Customer Reviews: Sony KV-27FS120 27-Inch FD Trinitron WEGA Flat Screen TV
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on January 16, 2004
As the title states, this television "is" perfection! I purchased this approximately a year ago as the centerpiece to a second system and have since found it to be one of the wisest television purchases I've ever made. The only mistake that I made was not getting the model that included the picture-in-picture feature. In conjunction with the Sony SLV-N700 Hi-Fi VHS VCR and the Sony DVP-NS325S DVD Player (Silver), this small system has worked beautifully, with this exceptionally outstanding FD Trinitron WEGA TV enhancing the viewing/listening experience with its superior quality in image and sound!
As features go, there is little to want for that this marvelous television set does not have as is detailed in the editorial review and the technical specifications on the front page for this product, there are however, some wonderful features that I would like to highlight in this review. One of the most important aspects of a purchase such as this is a well written and thought out operating manual with clear and concise setup directions and Sony has done an outstanding job with that whereas many other manufacturers do so miserably.
Given that there are four separate video inputs for this exceptional TV, it can be, as I've been using it, set up as a system independent of a stereo receiver and you can have up to four different devices such as a VCR player, DVD player and camcorder attached to with no problems and still have room for one more device of your choice. Given for such wonderful performance as a stand alone set as functionality goes, you'd be hard pressed to find a better deal in a television set of this quality and price range.
The on screen menu system is perfect on this set, possessing a majority of the functions that a customer would enjoy. Among those features are parental controls; two timers and a sleep timer; four different preset video modes; color temperature; VM (Velocity Modulation; audio setting to include treble, bass, balance, effects and MTS.
The remote is also a picture of perfection providing you've set yourself up with a Sony "system" as you can control the television, the VCR and the DVD player with it, providing that much more ease of use without having to keep track of two or more remotes at once.
For the consummate audio and videophile such as me, this is an outstanding television set! I highly recommend this or any other outstanding Sony television set to any and all who demand quality from their television sets without wishing to dish out much higher dollars for HD and flat panel sets that are "way" over priced at this time. {ssintrepid}
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on September 30, 2004
I've had three Sony TV's over the past 15 years - all wonderful.

As such, I immediately looked at the FS120 Wega in buying a new unit this fall. The picture color, contrast and detail are superb and the sound rich. But I noticed that horizontal banners such as those on CNN, ESPN and the TV Guide were wavy - curving up at the left and right sides of the screen and bulging up in the center. I thought the TV must be defective so I exchanged it for a second, then a third and fourth. I even changed cables and locations. All were unable to hold horizontal lines straight. I have two 4 year old Sonys with rock solid screen geometry. I also checked new Toshiba's - I didn't like the sound - but the picture geometry was fine.

This flaw is only really noticeable in news or informational programming, but if you watch these - note: current Sony FS120's have an apparent design flaw that may drive you to distraction.

Though I love them, I am returning my last Sony and will likely switch brands.
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on June 22, 2004
I've had a slew of uninspiring 19 inch conventional televisions, so this Sony 27 inch is practically perfect in size, picture quality, and function. No, this is no HDTV and when viewing cable and tv shows, you can easily see more graininess and lines than an HDTV if you do a direct comparison, but for a conventional TV, it still is the best that I have seen.
The picture is sharp, clear, and lively when you sit close and from afar. Colors are saturated, but not overly so- the result is pleasing to my eyes and I enjoy watching it. The biggest feature in my mind is the 16:9 mode. This mode allows the TV to use all of its resolution for widescreen viewing, making it a mini 25-26" widescreen. In this mode, I cannot see any lines and the picture is clean and vivid. Watching widescreen DVDs in this mode is so rich and clean- I cannot describe it- I swear it is close to HDTV, but in tiny form, but the clarity and resolution are still very high- Finding Nemo is very sharp and there are no lines visible to my eyes.
There are some downsides that I have noticed- Even though this is a flatscreen, the glass has some distortions and lines are not perfectly straight. This is normal in all tubed TVs. Also, for this basic model, the 16:9 mode is activated in a menu so it takes like five button presses to get to turn it on. The sound quality is improved, but you still need a surround system to get full sound. As another reviewer has said, to turn off the TV sound (to use your own surround sound), you have to go through a menu. I think the more expensive versions have direct buttons for these features.
Dudes, you know how important a TV is when you get home and just want to veg- HDTV is great, but costly and not really ready for anything other than basic TV channels and DVDs. If you are watching regular non HDTV channels on an HDTV, you will need a 34" widescreen to get the same conventional 27" picture. For the price, I'd rather get this TV now and wait for HDTV when it matures (in about 2006). The 27 inch TV is perfect for a small apartment or a large bedroom. At a viewing distance of 6-7 feet, it feels intimate, but not "large." This TV is the cream of the crop in its class and provides entertainment without digging a large HDTV hole in your wallet.
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VINE VOICEon June 3, 2005
Sony really created a winner with the "Wega" series, starting back in 1999. I had one of the first Wega sets(20") and it is still going strong today! I then bought this set to replace the other one as my main set(Which was just replaced with a Wega Widescreen Rear Projection).The main Wega advantage is, of course the picture. The first time I saw the picture, I could NOT believe my eyes! So bright, so crisp and colorful! This is mainly due to the tube design and something called "Velocity Scan Modulation", which basically increases the sharpness of the picture to an intense level. Everything from the look of the TV down to the remote have been thoroughly thought out. Do not hesitate to pick one up!
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on February 27, 2004
I was looking for a good 27" TV and of course everyone mentions the Sony.
Not a Sony fan, I see them resting on their name more than anything these days, but I figured I'd give it a shot.
Hooked it up - Component DVD, S-video gaming, antenna.. all of it. First things first, clarity is really good. I went from a blurry as heck 25 to a pretty crisp 27. Nice. Games looked outstanding. DVDs looked.. well.. wrong.
I bought the TV because it had 16:9 mode. Great, I love anamorphic dvds. Turned the option on in my dvd player, turned 16:9 on with the tv.. Hmm, it doesn't look right for some reason. I checked online and it is a known issue that the sonys oversqueeze the picture. And we're not talking a mm or so, we're talking over an inch. So a 2.35:1 movie was more like a 2.45:1 or 2.5:1. Something that was grossly distorted. Soo, I had to break into the service menu, grab some measuring tape, and used a setup disc to make a circle, well, circular. Something Sony obviously couldn't do. Flaw one, but fixable.
I tried watching the Simpsons on this Tv - not a good idea. Homer is Yellow, not orange. People don't all have sunburns on TV. I tried fixing the colour and it got to the point where to make skin tones look even tolerable, everything else had a noticeable drop in saturation. Checked online, surprise surprise, red push for sony tvs. Only on the newer FS100s they've changed the registers in the service menu, so good luck finding out exactly what to change because it's not what it used to be. Flaw 2, not quite fixable.
Then there was the geometry. Images shouldn't bend out near the top few inches. Also, when I was playing games there was major distortion in games that had letterboxed cutscenes - to the point where it looked like the few inches between the blackness of the letterbox and the bright scene resembed a scrambled cable station. NOT good. Flaw 3, I didn't even want to try to fix it.
Took the thing back. From what I've read, it's definitely common enough that I didn't want to bother with another Sony. Maybe I'm picky, but for 400 bucks I deserve to be.
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on October 10, 2005
Just got it and I like it. As many noticed the Sony picture just seemed so much sharper than anything else in the price category. It is really a good picture and has good sound as well. It has a good closed caption system which was important to me as my wife is foreign and often gets lost with slang and regional accents.

