Customer Reviews: Sony NWZA864BLK 8GB A Series MP3 player Black with Bluetooth 2.8 Inch Touch Screen
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on January 20, 2012
I am 44 and have been an Apple fan for many years... Recently, I gave my iPod Touch 16GB to my step daughter...I missed a portable player of my own and wanted another... I tried many - 6th Generation Nano, Classic, and another iTouch 64GB - to use with my Bose IE2 in ear headphones (that replaced a paid of Denon's I gave to my wife!). Anyway, I was disappointed with the sound out of each of the Apple devices mentioned above and decided to try a Google Android device in the Galaxy 5 - also equally disappointing... You aren't able to create a more customized sound out of any of these (other than the pre-defined presets designated by Apple)devices, until I tried the A Series Walkman! The ability to create sound profiles that include a Bass enhancer/dynamic range, 5 band graphic equalizer, and stereo outputs, etc etc. is truly amazing! The sound out of this Walkman blows Apple out of the water. Combined with the Bose in ears, this duo will be hard to beat with anything in the market today. Bluetooth to my car (BMW) is also equally stellar and amazing. I HIGHLY recommend anyone looking for an 'AUDIOPHILE' type personal/portable solution to give this a try. It WILL NOT disappoint - long live Google Android Toshiba Thrive and my Sony Walkman...

Atlanta GA
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on December 9, 2011
I always like the fact that Discman had physical buttons so i can switch songs/adjust volume on the fly. These days it's not easy to find a decent media that does that. It really bothers that when I want to skip tracks, I have to "unhold" then tap the touchscreen and then tap "next". Fortunately, with Sony Walkman, you get physical buttons. You can either set "hold" to freezing all buttons plus touchscreen or to only freeze the touchscreen. I prefer the latter. Now i can carry the walkman in my pocket and simply stick my hand in to squeeze the "next" button.

In my opinion, an mp3 player cannot even be labelled as one if it doesn't have physical buttons.

The audio quality is also very good. A lot better than the sound you get from an Ipod. Now the player isn't equipped with a speaker but that shouldn't be a problem if you want something that is strong in the sound department. Speakers give trashy sounds anyways.

The A865 is also good value for money because it comes bundled with a more than decent in-ear monitor.

Overall, very pleased with the product. Thanks for reading =D
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on October 6, 2011
I have been a fan of Sony MP3 Walkman's since the first 2GB models came out. The new A series has amazing sound quality that blows away all the other mp3 players in its segment. It also has Bluetooth capability which means you can send and receive files to your phone or other Bluetooth enabled device. It feels so right in your hand, and the touch screen is what truly makes it perfect as finding spots in long music files is now much easier than before. The only drawback is probably the battery life, I extensively used the file transfer to move about half a GB of sets and images and had the display at full brightness. This, combined with about four hours of playing songs, took half the battery. I would love to see more accessories for this model including an armband for jogging!
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on January 12, 2012
I got this Sony Walkman as a replacement for an 80 GB iPod that died on me. While the massive hit on storage space was a little disappointing (Sony only sells the 32GB+ models in Japan apparently?), it also indicates to me solid memory instead of hard drives -- read: no moving parts = longer battery life and reduced chance of mechanical failure compared to iPods. Especially since my last two iPods died from - yep, HDD failure. Plus who honestly CHOOSES to watch videos on a 2" screen? Bottom line: I get quality over quantity now : )

PERK #1: Sound.
The amp and easily accessible EQ (and other sound quality/mizer settings) make a truly amazing difference in fidelity and reproduction. My music - literally the exact same MP3 files piped through the same 3.5mm TRS cable - sounds phenomenally better coming out of this sleek little beast than it ever did from my iPod. It's like hearing my favorite music for the first time all over again!
PERK #2: File compatibility.
Of the several formats readable, it plays MP4's without a hitch, so iTunes? Take it!! Only five machines, you say? All of which belong to none other than me, myself, and I? Uh, teehee my player laughs at your inanity, Jobs. (Yes, I know DRM doesn't technically extend to mobile devices, mainly machines - but it's still nice)
PERK #3: Antennae and "features."
Bluetooth connectivity makes it possible to play remotely in the car or with a BT-capable sound bar -- winning!
Haven't used the FM antenna yet, though it's another neat connectivity feature that not many other players sport.
The SenseMe application is a bit amusing, if only because I find most any automated program that claims to create logical "personal" playlists for me is just silly (thank you, "marketing"/bloatware teams).
Sony advertises it as a picture manager/courier, which is a little head-scratching but uh, cool...I guess. Don't guess they've heard of USB drives?

