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on October 13, 2011
I just received this item yesterday. It comes with all kinds of cords and the item itself is actually a little smaller than an Ipod Nano with pretty much all the same functionality. That being said, lets get down to it..

Pros: Comes with two pair of head phones. One is wireless and the other is a 3.5 wired pair. 2) Come with different sized ear buds. 3)The ear buds are comfortable. Today I finished 3 miles on the elliptical machine and didnt even feel them. 4)It charges quickly and after 2 hours of continuous play with the wireless head phones, the batter meter is still full. 5)I actually got 2+ hours of good sound quality out of the wireless head phones and they still aren't dead. 6) Its easy to put music on the device and it has pre-set up folders for videos, pod cast, pictures, music, etc. It does come with pre-loaded music, video, and pics for wall paper but its easily deletable. 7)The wireless headphones come with a little box for operation. Its really light and comes with a clip. "Please note, the cord isnt very long so its obvious meant to be clipped to your collar or somewhere high on your shirt. From the ear bud, its about a foot long. 8)The design of the ear buds make them comfortable even though they do fit inside the ear, and they dont come while jogging. The clip seems pretty strong too, so it wont come off either.

Cons: The charging dongle. This is my only beef with this device. It comes with one dongle and if you loose, you can not charge it. Its proprietary, so you cant go and get another from the local walmart and I havent been able to find it on amazon either. Its about 6 inches in length, one end is for the device and the other end is a micro usb. Anyone see a charging issue yet. Well, here it is.. It comes with another USB 2 - Micro USB cable that plugs into the proprietary dongle so that you can charge it via computer and upload your music. If you think thats something, check this out. The micro usb end of the dongle plugs into the wireless head phones so that you charge them as well. Thats not a major gripe since you can charge the head phones with any micro usb cable but the thing is, that damn dongle..

ALL-in-All: I would recommend this device. Just be sure not to loose the dongle it comes with. Tape it to your laptop or something. It would have been nice if they threw in a little pouch for the cables though. That being said, its still worth the money, oh, at its bluetooth capable. It pairs with the wiresless headphones as soon as you turn it on. No special button combination to hold down, like on most bluetooth devices..
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on April 3, 2012
OK. So I've read literally all of the reviews posted about this product before I bought it (all 20+ of them). I'm glad I did. My best advice is to read all of the most recent reviews posted. Those reviews will give you a good idea of what to expect from the player. First, it's very delicate. I mean, it is very light and thin but it feels flimsy and easily breakable. The surface of the player is very slick and is easily dropped. No, I didn't drop my player but I almost did. Take this out of the box knowing that you will need a firm grip on it. To my knowledge, Sony still hasn't made a case or armband specifically for this player. The buttons are really small and can be hard to push if you have fat fingers and wide hands like mine. The exterior is shiny and looks good. The display is bright and has decent resolution for something so small. It will display album art, lyrics of songs, etc. Also, it was a bit of a pain to get the player to play my tracks on repeat and shuffle. Out of the box, it will play only the album you specifically select. Also, the best and most useful feature, is that it will seek to pair with the included wireless headphones automatically. It will do this as soon as you turn on the player. It doesn't matter if you turn on the player or headphones first. Speaking of headphones, a wired pair is also included along with extra earbud cushions. The sound from the wireless headphones is fantastic for bluetooth headphones. True audiophiles will find fault with them but for the remaining 90% of the population, they are great headphones. What you can't see in the picture is that the control piece that is wired to the bluetooth headphones has a clip on the back to clip to your shirt. This control can adjust volume and playback on the player. This was nice when I went for my first run with it.

The player doesn't get five stars because of Sony's decision to put, in my opinion, what is spyware on the player. The software needed to use all of the features of the player is on the device itself. You can launch the software from the player. The end user license agreement allows Sony, and its third party affiliates, to collect data from your computer, and or, take over any computer or device that has the Sony software on it. There was some allusion to collecting information on music licensing and IP addresses of computers on your network . In other words, they may be trying to track if you have illegal music on your computer. You have the option of rejecting the EULA. I rejected it. You can just drag and drop the music to the player and it plays fine. You don't need the software. However, I haven't been able to setup playlists yet. I'm hoping it's just me not being able to figure it out. Also, make sure your music is properly tagged or the player will put the music in the "Unknown" folder.

