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on January 6, 2013
I got my first Mp3 player about 6 years was an iPod 2GB Nano. I loved it so much I shortly thereafter upgraded to a 4GB Nano. Kept that one a couple years but didn't upgrade again because I was frustrated with the iTunes interface, having to "upload" all my music to iTunes and ending up with two sets of music on my hard drive ; 19GB of wma/mp3 format and an additional 19GB of the same music in Apple's iTunes format (M4P).

I was fed up with being an "iTunes slave" so I went looking for an alternative.

I went with a Sansa 8GB player and liked it well enough but it had problems. It was heavier than I liked, the display's resolution wasn't all that great and you had to use Windows Media Player to transfer music to the player. Fortunately, 8GB of music represents so many tracks of music, I didn't have to fiddle with Media Player that much.

After another year, I started getting antsy again for what I really wanted...a true "drag and drop" mp3 player so I could fine tune tracks on the player without having to mess with clumsy Media Player or the ridiculous iTunes system.

So after doing some research, I went with an 8GB Sony player (NWZ-E438). Awesome!! I was in mp3 nirvana. True Windows Explorer drag and drop, slick styling, great display, convenient controls and did videos and FM radio and well!! Then someone swiped it while I was in the shower in the gym. I was near heartbroken as I dug up the old Sanza and started using it again. But the good news is that I could get another one and upgrade to 16GB and be HAPPY again. Got the 16GB NWZ-S639F and used it for about two years around 2 hours a day 5 days a week. Then on a vacation to Hawaii, I lost it.

So this Christmas, I got this one I am reviewing: the Sony NWZ-E475BLK. This one is fundamentally the same and the other Sony I owned at 16GB memory (actually a little less than 15GB - not 16GB as advertised), very LONG lasting battery, "themed" displays, clear navigation, easier video transfer and other features that I don't really use. The sound is spectacular. I, personally, can't guarantee that it is better than the iPod, Sanza or the other Sonys because I never did a side-by-side audio comparison - but I can't imagine sound through earbuds being better than this.

All that said, because iPod grabbed a huge early market share with mp3 players they still have a huge lock on the market. Because of that, they are able to keep people locked in as iTunes slaves, especially those who are afraid to change to something better because they just "don't get it"! I cannot tell you how easy it is to just drag and drop files in Windows Explorer. This is the way life should be - EASY!!!
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on December 22, 2012
I gave the following review for my Sony NWZ-E465BLK Walkman MP3 player that I have had since May 2012.
"I have researched the iPod, Zune, and various other music players. I don't care for Apple products and the iPod seemed a little more complicated to use. I don't care to fool with iTunes and a few features I would probably never use. I've come close to purchasing a Zune two or three times. The cost of both of those products has kept me from purchasing them.

I purchased the Sony for a few reasons. 1. It was priced better than the Zune and iPod as well as being a comparable product. 2. My experience with other Sony products. 3. The apparent simplicity. 4. The good reviews.

I have no complaints with the Sony Walkman. I love how easy it is to use. Everything is logical and dragging and dropping my media is much better than using a dedicated program. I have read where others have complained about the cable. I see that as a non-issue. You can buy the cable on for cheap. Also, people have complained about the buttons turning the player on. If you use the hold button, that isn't a problem. The only minor issues I have with it is I wish it were a little larger and I wish I could add a memory card. All in all, I'd recommend the Sony Walkman to anybody."

I recently purchased this updated version for my wife for Christmas. Other than a nicer appearance, I can't say that it is any better or worse than the older model. I guess I like the older one better because I'm used to it. This one is a little thinner and slightly narrower than the NWZ-E465. The buttons are flush with the face of the player. Other than that, they both work exactly the same, which is a good thing. The cables are even interchangeable. I only have one disappointment with this device. I was hoping Sony would add a slot for a memory card.

