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on October 2, 2012
I'm a person who wants a few things from a phone.
1. Does the basics well (call, receive, messaging)
2. The equipment is quality (display, camera, speaker, gps, browser)
3. Relatively modern without the expensive price. (I could care less about the latest edge in smartphones, anything that is outdated before its warranty ends should not be a heavy investment.)
This phone fulfilled these challenges rather nicely.

This phone has a 4" display, finished with a rounded aluminum backing in matte black. The bar that contains the android's back, home, and menu keys is transparent. The top of the phone has the 3.5mm jack. The bottom piece is a removable plastic cap. Removing it will expose a label that shows the serial/manufacturer info. The speakerphone is on the right side of the phone, below that is the power/unlock screen button, below that button is the volume adjustment, and ends with a 2-stage dedicated camera button. There is a front facing camera for skype and a rear facing 8mp camera (6mp when used in 16:9 widescreen) equipped with a bright LED flash. On the left side of the phone there is the micro-usb charging port, the micro hdmi ouput, the slot for microsim. The micro usb and hdmi ports are uncovered whereas the microsim port is covered. Comes with in-ear headphones w/ microphone as linked here Sony MH750 Stereo Headset with Microphone and Answer/End Button for Cell Phones - Black (Bulk Packaging) Factory unlocked with 1 year manufacturer warranty.

The good:
-Screen quality and brightness. Big and bright with 960x540 resolution. The indoor/outdoor visibility of the screen is just phenomenal. All the displayed text is legible and all the colors are only minimally washed out even in the southern California sunlight. At times, I use this phone in the dark and the backlight adjustment is just perfect. My eyes aren't strained at all when I do my 10-20 minute web browsing/Angry Birds session before I sleep. The screen is bright enough to be used outdoors and sensitive enough to be used indoors. As an added touch it comes with a screen protector applied by the factory.
-The camera. It is quick to focus, flash, and take a picture. The camera key can be used to activate the camera when the phone is in sleep (have to really press down on it for .5s), and it can be set to whether the phone will take a picture directly or just focused. This camera wake-up option (called Quick Launch by Sony) can be disabled altogether.
-Speaker phone quality. It's not tinny and sharp and its loud enough.
-Cellphone reception. It's been good for me even on T-mobile even without 3G and the other bands as seen in the chart Amazon as provided. WiFi strength is reasonably strong.
-Texting. 3 choices in keyboard layout, traditional T9 and 2 versions of QWERTY. There is a gesture function (dragging your finger across the letters of a word will automatically type the word), texting too quickly will activate this function so I turned it off. Auto-correct can be fully tamed. The voice-to-text works really well for me, I tried the tongue twister "She sells sea shells by the sea shore" and it worked for the most part. The only mistake that it made was instead of sea it inputted see. There are options of different language keyboards as well, English, Chinese, and Japanese.
-Optimization of Android OS by Sony. Very quick to jump from menu to menu, app to app. Applies updates independently with just a WiFi source. Facebook integration works, Skype works depending on bandwith strength.
-Overall quality and feel. Thin and well weighted. The touchscreen is very responsive asides from the trouble I have swiping across screens with 1 hand. The transparent bar's keys are very responsive. It is incredibly distinct with its design, unlike those other just rectangular bars with a big screen.
-No software required to connect the Xperia P to a PC. It opens up the ~12gb of usable space like a flash drive, transfers files drag and drop style. There's an optional Xperia companion software, but I prefer the simplicity of dragging and dropping files.
-Language options. The Xperia P comes loaded with 50+ languages including multiple dialects of English, Spanish, and Chinese. As a cruel joke someone can set the language to Basa Sunda, Galego, Shqipe, or Srpski.
-The included in-ear headphones aren't the best but it's better than the cheap earbuds normally packaged with phones. The headphone's wire lacks a slider because it's the behind the neck style wire where the left bud's wire is 1/2 to 1/3 the length of the right bud.

