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on April 1, 2012
I purchased a Flip Slide about a year ago but I returned it after (1) it developed a problem with its HDMI jack and (2) I learned that Cisco had dropped the product and will terminate support next year. Chose the new Bloggie Sport as the replacement and received it a few days ago. Based on my experience with it thus far, I have both good and bad things to say.

First the good:

(1) With the option of shooting in full-HD (1080) resolution, the Sony trumps the Flip, which went no higher than 720. I watched my Bloggie videos on a 46" screen and the quality was superb. I took some underwater videos of my 6-year-old in the pool (she's an amazing little swimmer) and again was delighted with the results (as was she!). The Bloggie has a very cool underwater mode that color-corrects based on depth. The results were impressive. (The camera is supposed to be waterproof down to 15 feet. I didn't go even half that distance, but there was no evidence of any leakage. I had to use an Aquapac case -- basically a clear vinyl pouch -- to shoot underwater with the Flip; this was a lot less cumbersome.)

(2) There have been some complaints about button placement on the Bloggie; yes, they take a few moments to get used to, but I actually found the placement to be more intuitive than they were on the Flip -- notably the still photo shutter button.

(3) The Bloggie is as much of a "flip" as the Flip was; i.e., its USB connector flips out of the case and can be plugged into your computer directly. If that's made difficult becase of the location of your USB jack, the short USB extension cord that's included in the package will solve the problem.

(4) The Bloggie features a selectable "HD Sports" mode that shoots 720p at 60 fps. That means you get less blur in fast-moving sequences, and also that you can "grab" some amazingly sharp stills later on. (The demo video on the camera highlights this feature more than any other.) Shooting at 60 fps means that playback at the standard 30 fps would be HD slow motion. Thus far, however, I haven't found a way to do that.

(5) The Bloggie saves videos as MP4 files, meaning that they can be transferred directly to iTunes and then to all your Apple gadgets. Not so with my Sony Handcam, whose videos need to be converted before they are Apple-ready.

Now the gripes:

(1) I find the LCD screen to be insufficiently bright for shooting outdoors on a sunny day. It was a real struggle at the beach, for example, to know whether I was framing my shots accurately. The main thing I saw was my own reflection. As I recall, I was able to tweak the brightness of the screen on my Flip; Sony should have included that function as well.

(2) The delay between pressing the still photo shutter button and the digital "click" is nearly a second, making it all but impossible to catch that special moment, expecially with young kids. Not a problem for posed photos, but if you're counting to three, be sure to press the shutter on "two." (You always have the option, of course, of shooting in video mode and then finding that perfect frame through the software; that's what I'll probably do with this camera.)

(3) While I found the button locations unobjectionable, the proximity of the lens very near the left edge of the camera meant that, in the beginning at least, I saw a lot of finger in my shots. Again, it's not hard to train yourself to hold the camera "just so"; but it's still annoying.

(4) Like one other reviewer, I'm experiencing some difficulty downloading Sony's organizing and editing software.

(5) As others have noticed, the location of the mic tends to pick up camera-handling noises unless you hold the camera firmly without any surface movement. I didn't find this quite as much of a problem as others have.

Bottom line: This is a capable camera that, for its size and convenience, produces superb videos. Its ruggedness and waterproofing are real advantages. With a brighter screen, a faster shutter button, a more suitably located mic, and less problematic software, Sony would have a hands-down winner.
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on March 17, 2012
Took the camera out to the bar last night and it did well in the low light. Better than my flip did. Microphone is very good.

This morning it is raining in LA and I took the camera out and filmed. HD looks great, synced video to my mac and blasted it up to my Apple TV in a matter of 2 minutes. Unheard of with other cameras I have owned.

Image stabilization seems to be better than I thought it would be. LED light for flash is just as comical as a cell phone LED. Works better for finding dropped keys than anything else.

Everyone thought it was my cell phone at dinner last night, touchscreen is easy to use and BIG.

Setting have it on 2mp photos and 720p when you get it. I thought things were not that great, but then when I moved it to 5mp and 1080p there was a big difference.

Easy to hold and looks cool. So far so good.

Update: 4/16/12

Had this for a couple of really good outings with the family and have to say I would rate this a 6 star camera if I could. I have no idea why people are rating this camera so low? Maybe they are getting a lemon or something?

The clarity and microphone are WAY better than the flip and vado I used to own. Pool shots are so cool I cannot even tell you how amazed people in my family are.

Works perfect with Iphoto and Imovie. Super easy to format it into an itunes format and blast to the appleTV.

Stills are great, and easy to put into Imovie as well.

