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on November 18, 2012
I have been searching for a good set of headphones under $100. My first try was with Sony MDRZX600. They sounded very warm and were great for high's and mids, but the lows were lacking and you needed to listen on full volume for them to sound good. I decided to return them and try the Sennheiser 439. The volume on the Sennheiser sounded much richer, but the volume was too low and that was a deal breaker for me.

I went to Bestbuy set on getting the Sony V55's. Luckily, they head both the MDRXB600 right next to the V55's. After spending about 15 minutes listening to both, I thought the low's on the XB600 sounded better and the headband had more padding.

I brought the XB600's home, plugged them into my Nexus 7 and I couldn't believe how great they sounded. TI listened to Bob Marley Legends album and these head phones sound incredible. The bass is tight and pronounced, but not muddy like the Dr. Drye's I'm very happy with these and I'm very glad my headphone hunt is over.
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VINE VOICEon December 2, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have been given the opportunity to review the Sony MDR-XB600. XB stands for Extra Bass. I am usually not a fan of any extra bass headsets. I do prefer neutral sounding headphones and I tend to listen to the music as close to how the artist produced it. It means no equalization at all. I am also a headset freak; I own more than a dozen of them, ranging from in-ears to around the ears. I had to search for headphones to compare the Sony with. As I have no X-Bass, I had to narrow my comparative selection to a similar range of price and over the ears as this one. I selected the TDK ST700 and Creative Aurvana Live which are both sold for just under $100. I previously gave both these headphones a 4 star rating and I will certainly update both reviews with this comparative one. Since I am comparing a new headset to used ones, I also took the time to break-in the Sony for about 120 hours by letting it play constantly on my stereo at home with white and pink noises plus a selection of diverse music.
In order to compare effectively the three models, I will use my Iphone unamplified since they are meant for portable use. The tracks I will use are those that I always use when trying to compare headphones, because I love them first but also because I know how they should sound and more importantly because they provide a good sample of music genres and tonalities. The tracks will be the following:

- Ultrasone Sound test Siley Put short (Jazz, Binaural recording perfect for localization of sounds).
- Ultrasone sound test Wellen track 7 (sound of water waves perfect for the head stage definition).
- Frank Sinatra: How insensitive (Jazz, good also for localization of sounds).
- Robin Thicke: Lost Without you (Perfect for the voice testing).
- Pink Floyd: Astronomy Domine (Rock and excellent also for the localization of sounds).
- DJ Magic Mike: Feel the Bass (Infra-Bass, enough said...) will be played from my computer because it is missing on the Iphone.

But first, let's start with the non musical parts:

Comfort: All 3 headphones are over the ears headphones. The Sony are the most comfortable with a nice padding. They swivel at 90 degrees. Yet, after a while, the faux leather tend to stick to my ears with sweat. The CAL are fairly light, do swivel at about 45 degrees but the fit is not quite right. The TDK barely move and clamp my ears fairly tight.
Conclusion: Sony: 1st. CAL: 2nd. TDK: 3rd

The Sony will fold to be reduced to about half of their original size. The CLA do not fold. The TDK will fold like reading glasses do. As for carrying them around your neck, none is very nice to carry this way but the worst are the CAL (they strangle me a bit).
Conclusion: Sony: 1st. CAL: 2nd. TDK: 1st
Construction quality and appearances:
The Sony do look good. I like the two tones (Black and brown). I like the flat cables which should tangle much less than the normal ones. I would have liked it to be attached to only one ear though. The left and right are easy to spot and the construction feels solid.
The CAL look a little plasticky. The faux-leather is nice and soft. They still feel solid and the left and right are ok. The cable is standard, attaching to both ears.
The TDK feels like a tank. It is the design I like the least and it looks like of the Beats. The cables do tangle a lot. I had hard time to find the left and right by daylight.
Conclusion: Sony: 1st. CAL: 2nd. TDK: 3rd

Sound Isolation:
All these headsets are isolating fairly well but neither will provide a perfect isolation for a plane trip. In such case, nothing beats IEM with foam like the Shure E530.
All 3 are still considered as portable headphones and can be used in reasonably loud environments.
Conclusion: Sony: 1st. CAL: 1st. TDK: 1st

Now, let's come to the real important part of this test: the sound.
I am partial to a large head stage and as natural a sound as possible. I like analytical headphones and my rating will be influenced by this factor. I still like good bass (I am a hip-hop fan) but not exaggerated ones...