The bad:
-Subpar battery life unless all battery saving apps are on. Leaving WiFi connected alone drained the battery in half over night. Turning on extended battery saving mode and energy saver mode on the display will double the battery life to about 2 days of moderate usage. I've managed to average 25% of battery usage daily by just sending/receiving texts with minimal WiFi usage.
-Non-removable backplate and battery. Battery life estimations are exaggerated to say the least.
-Battery gauge was finicky at first. I charged it at 20% and the battery gauge would stay at 20% even though I charged it for a full night. Restarting the phone would show 100%. This glitch is now gone after a week of usage.
-No SD card expansion.
-Auto-rotate isn't sensitive enough, I have to swing the phone around a bit if I'm laying down and texting.
-Camera key is a little stiff. Focusing with the camera is easy, taking a snapshot takes quite a bit more effort.

Update: 12/08/12
-Be mindful of the proximity sensor on the phone or you'll end up hanging on whoever you're talking to. When your face is close enough to the phone, the screen will automatically lock however I'm used to using my shoulder to hold the phone against my face. The phone will go out of place and I'll end up hitting the End Call button really easily. Sony, if you're reading this, make the range on the proximity sensor go farther on future phones.
-Restart the phone every couple of days because the apps will drain the phone's battery life even after closing them. I've forgotten to restart my phone after a busy week and I find the battery life being drained down to 65% overnight.
-After a few months of usage, the phone isn't showing any signs of slowing down. I still love using this phone.

Update: 4/26/13
-Sony has finally delivered a 4.1 Jelly Bean update to the Xperia P. However this may have caused my phone to brick itself momentarily. One day, the OS just stopped being responsive so I restarted the phone, only to have to fail to initialize and get to the homepage. So I used sony's update software to hopefully just patch and update from ICS to Jellybean. This didn't work either so I had to reformat. I consequently lost all my contacts and apps installed but still kept everything in the storage part of the phone (music, photos, etc). Since this problem was an easy fix and accidents do happen I still recommend this phone. I am not sure if this is Android's fault or Sony's fault and if this proves to be persistent than I will assume it's Sony's fault and will update this review.
-On the plus side, 4.1 Jelly Bean adds Google Now and has updated the overall look of the phone ie screen lock, icons, menu layout, color themes etc. There is now a 'Stamina Mode' which replaced 'Extended Battery Mode' to increase battery life, it now provides an estimate of the stand-by time remaining. Sony Walkman has also been updated to have an equalizer and xClarity which is an automatic equalizer.
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on January 31, 2013
I think that it is important to state I have never owned a smartphone prior to this purchase. I never thought it practical to own one on the premise that I'd be stuck in a contract with some lousy company and spend $130 per month (college student/part-time work). Unlocked = no contract? Hell yeah. Tech awareness level: I OWN an ASUS g75V, 12 Gb RAM, nVidia GTX 670M, it's pretty cool but that's a different story, I emphasize own because I don't want you to think that I chisel designs in rocks for fun.

Anyway, enough pre-review ramble there is plenty review ramble to kill a few minutes of your time. Sorry, non-refundable. Take it for what it's worth: If you want to skip the specifics of my review, go to the end and I will briefly restate the points made throughout in the last paragraph. Thanks :)

The OS needs an update upon delivery. This is, apparently, important to do with ALL Android phones upon update: you must do a factory reset after you update your phone to 4.0 (ice cream sandwich), or else you will have APN issues, and certainly other software incompatibilities. This will mess with your multimedia message delivery and probably some other important things I can't fathom. Make sure you factory reset the phone before you do anything after the update, because you will inevitably reset it at one point and lose this info. Don't back up anything until you reset, unless you have rooted chances are you didn't remove the default APN t-mobile settings. (Trust me it is in this order.) In order to set the APN to your carrier, I think installing the micro SIM card, update the phone software through WiFi or internet, and a factory reset in that order would be the solution. (I run AT&T and spent quite a bit of time trying to swap out of the t-mobile default before resetting.)