Once again, NO idea how people are rating so low. My family is LOVING this camera. Have had this in the ocean, in a pool, my daughter through it off the top of the stairs onto our hardwood floors, in the sand at the beach. Keeps on trucking. Exactly what I needed.

Going to Hawaii at the end of the month cant wait for more filming.
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on October 25, 2012
After testing out the Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-TX10 16.2 MP Waterproof Digital Still Camera with Exmor R CMOS Sensor, 3D Sweep Panorama, and Full HD 1080/60i Video (Blue) as being the best waterproof camera I've gone surfing with I thought this new Sony Bloggie Sport would have been at least half has good with half its price and still be happy... Wrong!
The Sony Bloggie Sport has got to be the worst waterproof camera I've tested out thus far. Everything you can think of, it rates at the bottom.

1) Quality - As bad as it gets. I shot off over 100 surfer shots using it with the Surf Camera Case | Chest Mount your Waterproof Camera and not a single surf shot was a keeper. Very grainy. I believe you'd be better of with a disposable waterproof camera.
2) Shutter speed - Slo[...] It takes 2 full seconds to shot a single picture after you've pressed the shutter. This is not at all good for action sports such as surfing.
3) Video - Also slo[...] It's not filming until 2 seconds after you've pressed the shutter. That's too much precious time when your trying to video a surfer coming down the line at you and it doesn't matter anyways because the video comes out all grainy.
4) View finder - So dark you can't see anything moving fast. It's worthless. All you can do is aim and shoot and hope to get lucky.
5) Touch screen - What a mistake! And I really mean it. Good luck trying to get it to work especially with wet fingers. To top it off you have to have good shade to even see what you're doing.
6) Battery life - A single AAA battery would last longer. Most waterproof cameras that I've tested last at least a full two hour surf session. The Bloggie Sport will die on you in less than half that time.
7) Menu - About as basic as a disposable camera (which by the way is much better). The thing that gets me is that every time I go to get a surfer shot (using it with the Surf Camera Case | Chest Mount your Waterproof Camera) I have to turn it on again because it automatically shuts off after a few minutes with no option for this.

The good:

1) It's waterproof.
2) It's small and compact

The rest is all down hill. Sorry Sony but this camera is a complete rip off to the consumer.
I hope this review has discouraged you from buying the Sony Bloggie Sport.
If you are looking for a budget value and/or a small compact camera like this, I highly recommend the GE DV1-LG Waterproof/Shockproof 1080P Pocket Video Camera (Lime Green). You can use it and many other waterproof cameras with the Surf Camera Case | Chest Mount your Waterproof Camera which I also recommend when shooting while playing in any action sport.
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on June 30, 2012
I have had an opportunity to check out Bloggie in every scenario possible and it comes out on top in each one

Picture Quality - major difference after having used a Sony Webbie as my portable/backup Camera. Pictures look professional and videos are superb

Handling - all the buttons are instinctively where you would expect them and allows for operation with one hand. Light enough to do a 10 minute video without shaking

Transfer - Play Memories is instinctive and fast

Limitation - Battery life is too limited. Does anyone know if there is a power pack that could be used to charge the camera - while at a sporting event on on the beach or in the wild where a/c facilities are not available
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on September 25, 2012
Given the price, I wasn't expecting too much from this camera. It's a good thing, because this thing did not deliver. They may need to slice another $100 off the price for this device to be worth the cost.

The good feature of this camera is that it's easy to carry around.

The highest quality still photos appear overly compressed, with all sorts of artifacts and funky edges. Forget about trying to shoot in high contrast, bright or low-light settings. The dynamic range can't cover even mid-to-shadow scenes without seeing a bunch of noise or halos. I've shot about 300 stills with this and found that a scene has to be perfectly lit, with no more that about 4 zones of tonality, for the image to come out acceptable.

I'm trying to think of any good things to say about the video. Nope, I can't think of any. Once again, the video image has a weird, overly-compressed look. The auto focus freaks out with any movement, especially in the water. This might be an okay camera to carry somewhere if you're afraid that your phone will get wet, but it struggles to stay in focus in or around water. Zooming while shooting video is also an adventure in focus and distortion. No need to zoom though because even at it's widest setting, you're good to fit one person in the frame at a comfortable distance.

Sound? If you buy this camera, plan on recording sound with your phone and syncing it up with the video later. I think the microphone that appears to collect sound from the sky might be aimed inside the camera housing. From six feet away, a recording of a friend with a big voice could barely be heard when played back. I now have a great collection of percussion and special effects sounds that were picked up from me handling the camera.

