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on April 12, 2014
There are not a lot of reviews, or really information, in general, on this television. I have owned it for two weeks now, and I would like to share my experiences. First off, I cut the TruMotion stuff: not interested in that 'soap opera look.' No further comment on it.

Color is a little off, but not too bad. Maybe me just being overly picky/critical. Delving into the 'advanced' menu quickly fixed it. Black levels on this TV are phenomenal. This is the closest to a plasma picture I have noted on a LED. The only thing is the image processing. Going from light to dark or vice versa will cause a 'jolt' in brightness as the screen attempts to catch up with the image. It freaked me out at first, but, since then, I have reduced the screen's overall brightness, and I have not seen another instance (not to say that is what fixed the 'problem').

I am not into 3D, but...I tried 2D to 3D conversion on 'The Dark Knight Rises'. I was impressed, very impressed. So much so, I went out and bought Jurassic Park 3D. Much better 3D than the TDKR conversion. It pops. No bad artifacts or anything, just pure dino-in-yo-face action. All that being said, I will probably never use the feature again.

SD up-conversion was very good. I was afraid my collection of DVDs would be choppy or pixelated, not the case. All content looks great on the television. (TV paired with a Panasonic BDT220)

If you have any questions, I will do my best to answer them. I am no videophile, but I am peculiar about the picture.

In all, Sony has brought forth a great television with a lengthy list of features at a great price.
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on October 20, 2014
I start all of my reviews with a confirmation of the specific model of the product I am reviewing. I get really frustrated when I see reviews here on Amazon lumped together for multiple models and even multiple products. The TV I am reviewing here is the Sony KDL55W700B, purchased from Best Buy. It specs the same as the KDL55W800B sold here on Amazon but lacks the 3D feature. I compared both side by side at Best Buy and could find no difference in picture quality or features other than that the 800B is 3D and the 700B (exclusively sold at Best Buy) is not.

THE TV: This is a fantastic TV. Especially at $1,000 (700B model). The picture is significantly better than my 2006 Sony Bravia SXRD 55”, which was 1080i. Absolutely stunning detail and color rendition. I agree with some other reviewers who report it looks nearly like Ultra Hi-Res. At 120hz and 55” I must also report that it is more than adequate for motion blur. In fact I have not detected any. I am a sports fan and have watched multiple NFL and college FB games, plus two NASCAR races, a pair of NHL games, a pair of Formula 1 races, and a Moto GP race and this TV rocks with all of those. I do see some slight blur with streamed content, but that clearly is produced by the streaming because I see the same on my smaller TV sets and on my computer when streaming and when watching similar events on cable I see none of that on this TV. I have no interest in 3D which is why I purchased this model from Best Buy.

VERY IMPORTANT: VESA mounting – This TV has (4) VESA mounting points and the spacing is Vesa 300 X 300. HOWEVER make sure to fish around in the packing materials to find the “wall mount attachment” which is a pair of 6M threaded standoffs/spacers. Those pieces of hardware are NOT sealed in the plastic envelope that contains the paperwork and remote control, and are easily overlooked. They are important because the lower portion of this TV, where the lower two Vesa bushings are located, is about an inch thicker in the back than is the upper portion. So those two standoffs/spacers are needed to square up the back of the TV for a Vesa wall mount or Vesa stand. (Please see the two photos I have attached).

In regard to the stand that is included with this TV (and with the KDL55W800B), in the stores the TV seemed very wobbly when mounted to the table stand that is included. Much of that was likely due to the fixtures the TV was displayed on. I have put this TV on a Sony TV entertainment table that came with my older Sony SXRD 55” TV. I have small grandkids, so I am planning to mount a VESA 300 adapter plate to the back of the TV and run a pair of stiff metal straps from the back lip of the entertainment table to the VESA adapter plate. That to stabilize the TV and prevent any forward or backward tip-over. The adapter plate I plan to use is the Monmount Adaptor-4 VESA 300 adapter found here on Amazon.

SOFTWARE/SMART TV FUNCTIONS: Initial software setup up was a breeze. I was able to get my three HDMI inputs connected and recognized immediately. I used the THX video setup app on a Cars 2 DVD to fine tune my video and audio settings. Straight out of the box this TV did not need much adjustment for its viewing environment in my family room.

