is that you can directly access your files through USB. Plug it in, grab your files, and go. No need to connect to AC power, and no need to convert on the fly. I can't believe it's taken this long for a higher-end camera to be able to do this!

Downsides? Well... yeah.

Battery life is less than stellar. At just over two hours' use, you're going to want to invest in a spare battery or two if you're planning on doing the "record and project" thing. As for projection... you have to understand that Sony isn't bundling an expensive projector in to an expensive camera. It's cute, and kids will definitely think it's cool. But the image quality suffers outside of ideal conditions, though the speakers are surprisingly loud and clear. Similarly, the included GPS mapping feature is functional, albeit strange. Unless you're mapping out samples of plants you're taking in the rain forest, I don't really see many people using the GPS function often.

Sony includes the most basic video editing software I think I've seen. Even Flip cameras came with more robust software. While this is probably geared toward someone who has a flavor of Final Cut or Adobe Premiere, I was kind of disappointed to see that there wasn't a Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 Production Suite license included in a camera on this tier.

All things being equal, this is almost certainly the best camcorder I've used, and it only takes a couple of minutes to see how reasonable Sony is in commanding the price.
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on November 15, 2012
I don't generally write product reviews and I was a little reluctant to do so since I don't consider myself to be tech savvy when it comes to camcorders and video, but I felt compelled to let people know just how impressive the Sony HDR-PJ710V camcorder is.

I recently had my first baby so I was in the market for a HD camcorder to capture all of those special family moments. I wanted a reasonably priced, mid-range HD camcorder, so after a significant amount of research I decided to buy the Sony HDR-PJ260V. Once I received the camcorder I noticed immediately that the plastic housing felt extremely cheap and didn't seem to warrant the $550 I had paid for it, but since my primary concern was the video quality I reserved my judgment. The first couple of videos I shot on the highest recording mode looked excellent, but I was filming in very well lit conditions. Once I started shooting video in medium and low-light conditions the footage became really grainy and blurry when panning, which was extremely disappointing because it made the video appear more like it was in standard definition, not HD like I expected.

After a few weeks I'd seen enough, so I decided to return the camcorder and exchange it for the next Sony model up, which was the HDR-PJ580V. However, after reviewing the PJ580V specs it didn't seem like there would be much improvement in video quality, since the lens, image sensor, and stabilization mode were identical to the PJ260V. In fact, the main upgrades appeared to be double the on-board memory and a built-in light, which didn't seem to be worth the $750 price tag.

At this point I was frustrated because I didn't want to spend $1000 or more on a camcorder, but on the other hand, I wasn't satisfied with what I'd seen so far in terms of the HD video quality.

Despite my reservations I ended up taking the plunge and spending the money for the HDR-PJ710V, based off of the rave reviews from video professionals and consumers alike. Not to mention the extra motivation I had to preserve in beautiful HD those special moments with our son that we could never get back, which ultimately helped tip the scales and convince me to pony up the extra cash - and let me tell you, I'm so glad that I did. I've only had the camcorder for a month so this won't be the most comprehensive review, but so far I can tell you that the old adage holds true "You get what you pay for." Simply put, this camcorder is worth every penny.

As previously stated I'm by no means a video professional, but the video quality on the highest recording mode (PS - 1080P/60P) is quite honestly stunning. The disparity between the video I shot with the PJ710V compared to the PJ260V is not even close. I connected the camcorder using the included HDMI cable to my Samsung 64" HDTV and the video I shot looks as good as any Blu-ray DVD I've seen. The color, clarity, and sharpness of the picture are phenomenal. At first sight it was almost hard to believe that a consumer camcorder was capable of capturing this level of video quality, but it's legit. I'm convinced that Sony's new Balanced Optical Steady Shot stabilization system along with the higher quality Carl Zeiss lens and the larger image sensor are major contributing factors in the video quality of this camcorder. Speaking of the stabilization system, it's incredible! I don't know exactly how Sony did it, but the BOS technology really does take most, if not all, of the jitters out of the video.