By the way, the 1-star review ranting about not having external speakers is straight trollin. Uh, have you ever *owned* a media player, dude? I've never owned one with external speakers - plus speakers sound like trash, use the nice earbuds they include with it or some sweet circumaurals for maximum use enjoyment of this product. This isn't a smart phone.

All in all, regardless of the little banal "features" manufacturers are cramming into everything from blenders to cars to razors these days, I just want an MP3 player that plays my music, and this latest release of the seasoned Walkman can do just that. And Sony's wonderful digital amping and mixing makes its playback sound delightfully sexy to boot! Plus you can get a 6pc accessory kit for $15 after shipping here on Amazon: 6 Items Accessories Bundle Kit for Sony Walkman NWZ-A864 & NWZ-A865 (8GB / 16GB) MP3 Player: Includes Black Silicone Case, LCD Screen Protector, USB Wall Charger, USB Car Charger, 2in1 USB Cable and Light Blue Fishbone Style Keychain. Woot.
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on August 9, 2012
Let me start by saying am not an Apple basher. On the contrary am a huge fan of Apple using the iPhone, IPad etc. However am also serious about sound quality when it comes to music. While I have owned 2 iPods and currently used the iPhone, these devices are not necessarily designed for best sound quality, they are designed for ease of use, slick interface industrial design etc. In my quest for superior sound from portable devices I used 2 irivers and a cowon D2. I think the Cowon sounds very good. In fact I nearly bought another Cowon. Not only does the Cowon have great sound quality but also SD Card use and Flac support. However already having the cowon D2, I decided to give the Walkman a try.

And am floored. This thing sounds simply amazing. Far better than the Cowon which may surprise many. The sound is a lot more balanced than the Cowon and very powerful. The built in Amp really makes a huge difference. The interface is good, but that's not why I bought it the sound is what really matters. Quite frankly only the Hi Fi man and the colorfly can possibly sound better. Further there is absolutely no need to add any kind of portable amp or Dac. I am pairing it with the mdr ex500. The mdr ex300 that come with it are not nearly as good as the 500s. Most people buying this for sound quality most likely already have a very good pair of headphones they are going to use this with.