I absolutely LOVE that this TV has an Optical audio OUT. The four HDMI inputs and that Optical out greatly reduce the number of cables/wires at the back of my system. With the full Dolby sound contained within the HDMI’s “in” from my Cable Tivo, Blu-Ray, and Apple TV, the Optical Out is now the ONLY audio in to my entertainment system’s audio receiver. So I am able to leave the receiver set on TV Audio for everything. No more switching the audio receiver from TV to DVD to Aux or back as my audio receiver passes to the receiver through that one Optical cable the Dolby sound for whatever source the TV is using.

Smart TV functions. Let me first say again, as TVs go I LOVE this TV as a TV. I don’t think you can get better, especially for the price! But Smart TV? This seems to be the downside for this TV. What I do with my TV is watch it. For that this set could not be better. Repeat could not be better. I already have Smart TV functionality through a Blu-Ray player and through an Apple TV, so for me the Smart TV functions of this TV provide only a small dose perhaps of convenience (not switching inputs).

The Smart TV Apps are numerous, even overly numerous, but the functions are slow. I write this solely because though not important to me it may be greatly important to others. The implied convenience of Smart TV is for me null as I can switch inputs to say the Apple TV more quickly than access the apps provided in this TV’s software. The Smart TV functions are very slow even compared to the 4 year old Sony Blu-Ray connected to it, and also very slow compared to either my Apple TV (3rd gen) or my Roku 3. So the other reviews I have read are all consistent on this issue. Examples. Once the MLB app finally loaded for me and I signed in with my subscription I had no difficulty viewing an archived baseball game. But I had constant problems watching an archived NHL game via the NHL app (subscription to NHL required). I experienced constant buffering stalls and was bounced back to the game selection screen on several occasions. I loaded the same game with my Apple TV. The App loaded instantly on that device and I was able to watch it that way without interruption, so the issue did not seem to be at NHL.

Initial setup of the Smart TV functions was not without a dose of significant frustration, both with the TV and with Sony Customer Service.

Sign-on to my home network ended up for me an OK experience. BUT. I have two (2) home networks. One is the Wifi we use for our computers, tablets, and smart phones (when home). The other is a separate Wifi network (separate router) that carries my Cable provider’s Tivo. Signal strength at this TV for both networks is excellent. My primary Wifi is extremely fast so I first attempted to connect to it. After a very long handshake sequence the attempt to connect failed. I tried three times without success. I then tried connecting to the separate Wifi that carries my Tivo and that connection was successful. I left it at that! The security protocol for both systems is the same so I don’t think that was the issue. Because I was able to connect with one, but not the other, I fully believe the small number of those other reviewers that report problems connecting with the KDL55W800B.

Once connected, I recall that there are two basic setup steps to complete. One is to update the system software in the TV. That took about 5 or 6 minutes. The other step is to refresh the internet content. This is where the Smart TV Apps load into the TV. And there are quite a large number of apps that will come your way. I believe some 80 or so, or more. I was able to load and use a handful of apps, but then I ran into problems with the NHL (hockey) app. It required that I go to a Sony website and register, and to do that enter an activation code (NHL activation code). When I got to the Sony web page it wanted me to register with Sony first, and required my “Device Code”. When I clicked on the fine print “help me find this” I was instructed to press the Home button on my new TV’s remote, skip across the “XCross” bar at the top of the screen to “Network”, and then select “Enhanced Features”. This is where the trouble began!

On my XCross menu bar there is no “Network” selection. I did find a Network sub-menu under “Settings”, but there was no Enhanced Features option. So I called Sony Customer Service. My hold time was less than five minutes, but my frustration time stretched to 45 minutes with a seemingly conscientious agent putting me through repetitive loops of completing the TV’s initial setup again and again, then updating the system again and again, then refreshing the web content again and again. After putting me on hold for up to five minutes three times, and engaging me for over 40 minutes, I asked my call to be escalated to the next higher level of support. Another 3 minutes on hold. Then the same agent came back on and directed me into the “All Apps” area of web content and asked me to find an app named “Enhanced Features” There must be 80 or more apps to look through and I got really frustrated that I could find no App named “Enhanced Features”. Another hold. Then he came back once again and then asked me to look for “Install Enhanced Features”. Now you have to know that App names get truncated to about 6 to 8 characters. So the reason I was unable to find “Enhanced Features” was because all that showed for the app was “Install E”, WHAT A COMEDY!!!!! I was then able to run the App, install the enhanced settings, and finally able to see my Device Code.