This is an 8GB player. However, the installed software took up over a GB of space on the player. My player only showed 6.75GB of available memory. Granted, this is plenty of remaining space. I will probably only use 3-4GB but it's just the point that they put over a gig of junk on the player. I'm hoping someone is working on a stable and reliable hack for this player.

So, despite the physical limitations of the player and what I believe to be Sony branded spyware, this player is great. I got my wife one since we both run a few miles each week. I still recommend the player just don't bother installing the spyware.
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on November 7, 2011
This is the 3rd Sony Walkman MP3 player I've purchased; I lost the first one and the second one mysteriously died. This one is a fabulous upgrade to my old one. The bluetooth headset is especially convenient; the sound, as always, is great; and the earbuds are very comfortable.

The only 2 annoying features about this player is 1, everytime your turn it on, it tries to pair with the bluetooth earbuds and 2, the music list takes a couple seconds to reload when you back up from "now playing" to your entire library.
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on March 23, 2012
I bought this to replace a Sansa mp3 unit that just bit the dust. I got my wife an 8 gig Ipod touch for Christmas, and this beats it HANDS DOWN!! The greatest feature this has over the Ipod is that I can load songs from every computer in our house (and at my office). Try and do that with an Ipod (which requires it to be synched to the same computer each time)! After spending a week trying to figure out how to load songs on her Ipod and asking my coworkers for advice, I was finally able to load files. After two days of playing with my walkman, I have half of my music library loaded on it and am listening to it as I write this.

The sound quality is amazing!!!! I set my own custom specs and this little thing rocks! After working in the radio industry for 20+ years, my hearing is a little fuzzy, but the volume on this is at half and I'm I can hear every note, every inflection, every nuance - just as if I were in the studio with the musicians. The bluetooth is incredible! No more getting tangled up with cords while working out at the gym. The earbuds fit perfectly and stay put. Seriously, this is probably the best mp3 player I've owned!

One of the downsides I've come across is getting my windows computer to recognize it when I plug it into the USB port, but after the first couple of attempts, it's a non-issue. Forget trying to run this on a Mac, unless you're running Parallels for windows. Another is that I have almost 400 songs loaded and I've already used up half the memory, giving me an 800 song maximum. While that should be enough for mere mortals, I have very eclectic tastes.

The one thing I didn't like about the Sansa clip is the Rhapsody software - too intrusive. The same can be said for Itunes. But the beautiful thing about the Walkman is that you can load practically any music file onto it with ease - MP3, WMA... Creating playlists is straight forward and pretty much a no-brainer if you've done any work on a computer in your life. Other manufacturers should take notice. Sony has a winner!

While I've only owned this for 3 days, I may be still be in the infatuation stage, but I think this love affair may have a chance of going the distance. Honey, we need to talk...
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on May 6, 2012
The player works great and the Bluetooth worked great until the second time I used it, then the left side ear plug lost most of the volume, began to read the information and read not to expose the headset to moisture, hard to do when your working out. The upside is the price compared to most models is $50 cheaper, more than paying for the blue tooth headset. After reading reviews on blue tooth head sets I replaced the Sony headset with a Jaybird which has much better quality sound and does not require a clip-on with wires , about $99 at Best Buy. Sony NWZS764WHI 8GB S Series MP3 Player White with Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
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on December 29, 2011
After a few months researching MP3 players, I finally decided on this one due to the included Bluetooth wireless earbuds as well as the ability to listen to podcasts. I was impressed that the wireless feature, typically an extra $100+ to buy as an accessory to MP3 players, came included along with regular earphones. It made the price of $140 (on sale) a great value.

