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on September 16, 2013
I used to have a Sansa MP3 player years ago, but they broke too easily, then I saw the Sony Walkman and bought it. I dunked it in water, it still played, it hit concrete and bricks and it still played. It was the greatest, but after a year or two the battery life started to die and I had to buy another. Which is this one. If you are just going to listen to music on shuffle, it is a great device. I sync it with Rhapsody and it takes 10 minutes to get everything done.

The thing that kills me is that 90% of the time I listen to audio books and if I don't listen to them within (so far) a 24 hour period, I lose my place. The MP3 player shuts down completely and when I turn it on it goes to the main page instead of where I paused in my book. I listen to books where each file can be up to 1 hour long. It's a pain.

My next problem is, and I don't know if this is just mine, but when I press pause, if I press it a little bit to the side or anything outside of the direct center it skips ahead or changes playlists. Very annoying.

Everything else is great though! The size is small but I can read everything, its a good price, great sound, easy to use. Sometimes I wish I could create a playlist or delete on the device but I don't care that much. I would buy a Walkman again, just probably one of the older versions instead unless they change.
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on August 14, 2013
The Mp3 player in of itself isn't too much of an issue. I think I screwed it up myself by downloading a corrupted file but I really have no clue all i know is the computer tells me after nine months that it no longer will recognize the device and when i look deeper into it there is apparently a problem with the mp3 player according to my computer. Also I saw many comments on sony's site stating many others had the same problem Anyway, Sony is the problem more than the mp3 player I'm upset with Sony's service. I contacted them when all their trouble shooting steps I found on their site didn't work. their genius response to my request for help was this is the link to the trouble shoot, please reset, etc... all of which i had already done. and THEN when they realized that I wasn't stupid and could read and do my own research they finally said ok send it in BUT you have to pay for shipping and handling we will send you a new device, only it wont be new it will be refurbished and probably not the exact one you have but something close and their maybe cosmetic damage done to it. and its not just shipping you pay for its also a service fee. And then if they decide they dont need to send you a new one but can fix yours they will charge you for it. you know I get saying hey we aren't gonna send you a new one if we can fix the old one but seriously they can't even cover shipping? I'm not satisfied with them and because of their crappy service and the numerous other people i saw on their comment board with similar issues as mine i would say skip it buy something else. I don't mind having to pay a service fee but what the hell is the point of the warranty if it doesn't actually help you any it ends up being cheaper to buy a new one than to have them fix the old one.
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on December 28, 2012
I am very happy with it and glad I purchased it. I had purchased a sansa fuze 5 months earlier that was incredibly difficult to use and finally quit altogether. I listen to BOOKS, not music and found the walkman an excellent choice for my needs.
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on June 18, 2013
This MP3 player skips tracks and does not resume from the last track after pausing or when turned off and on again. Instead, starts again with the first song/album on the menu
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on May 6, 2013
I am enjoying my new Walkman immensely! The 8 gigs of memory gives me MORE than enough room for my music selection from my music library. For the most part, I listen to it in the car. My car stereo has an auxillary jack that allows me to play the Walkman through the stereo (NOT headphones!). My only regret is that I am not allowed to listen to it at work! :-((

Andrea T
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on February 10, 2012
Bought the 8GB Walkman in pink for my wife. She's just started using it and LOVES it. I always look for "Average" people reviewing a product b/c I'm an average consumer w/ reasonable expectations. Loading music is simple. Sound is great. It's lightweight and it's in a color she loves. Sony did a bang up job on a fun product that works well for a good price. Very glad that I went with the Sony Walkman over an iPod. Everyone has their own opinions and preferences, ...these are just mine.
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on January 8, 2013
I have the pink one. It's quite attractive. First thing you must do is back up the files on the Walkman. Copy them into a new folder in case you have to format it. You wouldn't want to lose the free photos, videos, wallpapers and songs they install at the factory.

If you use a Mac and try to eject it and it won't stay ejected, you must disconnect it that small time that it's gone from your Finder or desktop. Even though the Walkman says "Do Not Disconnect" for that moment it's okay just make sure you are not still downloading to the Walkman (hence it wouldn't disappear from your desktop or Finder).

You can get mp4s to play on this device (those are videos) if they are iTunes compatible first.

Great sound in the player but you must go into the settings and go to music options and play around with the sound enhancers and the equalizer which is separate.

This comes with interchangeable size earphones. Very good for finding the right sound as well.

It has a voice recorder that Sony does not list in the product description for some reason. It records in mp3 and has a very good sound. It's not quite as tinny as the Sansa Clip's voice recorder. I really needed a voice recorder and settled so it was a very nice surprise addition.

Good sound on the radio. FM frequency only. You can set an alarm and bookmark songs. Good clear screen but it's not a touch screen. Five stars all around.

Edited to add: some mp4s will play if you open them with iTunes first. And I've found that if you delete music from the Walkman (through the computer only, you can't delete music, only videos, from the player) you will get your space back without having to copy everything then reformat the entire Walkman.

You can delete your videos from the player and recoup the space. It will tell you how much space is left after you do this.

About the earbuds. Other earbuds hurt me for some reason. These don't. The bass sounds good but you have to push them in your ears really well but the minus to that is that it muffles all other sound around you which is bad. I don't want to be rendered deaf to the world just to get good bass but boy is it good bass. Using the equalizer you have a Clear Bass setting and it booms in these tiny earbuds.
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on February 1, 2013
When my Sony Walkman cassette player finally bit the dust this year (yes, I'm that old), I had to bite the bullet and go MP3, so this is my first one and I can't compare it to anything else.


First of all, great deal because I bought it in pink! Saved like 30%! I actually love the color (I'm a woman) - for males, I suggest buy the green, similar savings.

Secondly, I haven't had any trouble with it turning on by itself like others have mentioned. Either my "Hold" button works and theirs doesn't or they're not using it, or it's somehow getting slid to the off position. So I've had no problems with the battery getting run down.

First, most of the problems I've had are with the Media Go software to load things onto it with. At first that was because I didn't understand completely how to use it - kept ending up with duplicates, but I also think it's a little finicky. And Windows Media Player was worse - it searches my computer for every audio file on my computer and then starts download it ALL automatically, even when I tell it not to search. The easiest way to load files is to just drag and drop them from your folders into the Walkman folder. However, you can't create playlists that way, you need to use the Media Go software for that.

Secondly, I don't like that you can't operate the Walkman while it's connected to the computer to say scroll through and see what's on there, what loaded, etc.

But all in all, I love it! Especially for the price.
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on June 1, 2012
I got this for my daughter-in-law and she absolutely loves it. Sony consistently creates attractive and user-friendly compact sound players, reasonably priced, with plenty of space for your favorites. Would definitely purchase this item again.
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on July 30, 2012
Very Pleased with product, great for my 10yr old girl. She loves listening to music, and doing voice recordings for school. The sound quality is nice too.
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