Ok, let's start:

- Ultrasone Sound test Siley Put short (Jazz, Binaural recording perfect for localization of sounds).
As expected, the Sony's bass is a bit too present for me. The other's bass is present but with less amphasis. As for the head stage, none is as good as I would have wished.
- Ultrasone sound test Wellen track 7 (sound of water waves perfect for the head stage definition).
All 3 headphones are giving a nice sense of distance with this track. The water sounds are well restituted. I would give a slight advantage to the CAL.
- Frank Sinatra: How insensitive (Jazz, good also for localization of sounds).
The Sony are visibly not meant for Jazz, the bass overshadowing the rest. The TDK sounds nice but with the mids a bit too forward. The creative are the most balanced of all 3.

- Robin Thicke: Lost Without you (Perfect for the voice testing and bass punch).
Not good for the Sony... The mids sound muffled and the bass are surprisingly not sounding better than the two others; the bass not sounding tight enough. The creative have slightly too much highs but the bass are very well reproduced. The TDK have their mids a bit forward but the rest sound good.
- Pink Floyd: Astronomy Domine (Rock and excellent also for the localization of sounds) played from my computer because it is missing on the Iphone.
Once again, every time the bass are supposed to be well present, the Sony are the worst performers. The bass are not controlled enough and not good sounding. On the TDK, again the mids are too forwards. On the CAL, the treble are too forward so I can hear their hissing at the beginning of the track. The most listenable are the CAL though I did not really enjoy listing to this track on any of them.

- DJ Magic Mike: Feel the Bass (Infra-Bass, enough said...) played from my computer because it is missing on the Iphone.
The infra-bass is maybe the most difficult sound for any headphone to reproduce. I failed completely a Sennheiser 595 for its failure in reproducing it.
The Sony are giving Bass, sure, but way too much. The TDK give bass too but something else is missing. The CAL are the best delivering of all 3.

Ok, because some naysayers are going to accuse me to have failed at including more hip-hop sounds, for which the extra-bass headphones are supposed to be made for, I have added this track to my comparison:
Jay-Z (The blueprint) - The Watcher 2
And I have to give credit there, the Sony are the best performers on that track, not by much though compared to the CAL. The TDK comes in a distant third.
Construction, cables, comfort... all those are in favor of the Sony MDR-XB600 which may be only designed for hip-hop. If you are a fan of Jazz, Classical or anything else, the creative feel like a much better choice with the TDK far behind, specifically in terms of comfort. I will give the rating of 4 based on the Extra-Bass design. For an all round portable headset, I would give it a mere 2 stars because my experience at listening to anything else but rap was a failure.
To finish, if you are on a tight budget but still want the best for the bucks. If you are not bothered about open design headphones, the Ultrasone HFI-15G are my absolute favorites in this range and they cost 2/3 of the Sony.

Edit: 03/05/13
I had to go back and fix some small typo.
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on January 22, 2015
PRODUCT FAIL! See picture. I bought two of these. Big mistake. They look great and sound pretty good, but the ear pads deteriorate after 40 hours or so of use. If you search for "MDR-XB600 ear pads" at you'll learn that this is a common problem and sony gives links to supposed replacement parts suppliers that do not have replacement ear pads. Not acceptable.
review image
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on March 5, 2013
The presentation is great. Box comes out of side of a Square O shaped paper cover, smoothly. Box opens like a diamond ring box. Cords well wrapped and sealed inside a plastic bag with some clean looking warranty and info cards. The only word I can remember after spending like 1 minute on them is mid range. Now let me put that joke to the test.

Now, I have owned the xb700 for a year, while I enjoy trolling on the street with a pair of oversized trucker wheels on my head, they are just not that pleasant to wear unless you intend on using these for cold weather ear warmers. They are the most valuable bang for bucks in their old xb3 5 7 1k lineup, or at least for me as an eclecticist--balance is everything-price, sound.
The xb600 improved on the xb600's cord(easily dirty) and make it textured and hard this time(striped).
The Xb700 have way more spacy pads that are over ear, soooo "over ear" and my XXL ears do not touch anything at all(these ears get irritated in a V Moda lp). The sound is therefore coming in from your outer ear&into your canal, way more spacial than xb600, which, although on ear, has a much better seal in its structure, and does not involve much your outer ear for sound feeding. This makes the xb700 however, inferior to xb600 for portable sound. Both have sound holes, and the xb700 have three stripe holes on each outer casing, which makes the xb700 nearly open design and sounding, and if you listen to eminem in the library with xb700, you will get beaten eminem style.
The XB600 does not have nearly as much issue with sound leakage. It has only 2 tiny hole on each end.