All of this happened because the directions – in print, on the web, and within the E-manual stored in the TV’s memory have not been updated/corrected to reflect that the function to Install Enhanced Settings have been removed from the XCross menus and is now obtained through a Smart TV app with a truncated name. Wonderful! And it appears nobody at Sony had the foresight to send a memo to support agents to advise of this. So 45 minutes with support and I am now without what little hair I had left.

BEST BUY DELIVERY: My Best Buy delivery followed an online order. I found the delivery process to be 100% automated with no person to person contact prior to the cell call from the enroute delivery team 45 minutes before the delivery. And wouldn’t know it? The delivery contractors tried to evade every delivery obligation spelled out on the Best Buy web site, which clearly was to include takeaway of my old set. I will post more about that experience on the Best Buy web site…. I did get the contractors to perform, but it took some teeth pulling!
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on April 11, 2014
I purchased this from Best Buy for the same price (plus taxes), I was weary about buying an item of this size shipped to my house.

I am not very tech savy when it comes to Home AV. To put it into perspective, the last tv I bought was one of first LCD generations LG 32' (first XD system) for around $2300. Phenominal TV for the times, but it doesn't hold a candle to current tech.

Fast forward, I finally got the itch for a new tv because I was getting the AmazonTV to replace using the horribly slow online content with my Samsung Blueray. I knew this was a Smart TV, and I originally wanted my money to go more towards the picture quality than features....until I saw this TV!
Like the other reviewer, I was on the fence between this, Vizio M501d-A2R which was $200 cheaper, or a 60'' Sharp Aquos for $999 that was a clearance model 2013.
I still had skepticism about Vizio long term, and the Sharp was possibly going to be too big for my single-bedroom apartment, but the biggest factor was screen quality, which the Sony trumps all!
I considered LG and Samsung, but Samsung has left a bad taste in my mouth with the last two products I've owned from them, and their panel picture seems overly saturated, which is nice if that is what you like. LG has a more natural screen like Sony, but the models in the same specs just didn't measure up in picture quality not to mention if I wanted a LG with 4 HDMI, I would have had to spend a few hundred more to get it. The Sony is really that good!

I am still toying with the settings (there is a lot of them) and have no experience with the 3D since I do not have a 3D source, but my understanding is that the components used to make the 3D panel is better quality than the 2D panels which improves the 2D quality as well. The blacks are very black, but accurately differentiate shadows. I cannot comment about the hertz rating with the 120,240, 480Hz stuff, but there is more than enough custom settings there to get the exact performance you are aiming. I believe some sources stated that the 2013 version of the 800 series were a bit of a letdown, and that those same sources state that the 2014 (this model) is significantly better, and dialed to compete with other brand's high models that cost $100s more, and I honestly believe it looking different brands/models side-by-side.

Nearly every aspect of this TV is understated with the exception of the actual panel which pops with very vibrant and natural picture. The bezel is very thin so there is very little distraction. There is a small light that can be configured to your liking that will flash when there is remote activity or turned off. I turned it to low so that it isn't distracting while watching TV, but when it goes to screen saver mode (when my pandora times out after a few hours) I know the TV is still on.

The remote was a bit of a letdown cosmetically. Even my 2003 LG LCD had a much nicer remote, but I plan on investing into one of Logitech's universals to simplify things anyways. However, it is easy to understand and navigate with so in the function department, it's all good. Everything is done on the screen anyways. It has 4 HDMIs which I had a requirement of 3+, but in the end I couldn't get the Audio Return HDMI to function properly sending the audio signal to my AV Receiver so I ended up resorting back to running everything into the receiver and having one HDMI going to the TV. The Good thing is that even with the pass-through, the banner will still recognize the device automatically.

All-in-all, if picture quality trumpts all, and you want a 50" from a company that is a proven performer in the AV world. The biggest companies in the biz (Samsung, LG, Sony, Sharp, Vizio) all offer great product, and there are small differences between the brands. The only one that measured up spec-wise was the Vizio M501d-A2R which also had a really good picture and a $200 cheaper price tag, but the Sony wins out hands down with a bit better screen quality, less glare, and the peace of mind that it will most likely still be working 12yrs from now in a world of planned obsolescence and product engineering. I feel that Sony is a superior product in that respect and feels a little bit more "future proof" as future proof as a tech product can be these days.
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This television is spectacular. I have always preferred plasma televisions to LCD and LED because of superior blacks, lack of motion blur, and avoidance of the "soap opera effect." However, this tv suffers from none of those flaws.

