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Sony PMB Video Import Issue I just got my HX5V last week, and I shot a few sample clips of video to test the results. However, when I use the import wizard to watch/edit the video clips in the packaged PMB software, it gives an error message saying that some media files were not imported because they were not recognized by the program. Programs like VLC media player play the AVCHD files perfectly, but I want to use PMB's editing tools. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
asked by OSU_Engineer on April 10, 2010
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Hi - video importing doesn't work for me. I'm using Win 7 pro....not home premium. I'm using the latest version of PMB (5.2), it simply does not recognize the camera connection at all. I've tried connecting it to 2 computers and used different USB ports. I'm out of ideas.
A. Gift For You answered on May 26, 2010
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Does not work for me either!!
Jeremi answered on July 15, 2010
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I have posted here before and since then I have spent another hour or so with one of Sony's high level tech people. They are aware that this issue exists, but I got no sense they were trying to fix the software (it is a software problem that shows up on some computers).He said that some installed codecs interefere with the ability of the PMB to load. He could not tell me which codecs but suggested that I download a codec analyzer (many are available on the web). After finding them he suggested I should delete ALL of them. So I downloaded CodecInstaller (from JockerSoft) and it found 32 video codecs, 19 audio codecs, and 5 other codecs. I was not about to delete all these for fear that a lot of other programs that needed then would no longer be able to run. He also suggested disabling ALL start up programs via MSCONFIG. That didn't work. Also to try using data execution prevention (google it) to force XP to accept the software. That didn't work.
I also deleted all other video editing (freeware) programs, udated all the video card drivers (at the tech's suggestion) but nothing worked.
By the way I'm using windows XP service pack 3. Those people in this thread that are hinting that its an operating system issue are wrong. I also have windows XP on a laptop and PMB works fine on that computer. I was also able to update to Version 3 of PMB on the laptop. Since it works on one computer and not the other (and this is not a common problem) my conclusion is that there are some things installed on some computers that prevent PMB from operating. I haven't found much else on the web about this issue, only this thread. That suggests also it's not a common problem. But I find it annoying that Sony can't really pin it down to a specific issue. Perhaps if others in this thread call Sony high level techs (239 768 7547) and give then some feedback, Sony might address the problem.

In the meantime, the tech did suggest some third party software might work (Vegas, Pinnacle, Adobe Premier). I'm going to get a MAC and use iMovie.

But for someone who just wants to do casual video editing, its a pity Sony cant produce software that allows people to use their SONY SOFTWARE on the SONY CAMERAS!!!!!
JackWill answered on December 27, 2010
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I have the same problem and it can be resolved by connecting the camcorder to the computer using usb. It will enable more features including video (AVCHD). It works both on XP and Windows 7 x64.
Daryl T. W. Fong answered on August 29, 2010
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I cannot get PMB to update the supported formats when I connect my NEX 5 camera. I get "an unknown error occurred" message. Have tried uninstall/reinstall PMB, disconnect all USB devices. Even trying to download PMB from Sony website I get an error message saying the internet connection is not working (when it surely is). Tried updating PMB in safe mode. NOTHING works. Can anyone help?
JackWill answered on September 21, 2010
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Thanks, I spent 4 hours on the phone with a Sony tech rep yesterday (third level escalation) to no avail. He was supposed to call me back this am but didn't. I cant say they are unresponsive, just not very savvy on this issue. Obviously more than one person has the problem. I have another computer (laptop) that has PMB on it and it will load and edit the videos fine so I know its something about my computer that is stopping the PMB from accepting videos. I just don't know what it is. I want to be able to view them on my desk top because it has bigger screen. The software is actually quite good.
Were you able to get Sony to suggest what codecs need to be installed or what was wrong with the codecs you have?
I read a post on the Sony site about certain video codecs preventing video display, but I don't know how to find out which are good and which are bad codecs. Nor do I know how to get rid of them and what the consequences are.
Perhaps if you have a bit more information, I can get back to the tech I talked to and pursue it. Just for interest what are the specs on your computer? Mine is a fairly old Dell Dimension 8200 with a 1.8GHz processor and I'm wondering if PMB wants a faster machine.
I have just downloaded VLC at the suggestion of my brother in law who is professional photographer
JackWill answered on September 22, 2010
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Summary: The Sony PMB software is yet another instance of Sony covertly modifying customers' computers and media -- systems functions and media not even involved in the use of their products. I would most strongly recommend never installing their software nor using products that reward them financially.