I would highly recommend a Sony Walkman over an ipod or a Zune. I have shown mine to friends and family. Nearly 100% of them have never heard of a Walkman MP3 player. Other than my brother who is ibrainwashed, they all seem to really like it. If Sony would market this MP3 player, Apple wouldn't sell near as many ipods. Why would you pay double for an inferior product that is saddled with itunes?
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on December 18, 2012
I bought this mp3 player for listening to music during exercise. It's absolutely wonderful, and easy to figure out. I have no problem using the Music Go software with it, as I don't care about Media Player or any of that. I import my own CDs and send them to the mp3 player, and create playlists. The earbuds, I dismissed without trying, and used my own headset for a couple of days. But, the earbuds were nice for listening to music in bed, and I realized they are better than my headphones! So, they walk with me now, too. No problems. It has a Hold sliding button, loud enough (on the earbuds), and have had no problems in about a week now. Perfectly pleased. And 16GB. No micro card to mess with. It's great for uses described above. I'd also like to say there are some EQ and preset abilities, if you like a little adjustment to your music. Anything else, like Podcasts, I really can't comment... but it's been perfect. Update: I've had this thing about a month, use the he!! out of it daily, and it has not disappointed me in any way. Battery - great, and a friend of mine showed me the sleep timer and alarm... nice. Update #2 - I've now bought 2 more of these, for my daughter and my husband. No problems with either, and both are satisfied. Daughter found Sudoku and Tetris loaded on it, and entertaining... she listens more to musicals, and also uses the wake up alarm. Go figure. I've still been terrorizing mine for almost 5 months, original earbuds still intact and player sounds great. No difficulties!
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on January 30, 2013
Let me start out by saying, I hate Apple products. Don't try and sway me, it's my opinion and I plan to keep it.
But Apple quality is something that's hard to beat, but I think I've found it in the Walkman NWZ. It's lightweight, the sound quality took me for a major loop (Seriously listened to Radioactive with plug in earphones and I had an eargasm), and the battry life is quite long. Now I'm not a tech junkie, but this fit everything I needed: worked with mp3s and wmas, worked with my music program, enough GB for my needs, and not kill my pocket expensive.
This is a great buy for someone who is not a major tech head but loves their music to sound great!
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on December 17, 2012
I only use this to listen to music, although you can put pictures and video on it or listen to FM radio. I originally bought an Ipod nano which was very difficult to use and so small that it fell out of my backpack and I didn't even notice. As a replacement, I was looking for something a little larger.but lightweight that didn't need a 50 page manual. The Walkman works well for my needs. I had no trouble downloading my music, it has a long battery life and it is very easy to use. My only complaint is that there is no way of carrying it unless I can put it in a pocket. Otherwise, I like it very much.
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on January 20, 2013
I got this Sony Walkman mp3 player at Best Buy as an open box special. I've owned a Creative Jukebox, a Creative Zen Stone, an ipod 160gb classic, and an iPod nano 5th generation. I think that this is the best sounding of all of them so far. The menu is easy, it is very loud, and it sounds awesome. The ear buds that come with it sound great too. Lots of bass for ear buds.
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on March 18, 2013
The new Sony Walkmans are excellent mp3 players. This is my 4th model but this new generation of players is not compatible with Rhapsody subscription service. The E series as well as the F series do not work. I should have checked Rhapsody's website first, but have never had a Walkman not work. Since that is mostly what I use, its going back..
Taken from Rhapsody's website, the following Walkman players are not compatible with Rhapsody:
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on May 12, 2013
Battery s to last forever!
Sound, but miserable equalizer options.
Option for slowing down playback. Really good when listening to fast talk
Looks nice.
Has "folder view" where files under "music" can be organized in folders just like on computer.
Allows pasting files into the Music folder using windows explorer.

Extremely bad:
The idiots at Sony introduced their own propitiatory cable. The previous version had just a regular USB plug, but that this new model has a different ending. Now I have to travel with an extra cable wherever I go. Pain in the butt. Would have not bought it if I knew it. Just like I never buy Sansa for the same reason.
Idiotic names: "Music" and "songs" obviously does not apply to audio-books. How much more intelligent would be just "sound" and "track."
Does not recognize composer tag and therefore not suitable for classical music.
Very Bad:
impossible to operate without looking at it. Buttons feel the same, should have different feel or location.
Very bad:
It is extremely easy to accidentally turn it off and on, or make it jump to some entirely different place by just having in in the pocket. Must use the "hold" button all the time. Bad design. Also, when hold is on, the volume cannot be adjusted, that's bad design, too. The previous version allowed that.

The best option is the ability to slow down play back.
The worst is the propitiatory cable (I would not have bought it if I knew) and the buttons that all feel the same and require to be seen to be operated.
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on February 10, 2013
How'd I get all that music in there in less than a half hour? Everything sounds fantastic. I am VERY SATISFIED with how easy it is to fill up and to use.
Update...Now that I have had some time with it, I have determined that I NO LONGER NEED to carry a bunch of CDs in the vehicle, in fact all I really need is a front panel jack or the Monster Radio Play 300 transmitter (just bought on Amazon) and an FM radio to have IMMEDIATE access to a BIG chunk of my favorite music on my car stereo. This tiny device really sounds best with the supplied headphones. I am very satisfied!
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on April 18, 2013
My ipod of 7 years starting to crap out, so I bought the Sony NWX-E475. I had been researching Players for a few weeks and was utterly confused. I was getting emails from Amazon recommending Players and I saw this and thought I'd take a chance. Since this is much less expensive than an ipod, I wasn't expecting anything more than a basic mp3 player. WOW! What a surprise. Everyday I'm finding more and more things it can do. My primary use for this is language study, and it has a function specifically for that. I am totally impressed. I can set up temporary (while listening) start & stop points to continually replay a certain selection (duration is my choice) over and over which is fantastic for learning a new language. Another helpful function is a one button press to replay the last 3 seconds.
My only complaint I have so far are the instructions that come with it. They are very, very brief, so you have to go online to read in-depth instructions for all the different functions, and there are many. Maybe it's my age, but the instructions are not detailed enough for me. I had to extrapolate and figure out some things on my own. But that does not take away the beauty of this wonderful instrument. I really love it.
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