In response to some of the comments regarding the wireless earphones not being truly "wireless" - it is true that it does have some wires causing one to have to be creative in putting it on to get the wireless feel. First, some specifics about them - the left earbud is attached to a 5 inch wire and the right earbud is attached to a 20 inch wire. They combine into one wire (about 12 inches) which leads to the 2 inch long by 3/4 inch wide clip-on controller. I personally run the longer wire behind my head and clip the controller on my collar near my shoulder or toward my back. I have read that this uneven length of earphone wires is common with some earphones. Since some people have compared it to the Sansa, here is some information for comparison since I used to own one before it died. The Sansa Clip+ player is a little over 2 inches long and 1 1/2 inch wide. The wire leading from each earbud to the main wire is 12 inches and the main wire which runs to the player is about 31 1/2 inches (much longer than the Sony wireless controller clip).

In response to a complaint made by another reviewer regarding the automatic connection to the Bluetooth - I found that hitting the BACK button immediately will cancel the attempt to connect in the event you want to use the regular earphones. Not a big deal at all. I've also seen comments regarding the software and that apparently by agreeing to it, you agree that they may ask you personal information in the future. I'm a little confused by that and I am going to look more into it. I can't imagine that buying this product obligates anyone to give out their personal information to Sony if they don't want to. Granted I haven't registered the product yet to see what exactly is asked, but setting up the product and getting it working didn't require me to give out any personal information. I will update my review if I find out anything worth writing about.

In a nutshell:
- included Bluetooth wireless earphones (although wires exist, they can be easily placed behind your head to give you that wireless feel)
- 3 different sizes of comfortable earbuds provided for each of the 2 earphones included
- great sound quality with both the wireless and wired earphones
- great picture and video quality
- easy to navigate menu
- easy to subscribe to podcasts using the software provided

- can't listen to the FM radio or use the voice recorder feature when using the wireless earphones
- wireless earphones does have wires, although much shorter than the Sansa clip wires
- doesn't come with a sleeve or case (and don't think Sony makes one). I bought a case designed for a slim cell
phone and it seems to be adequate and gives me the ability to clip it to me if necessary.
- not really getting the SensMe Channels. It chose Crawling by Linkin Park to be under the Relaxing category.
- (minor) if you choose a horizontal picture for wallpaper, it displays sideways, as opposed to correcting the picture to fit upright to go with the vertical menu icon screen. So if you really want a picture to be your wallpaper, take it vertically or else it will display sideways.
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on September 26, 2011
I used to own an E series until it got stepped on. I bought this to replace it. It's better than expected. Great sound, the UI is improved, and the addition of bluetooth is very welcomed. A2DP support allows me to use it in my car w/o wires and the battery lasts even longer than my E series. Highly recommended.
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on October 14, 2011
I bought one of these at Best Buy the day it first hit the shelves, because I was wanting a good MP3 player that was capable of broadcasting my music through Bluetooth, and it had to have decent battery life. This fits both of those criteria nicely. The only problem was the device, being so new, didn't have any accessories (cases, skins, etc.) available for it. Due to this I had just been tossing it into my pocket each morning.

Big mistake.

After about 3 weeks of daily pocket use, the screen on this thing looks like I've been rubbing sandpaper against it. Keep in mind it has been the only thing in my pocket. No wallet, no keys, no pens or pencils or spare change. Just the Walkman. I guess I had kind of gotten spoiled with the 'gorilla glass' of other devices (I still have an iPhone 3G that looks perfect even after years of being tossed in pockets and backpacks). So just let this be a cautionary tale, protect the screen of this guy somehow. At the moment, even though it is kind of late at this point, I'm using a case from a previous Walkman model. It doesn't fit perfectly but it should at least protect the glass from further damage.
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on April 27, 2012
Overall, I like it very much. I was tired of Ipod's lack of playing time. This unit plays for around 35-40 hours on a single charge which is awesome. The software to load the songs is very easy to navigate. I like the FM radio feature. The only negative is that it does not have the richness in the sound when compared to an Ipod even though I have a great set of Bose earplugs. I would recommend it.
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on January 20, 2012
Overall satisfied with device and sound. Received device about a week ago and to date pleased with everything. Very easy to setup and transfer music to/from device.The sound is surprisingly good from the bluetooth headphones provided. Headphones seem to stay in place while working out and sound very good. The only gripe, as indicated in previous reviews, is the charging dongle. Don't lose it! It is proprietary and if lost your SOL!
With that said I would def recommend the device.
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