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on September 25, 2011
First of all, there is not doubt that this is a great music player. This is light weight, portable and my 8GB model has a good enough of space for my songs which is use mostly at gym and at work. Sound quality of the headphones is not that great, but also not bad if you don't want every minute details.Screen resolution is good. As a simple music player and a good alternative to ipod shuffle/nano in terms of price and screen size,i think this will be a great buy if one can live with the below drawbacks.
--The player starts off with a light press of any buttons (mind you the buttons are big). That means when you keep it in jeans pocket and a light press on any of the button will start of the player. That means drainage of battery. Gave me around 20 hrs of battery life on my first charge. This might be because 90% of the time when i took this out of my pocket, i found this switched on accidentally. Wish sony has a dedicated on/off switch for this
--Headphone wire gets entangled easily
--No shortcut key to navigate to the current songs.
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on February 4, 2012
I love! love! LOVE! this mp3 player! I got it to replace a Sansa Fuze that developed hard disk and earphone jack issues in less than 30 days. I have used a Creative Nomad Zen for over 10 years and it still works, but it's very large compared to newer players, and the hard drive crashes when I plug the USB in now, so I really wanted a second player. Even though I had a great experience with it overall, Creative's products cost 3 to 4 times the price of this Sony, and I just did not want to spend that much on one right now.

I was nervous to get the NWZ-E465 because of a review that said it had no 'off' button (it does) and no volume control (it has), but I looked at it in a "brick-and-mortar" store before I bought it. It's one of the RARE 16 GB players, which I really need!! 8 GB is not enough, IMO, if you are a total music-head like me. :) The BATTERY LIFE is AMAZING! I use the player 7-8 hours a day, look at the screen quite a lot because I have a lot of brand new music on it, switch between playlists and do other things that cause the backlight to come on over and over, and still go 3 to 4 days between charges. The charging items I purchased in an accessory kit for the Fuze work with the Sony, and it also charges via USB.

Unlike some people who have reviewed players, I don't have a problem or issue creating playlists in Windows Media Player. And after they are created, if you want to add new songs to any existing playlist, you edit it in list pane (WMP has a button for doing this) and drag the new songs in, arrange in whatever song order you want or let it shuffle them, and then sync the playlist to the Sony via USB with the WMP sync tab. Songs transfer really fast and it is pretty painless to make changes to your playlists. If you are worried about getting bored with the playlists, that is also a non-issue because you can play all your loaded songs (no list), as well as any playlist, artist, album, genre, etc., in the order they are loaded in, or use Shuffle, Shuffle Repeat, etc. (all the standard song play options). My tip is to make really large playlists (10 to 20 hours long, each) and use the Shuffle option so the list never sounds the same and you can't get through it all in a day. I make my playlists by genres I think sound well together, for example, Dark Ambient, Trip Hop, Down Tempo, and Dub are all on one list, while Pop, Soft, most Females, and 80's Electronica are on another playlist.

The sound is great, the EQ options are very good, and the ear-buds it comes with are surprisingly good sound (and build) quality. This model also has a radio tuner, like many players, which is handy if you are in a market with good radio stations. I absolutely, without any reservation, recommend this model of Sony player, but get it SOON because I think this is not the current model and may become difficult to find at some point. The only negative (but also a positive) is that pressing any button will turn the player back on, but it has not been an issue for me because it doesn't happen often and the battery life is so exceptional.
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on January 8, 2012
This is not a bad player, but there are some very annoying quirks. However, it is significantly cheaper than the iPod Nano. Plus, unlike some players, the case does not feel like it is cheap or will easily break. I have used the device for a month and have not noticed any quality issues.

Note: I use this for listening to music at work. I cannot comment on how the unit handles podcasts or audio books.

- Feels solid
- Small and light
- Bright screen
- Good sound quality
- Gets good reception on the FM radio
- Can handle playlists of over two thousand songs
- Random mode seems to truly play the songs randomly (some players do not seems to truly randomize the song order)
- Can return to a playlist were you left off after listening to the FM radio for a while
- Can play unit for multiple days without recharging the battery
- Charges quickly
- Cheaper than Apple

- Cannot turn off the player. It will only turn off when left idle for 24 hours (see my comment below from Mar 4, 2012 were I explain how you know this to be true).
This is a big issue which impacts the battery life if you do not use the device heavily. Do not expect to use this device for a few hours every week and still have it last for 24+ hours of usage.
- When left idle for 24 hours device can no longer resume playing the pervious song.
- Have to learn the propriety Sony media player (Media Go)
- Cannot integrate with iTunes (despite Sony's description of the unit). The Sony media player (Media Go) can read iTunes files however.
o Cannot read AAC files purchased from the iTunes store.
o Cannot use iTunes features such as autofill
- Cannot customize radio present numbers. They are sorted in the order they are found on the dial.