This camcorder has a built-in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound microphone and it does not disappoint. While recording you can actually see the audio levels of each individual channel in the view finder. When I was playing back my video on my HDTV I was amazed to hear the full range of audio coming through my home theater surround sound system. In fact I could even hear ambient sounds from the rear channels, which was very impressive.

From the moment I held this camcorder I could tell it was a high quality piece of equipment, unlike the PJ260V, which felt more like a toy. It has a beautiful, sleek design and the build materials give it a much more high-end appearance, overall it just looks and feels more like something an adult should own. The camera housing is not comprised of cheap plastic like many of the other camcorders out there. It is slightly heavier than most of the other camcorders I looked at, but the key word is slightly. Your arm definitely won't get tired holding this camcorder.

This feature seemed very gimmicky to me at first, but I have to say it's really slick and it packs a lot of punch. It's very easy to focus and the projected image is bright and clear in a variety of lighting environments, but as you would expect it looks best in a totally dark room. The projector is not something that I can see myself using frequently, but for those times when you don't have access to a HDTV and want to show the video you just shot, I could see it being very useful.

The menu system on this camcorder is very intuitive and accessible, I rarely find that I need to open up the user manual to reference anything. The view finder has a beautiful, crystal clear LCD screen with very responsive buttons. Another amazing feature of this camcorder that I'd be remiss if I did not point out is the Intelligent Auto mode. You can actually see via the view finder that the camcorder is making all sorts of quick, on-the-fly adjustments to the color, focus, lighting, white balance, etc. in order to record the best quality video for the particular setting. I found this feature to be extremely impressive and convenient, especially for those of us who are not video pros and find it a little daunting to make manual adjustments. It takes a lot of the complexity out of recording video and allows you to just focus on what's most important - recording those great family moments.

Let me clear something up, this camcorder IS compatible with Mac computers. I read customer reviews to the contrary and it almost prevented me from purchasing this camcorder, which would've been a shame, so I wanted to make sure people could make an informed buying decision. I have an early 2011 model iMac running Mountain Lion and importing the AVCHD video files in the highest recording mode (PS) works flawlessly with Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5.5. Prior to upgrading my OS I was running Snow Leopard and that worked perfectly as well. With that said, be warned that iMovie won't recognize the AVCHD files when recorded in PS mode (1080P/60P frame rate), but it will recognize and import video shot in all of the other modes (FX/FH/HQ/LP). Also, if you're planning on archiving any of your AVCHD footage onto Blu-ray DVD using a Mac please note that you'll need an external Blu-ray burner and a 3rd party burning software like Roxio Toast 11 Titanium (with the Blu-ray plug-in) in order to do so. Apple does not support the Blu-ray format so you can't author Blu-ray movies with their proprietary software. I'm using the DIGISTOR External Blu-ray Burner along with Toast 11 Titanium, which works great.