Instead, what you get with the Sony 55-inch 1080p 120hz 3D Smart LED TV is an absolutely stunning picture and great built in smart features in a beautiful piece of technological art. (The one thing I cannot comment on is the sound quality, because we immediately hooked it up to a surround system and have never used the built in speakers. A factor in choosing this television was the fact that we had read that the optical audio worked perfectly with SONOS, and this turned out to be true.)

It is impossible to overstate how elegant the Sony is, as well. We bought this tv to replace a 50" Samsung plasma. It just looks so slim and stylish, especially compared to the bulky Samsung it replaced. Also, because the 50" Samsung did not fit in the hutch thingy that my wife bought (without measuring, ahem), we assumed that we would at best be able to fit a 50" Sony in the same space. We were astonished to discover that because the bezel is so slim on this television that we could actually fit a 55" Sony in the same space that the ridiculously over bezeled Samsung 50" would not fit in!

We previously used a Sony Blu-ray player to stream Amazon Prime, but this television has the same capacity built in. It works flawlessly. Sometimes you'll get a little lag on the connection, but it resolves itself pretty quickly. Speaking of wireless magic, the Sony was able to interface with my wireless network in about ten seconds. It then took about ten minutes to update its firmware.

(This connecting to networks and updating stuff used to be hit or miss with these type of products. I feel like it is now standard and not a point in the product's favor, but I mention it in case folks wonder if the Sony is up to snuff. It is.)

The 3D is pretty cool, but, in my case, I always find that 3D hurts my eyes after a while, so I don't make much use of this feature. That said, my wife and I watched the Lorax in 3D and it really popped out of the screen. It was a fun change of pace.

Back to that soap opera effect: I remember watching Stargate on my parents' Samsung LCD television a few years ago. Everything looked washed out and like it was local news. The image processing capacities on the Samsung were terrible. I saw the same movie on the Sony recently and it was like night and day. Although there were still some scenes that probably looked better twenty years ago, overall the film looked awesome on the Sony.

In conclusion, I don't think you can go wrong with this television. I have only owned the television for four months, so if problems develop, I guarantee you I will be back here to curse Sony and their ancestors. But so far, so good.

I hope you found my review helpful. There are some great reviews here with a ton of technical information. I'm just a simple caveman television watcher and I know what I like. This television is absolutely killer and I cannot imagine anyone not being blown away. I think it is a steal at the price.

Happy to answer questions in the comments. Thanks for reading!

Update: my wife and I were at a friend's house watching HBO, in HD, on their Samsung LED tv from a few years ago. We were stunned by how much lower quality the picture on the Samsung was. I don't know the specs or the settings on the friend's tv, but the superiority of the Sony's picture quality was almost inexplicable. Is the processor in the Sony that much better? I don't know. But it reinforced our belief that this is a truly great television.
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on September 16, 2014
I had a 2010-2011 Samsung LED that was hit by a lightening strike. I went to a local large electronics store and looked at new TVs. They didn't have this model, but they had the 700b. The image on it was great even on the digital antenna the store had their TVs connected to. I ended up going to another store you had this TV as an open box item, but they had it connected to satellite. The picture is really good compared to the new Samsungs I looked at. I had two concerns with this TV based on the Amazon reviews. First people complained that the lag time from power on to picture was really long. I have NOT experienced this at all. As a matter of fact, the TV has a picture before my Sony 5.1 sound system can verify the correct audio channel. The Smart TV apps are a bit slow, but I have Apple TV so that isn't an issue.

