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on July 13, 2006
First off, I am hardly the one to take time out to write reviews, but I felt so strongly about the high quality of the "Sony KDF-50E2000 50" 3LCD Rear Projection Television" that I wanted to share :)

Before you order, consider shipping wisely; some places may have bad reviews when it comes to actually getting the item you ordered, or string you along until one is back in stock. If you read the fine print, more often than not, the shipping is upwards of $150 or more because they have to use a freighting company, tack on extra insurance costs, gas, additional blinker fluid allowances, etc. They may not know or care that the TV should never be laid on its side (as a few different store reps have told me). Similarly, if you find something wrong with it, they may not accept returns on such a big TV, so you'd have to ship it yourself to Sony for repairs, etc, unless you buy an additional in-house warranty.

I researched and researched until I finally decided I didn't want plasma because: 1) the refresh rate isn't as good as with a regular TV, which translates into motion blur or lag when playing video games, and 2) cost. I bought this particular model because its the newest model (more ports) over the *discontinued* Sony KDF-E50A1050. Screen size -wise, seven to ten feet viewing distance is said to be optimal for a 50" screen, which was perfect for my living room. And, just like plasma TVs, this TV and similar ones can still be mounted on the wall.

I shopped around online, opted to buy mine at CC, and picked it up myself at the store, for around $1800 including tax. I basically traded the worrying about hidden shipping costs, delays, return issues, etc, for paying local sales tax. Having a SUV handy is a must here. Though the TV fit, we had to take it out of the box to slide it in upright. At a mere 60-70 pounds it was suprisingly light for its size, and a breeze to lift into my entertainment center and position into place with the help of a friend.

Quality-wise, seeing this TV (or any, for that matter) on display in the stores does not do it justice. In the stores, they use the factory default settings to make the images catch your eye, making colors and visual effects appear way off. Once I got it home, I recalibrated the settings (custom) using the THX video calibration tool found on The Incredibles DVD--this saved me weeks of frustration. Picture clarity on non-HD channels is great, and on HD/DVDs, fantastic. The virtual surround sound is simply awesome--I'm no audiophile by any stretch, but I know with sound this good, I can wait a little while to expand into the digital receiver/satellite speaker realm. I got goosebumps watching Neo fight off 100's of Agent Smiths in the burly brawl scene of Matrix Reloaded. Fight Night 2 on PS2 never looked so good as it does on this TV--so much so that I haven't even tried my other games yet, it's THAT close to playing the game for the first time. GTA 3, here I come.

Another thing that impressed me about the TV: the menu controls are extremely intuitive; the only confusion comes when pressing the various 'shortcut' button does the same thing as navigating the menu options, and is to be expected. I only had to read the manual to figure out how to program the universal remote to add my DVD, cable box, etc, and that was a snap. When in doubt, hit Menu! My only gripe is that all functions on a remote control that you're replacing may not be covered: I still have to scramble for the cable box remote to view the online Channel Guide. However I think this is an issue with all universal remotes. Once I got the TV calibrated the way I liked it, I didn't need all the extra functions on the TVs remote every day, so it helped to program the new tv into my old cable remote.

The only other downside with this and all other projection lamp TVs: you will have to replace the "sony xl-2400 replacement lamp every 8,000 hours of use, or when the picture becomes dark, or when the lamp LED flashes." At this time, the replacement lamp runs about $150-$200, but even if you average six hours of TV time a day, you may go 3 1/2 without having to replace it. This factored into my decision as well, but in the end I justified: what's $50 a year (if that) to replace the lamp and make the picture as good as new again, vs the issues other TVs can have?

There are detailed instructions in the manual (google it to see) that explains the process in detail. Depending on where you go, for around $200 you can get an additional 2 year warranty that covers one bulb replacement (you call, they mail the bulb).

All in all, it is a great buy for the amount of TV that you get, and I highly recommend it!
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on May 9, 2007
This is a great TV, but it has a serious flaw. The "light engine" goes frequently. I've had mine for 8 months, still in warranty, and had this happen. The tech said I should definitely get the extended warrantee from Sony because it would happen again. He sees it all the time, and it's a $2000 repair when not under warranty.
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on November 7, 2006
If you don't intend to hang your new HDTV on the wall, then a SONY projection TV is a smart choice. Unlike the old big box sets you saw in bars and resturants, the new generation weighs around 65 lbs, is a mere 15" deep and has a picture that rivals plasma or LCD.

With any of the new sets, you need to do your homework and undestand room size and such. Forget the worries of the projection light (lamp) needing to be replaced every 18 months to 2 years, a trival cost.

The picture is crisp, clear on both HD and non HD signals. Remember the source of the signal is everything and I have cable and again even the non HD channels are just stunning. My benchmark was a 3 year old 36" Sony tube, so my comparrsion is against a real strong performer.

The sound is excellent from the internal speakers, adding a external sound system is clearly something some want to do, but not really necessary for broadcast TV.