I do feel bad that I waited these many years to give the Walkman a try. The z series above the A series I guess sounds similar since both have the S mix amp. Sony needs to stay in the portable music business, apple is good but such phenomenal sound quality at an affordable price is very hard to find. I was mistaken in thinking that Cowon was the king of this space.
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on December 3, 2011
There is no low-noise at all! Even when I use it in a very quiet place, I can't hear any noise. Excellent! What's more, Sony's EQ is usually the best, with strong and natural sound. I feel it is much better than IPC.
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on July 12, 2012
So, I live in a house with a lot of Apple products. iPod, iPad, iMac. What do they all have in common? Ease of use. What do they not achieve? Decent sound. Why do I own Sony? Because I have always appreciated the way music can sound: rich, full, authentic, better than life. I previously owned the NWZ-S738F in 8GB. The product was released in 2008 when I got one, and it is still in use today in 2012. Not only does it work, but it works well and still retains battery life. Oh, and it still sounds better than every other MP3 player I've tried, including a brand new iTouch. There is something that Sony has done to their audio processing which allows it to achieve (with very minor tweaking) incredibly beautiful sound reproduction. It is a Plug-and-Play device. It recognizes as a hard drive and you simply copy and paste your media from one folder to another. No complex software, no subscription requests, ads or requirements to use iTunes. I use it via AUX in my car. I use it with, on-ear headphones, and to stream via Bluetooth to my Big Jambox wireless speaker anywhere in my apartment, by the pool, at the beach, at family gatherings, on vacation, the plane, etc. Music via Bluetooth streaming sounds excellent, amplified and rich, clear and precise. The interface is simple and straight forward, because its a music player, not a smartphone! Thank God for that, because I already own a smartphone, it can play music too, but it sounds as bad as an iPhone! Do you prize sound quality over cost? Can you appreciate a machine that was built for the purpose of making music sound better? Do you already own a device that can browse the web, connect to wifi or get an app? Then this just might be the product for you.
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on March 26, 2012
Growing up on music and later becoming a part time but active musician,the reproduction of sound was always paramount. Hated MP3's because of the compression and learned to live without a portable system until HD mini disc arrived and shortly left. Apple finally introduced loss-less recording and it sounded good for the car and other devices. Headphone reproduction still not have a wow factor, but got close with the introduction of B & W passive noise reduction headphones. These cans are expensive but worth every penny. So in search of a MUSIC player that could kick it up a few,I discovered this player. Weeks of going back and forth to multiple players and some procrastination I finally took the plunge. Two hundred little ones for a 16 GB player was a bit much, but my fellow Amazonian's and the rave reviews convinced me and I took the plunge.
Well, I am blown away. Full, rich, warm, nice mids and beautiful subtle but not over exaggerated highs. Set up the unit to my taste (Multiple sound settings), and my ears are dancing. What is really a great factor, it sounds so fat and warm you do not have to turn it up to make it happen. Perfect functionality and intuitive button placement makes this even better. Highly recommend.
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on January 21, 2012
This player has incredible sound. I was hesitant at first, because in the past, Sony made it quite difficult to use their players on a Mac. Well, they have finally given an "inch" and now their software has changed. I tried to open it on my Mac, but it wouldn't install. That was a good thing. I wasn't planning on installing it anyways because the drag and drop method works great! When it mounts on the desktop, you can click it and it open up all of the folders. Then, open up iTunes and just drag your files right in. It will sort them in alphabetical order according to song name and/or track number from iTunes(back to this later). I love the touch screen and also the physical buttons. You can use them together to go through the various menu items. The presets for the equalizer and the various ways to change the sound are great too. Like I said, if you want fantastic sound, get a Sony. I haven't had time to figure out how to make folders yet,(remember I am not using any software) but it really doesn't matter because you can select songs based on artist, album, song etc..... Overall, after a full day, I am very happy with this little powerhouse.

The only "niggle" is that when I connect the USB cord to my Mac, it mounts and opens up iPhoto. Then, when I try to unmount it, it will unmount for a split second and mount again with iPhoto. I went into the Mac Preferences ----->CD/DVD---->and chose 'Ignore' for when the Mac recognizes pictures. Now it's fine. Also, when the Sony unmounts from the desktop, you have about a second to unplug the USB. If you don't act quickly, the Sony will mount again. It's only a minor thing for me and now I have figured out what to do. It will probably get fixed with a firmware update.

Also, the player comes pre-installed with some sample songs, videos, and pictures. If you want to save as much space as possible, you can format the drive and delete the samples(but disconnect it from your computer first and do it on the player).

If you just love music, and want better sound than an Ipod without all the apps, Sony's new software is less intrusive. And don't worry, you can alway drag and drop easily. I highly recommend it for Mac Users.

UPDATE: Downloaded 'iTunemywalkman' (third party bridge software), and it synced my iTunes library. Seems to work well :)
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on January 12, 2012
Pricey...but I dare you to find an MP3 player with better sound. The sound quality that comes from this brain is...well pretty top notch. The ear buds are not bad... great imaging...this should be used as the standard for judging earphones...!!! From "Humpty Dance", Digital Underground Alterbridge "Slip to the void" Kenny Maxwell, to Yo-Yo produces great sound.
THIS IS THE HIGH END. I love the touch screen or button option.

The only con...
When I transfer music, it goes back to the original music label makes you work a little harder. I have used 6-7 headphones...Beyerdynamic DT 770pro 8o ohm, sony mdr v770dj, ATH-M50..., Ultrasone Pro 550 & 750, Rockit Sounds R-50, Sony 310, ATH MKII, Sure 215 ...finally found this players mate......................................... ..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................Yamaha EPH 100............
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