As for the xb600, these things have very very very classy look. The brown synthetic leather is charming as hell, although the brown plastic is cheap looking. The glass looking clear reflective plastic on the sides are the major shine, and if you are afraid of it getting dirty, simply get some sprays from Walgreen and a microfibre cloth and you are good.. No bags, but I do not think bags for headphones are all that necessary unless you use these for travel. I intend to only use it on the street, and if I want to I would love the chance to fold it up or fold it flat, and this offers both. Note when you fold it up you will likely get your fingerprint on the sides if you do it again, cloth is a must unless you want to wear your fingerprints on your ears and show it off to people.

The comfort is amazing. These things have extremely soft, dampening pads that are actually going to beat many earpads that look similar on the market. It is a great design, and you can see the drivers clearly and the depth of the whole design looks amazing to my eyes, unlike the xb700 where you can just see barely the design and everything in the darkness.

The bass sounds not bloated, it does not have enough extention or detail. But the sound signature is anything but displeasing, and that is the most important factor in low end headphones--low end in terms of extention and details. For the gold box price it is worth it, as the offer has ended, I would say just look for future price drop below 50 and it is a must have for fashion oriented headphone buyers.

You cannot justify your negative review or opinion on the headphone by denying that it has been affected by the norm vibe that a good looking headphone HAS to suck. I cannot justify my positive sentiment about the sound of this headphone by denying the correlation to/influence from its swag yolo look, but alas, at least I am honest.

I completely disagree with anyone who says that these headphones are not good for anything but rap, especially that person who is a Vine reviewer and have a tailing group of yes sayers up voting his reviews. The whole propaganda of headphones being suitable for certain music is just a hoax and a lie, especially irrelevant for headphones that have smooth musical presentation. I am listening to Lady&Bird and the piercing vocals would have sounded too harsh comparatively on any of my 7 AKG headphones: k702, k141mkii, k271mkii, k601, k430, k318, k501. But it does not sound harsh on xb600. I call that a win.

Some posers who call themselves audiophiles must wake up and be someone who can enjoy music first. Judging a headphone without a good musical taste or a sensible way to approach music/headphones is borderline absurd.

I continue to listen to Iron by Woodkid, the drums and the bass presence is just perfect. I have to give it up to Sony on their continuous effort to making amazing portable headphones that are bass oriented.

I go on and listen to sufjan stevens For the Widows in paradise, for the fatherless in ypsilanti. The vocal is warm, dry, resonant, not intimate. Generally this headphone, albeit low sound quality and detail, is pretty balanced in terms of the sound quality--they are all veiled. But then again, I have said that the low end heaphones are designed to give you music on the go, when the outside environment will be noisy or at least not quite enough to give room for detail analysis/embracing.

I turn to Taylor Swift's Fearless. The drums here are impactful, resounding, rich. Taylor's vocal are again, silkly smooth and the highs are moderately smoothed out, making listening a comparatively fatigue free experience comparing to, say the highly beloved Creative cans, and other stuff.
The bass in this whole song is just resounding and impactful, yet not hard on the eardrums, thanks to the chocolate extra large Mochi -ish earpads dampening the impact.

I do not want to go to classical music. People who try to make themselves miserable by listening to classical on a portable that is not particularly advertised to be noteworthy-ly revolutionary-ly well detailed AND well balanced and well seperated and have wide soundstage is just on too much.

I also tried Overwerk's music, Eminem's Square dance, Fort Minor, Daft Punk 2007. I noticed that even the xb700 sound harsh comparing to the xb600, harsh, and distant. I would not want to argue with those that bash on the sound quality of the xb600 or any other portables for that matter anymore. While people think that xb700 are even not good in terms of sound quality comparing to "real headphones" in the audiophile sense, it is way better than xb600, then how come I feel better listening to xb600? Maybe I just want some mellow sounding comfort? I am sure on some other occasion I would prefer the xb700's sharper sound, but for now, I am giving this a 5 star.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The SONY MDRxb600 EXTRA BASS headphones really punch the bass. If you're one of those people who would crank up the bass settings, or buy 15 inch subwoofers in order to feel the beat, you are going to LOVE these headphones. Obviously in some situations, with certain music, this might make the bass throb too much. Other music, especially music mixed to be reproduced by vinyl, or with lots of congas, electric and acoustic bass guitars, piano bass notes, etc, you are going to hear that music as tho for the first time. The pluses FAR OUTWEIGH the minuses, of owning a pair of cans like this. So, let me explain more in depth.