Still no jellybean, which is version 4.1. Apparently it's an awesome OS, but the Xperia P will not have the ability to update to this version for a few months. Other 2012 models already have the capability of updating to jellybean, which was disappointing to hear about, but quite frankly it was not that expensive and the specs on this phone kick ass anyway. Hopefully February-March? Doesn't bother me, but I'm sure others would like to have the newest software now. For that matter, jellybean 4.2 is coming with wireless hdmi stream! (For Nexus tablet)

The processor is fast. It has 1 gig of RAM and it seems to be using about 300mb default to run the phone itself. I'm sure there are background processes going on that I can remove (live wallpapers?? dafuk!), but I was a bit disappointed to run Pandora, and notice that my phone was sitting at 40% of it's memory. This does not impede it's performance. I haven't rooted the phone yet, so I'm sure possibilities exist that I currently do not understand. Streams media 1 process at a time, but it's fast and high quality. This means that if you are listening to music and you open a new media file, it will pause/mute the other (DUH), or if you turn on the camera while listening to music it will also pause/mute until you exit out of the camera.
If you go to GSMArena and compare a few phones you'll find that it has the same CPU as the iPhone 4S, but the Xperia P has 2x more RAM. So you can laugh at your outdated friends and family who tote the 4s or less. Anyway, look for yourself if you are interested: google GSM arena and search phone models.

The 8MP camera is great. It has superb resolution at close-mid range zoom. If you zoom in all the way, there will be heavy pixelation and a delayed focus, especially if you are aiming at something far away. This sounds like common sense, but I think it should be said anyway. There are also edit options for photos that can enhance resolution. Man you can see like pores on people's faces and stuff. Gross! I have no complaints about the front camera.

The speaker: Crystal clear speaker phone. Decent volume level: I compared to a Samsung Galaxy S3 and was put in the dirt. The volume on stock for SG3 was 2x higher than the Xperia P. I read that it can be amped up higher, but I wouldn't chance blowing out the speaker. That would not be fun!

The headphone jack antennae is very sensitive so be sure to stand in open spaces, or be away from interference if you want to have best quality reception. I listened to radio for about an hour while messing with the phone, it is clear as day if you are in the right position. The only benefit I think to this function is that you can listen to the radio if you're on the go with those specific headphones in, but realistically it doesn't seem very practical considering you can access internet radio or play libraries of music from the phone itself. To each their own. The ear buds are excellent quality, however. I can hardly hear with them in and no sound on! Sony quality if you don't want to buy a set of Bose or Beats.

This phone comes preloaded with tons of useful apps. It also has a few that I guess you wouldn't need that most likely run in the background. I read that you don't need antivirus on an android/smartphone? Whatever I'll leave that one for now, but I guess some other apps such as weather and multimedia player can be removed for faster processing speeds/less memory use. This being my first smartphone, you bet I went crazy in that app store! However, I have not removed any apps that were preloaded. You should always check your running tasks to ensure apps you thought you closed aren't still running in the background. That would kill the battery and slow the phone down.

I really like the design of this phone. Buy a screen protector and at least a rubber case. It is made of plastic! I think .. But anyway if you drop it or scratch it it will most likely lose color and just become an ugly mess, so be careful. For some reason, Otterbox has no love for Xperia P. #fragile

Battery life ... Hah! Well I can't say I'm surfing the internet, streaming videos, and whatever my manager is doing on his phone when he says hes taking a break every 10 minutes, etc. Don't expect much, the screen itself is 40-50% of the power consumption of this phone. It is probably using all that RAM I can't seem to find! Lol. You get a cool power consumption tool that tells you how wasteful that 4" screen is! It was at 75% before I checked off a lower setting for brightness. I think I lose about 1% every 3.5-5 minutes browsing the internet/texting/streaming music. So it has roughly a 5.8--8.3 hour battery life if you aren't going crazy with the data use, I imagine. I think some people reported less than 4 hours? Cool story bro.

I bought a RAVPower® 10400mAh Dynamo-On-the-Go RP-PB07 External Battery Pack after reading a bunch of low reviews on the Xperia P because I'm not a helpless child who can't solve insignificant matters. So there you go: want a badass power supply? Buy that too! Charges all kinds of things, inexpensive, portable- you're welcome. Want a product review? It's awesome.