I was recently asked to help a relative off-load and burn videos from a Sony DCR-SR47. With some reluctance (Sony's history, including rootkits) I began. I was using a Windows XP Pro computer, up-to-date.

I connected the camera via USB and put it into "act as a hard drive" move using the camera firmware/screen interface. The computer then saw it as a drive and could copy over files.

Those files would not work in Microsoft MovieMaker.

After some googling, I decided I would have to endure installing the Sony software. I downloaded it, after using the connected camera and a browser ActiveX or similar control (strong hesitation) to verify I was a legitimate owner/user.

I installed the software. I chose the "custom installation" option, and it's a good thing I did, as the default installation wants to scan your drive for any and all media files, apparently, in order to "index" them including "facial recognition". No thank you, both because I don't want the feature and because it would take a lot of time and bog the system down.

So, I get the software installed. This includes Sony's PMB program that one uses to manage videos (and stills, if you take them) from the camera.

The d-mned PMB software won't open the files that I previously (all 30 GB of them!) copied from the camera via Windows Explorer. Instead, I find I have to recopy files from the connected camera. At this point, I'm really beginning to hate Sony -- a renewed hate, long fostered by similar and worse behavior on their part.

So, I deal with the most urgent video -- thanks, Sony, for making me enduring another many minutes of copying and consumed disk space. At least PMB then actually manages to burn it to a DVD, with a minimal but functional main menu screen, which is what my relative needs.

Some days later, I insert an xD storage card from a Fuji point and shoot camera (it's like an SD card, but a different format that Fuji embraced and tried to promote for a while until they had to give up on it). I'm going to copy some photos over for this relative. I see there's a new folder on the xD card, named "PRIVATE" and date-stamped with the date/time at which I inserted the card. The contents look to be Sony specific files, from the names and whatnot (I don't recall the exact details, at the moment). (Unfortunately, I forgot to check this, but I'm willing to bet the folder and contents were also flagged as hidden and/or system files, which I had set Windows Explorer to display.)

I run Sysinternals' (now part of Microsoft) Process Explorer program on the machine, and I see that Sony has caused two processes to be running by default: PMBVolumeWatcher.exe and PMBDeviceInfoProvider.exe . (This is when neither PMB nor any other Sony software has been run since the last system reboot.) And, apparently, these are not just monitoring but MODIFYING every writable piece of media that one sticks into the machine.

At this point, my strong opinion is reaffirmed that Sony deserves -- requires -- a sanctioned corporate termination. They have one -- nay, many -- too many times interfered with users systems and data for which they have no ownership nor right of access. The employees that sanction and covertly force this should be made to flip burgers or clean toilets for the rest of their lives; they do not deserve the trust and responsibility afforded them in installing software on our computers, nor any other role of significant responsibility.
pb answered on June 7, 2011
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After reading all the messages here I conclude: Do not buy any Sony Camera or Camcorder until I read some positive feedback. With so many negative comments at is clear that the Sony software is defective.
Y. Erlichman answered on December 25, 2010
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I have 2 PMB problems (using camera HX5V & OS Win XP Pro): (1) PMB v5.2 does not recognize video files on my camera & hence will not download them, (2) PMB will not update from v5.2 to 5.3 as recommended, so I cannot view stitched panorama images for example. v5.3 installer says "existing version" of PMB must be removed first, but if you do this v5.3 installer says it requires a pre-existing version of PMB. Any ideas?
LBBC answered on November 11, 2010
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I couldn't even get to where I could download PMB, so I selected "disc burn" instead, on a whim. This seems to be letting me download the damn program. Stupid Sony, I chose the "USB Connect" like they said to, and it didn't work!
E. McKay answered on April 14, 2011
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