Sony really knocked this one out of the park. If you're contemplating purchasing a mid-range camcorder in the $500 - $750 price range I highly recommend that you increase your budget if possible and pull the trigger on the Sony PJ710V instead, trust me it's worth it. It's by no means cheap, but you're essentially getting a borderline professional grade movie camera at a consumer level price, and in my opinion a camcorder isn't something you upgrade every 3-5 years like you would with a computer, which may help you justify spending the extra cash. The bottom line: This camcorder is AMAZING! It's easy to use and shoots GORGEOUS video. I could not be happier with my purchase and I can't give this camcorder anything less than 5 stars.
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on July 19, 2012
I love this camera. I've had quite a few video cameras over the years including the Canon HF G10, which is a great camera but I lost it. I just tore my bed room apart again but it's not there. So I bought the Sony PJ710.
IMAGE STABILIZATION is unbelievable. Why isn't this in the headlines of the Chronicle? I walked along in a parade and you would think I had a steady cam or a dolly. I doubt any other camera could shoot this smoothly. The images were stellar, fantastic and so was the sound.
PROJECTOR is great. It actually works well. I showed the video's we took at the zoo to a five year old in a small shadow on a sunny day. It is far better than you would think possible from a little LED in the back of the LCD screen. You have to wonder about reviewers who expect 2000 lumens out of it. The truth is its almost miraculous. We are living in the future.
ADJUSTMENT KNOB works well. The knob needs no instructions and takes seconds as opposed to the world of embedded menus of the G10. How could adjustments be any easier than this on a small camera? You can adjust focus, white balance, exposure, and more.
Open the screen and the camera is on. Plug in a mic and the mic is on. You don't have to go through many layers of menus searching for the mic - on button. Why Mr. Canon, would you plug in a mic if you didn't want it to be on anyway? Hit the play back button and your clips play back. Again, no menu enabling required. The attached USB is stored in the handle ala Flip Cameras. Very convenient.
The Microphone seems much better to me than any other camera I've had. 5.1 sound seems noticeable. The cameraman is muted somehow and people walking by are in stereo. There is actually a 5.1 sound level display on screen, believe it or not.
The viewfinder would be nice, but not sure if it is worth another $300.
WIDE ANGLE LENS: Finally. Gotta love that. But even though everything on this camera outperforms my expectations, the real deal MAKER here was the new image stabilization technology. That is beyond belief and something to see.
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VINE VOICEon June 4, 2012
I bought this because I wanted to use the night vision feature(to figure out a sleep movement disorder), and in its latest line ups, Sony offers this only on its mid-high end vid cams. This is targeted strictly at right handed people. The straps, orientation, menu buttons etc. For my initial use anyway, battery life and weight were not a concern since I used this mounted on a tripod plugged in -- I invested in an SanDisk 64GB Extreme Pro SDXC Card (SDSDXPA-064G-A75) and in the low res mode found I can get an impressive 14 hrs or so of recording time. The night vision works best from about 5 ft or less, but the beam it uses is not too intrusive though definitely visible. Especially if you are used to a night light. I love that this charges from the AC cable. Pictures it takes are amazingly sharp -- and I love the optical zoom. It took great still pictures too and my iMac pulled stills and video clips into iPhoto no problem. Being able to rotate the LCD helps so much with taking pictures in bright sunlight. Its really easy to tell the camera to record on the built in 32GB vs your card. I'm not sure if it transitions automatically between the two like on my Canon 5D Mark III. My south-paw son loves all new gadgets, but found it much less ergonomic. His hads are small as a 10 yr old, and I have small hands too, and the camera is easy to hold but not all buttons easy one handed. This is definitely a camera for two handed operation.

It weighs a ton if you choose to carry it around all day, and after a trial run, we promptly ditched this for all day use at disney in favor of Nikon COOLPIX AW100 16 MP CMOS Waterproof Digital Camera with GPS and Full HD 1080p Video (Orange) which is tough and compact and much lighter. Clearly not in the same class in movie or even still taking ability though.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on June 15, 2012
I am new to the camcorder so please don't make any decision based on my review alone! Prior to PJ710, I bought another SONY camera, an entry level one, CX260v. Played a few days. Felt like wanting to try a higher level one so I returned that and got this. Played with it a week and take it to a 3 days' trip to Houston. Below are a few things I like about this camera:

1. Manual Dial. Very Handy, but camcorders at the same level almost all have similar thing, differences are others have a ring instead of a dial. Don't know which one is better but this one is not bad.

2. Stabilization is very powerful.

3. Projector. It is a good way to share videos with friends.

4. Slow motion. It can shoot 3 seconds 240p videos and play back in 30p in 16 seconds. Of course the picture quality is not good but it is really fun. We shot something like leisure diving into hotel bed or eating oyster in an ugly way. Pretty fun. Weird that SONY is not even advertising this feature. Many people don't even know it. The entry level cx260 also has this though.

5. Night Shot. Not useful but is a interesting feature. Don't see this feature in other same level models from other companies.