The fact that there is no external drive option for memory sort of bothered me. I mean, I guess I've never had to anticipate all the junk I could put on a phone before, just mp3 players and whatnot, but still what if I wanted more options?? Well, my friends, OTG cable saves the day. I won't get into 2.0 USB vs 3.0 USB (10x faster!) because I can't actually say I've uploaded data using the OTG cable with a flash drive into the phone, YET!. ***UPDATE*** This does work. I bought a 3.0 USB and was able to upload movies/music, temporarily for viewing. I do not think you can file manage with a USB attached, you probably need to sync to a computer to upload, although I could be wrong. Do note: using a flash drive in your phone DRAINS the battery. I don't recommend it unless you have a power supply nearby.*** However, if all goes well grab one of these mini-usb male->usb female adapters and bam you supposedly have all kinds of external storage space. Just go buy the flash drive? If it works I'll change this paragraph at a later time. I can say that I plugged my Razer DeathAdder mouse into the OTG cable into the Xperia P and guess what?!? I had a cursor! So cool!

It has a mini-HDMI slot, which is pretty cool. I could be cynical about it because I can't imagine how often you are in a setting where you have both your phone and an HDMI cable that you bought separately just for such occasions and you found an HD monitor/TV that just needed the crap stored in your phone to make things complete ... Oops. It's cool, really!

Well I'm burnt out on this review. I should mention that GPS works perfectly. It's almost creepy to set it to my location and have a blue arrow floating in my room. Just make sure your data is enabled, of course! I generally leave data off unless I need it to check scores or I get lost somewhere and need to turn on Pandora while I check my facebook and there is no WiFi around, which I mean come on ... how often is that really? GPS data consumption is insignificant, just in case you were wondering.

Conclusion: This phone is B A! If you buy it, remember to put your micro sim in, update OS to 4.0, and factory reset immediately. It's fast, faster than the iPhone 4s. If you need something faster, buy a laptop. The camera is great, there are minor flaws in zoom, but overall it is excellent quality with many options, front camera is good as well. The speaker isn't anything crazy, but it's clear and the volume is perfect for speaker phone or listening to music in a relatively quiet setting. The radio antennae is in the headphones, and they are surprisingly good quality. Preloaded with useful apps. Learn to root linux if you want to maximize the performance, but be careful. Fragile design, buy the appropriate accessories. Battery life varies from 4-8 hours. I have not experienced anything less than 6 hours, and I bought a power pack anyway 'cause that's how I do. No external memory drive. Buy OTG cable, connect a flash drive-there you go.

I hope this review was helpful. I spent hours reading about various smartphones before I bought this one, and I am happy with my choice. It was extremely cheap, comparatively, and I did not even need a contract! Don't let those complainers fool you with their 2-3 star reviews, This phone deserves nothing less than a 4 (as I am sure others have owned more complex phones, or can afford more options in a single phone), but in my opinion it is a solid smartphone and I would rate 4.5 if it were possible, but it is not so I have rounded up. Thus the 5.0 review.

Good luck!
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VINE VOICEon January 15, 2013
This phone has been working well and provides all the features I need and many more that I probably won't ever use. My usage is mostly voice and text with a bit of data thrown in for good measure. I upgraded to the latest version of android at the Sony site and all went smoothly. I also installed a battery saver app. Apparently the app is working because my battery life is satisfactory. I signed up with Consumer Cellular with no contract and they sent me a SIM card for free and it arrived activated without being charged for the activation either. I slipped the SIM card into this Sony and was all set to go.

The USB cable that was furnished is pretty neat. It plugs into an adapter which in turn is plugged into an electrical outlet to charge the battery. Or, the cable can be removed from the adapter and plugged directly in a USB port on your PC. One cable does it all. A Startup Guide is provided as well. If you want more detail then the Startup Guide provides you can go to the Sony site and read or download a user manual. I decided to print a copy and it came to 152 pages which I put in a binder.

