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VINE VOICEon November 18, 2013
This is what a good pair of cheap "studio" headphones is supposed to sound like. The Sony MDR series is precisely why brands like Skullcandy and Beats are a total waste of money. Get a pair today, give them an honest chance, and they will forever be your go-to for a cheap set of headphones.

-These headphones do precisely what a set of studio headphones should. I had these headphones on while playing a game, and when I took them off I realized a major rainstorm was happening. This is amazing sound dampening, for such a cheap set of headphones. These are "the" headphones for if you need some music while you study, if you're on a budget. These headphones aren't sound canceling, you will hear background noise if you're looking for it, but the moment you're focused on your audio you'll swear these headphones are worth twice the price.

-Good sound dampening. When you need to block out the background sounds of dorm life or the city while you're doing your own thing, these headphones do a wonderful job with general noise. I doubt they're good enough for a plane, but for a dorm or most bus rides you should be very isolated.
-Good sound, with good bass. Things with a lot of high-end treble (audiobooks, low-quality mp3) don't sound too tinny or washed out. Things with lots of bass (movies, dance music) have good punch. The overall range is quite good and quite balanced, with a nod toward the heavy/dynamic range.
-Good comfort. The ear cups feel a little plasticky going on, but get a couple songs into an album and you'll forget they're on.
-Good build. My first set got me through most of a three-year stint at college before my continued abuse of the wires finally shorted out one ear. For this price, that's fine. Be gentle with these headphones and they'll reward you with a good life.

-The wiring feels a bit heavy when you're focused on it, despite the wires not being all that durable. It's not something you'll notice during seated use, but when you move it feels awkward.
-There is no tactile marker for which side is right or left, and the "L" and "R" are difficult to see in any light so I forget which one has the red marker. If one side just had a nub or braille I'd have a much easier time making sure they were on the right way (and this would also make them friendly for the blind).

While I save up my money for that set of top-of-the-line studio headphones I've always wanted, my MDRs are my go-to headphone for when I want to immerse myself in audio. They're cheap enough that I don't have to worry when I take them on trips, but at the same time they're good enough for when I want to really listed to that Pink Floyd album I've been meaning to give a spin. Recommended for students, audiophiles, and gamers on a budget. Not recommended for jogging thanks to the heavy cables.
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on August 3, 2011
Generally, hardware with SONY written on the side of it performs well. This is certainly the case here as well. The overall sound quality of this set is great.
Deep bass, yet not too overpowering. Vocals sound clear...not too much hiss in the highs. The range of sound is good...nothing really over powers anything else. When I first started listening I was afraid that the mid-range was high. However, this was likely because of how use to my *awesome* Apple earbuds i was.
Also, I listened to a pair of my friends dre beats solo phones. I would say that the sonys have a better overall sound...not the mention the price.
With the sound quality these things produce, you'd expect to pay alot more. The low price is actually a little ridiculous for these headphones (but I'm certainly not complaining.)
These aren't really "noise canceling" headphones, but they do a good job of isolating general background noise.

They are comfortable...i have a decent size head (cap size 7 3/8) and they're not too tight.
Love the red stripe on the right side for "red is right..."
The white finish is very glossy and done well.

**not really sure why they're classified as "outdoor" headphones?
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on June 14, 2012
Some people are pretty ridiculous.. I read some of the reviews about these headphones before buying them. People talking about the Hi's, the mid's, the low's... are you kidding me? $14 for a set of headphones and you want to feel like Celine Dion herself is singing in your ear?.. get real. Here's the truth. I am studying for the Florida Bar exam. Part of the studying requires me to hear extended hours of lecture.. and by extended I mean 3, 4 and 5 hours at a time with 10 min breaks. These headphones are comfy enough to do that. They are snug but so lightweight you can forget your wearing them. I also observe they reduce outside noise pretty well. Regarding the sound, it is clear. Sometimes it does sound the way something sounds from behind a closed door; a little distant- but not muffled. But, that could be me. So I rate 4 stars.
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For the price, these headphones are fantastic.

As a birthday gift for our son, a few weeks ago we purchased some fake Dre Beats headphones and they broke right away (plus their sound was crappy)... but not these Sony headphones, they sound excellent and are very comfortable to wear. We ordered a black pair of these to replace those other bad headphones, and our son has been extremely happy with them as a replacement gift.

I 'borrowed' them for a few hours and listened to some good old fashion rock (Aerosmith, Green Day, Creed,...) and can totally attest to the fact that these headphones provide deep bass, good midrange and very good treble sounds. In addition, the unit is fairly lightweight so you really do forget about them being on. I wore them for about an hour at a time and they never got hot or uncomfortable to my ears.

What is also very nice is that, unlike those fake Beats, other people around you can't hear your music... and believe me, I cranked up the tunes a bit. These headphones did a good job of blocking out external noise so I heard nothing but the music (even when my son supposedly kept hollering at me to give the headphones back to him)...

The headband was quite comfortable to me; adjustments were easy to make and they stayed in place without any problem. The cord is about four feet long, which is more than we will ever need.

So... since I liked them so much, and also since I have to participate in webinars and telephone conference calls at work (and those calls can get loud when on speakerphone), I ordered these blue headphones just to take to the office. Hopefully my boss won't notice the playlist that pops up on my laptop during lunchtime!! :)

If you are looking for a very affordable headphone option that is comfortable to wear and provides good sound quality, we totally recommend these headphones.