I compared this for a long time with the Samsung which is also a very good product. I decided on the SONY because I thought the sound slightly better as well as the underlying technology. Don't read that as the Samsung not being a strong performer, it is. The decision just came down to having great luck with Sony in the past and the minor differences I detected.

I ordered mine from Amazon who delivered the set exactly when promised with the delivery people very professional (Eagle Global Logistics).

Great set and Amazon delivered the product on time.

Sorry for the long review.
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on July 10, 2006
I FINALLY ordered this KDF-50E2000 on July 6, 2006 from Amazon - J&R for $1599. The price jumped down from $1799 in 1 day and I pulled the trigger.

Have been comparing different models since last 3 to 5 months. Actually saw the items at BestBuy and Sears. For first 2-3 months was almost decided on Samsung DLP 5067. But read lot of online reviews and personally talked to the store guys and everybody voted for Sony. Now all sales people in BestBuy know me as I have gone so many times to see and get feel of the 2 brands - Samsung and Sony :-).

I have place for 55 / 56" also but prefered to go for 50" because the image in 56" gets little distorted because of enlargement. I viewed both the TV in different lightings and played around a bit with menus and setting at the store itself.

The sharpness of Sony is ULTIMATE. Mine is bit brighter room so real techies suggested that Sony LCD should be better than Samsung DLP. DLP are not bad though, they are pretty good too.

I would say Quality wise this model is exactly same as their previous model KDF-E50A10, this one just has few additional ports. Resolution and contrast is exactly same (some people with half knowledge suggested me that this model has higher contract but its not). This surely is lighter in weight than the earlier A10 model. This is launched recently and very few stores actually have this. They still are selling older A10 model. Even Sam's club has older model.

Oh yes did I mention I had started with shopping for Projecter which is much cheaper but finally voted on this model of Sony even though I paid about $800 more. Projecters are good for completly dark rooms and are ok for occassional movie or game watching ...not for daily TV watching. You don't want to spend whole evening in dark room. Down the lane I shall install projector in my basement.

I am waiting for my item to arrive and shall update the review with first hand comments of MY OWN TV !!!
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on September 7, 2008
Unfortunately after owning this set for 18 months, it has developed a blue haze in the upper right and upper left corners of the screen. It seems that this issue has appeared in several Sony rear proj. LCD models including this one. It's very expensive to repair and seems to stem from dust infiltration which is inevitable. The cost of repair exceeds half of the origainal purchase price. Lamps are expensive as well. Perhaps a full LCD set would be a better choice (i.e. Sharp or Vizio) with no moving parts.
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on January 30, 2008
we bought this Sony in July of 06 and now (Jan-08) we have ghosting color bands at the top of the screen that have doubled in size in less than a month. the closest Sony tech is 70+ miles away and I have to haul it up there, pay him $225 and pray it's the Optical Block that's the issue which should still be under warranty (we hope). This is the second Sony projection TV that has died in under 5 years. Shame on me for getting this one. Guess Bush's 'stimulus' will be going to a new TV! don't get one, you'll end up paying for it. just google 'Sony optical block' and you'll see what I'm talking about.
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on July 14, 2009
Please be warned - all rear projection tv's by sony will cost you 1.2k to replace this part. They will not fix it.
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on July 6, 2007
There are plenty of comments already posted about this tv, so I will focus on the delivery. EAGLE delivered this product, and everything about their service is subpar. Amazon sends an e-mail after purchase, informing you that Eagle will deliver the tv with White Glove service, and that they will contact you to schedule a time. I had the tv delivered to the loading docks at my office, so no delivery time would be necessary. Unfortunately, on the day of the delivery, no tv ever showed up. EAGLE dropped the ball, and when I called to inquire, I was chastised for not calling earlier. When the tv showed up 3 days later, it looked as if someone had sat on the box. All of the styrofoam was broken, and the box was smashed on all sides. Again, I contacted Eagle, and was informed that unless the tv didn't work, there was no problem. I was told that if there was a problem with the tv, Amazon would ship out a replacement.

Take this into consideration when purchasing large electronic items from Amazon. Amazon may be incredibly awesome, but their choice of shipper for this product is anything but.
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on March 28, 2007
Sony has done it again! This television is just as good as many of those 1080p sets that are out now. I have nothing to complain about as well. I hooked this up yesterday and was able to tune in 18 digital channels with a standard antenna! I didn't need anything special, just an indoor antenna and that did the trick!

Also, I hooked up my dvd progressive scan player with component cables and got an incredible picture to the point that my dvd's look like HD-DVD's!!! Love it, Love it, Love it!!! I highly recommend.
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on January 27, 2007
This is the 1st HD TV that I have owned, but I did a lot of research on which one to buy. For the price, this one is a steal. It picks up the broadcast HD chanels over an antenna and they look better than cable on my cousins flat screen LCD. I had a section of burnt out pixels on my original TV, and Sony support was great. They sent a replacement and packed out the old one. I would recommend this to anyone.
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