The bigger issue was the wall mounting for this TV. The 50in does NOT have VESA compliant holes. Sony put a "better" speaker system in this TV that takes up more space. The TV itself is less than an inch thick, but the speakers at the bottom stand off the back about 2.5 inches. This means that a standard VESA mount won't work. Sony makes an adapter that is essentially a metal box that you attach to two screws (yes only two) towards the top. It gives a VESA mount a flush mount with the bottom of the TV. The second mounting issue I discovered involved the two screw holes at the bottom. Instead of the holes being at the surface of the bottom back, they are inset about 1.5 inches. The mounting screws that come with a VESA mount aren't long enough. The mounting holes on the adapter are M8, but the holes on the bottom of the TV are M5. You need a 2" screw for these bottom holes. Local hardware stores don't carry a long enough screen in Metric 5. So going on a tip I found online, you can use 10/32 2" machine screws from a hardware store. The 10/32 rattles a bit in the M5 slot, but the threads line up exactly. I used Teflon tape around the base of the screw to make it tighter and it worked perfectly.
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on April 7, 2014
I have owned several modern tvs: Panasonic plasmas, Samsung LEDs, sharp LEDs. Nothing will compare to the color accuracy or deep blacks of a plasma, but this tv truly is breathtaking. I actually thought it was a 4k tv initially. There is so much pop that it is a joy to watch. The level of detail is phenomenal.

I prefer passive 3d to active tv, granted I did not buy this for the 3d or smart features. The remote is decent, not good or bad. I purchased this for $999, which is a steal IMO. I did try out the vizio m series and it left a lot to be desired. At this price point you will NOT find a better picture.

If you want to see more reviews the uk variant of this same tv has a model number 829b.

Scene: Cinema
Picture Mode: Cinema 1
Backlight: 3
Contrast: 95
Brightness: 49
Colour: 48
Hue: 0
Colour Temp: Warm 1
Sharpness: 50
Noise Reduction: Off
Dot NR: Off
Reality Creation: Manual
Resolution 50
Noise Filtering 20
Smooth Gradation: Low
Motionflow: Clear
Film Mode: Auto
Black Corrector: Off
Adv Contrast: Off
Gamma: 0
Auto Light Limiter: Off
Clear White: Off
Live Colour: Low
White Balance (these are specific to my set - its probably better to leave these unchanged)
R-Gain 0
G-Gain -5
B-Gain -10
R-Bias -1
G-Bias -2
B-Bias -3
Detail Enhancer: Off
Edge Enhancer: Off
Skin Naturaliser: Off


I updated my settings. I simply love this tv more and more each day. I typically am not a fan of the motion smooth settings, but I have found setting motionflow to clear provides such a clear sharp picture. It keeps sports judder free (hockey has a slight judder) and movies/shows look fantastic.
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on May 17, 2015
After doing a ton of research, I settled on getting this TV. Best decision ever.

The picture quality, color, and contrast are superb. The slim black bezel makes the TV look very sleek so that it blends into the background and allows the screen to be the primary focus. It is incredibly energy efficient and has excellent lag time response (perfect for gamers). The apps are solid and the overall OS is solid, but they're certainly not speedy or flashy. I will likely get a forthcoming version of Roku or Apple TV as they have much quicker UIs and have better apps for Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other movie channels. However, the existing UI and apps are decent.

Now for the VESA mounting solution...

As many, many reviews have noted (here and elsewhere), Sony decided make a non VESA compliant wall mount design. I'd like to think there was a good reason for that decision, but alas, I'll have to wait to talk to St. Peter to find out.

In the mean time, some sage human beings have devised a way to mount the TV using a VESA wall mount. Instead of using the hastily (and non Sony) designed VESA mount adapter with only two mounting points that Sony recommends on their site, I was able to find a much better designed VESA wall mount adapter that uses four points. ( It cost $16 and was only $10 to ship. I installed the VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount and secured the 200x200 base plate to the adapter and then attached the adapter to the TV. It fits perfectly and is very sturdy. I was able to mount the TV to the wall mount without a problem because I'm a bigger guy, but you might want to get two people to attach it to the mount arm. After securing it to the arm, I was able to adjust the viewing angle and position--just as you would without needing an adapter. While the adapter does make the TV stick out from the wall more than a VESA mount normally would (see pics), it's not a big deal to me.

Bottom line: this is a spectacular TV that you CAN mount using VESA adapter.
review image review image
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on November 25, 2014
Bought the Sony KDL50W800B on sale for 848 Prime. The picture quality is fantastic with deep blacks and great color. Very sharp picture detail. I use this for cable, movies, video games, and a PC monitor. I cant comment on the sound as i have it running through my Denon AVR.

The input lag in gaming mode while using ps4 is incredible for a 50 inch.

I wall mounted this TV with the brackets that were included. Its not vesa compatible out of the box but they do sell an adapter. I used a piece of 3/4 inch plywood and lag bolted it to 3 studs. Then used 8 lag bolts to attach the brackets to the plywood. The picture is before i painted it to match the wall.

