Customer Reviews: Sony NP-FG1 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pack for Select Digital Cameras
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on June 19, 2008
I purchased this upgraded battery for my Sony DSC-W150. The reason I bought this battery is because it actually shows how many minutes are left before the battery dies. The battery that comes with the camera (NP-BG1) shows a simple diagram of how much battery life is left, whereas this one (NP-FG1) gives you actual minutes. I think this is a great feature for a battery. The charge takes a while maybe four hours for the first charge, but after it was fully charged I had almost 3 hours or 170 minutes of battery life available. These batteries are expensive, but I think they're worth the investment. No complaints here.
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on July 7, 2011
The batteries from this seller are very likely NOT genuine Sony batteries.

When I saw these batteries for sale for $25 (which is half-off of the Sony in-store price of about $50), I ordered three NP-FG1 InfoLITHIUM batteries from "Steve Borders Store" (fulfilled by Amazon) for my Sony DSC-HX9V digital camera. The batteries were shipped USPS and arrived with my regular mail in a timely manner. The retail packaging looked very convincing, each battery in its own package (there were holograms etc. on the package), although I couldn't do a side-by-side comparison with genuine Sony packaging from a Sony store. However, after I charged the batteries using a genuine Sony charger I bought in a Sony store, all three batteries I bought from this seller do not seem to work as expected. The InfoLITHIUM batteries are supposed to allow certain Sony cameras (like the DSC-HX9V) to indicate remaining battery life in two ways: 1) graphically, by a battery icon with four bars, indicating 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, and 4/4 life remaining, and 2) numerically, by the number of minutes remaining. The first method is the only method provided by the NP-BG1 battery type, whereas both the first and second methods are supported with NP-FG1 InfoLITHIUM batteries. All three of the NP-FG1 InfoLITHIUM batteries from this seller indicate only 1/4 bars, but ~120 minutes, which seems to quickly drop. Even after a few charges on the Sony charger (purchased in a Sony store in the U.S.), none of the three batteries indicate 4/4 bars. I don't know which is more accurate, the icon or the number, but something is awry!

In addition to the three bogus batteries from this storefront, I have a NP-BG1 battery that came with the camera, and two NP-FG1 batteries, one of which I ordered from the Sony Style online store, and the other one I bought in a Sony store in the U.S. All three of the batteries function exactly as expected, precisely as I describe in the two ways mentioned above. I did a side-by-side visual inspection of the six batteries, and they are virtually identical--but there are some subtle cosmetic differences. The gray and red label on the battery is slightly lighter on all three of the knock-offs, compared with a darker hue on each of the genuine Sony batteries. The genuine Sony batteries seem to have sharper, more accurately printed text, although the letters and words on all batteries are in exactly the same location, all spelled the same. On the back of each battery, there is a 3D bar code; on the genuine batteries, each bar code is different, whereas on the look-a-likes, all bar codes are the same. On the edge of each battery (near the three gold terminals) there are some alphanumeric strings; the Sony batteries are similar, but different, whereas the crappy batteries have exactly the same numbers/letters. I don't know if the 3D bar code and this number/letter sequence by the terminals indicates a batch number, but if it does, then this could be one plausible explanation why the knock-offs appear to be rubber stamped. For reference, the numbers by the battery terminals on the knock-offs are "K8JWV 2EA" (top line) and "S95708" (bottom line). On one of the knock-offs, the second line is not accurately printed, and only the top edge of the bottom line appears on the battery. Using a VOM, the battery voltages on all the batteries are about the same (3-4 volts, depending on the contacts).

The "retail packaging" was so difficult to get apart, and it's been several weeks since my purchase, so I can't return them; I'm stuck with them. Too bad I didn't notice this problem earlier. I would rather have one extra battery that is reliable and functions as advertised than three batteries that have abnormal behavior--especially if I'm putting them in expensive, precision electronic gear. Despite the false battery indicator, they seem to hold a charge for several dozen shots, so I'll use them until they are completely unserviceable and then recycle them.

I've owned three Sony cameras, so I'm very familiar with the CyberShot product line and accessories. I worked in the IT industry for 10 years, and am a computer scientist (programmer). My point here is that when it comes to computers and electronics, I consider myself to be very tech savvy, and in my professional opinion, these batteries are not the real McCoys.