There are many versions of the Sony Xperia and this P is a good one and, as I mentioned, it is compatible with Consumer Cellular and, being unlocked, probably other no-contract providers. This may be a bit off topic but I am so pleased to get away from the never-ending two year contract scam that I need to get it of my chest. Every time I made a change to my service or phone it was another automatic renewal of the two year contract. I was paying more than twice as much for just voice as I am paying Consumer Cellular for voice, text and data. Now I can go online, not talk to anyone, and make all kind of changes and it does not cost anything to do so. I am not a shill for Consumer Cellular but for any no-contract provider. What a relief!
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on April 12, 2013
I was looking for a mid range phone but... without the cheap feeling, cause, being honest, we all want a superb phone to do "anything" but we end doing always the same basic.... calling, texting, whatsapp... facebook and other social apps... taking pics, videos and stuffs... so i didn't want to spend 600$ to end doing what i just mentioned. But i wanted a very sexy phone too... so after a lot of research, i found this one that fitted my needs and surpassed my expectations. To begin i dont like "phones" with huuuuuge displays, cause the are... logically... HUGE!!! To me they are unconmfortable to hold and operate... and i planned to spend 300$ tops and demonstrate that a very useful phone can cost less than 400$... and this one did it! The 4 inches screen is awesome... very sharp, very coforful, crystal clear, awesomely bright, the whites are outstanding, the blacks not so much but is really decent, good contrast at all!!! The speed is so good, even after the ICS update. Runs smooth. The overall performance is great. The camera takes very good pictures, beyond "acceptable". The only cons i have to say (and i don't blame the phone byt the software) is cause after updating the phone, appeared many lags and rebooting troubles, even when after 1 minute the phone gets stable again, this is a pain, but i hope the recently announced upgrade to JB fixes this bugs. I truly recommend this phone so far. If you are on a budget, go for it! Won't regret it! Now it's a little bit cheaper.. around 280$. Additional advice: Buy the Incipio Case :)
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on November 1, 2012
Second week using this phone since I received it. I am very satisfied with this phone. Everything works without a flaw, even after ICS. Great display, sound, and very fast. HDMI connection to my TV is great (purchased the cheap $3 micro HDMI cable here on amazon). No expandable memory slot but it has more than enough memory for me. The battery cannot be removed and people complain about its poor battery life. The battery life is amazing. I charge it every night, but even with moderate videos and 3D gaming, by the time I charge it there is 60% or more life left. I noticed under the phone's settings it allows NFC which allows the phone to exchange data with another phone just by touching them. I have not had a chance to try that yet.

The phone is only 3G which is fine for me. Data bandwidth is 3mbps+ using speedtest in my area. 4G phones seem to burn battery life faster and I really don't need 4G at this point.

Sony phones have outlasted and out performed every LG, Samsung or Motorola I have owned and have specially beaten the other companies at the price point. The technology of the Xperia line of products seem to also stay ahead of the competition. I am slowly becoming a diehard Sony customer.

I currently use this phone (as I have with other smart phones) on the Straight Talk network. Have had no restrictions. I keep my bandwidth each month moderate (under 3gb).
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on January 17, 2013

First of all do yourself a favor and enter to gsmarenadotcom or another place where you can compare phones and you will see that this phone gives you more than what you are paying for. Please compare the phone with the iphone, galaxy, htc etc.

-Price is great compared to other phones with same features.
-Great looking, not as stylish as iphone but is good
-Timeline feature is great if you like facebook.
-It was very easy to setup the mobile internet connection, it has a feature in mobile network setting when you choose your service provider and the phone is ready to use. I bought this phone to use with t mobile and i getting the H(HSDPA = 3G) and edge speed, i am in New York.

-Great photos

-Crystal clear calls

-Another feature is that you can see flash content on web pages, like watching NBA videos.

-Ice Cream sandwich

This update was full of bugs: Lag, camera bug, etc...

-Jelly Bean: see bottom page.


-Cable from wall charger is too short
-No HDMI cable
-There are just a few covers and accessories for this phone
-Cheap plastic on the lower part of the phone.

Final: i spent hours looking for the perfect unlocked phone and for the money this phone was the best that i found. Hope this help you.

Update 1/25/2013: After i remove the charger from the phone the charging notification still there, the only solution for me right now is to restart the phone. I'll keep you posted!

Update 1/26/2013: The phone is back to normal, I just restarted the phone and I used the phone until the charge was in 30 % and tried again to charge the phone and the problem went away.

Update 4/2/2013: Whenever I try to take a picture with flash at 8MP half of the picture becomes black. It seems that this is a common problem after update the phone to ICS. Many users are waiting for the Jelly Bean Update to fix the problem. This update is schedule for April. I'll keep you posted!