After using the product for almost a year I can confidently say that the device needs a dedicated on / off switch. After taking the devise on a road trip (having first locked the player) I found the battery had died. It seems every time the player was jostled it briefly turned on (to tell me the device was locked). Over the course of 6 days this seems to have been enough to completely drain the battery.

At this point I'd like to sell the device and am looking to more heavily use my Android phone as my primary mp3 player.
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on February 4, 2012
This is a decent mp3 player.

1. Good battery life. Have it running for over 12 hours and there are still 2 bars left in the battery indicator. I assume I can get 20 to 30 hours playing time. Not sure if it is possible to get to 50 hours, as sony advertised. Also there is a "battery saver" feature in the options. Not sure what exactly it does. My impression is that it will prevent the battery from charging to 100%, so as to slow down the degradation of battery over the years. Only time can tell if it works.

2. Good sound quality. The caveat is that sound quality has a lot to do with the the type of mp3 file played (encoding quality) and the type of earphones (I used my good old Sennheiser) as well. I have seen some "scientific" testing on the frequency responses of various mp3 players, the differences are very small and probably not noticeable by humans. Also this is intended for a daily commute on a noisy subway train, not an audiophile device. There are also quite a few digital "gimmicks" to enhance the audio profile.

3. Drag-and-drop file transfer. The device has to be mounted as a MTP device. Not as convenient as itune, but you don't have to rely on the integrated management software (MeGo? why should I bother to install another piece of crappy software on my computer)

4. Bright and responsive screen. It can show photos and play videos. But I really don't see any use of that: the screen is just too small.

5. Decent user interface. The sensitivities of the buttons are adequate, the organization of menus is reasonable. However, I don't think it's as good as ipod family products.

The whole thing is made of plastic. I can see why some people complained the surface can be easily scratched. This is no where compared to the glass cover, metal casing of an ipod touch. To be fair this is the low end among sony mp3 players, Sony wants to keep BOM below $30 to make a profit.

Power off issue:
Some people complained that the player cannot be completely turned off, and only go into deep sleep when it is "powered off". These days the flash memory makes it possible for a device to be turned on very fast (a mac book air can be turned on within seconds). It could be the case that the device merely goes into deep sleep. It could also be the case that the device powers up lightening fast. Either way, fast response is not a bad thing (I don't want to wait for 10 seconds every time I want to listen to my music), as far as the battery life is not affected. To prevent the player from being accidentally turned on in your pocket, there is a "hold" switch. When the player is turned off and it is in "hold" position, the screen will come back alive and go back to sleep in a few seconds. To me this is actually a plus.

Minor annoyance:
The automatic shutoff has to be set up every time. It would be more convenient if a repeated "auto shut off" can be enabled, just like the daily alarm feature.

UPDATE in September 2013:
After 18 months of almost daily use, a small part of the player went wrong: something inside the "play" button is broken. The player can still be used, but the "play" button works only 1 out of 2 times. It is true that the "play" button probably is the mostly used, but 18 month of life span is still short. It's sad that even Sony is trying to maximize their profit by using less reliable mechanical parts.
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on May 25, 2012
When I purchased this MP3 Walkman I expected it to do what I wanted it to do - play music. I would have been happy with just that. But wow, it plays music so amazingly. Within a couple minutes of opening the packaging, I had this hooked up to my computer and had begun transferring songs from my flash drive to the device. It was so simple I couldn't believe it. Literally, all you have to do is drag and drop. So, did that, and charged it for 3 hours. When I got home I gave it the first test. Within 2 seconds of listening to this amazing thing, I was shocked at the superior sound quality. The headphones are punchy and crisp, with plenty of volume, bass, and treble. I then went into the settings and found many sound tweaking options that tailor the sound to your discriminating ear. Not only are there several options to enhance the sound, but there is also a five band graphic equalizer with 2 presets and adjustable bass boost! Within a minute or two, I had customized the Walkman to play music to my very demanding audiophile specifications. I thrilled to the sound. So, my next test was to hook the device up to my Bose stereo system with a simple stereo patch cord. Let me just tell you, when I heard the sound that came out of those speakers, I realized that I had heard the complete fruition of digital sound. I have always been a fan of analog sound (tapes, records), and thought nothing would ever measure up. Well, digital has finally come home, and has won the analog vs. digital battle. I highly enjoy the shuffle feature, also. This is simply the finest music playback device I have ever owned. I guarantee you will not regret purchasing this super product.