I gave it 4 stars because i have one dead pixel in the top right corner. Otherwise this is a perfect TV.

-The Dad.
review image review image
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on February 5, 2015
I'd lucked into buying a returned/Used Sony KDL-50W800B from the Amazon Warehouse. It arrived in further condition than the description details listed, with a minor exception. While I had expected some scratches and damaged box, the TV itself was flawless without any scratches at all. I would have said this was absolutely brand new if I hadn't known better. The only thing wrong was it was missing the plastic stand adaptors that slide into/onto the metal stand and into the TV chassis. Otherwise everything was present and in pristine condition. I can't complain for sewing $300 off a brand new one in an unopened box. Sony referred me to a third party parts supplier for the two missing pieces which will cost $9/piece to replace. I have to count myself very lucky.

As for the TV, I was very impressed with the screen and features presented. The screen is a semi gloss screen that has excellent viewing angles and is sharp resolution. Depending on the settings you chose will determine the overall picture quality though. I did play around with the color, contrast, brightness defaults and some just didn't work for me. I ended up using another reviewers suggested settings, which did fit my needs very well and made the picture really pop. I was also fairly impressed with the built in speaks, but I have an AV receiver that handles all the sound and decoding. Sony also has added a lot of internet apps to this line of TVs, which is why I wanted to go with the Sony Bravia line to begin with. You can log into the Sony Entertainment Network to stream/watch your purchased TV shows and movies without a Playstation 3/4, Playstation TV or other device. I have heavily invested in the PSN network over the years and have the PS3 and 4 and PS TV, but I really wanted to simplify the system rather than hairy to worry about running the media thru several different devices. Now, I can just turn on the TV and watch. In addition, you are also able to play PS3 streaming games without a PS3 console. You have to rent the games instead of buying but that still helps to eliminate another device. The available apps range from Netflix, Amazon Prime and everything in between for streaming media content.

Is this TV worth it? I'd say it is. But if you are looking for the latest and greatest like 4k, then you might consider their other newer models. But I have to say, take a look at this one because the picture is superb!
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on March 2, 2015
I purchased this TV by reading reviews on Amazon and Best Buy. I trusted the 'Sony' brand and also the price -$899 was within my budget for a 55' TV. Out of the box the size and beauty of this TV is breathtaking. The slim bezel and the thickness of the tv is very elegant. I was super impressed. I set up everything and plugged it in. It started with the setup page and everything went fine with me setting up wifi in 2-5 minutes. I was all set to launch the youtube or Netflix app. But it asked for an software upgrade, I thought lets get it done and selected 'yes'. oh boy was that a very bad idea. The TV first re-started and with that the black n white blur thing(I used to see this several years back when we used to lose cable connection) came up and said 'no input found, please select an input'. I tried pressing the 'input' button, no response. tried power off, no response. tried to shut down using physical button on back of the tv, no response. I unplugged it and plugged back in, same thing happened repeatedly. My worst fears of taking a wrong decision started coming true and I was tensed. I chatted with Sony representatives, they gave few links but identifying the issue, but could not rectify it.. then spoke to a Sony representative on the phone and tried to rectify it, no use. I was so frustrated after 2 hours of getting it set up that I lost hope and gave up. I had my lunch and spoke to 'Electronic Express' my seller to schedule a pick up to return the TV. She was very kind, and scheduled the pick up with no questions asked.
After that I started searching online as a last resort. found correct in 10 seconds a video explaining the issue and the correct way to do it. Finally after couple of attempts to 'reset' the TV, I was able to get the TV back to its factory settings. Now while setting it up, I selected 'No automatic updates' because I read in one of the forums that the new update from Sony was filled with bugs which could screw the TV and its internet connectivity. I use only 'internet' to use the TV so I was a bit concerned. But now the TV worked just fine. After 2 hours of multiple attempts I was able to set it up successfully and that's the reason I knocked off a star.
Once the TV was set up, the beauty of output is just awesome. I watched several HD trailers of movies like 'the force awakens', 'Jurassic World' etc.. and the experience was great. The depths is color, the sound output was excellent. Overall a very good tv except for that hiccup while setting it up. I need to check out the 3D experience. I will buy the Avatar 3D or Spider-man 2 blue ray and then test it out.
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