Update 4/25/2013: JB is here and all the bugs were fixed, right now the phone is perfect for me. These are some features about the update:

- Updated, more intuitive versions of Sony Media apps: WALKMAN, Album and Movies
- Lets you view and access all your photos, videos and tunes in one place.
-Increased options for personalisation
-A revamped home screen experience for handling widgets, apps and shortcuts... With up to 7 desktop panes, widgets that auto-resize and actionable notifications, you have complete flexibility to create the interface you want / need with a few simple touches!
-Improved app organisation and search
- Application tray sorting is that bit breezier - just press and hold on any app - move, add it to your desktop or create a folder within the tray by dropping it on top of another! We've also added a new search function within the application tray that makes it easy to locate your loceal apps
-IBattery STAMINA mode
-Make your battery last longer with the new and improved Battery Stamina mode.
-Google Now
C-ombining the power of Google search and user profiling, Google Now helps you accomplish daily tasks more efficiently. Learn more about Google Now.

I'll keep you posted!

Update 6/5/2013

Worst phone I ever buy. The phone has more bugs with jelly bean upgrade than before with ICS. The worst bug is dialer lagging, you cannot even call on this phone. This is not the only one, you can check sony's forum and see others phones from sony having the same issues. BUGS BUGS BUGS!

Sony 's phones are just a disgrace for android community. You should be ashamed Sony!!
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on October 15, 2013
The phone worked well until it was time to charge. The battery runs out really quickly and it takes approximately 8-10 HOURS for the battery to fully recharge. This is a bummer... and the battery is built in so if you try to remove it. ..that will actually void the warranty on your the phone.
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on January 19, 2013
Xperia P is combination of Sony hardware design and Google android, It's reliable, and tons of app to download, Unlocked phone gives you freedom of carriers. A real bargain price for all hardware feature, like front and rear camera, metal housing, etc. Forget about price and give it a try, you will see it looks, feel, works like USD$400+ phones.

Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.
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on January 10, 2013
WOW... Is exactly what I thought when I set my sights on this phone on amazon. I wanted to replace my iPhone, which I've been a loyal iPhone user for the past 3 or so years, I wanted a change. The Xperia P arrived in less than a week in the mail along with the Skinomi case I purchased along with it. I activated this phone luckily with no activation or sim card fee at my local ATT store. It took a few hours for ATT tech support over the phone to help me configure the data settings (given that I had to call them a few times just to get to an experienced tech) so that I can access the internet and what not. Unfortunately, I still cannot send or received MMS, I've tried configuring manually via googling and youtubing and through ATT tech support, still no luck.
Another pitfall with this phone is the battery. I've had this phone for only 2 weeks and last week sometime I left the battery drain all the way as I didn't have a charger handy. I figured an overnight charge would fix this but I was wrong. The next morning I tried powering the phone on and nothing. I was on the phone with Sony support and the first tech sounded like she didn't know what the hell she was doing. I called back and luckily had someone who was (again) experienced enough to help me through this, I was afraid that the phone was deffective (which I'm starting to think it is) and I might have to send it in, being stuck with a basic replacement phone (oh no!). The tech walked me through the trouble shooting and I ended up having to charge the phone for a couple hours(again) as instructed by the Sony tech. After the charge he walked me through it and SURPRISINGLY my phone powered on. What the hell is up with this phone and its battery???? The SAME thing happened to me this morning. I had my phone on the charger last night because it was at about 20%, woke up a couple times during the night to see it was decreasing!! aka DISCHARGING what is this??? I woke up in the morning to see that my phone was completely dead, not turning on, still on its charger..... I contacted the vendor through amazon: Techno.Trading.House, they suggested I do a factory reset which "might fix it".. I said screw it, I'm not going through that trouble since my phone is on now, I just need to baby the s*** out of it and keep an eye on the battery... (real time) my phone just restarted itself, what the hell is going on with this phone?!

I also forgot to mention that when I got the phone I turned it on and the screen greeted me in a foreign language, it might've been chinese and I kept pressing buttons to get something I COULD understand...

This phone is GREAT otherwise....
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on August 6, 2013
This phone kicks ass, it's fast, it's light, it's bright and totally awesome. It exceeded my expectations by far. As soon as I upgraded it to 4.1 I was really impressed, there was no lagging and the camera is just incredible, my old phone was 8.1mp and this one is just way better, the auto scene selection feature works great. I compared it to iPhone 5 and based on the features that this phone has I say it's a winner.
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