Money would be better spent on a high-end waterproof case for a phone.
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on December 7, 2013
I have used this quite a bit for a while now, and I have to say it takes very good video. The learning curve isn't bad at all, and I like the portability and ruggedness of the Sony Bloggie Sport. It does have decent internal storage and video settings, as well as a format feature to clear up space. The fact that it is waterproof is nice, and it's easy to hold and mount to a tripod. The USB feature is great, I love that.

I do have one serious concern, and that's the sound. I will say, on a scale of 1 to 10, and 10 being the best audio, this camera records probably at a 2, and that's being generous. What the heck, Sony? Did your team spend all their time on the video and at the last moment decide to throw in a Radio Shack audio mic? I mean, even the slightest jar makes a terrible recording noise, and the sound quality is garbage.
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on March 21, 2012
I only received my Bloggie Sport two days ago, so it's still too soon to discuss issues such as durability and longevity. But right out of the box, the first thing I took notice of was the size. It was much smaller than I expected, which is a good thing. The smaller size makes it easier to carry around, yet its not soo small that its unwielding and difficult to hold.
Also, right out of the box, my camera was already fully charged. The only other item in the box other than the camera is a very short USB cable used for connecting the camera to your computer. When I turn the camera on, it takes all of 2 seconds to be in ready mode. You'll probably want to make some setting adjustments right out of the box. Factory settings are 720p for video and 3mp for pictures, but these can easily be bumped up to 1080p for video and 5mp for pics. Also, the camera comes in 'Demo' mode which plays a short video when turned on. I quickly turned this setting off.
The touch screen takes up most of the back side. Its display is very clear, even in low light condition. I like how all but the main functions (i.e. zoom and led light) disappear on the display, so all I see is the subject I want to shoot. To bring the other functions (i.e. menu, delete, playback, etc...) back, simply touch the screen and they reappear. The only functions not performed on the touchscreen is On/Off button, take a pic button, and begin/end video recording button. Because the camera is waterproof, the touchscreen requires a little pressure to activate. But I like this because it prevents accidental activation of functions not intended by brushing against the touchscreen.
Now for the million dollar question ... how well does this thing record video? In my opinion, this is where the Bloggie shines. It's not the absolute best video quality I've ever seen, BUT given 1) the size of the camera, 2) the ease of use, and 3) the price of the camera, I think this camera is superb at capturing video. I've had camcorders costing much more that doesn't record as well as this thing. The video may not look all that great when viewed through the camera itself, but the video quality is MUCH better when the video is viewed from a TV. The auto zoom is fast enough to keep most motions in focus. The image stabalizer works great and smoothes out the video so it doesn't look so shakey (and I shake quite a bit).
Again, I haven't had time to test those things that require time, such as durability and consistency of performance over time, but so far I have to say I absolutely love my Bloggie. It has encouraged me to record more videos (to the dismay of the kids). I would recommend this camera to anyone who is looking for a good quality, simple to use, and economical video recorder.

EDIT - July 31, 2013 - I haven't used this product in some time now. When I first reviewed the product, I had just received it and was, at first, excited and thrilled with the product. Since then, however, I have come to know some of the headaches others have talked about. I personally have not experienced the noise interference when recording, but my wife does when she does the recording. We have figured out that she holds the unit differently than I do. Also, the camera does not do as good a job at image stabilization as it should. Overall, since my intial review, my opinion of this product has plummeted. Technologies in smart phones have caught up or surpassed this product by now, so you're better off using your smart phone to take video than this thing.
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on November 10, 2013
This camera is HORRIBLE in low light situations. My iPhone 4S is 5,000 times better and I got it on ebay for around the same price of this camera. The Sony Bloggie can still be used in bright daylight and that looks okay. Any kind of low light is just unusable. Very disappointing. DO NOT BUY THIS CAMERA IF YOU NEED TO FILM IN ANYTHING OTHER THAN BRIGHT SUNLIGHT. As far as the waterproofing, I didn't have any problem with it, but the footage was so grainy because it wasn't bright and sunny that I couldn't use the footage.
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on March 7, 2013
I thought I was lucky to come across one of these at Target for $45.04 on clearance but even at that price I am disappointed. I bought this thing to keep around in my truck for work but unfortunately it is not even worth the cost of half a tank of gas to me. The video quality is not that impressive and the image quality is far below my smartphone. The audio skips during video recording making it as useless as a box of dead puppies and the fixed internal memory gives it an apple sort of limitation. The one listed here on Amazon is 4 times what I paid for mine and yet I am still going to return it. I hope this helps someone.
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on July 2, 2013
I enjoyed the bloggie, I have 2 kids 2 and under and it was physically indestructible. About 4 months of use, the record button began to not work, then more and more, then the record button stopped working completely. It takes crappy pictures, we bought it for the video. Sonny Support was NO help. wasted money makes me sad.
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