Let me jump right to the meat of things:

I originally had the 24" but retuned it. I was totally happy with the picture but it didn't have the inputs I needed. This one did. Now I can have my VCR, TiVo and DVD all hooked up and leave the front inputs for video games. All as it should be.

A few negatives:

1. As others have mentioned, this TV is freegan heavy. Don't think that you're going to hold this TV while your buddy hooks up your A/V stuff - Plan for that.

2. Here is the one that really gets me - it takes forever to turn on. That is, when you turn it on it takes like 6.5 seconds before you see the picture. This sounds minor and maybe kind of is, but I turned on the TV because I wanted to watch. Okay, I am ready... If you are a type B person, don't worry about it. It bothered me so much (not a type B) that I returned to the store to look at others. Others sets were noticeably faster at "booting up", I compared them side by side. Some sets came up much faster but in all honesty, I didn't like the picture as much. I decided to live with the small inconvenience.

3. It is so silver. Anyone who has been TV shopping recently, has noticed that they are all silver. Why silver? I have a beautiful wood cabinet and a silver TV.

Overall, I think that it is the best picture for the money.
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on January 31, 2004
I bought this tv from CC and had high hope for it. A $350 Sony 27" flat screen? what a steal right?
Well.. maybe...if you have a big house or bad hearing..
The high pitched noise from the back of the tv is so annoying, i never felt happier turning OFF the tv! its like a better version of nails on blackboard... i have to exchange it to another tv thats not as good graphic wise as the Sony.
What a shame, i love everything else about this tv..
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on June 22, 2005
Most of the time this TV delivers a remarkably tight, accurate, bright picture. I can't imagine how it could be better. Depending on the source the picture can be astonishingly good. The bells and whistles incorporated into this set are likewise very satisfying to use. Not too many useless buttons, just enough useful functions. Most of the time the set does its thing perfectly well without any adjustments from the function menu, but the right functions are there like a godsend when necessary. My set has a slightly annoying hump in horizontal bands across the bottom of the screen, noticable when news channels run their ticker tapes along the bottom. It's noticable when some horizontal spreads across the top of the screen, too, but this happens less often. Measured, this bump must only be 3 or 4 millimeters off level, but it's just enough to notice and make someone like me wish I knew how to adjust it out, if possible. All things being equal this quirk, and a faint tint of blue on the left side of the screen when the program is all white, represent less than 1/2 of a percent of the total performance of the set, and I'd say it's the best TV I've ever owned--and I've owned a lot of them, sony's included. The sound is fine although per standard the set lacks a woofer; the only improvement to it would be to go to an amp and speaker system . . .
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on February 3, 2005
I bought the Sony KV27FS120 27" FD Trinitron WEGA Flat Screen TV

in early July of 2004 and haved loved it ever since. My family has always been a Sony product buyer, but there definately is no bias coming from me on this TV.

The picture quality is amazing for a non-HDTV. This is due to the digital comb filter that increases picture resolution. As for the AV component hookups, there are four of them, including an S-video hookup that greatly increases your DVD and Video game system pictures.

The sound is fairly good on this model, as additional speakers are not necessary, but definately would make your experience that much better.
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on November 14, 2003
To the previous poster: The V-compression mode should not "squish" your picture anymore than it would normally in 16:9 mode unless the DVD your watching isn't ANAMORPHIC or "Enhanced for wide screen TVs".
What V-compression does (using ANAMORPHIC discs) is that it takes the resolution that would normally be used in projecting the black bars on the top and bottom of the TV screen and adds this to the resolution of the actual film image so you get more resolution. A sharper and more film-like image just as you would get if you use a widescreen TV. What you see as "black bars" then is just those portions of your screen being "off".
Personally, I'm very happy with this set. You get a lot of features and a great image for the price and size. And with the custom matching stand it just looks great in any small to medium sized room! The only negative I've encountered is the weight. Very heavy!
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