The old adage rings true--if the price seems too good to be true ($25 vs $50), it probably is. I monitored the batteries from this seller for some time prior to my purchase, and I think I saw them on sale for $15 once! My guess is that there isn't a Sony store in the U.S. that sells these this cheap. I would also guess that these batteries have fooled many people. If you don't mind a battery that only works half as expected, the 1/2 off price point is a fair purchase.

As if the price isn't enough of a red flag, consider the reviews on this product. About 30% of the reviews are less than 5 stars, so there is something wrong with this 30%. Even some of the four star reviews report similar problems as I have. Well, that's not how I roll; if the thing doesn't work as advertised, or if I surmise that I may have been sold a non-genuine product, the SELLER gets 0 stars, along with 0 stars for their knock-off product. (The genuine Sony NP-FG1 battery gets 5 stars.) Next time I'll read every single review.

I will not do business with the "Steve Borders Store" storefront again.
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on July 23, 2008
This battery is a great rechargeable battery. I found it appealing b/c you are able to view the remaining battery life in minutes. A word of caution, you are only able to view the remaining battery life ONLY if you use it with electronic equipment having the InfoLITHIUM logo. If your equipment doesn't have the logo, the capacity will not be displayed in minutes. Otherwise, it's a good battery.
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on June 8, 2008
Well, it's a battery and it works. I purchased this as an extra for my H50 digi cam. I always buy OEM when I can because I do like knowing I can count on decent quality from Sony.

The one that is in my camera right now I have been using for six days with a lot of shooting and playing with controls, as my camera is fairly new, and it has just dropped down to less than half of availability. I find that above acceptable for battery time, so I am very pleased.

I also appreciate that it comes with a nice, perfectly sized, hard plastic case for storage when not in use.
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on November 20, 2009
I've decided to share my experience because some batteries might be not calibrated at factory, I suppose.

I've ordered two of these NP-FG1 at Amazon together with Sony H20 Camera for me this November because I purchased Sony W290 with such battery last year fow my wife and that battery is really good.

But with one of these two new I experienced strange issue: once I put it into charger then it took 30 min only until led turned off indicating charging completion. I was surprised because old one required couple hours for that.

I installed baterry into camera and turned it on. Suddenly camera indicated that battery life estimation is 169 min, buf after 2 minutes of working I saw blinking sign in the upper left corner on screen that indicated battery discharge. I put battery in the charger and tried to charge it again - the same story with 30 min.

Then I decided to fully discharge battery because maybe calibration wasn't done or done with issues. I started slide show that was lasting for 2 hours with blinking battery sign in the upper left corner on screen! Finally I saw "3 min" on the indicator, screen became black with white blinking battery sign in the center and then finally camera went off.

After that I put battery into charger, charging time was as expected and now battery is operating well.
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on July 30, 2008
Based on the 4 reviews before me, I bought this as a spare for my Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W150 camera. I love that it displays time remaining in minutes. It was the same price as the version that came with my camera (about $37). I wouldn't have known if it would work for mine if it wasn't for D. Savaya specifically mentioning this model in their review (thank you for that!!)
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VINE VOICEon April 10, 2009
It's the same capacity as the NP-BG1 battery that most sony products come with... the only difference is that it allows the device to display the remaining minutes left on the charge (rather than just the battery symbol). While that feature alone is not exactly worth buying this battery for, it's a great idea to buy this battery if you were already planning on purchasing a spare. Then you can use this one for your primary battery, and use the one your camera came with as the spare.
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on August 19, 2008
I got this for my Sony DSC W100 Digital Camera. I purchased this camera in London 2 years back, looks like it does NOT support the 'remaining minutes display' feature supported by this battery, so i am not seeing the remaining battery time in minutes, but still the same icon when i used my NP-BG1 battery.
The battery works fine thoe with my camera and charges with the same AC charger i use to charge my NP-BG1 battery. Good for long trips where i do NOT have to worry about missing a nice shot. Prompt shopping/tracking info provided by, i will buy from you guys again.

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on April 8, 2009
The battery arrived quickly and in new condition. It was still in the blister package. Charged it up, put it into my camera case, and there it's been sitting. I finally took it out and installed it. Wow! It still has a full charge! The old battery NP-BG1 loses power when it sits for a long time. This new battery is a lot better. Even with shipping cost, it was cheaper buying it through Amazon then my local store.
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on July 20, 2008
This battery gives you the remaining time in minutes and it is great. Now I use the supplied battery (NP-BG1) as spare battery.

If you consider buying an extra battery this is the best choice.
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