6. Picture quality seems great but I don't have any comparison so...

7. The body design Looks great.

Now things I don't like:

1. Closest focus distance. I didn't research on it so don't have solid proof, but I feel like it has a hard time to focus when zooming in on something close. I need to zoom out so it can focus. I don't have this issue when using the entry level cx260v which can even zoom in much more without any focusing issue. But again I have not done any research on both camcorders' specs so don't blame me if my feeling on the focus was totally wrong :)

2. Stabilization. As I said the stabilization is very powerful, but the power makes it difficult to follow a moving object, like a bird. If the bird is still at first and starts to move, you move the camcorder to follow the bird, but because of the stabilization, your first movement was will notice that the lens is still shooting the same place so you move your hand even further and finally the lens moves but you have moved too far and it passes the bird... It is like you try to move, it does not move, and it suddenly move too much, which sometimes makes me feel dizzy. You can change the stabilization level to a lower level but you will of course lose the extended zooming ability.

3. Projector and speaker are weak. Turning off all the lights at night and getting that SONY speaker can bring you great time I guess? That loses the fun of sharing the video anytime anywhere.

4. GPS: I guess for PC users the GPS information can be transferred using the tool that comes with the camcorder? I don't think you have a way to export those to Mac. Once you take all the videos/pics out of the camcorder you lose all those GPS info. So for Mac users only being able to interact with the medias on a small map through the LCD is not quite useful..

5. I hope LCD can be bigger like 3.5"

6. No view finder. It seems that camcorders around $1200 all have a view finder but this one does not. PJ760 has one but it costs $1500 (6/15/2012). A viewfinder may not be that useful but I personally think it is something that indicates the level of a camcorder. Just like the small secondary monochrome LCD on top of DSLR. I really think PJ710 with a $1200 price tag should come with that, even the price become a little bit higher. Otherwise it looks not in the same league as Canon HF G10 and Panasonic X900M.

7. Bad grip. Wrist sore after shooing for 5 minutes. Don't have comparison so this does not count.

8. This is more trivial. Zoom in/out control is not very smooth, just comparing with the entry level cx260v. Give it a little more pressure and it zooms in/out too much. You need to operate it very carefully.

All in all, great camcorder, but given the price tag I don't know if I really get what I paid for in this case. I am going to try X900M next. It is only $900. I am not having much expectation but I think it definitely has a higher performance/cost rate.
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on December 12, 2012
I received my HDRPJ710V a few days ago and I absolutely love the camera. I mainly bought this camera for special events where I want quality video taken (birthdays, vacation trips, family events, ect.) and where the camera will last a while before another camera purchase. I am having a wedding in a few weeks and want to use the camera to record everything with also recording the honeymoon trip. So far the camera runs perfectly! I also bought the Sony LCS-SRC Carrying Case to protect the camera during trips and the case fits pretty well. You will need some type of case to protect this expensive camera.

-Image Quality both picture and video
-Feels snug in my hand
-USB clipped on hand strap
-Bright light
-Image stabilizer works flawlessly
-Projector :)
-Choice between 5.1 and 2 channel audio
-Zoom In/Out doesn't distort much of the quality

-Nothing really so far except the price. However, the name is Sony and you are buying quality along with the brand name. I do wish the camera came with an included external memory card but the internal memory is sufficient for right now.

Conclusion: If you are in need of a really nice camera you want to last for a few years, and the price is around your budget, then defiantly pick up this camera! You will not be disappointed! I did purchase the extra warranty just to be safe. Thanks Amazon and Sony!
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on October 10, 2012
I took it out of the box and used it immediately. So very easy to use. Then I read the directions. The only trouble I had was with the included software, but that is just me being elterit.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on June 2, 2013
It doesn't get better than Sony's PJ710V digital HD camera. After extensive research I bought this for our family at Christmas 2012 and have not been disappointed. In fact, this camera continues to impress me each time I use it. The ability to project your videos on to any surface is just an added bonus. The floating lens is phenomenal. I no longer have shaky movies and they look as though everything was shot from a tripod, not my trembling hands. There are so many features it is are to keep track of them all. I love the fact that you can tell the camera which person to follow and focus on in a group shot (Great for team sports). It uses facial recognition to track and keep the focus on your kid while still recording the game around them. Quality is out of this world and I continue to have people ask me how much I paid for it ($1,099.00), where I got it and what my opinion is about it. I could write for hours but wanted to keep this as short as possible. I promise you will not be disappointed with this camera. It is truly a piece of art which you can use to create your own.
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