I tested these with jazz fusion, reggae, psychedelia, and modern rock like Thievery Corperation, Porcupine Tree and Flaming Lips. I found that older music like the Rolling Stones late 60s albums, which hasnt been over limited, will sound VASTLY improved when played over the Sony headphones. After listening to Beggars Banquet, I took off the SONY headphones and listened to the Stones thru PHILIPS O'NEILL "The Bend" SHO4200bb headphones. WOW. The PHILIPS O'NEILL headphones made the music sound small, boxy, and weak, compaired to the Sony. I also compaired these Sony headphones to Philips CITYSCAPE headphones. The SONY still sounded far better than the Philips CITYSCAPE headphones. Jazz, reggae, and my 60s psychedelia, like Captain Beefheart, sounded VASTLY improved on the SONY headphones. The extra bass punch makes the music come alive. Its much closer to listening to music without headphones on, which is the goal, right?

I find it amazing, that these SONY headphones are 30-40% LOUDER. In EVERY situation, I need to increase the volume control dramatically, to obtain the same Loudness on my other headphones, that I have with the Sony. This means it requires less electricity to produce the same degree of volume on the SONY headset...extending the battery life for your MP3 player. Overall, the increased bass is identical to turning on the "LOUDNESS" control on your amp. (AKA nighttime listening mode.) This setting increases the bass response to compensate for lower volume settings, which tend to diminish the ability to hear the music's bottom end.

If you check the photos of these SONY headphones, you'll see how the cans can swing up inside the headband, while swirling around 360 degrees. What DJs do, when they need to hear the current song with one ear, while lining up the next track with the other ear, is lay the cans on top each other, and then place the entire folded headphones in the palm of your hand, with the driver facing outward. That forms a tight package so you can place one can against your ear, without your headphones dangling over your face. For DJing in a loud club, or wedding, these headphones are perfect. Personally, I think the design is cool as hell. They're really modern looking, brown and black, with gold accents. Its rich, sophisticated styling.

These are far and away the most comfortable headphones I've ever worn. The cushioning over the headband, and around the ear is part of the reason, but the manuverability of the cans must be why they stay put on your head so well. No matter what size head you have, or how your ears are placed, these headphones create a firm, snug grip on your head, without creating any particular pressure points, or areas which are too lose. The tight seal over the ears, helps produce superior bass reponse as well.

There have always been people who bought 15 inch woofers for their home sound system, or master blaster subwoofers for their car audio, because they like to hear heart pounding bass. Almost all rock, R&B, rap, reggae, and jazz music sounds weak and thin, if the bottom end isn't kicking butt. I had no idea that headphones could even reproduce a fat bottom end, until I heard how poor my other two headphones sounded compared to these SONY. Now I'm spoilt.

AND IN THE END....its all a matter of taste. If you always fiddle with your equalizer to create thick, rich bass notes, then these headphones were made for you. Honestly, some music has so much limiting on it, and its mixed in the studio with the bass end so cranked up, that headphones like this might reproduce that sound too bottom heavy. I rarely heard that problem, tho, and only at high volume. If you listen to music at reaonable volumes, or even mild volumes, these headphones are perfect for you. Since they increase bass response, you'll still be able to hear the bass lines when the volume's turned way down. Since these are high effeciency headphones, it stands to reason your MP3 battery will keep its charge longer. Other big pluses are the cool DJ type design, and their comfort on your head.
You need the correct tool, for the job. And if your job is giving your tunes a thick, deep sounding bottom end, then the SONY MDR-xb600 will get the job done.
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49 of 64 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon December 19, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Like other reviewers, I was under the impression from the photo that these were over the ear headphones -- the kind that encompass your ear rather than sitting right on them. The audio is very crisp and clean, and the bass is awesome, so I do appreciate these headphones for those qualities. Unfortunately, since they are kind of hefty, I find that the weight and pressure of them makes my ears hurt after a fairly short period of use. The design, however, is pretty cool. They have an all-around stylish look to them, and they fold up very neatly.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on February 21, 2013
These headphones are not the most comfortable I've ever worn, which is the reason for the 4 stars instead of 5. I really do like the sound. I don't listen to much rap music, mostly hard rock/metal, but I appreciate the extra bass. It gives it more of a concert feel when you're listening. I wouldn't want to wear them for hours on end, but I'm happy with the sound. I got them for $39.99....I don't think they would be worth the $100+ price tag though. They are much nicer than some of the Seinhauser headphones I've tried.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on March 5, 2015
These headphones look and sound great. Sony packages them to look like premium products, and they actually perform very well acoustically, at least for the price.