P.S. People who complain about the device being accidentally turned on when it's in your's a "hold" button for that, that stops the buttons from being pressed. So I don't want to hear that nonsense.
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on November 5, 2011
As usual, sony is the best. The sound is far superior to the Ipod touch that i have. So much so, in fact, that the ipod is a piece of junk in comparison. Throw it in the garbage. Next, It's very simple to load music. I have a mac, and all i do is open the disc image, mounted to my desktop, and drag and drop music files into the player. Beautiful, simple, awesome. It has a voice recorder and a radio as well. Both very handy. Get this now if you want a music player.
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on March 31, 2012
I had this Walkman for about 3 years before i lost it :( but i used it nearly every day, from listenting to music while on the bus to watching episodes of dexter while on an airplane. The headphones are not why you buy the product, but are pleasant enough. If the headphones are the issue, go buy new ones, this is an inexpensive enough item that there is room for more expensive headphones if you so choose.

After 3 years of use, the battery was still pretty strong, although noticably weaker, but would still work for 8-10 hours of continuous music listening.

Also, have looked at getting a different model after having this lille guy for so long, but couldnt find anything even comparable at this price range and size. so i guess i should be making a pro's and cons list....

Small, light weight
Long battery life
Easy to use UI for transferring files
Good/great sound
Perfect amount of storage for music and videos

Easily scuffed screen (after 3 years, was still readable, but definately glare due to the scratching)
Headphones are good, not great

And people say there is no turn off (which there is) and a hold button so it doesnt turn on in your pocket.

So i am re-purchasing the same one after 3 years of great useage
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on March 23, 2012
I bought this to replace an older Sony 8GB MP3 player which died on me after a few years of use. This player is about 0.5" larger than the previous E438F player. The previous player seems more sturdy, with a metal casing. The newer player layout is similar, but with a lighter plastic housing. The screen is plastic as well, the previous screen felt more like glass and did not suffer any scratches at all. We shall see how the new one will hold up.

The new one has a battery life of 50 hours using as a MP3 player and 20 hours as a FM tuner. I do not plan to use it for video or picture viewing as I think a 2" screen is pretty useless for that. The new player powers on a lot faster than the older one, taking several seconds vs a minute. Couple of things I don't like. The new player has sloped edges which make use of the volume and hold buttons more difficult. Also, the pause/play button does not work during FM playback, only with MP3 playback (I like to tun off FM if someone starts talking to me without turning the unit off). The Sony still uses a proprietary USB cable for the player. Apple does the same, so it's really not an issue, but it would be nice if the player used standard mini-USB connectors.

All these drawbacks are overcome by one thing. The new player sounds fantastic... I have a Apple iTouch 4th generation, Creative Labs and the previous Sony. The new Sony sounds a lot clearer and cleaner than other players. Considering the source is 128kbps, the music sounds fantastic, it seems to be a lot more like CD quality. The sound quality alone makes this a five star item, but the lower quality exterior notches it down a star.
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on February 16, 2012
After one month of ownership the screen malfunctioned. The online support was unhelpful and the service support didin't recognize this model. Very disappointed with the product. Not likely to buy from sony again.
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on March 6, 2012
Ok, first of all: I hate iTunes!!! I mean HATE.

Now that I've got that off my chest, the review. This unit is nice. The functions are all nicely engineered and scolling through the menus is easy. The bass is deep and the sound is quality. Even the surround settings are good. I have like 10 pairs of headphones from all the MP3 players that went to the scrapheap after a year or two - these are really, really nice and help block out external sound a bit more than others. Time to toss some.

My only complaint so far is the other end of the USB plug is non-standard. May have to get another cord, but oh well. I've had a lot of MP3 players, this is probably my favorite, we'll see if it dies like the rest in a few years. iPod quality and no iTunes, I like it.
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