Go for it.
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on November 25, 2012
I need it a headphone for when I'm on the 3DS XL next to my husband watching TV.
They are comfortable, the cable is long enough and it seems wide enough to avoid breakage.
I cover mine with Mario stickers all over and they look super cute. (the fact that they are all white make them ideal for personalizing them!)
See the picture I uploaded and try to disagree with me! :-)
review image
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on September 7, 2013
I purchased two for my kids. They worked great for our 8 hour road trip. Much better than jamming small ear buds in their ears. The kids are 9 & 11.

9/23/2014 - UPDATE Only one ear piece now works on each headphone. Wow only lasted a year. Unfortunate they did not last longer.
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on August 31, 2012
I admit that I can be a total headphone snob and I own an array of cans, amps, and DACs which would certainly confirm that snobbishness. Indeed, when faced with a trip during that I knew would be abusive to any set of headphones (horrendous weather, constant stress on the cans' cable, and, perhaps worst of all, sharing my headphones with a 2-year-old), I bought these headphones with the assumption that they were disposable.

Well the Sony MDR-ZX100 proved me wrong on all accounts! They withstood all manner of abuse and came through without a blemish on them!

I was even more shocked that any headphones this inexpensive could sound so good. I choose the Sony's because I have enough familiarity with Sony headphones to know that they are very clean. The Sony MDR-ZX-100's were not only incredibly free from both distortion and from any artificial coloring to the sound that I was simply amazed. The staging, that is, the sense of where the sound is perceived was excellent: it was roomy and open. The Sony's mid-range and tweeter were rich and had more depth than I expected. The bass, although quite discernable, was not as pure nor powerful as the mid and upper ranges -- but I had no expectation that the bass would be as good as it is.

If you are locking for an inexpensive set of headphones for movie viewing or for listening to music at moderate volume, these Sony's are great. I would add that if your musical preference is for a rocking bass, no headphones in this price range will satisfy you. For the price, I don't think there is better headphone that the Sony. My only quibble is that, at these are not foldable headphones, some sort of storage bag would have been very much welcomed. Aside from that minor point, I am thoroughly delighted with my Sony MDR-ZX100 headphones.
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on November 18, 2013
These headphones are like nothing else on the market! I originally got these headphones in black a few years back with my Zune and only after getting stepped on, did they break. These headphones sound great and they only sound better the more you use them. They are very crisp and clear, but I would recommend checking to see what the volume is at before you play dub step in them because that will slightly damage the headphones if they are at full volume. Other than that misstep, these headphones are fantastic. There are a few caveats though, one of them being that if you use these headphones all the time like I did, the ear pads lose their squishiness. This was after 4 years of using them so for them to still be usable for that long is a feat in itself. These headphones do go quite loud, but when you crank them up, they are very bass heavy. This can get annoying after a while because when I moved out of my dub step stage, it kinda disrupts your listening experience. Those things aside, these headphones are amazing for the price and I would recommend no other headphone under $50.

Just a quick round up of pros and cons:
-Very low priced with exceptional value
-Durable as heck
-Cord is very manageable and doesn't fray or split
-Sounds great
-Wide array of sizing options
-Nice size for portable listening

-Get uncomfortable after prolonged listening
-Bass heavy
-Doesn't isolate noise
-Too dang durable

Overall - High quality headphones for a fantastic price. Nothing else comes close.

8.5/10 - Bass heavy and get uncomfortable
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on February 15, 2013
These things are so tightly sprung that it feels like my head was in a vise. I could not wear them for more than a few minutes at a time. I have posted a photo of these headphones next to my lightly-spring Creative Labs headphones, which are very comfortable except that the earpads are finally crumbling. As you can see, when at rest, the Sony earcups nearly touch each other (only about a half-inch apart), while the Creative cups are some distance apart at rest.

The audio quality is superb, but that does not amount to much if you can't stand to wear them. I cannot imagine why Sony thought they need to be so tight. If you need your headphones to stay on inside an F5 tornado, these are the phones for you. An F5 can rip trees out of the ground, but it could not rip these headphones off of your head. FWIW, I don't have an especially large head - pretty typical for a 6-foot tall man.

HERE IS HOW I FIXED THEM: I put them on a cardboard box about 12 inches across (to over-spread the cups, such that the box is "wearing" the headphones) and applied a heat gun to the middle of the headband, both top and bottom sides. After a minute or so, the plastic was sufficiently relaxed that the cups are now about four inches apart at rest. I have also posted a photo of the fixed headphones.

I give them two stars (instead of one) because of the good audio quality. If the headband had been remotely acceptable (without a heat gun) then I would have given these headphones five stars.
review image review image
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on October 7, 2011
I bought these for throwing in the car or laptop case for trips. Sound quallity is not great unless eq'd - too little bass and treble. Overall fit is fine, headband not being padded can be uncomfortable, padded ears are fine, if small. Cord is around a meter. Basically, these are fine, solid, well designed (red strip indicating right is handy) headphones that are durable enough to throw in a bag, cheap enough that there's no worries about them, good enough when eq'd to forget about them and enjoy the music. Clarity and detail are good, considerably better than many headphones I've used.
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