However, the artificial "leather" coverings for the ear pads are literally glued to the pad backing with a weak adhesive that is only marginally stronger than the adhesive back of a Post-It. This is not an exaggeration : once the covering gives way, it will start peeling off with just daily use and storage. What looked like a premium headphone six months ago now looks like something I got from the neighborhood trash can (see photos).

These headphones are a total waste of money if you would like to keep them for more than 4-5 months. All of those negative reviews about the earpads here are absolutely correct - just read a few of them and take a look at the photos, you will see they all failed in the same way.
review image review image
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16 of 21 people found the following review helpful
HALL OF FAMETOP 50 REVIEWERon February 13, 2013
I'm not a bass freak, but I do typically enjoy more bass than most typical headphones/earphones provide. I bought these on a whim because they were on a good deal, and wanted to give them a try out to compare to other past headsets I've had.

For me, the sound was clean and the bass was not too much at all. It sounded like "just enough". I was able to enjoy a variety of music with these and not find that things seemed over emphasized at any time.

That being said, while the headphones say they are vented, I found the "thin or faux" leather on the foams to create sweat on my ears. I did not enjoy this. The headset overall is smaller than I expected, and while it does fold up quite nicely and seems portable, if the ear foams are going to create sweat I'd prefer they be larger and cup the entire ear, or go fabric. I realize that going fabric would diminish the seal for bass production, so in the end, it makes sense the way they've gone.

For the price I feel like this is a good headset as long as you aren't overly prone to headset sweat and you are ok with the fact that the pleather/leather looks a bit cheap around the edges. Just for the sound, I was quite satisfied with the bass that this unit produced.

I really liked the wide band cable which helps avoid tangling. This is not unique to these headphones as it's becoming more popular, but I wanted to mention it as I didn't see it mentioned.

I did return this set because of my own sweat issue, but that's my issue not the issue of the headset. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this set to anyone even if they're not a bass freak.
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8 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on February 14, 2013
So why 4 stars? Easy, I didn't buy these with the expectation of listen to a variety of music. I bought these for two main purposes, 1) gaming and watching movies, and 2) slapping the bass. For these purposes the product excels.

A couple disclaimers: I have small, narrow ears so the padding fits perfectly. I was worried about the comfort level after long periods of time, but I just finished a 4-hour co-op Dead Space 3 session and other than my ears getting rather warm, there was no pain. On that note, if you're a rather sweaty girl or guy or you plan on being active while wearing, the sweat and pleather cocktail might make for a very uncomfortable and disgusting mixture. Honestly, it was one of my fears when getting this, but it's winter, cold and really has not affected me... yet.

The product is exactly as it says - Extra Bass. Listening to music can be a bit frustrating. Artists like The Postal Service and Discovery come through fantastic, but other's like Jack Johnson and Band of Horses just drown in bass. I'm sure if you're a hip hop fan (I do like me some Atmosphere and Living Legends) you'll really enjoy the bass. But artists that use a good bass line but do not compensate on their higher levels can just become overwhelming at times.

The padding on the ear pieces offer a snug fit and really does drown out the sound around you, it's not awesome "noise cancelling" but I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of noise it reduced.

As for playing the bass, it has great low range and a pretty decent mid/high range. The noise cancelling affect really helps in dampening out the string noise allowing you to focus on output only. My only grip there is the cord length. I have to use an extender as the standard 2ft just isn't enough.

In Summary:

Pros: Great for what I intended - Video Games, Movies and playing the bass. Comfortable for long sessions. Feels well built and a good weight for extended wear.

Cons: Not all music sounds good (though I'm not knocking it for that on this review as I do not use it for listening to music - but others should be weary). Short cable. Can have the possibility to cause the ears to sweat due to its snug fit creating a pretty gross mess.

Overall: 4 out of 5. Looking for a good gaming/movie headphone set, playing the bass. Go for it! Looking for something for a variety of music uses, pass.
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