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on January 9, 2014
Great price for 7.2 sound. 145w per ch.
This amp sounds pretty good and has more than enough power.

I have the Sony SS-B3000 Bookshelf Speakers as my fronts, the Sony SS-B1000 5-1/4-Inch Bookshelf Speakers as my side fills, the Sony SS-CR3000 as my center and rear fill speakers and 4) Sony SA-W3000/Z active 12" subs for some ultra lows and I recently added 2 Sony SA-W2500 10" powered subs for better low mids... that makes it a 7.6 actually!

The sound is incredibly clean with plenty of juice. I will typically run the system volume around 24 with the subs setting approx. 40%.
In reality, that is far too loud to listen to for any extended time.

The OSD (on screen display) is a cool feature. Once your TV is connected to the amp, use the included remote and access the TV display to setup your system. Works flawlessly and is very simple to understand.

The one issue that puzzled me for a couple days was the speaker setup selection. The options are 3/4.2, 3/4, 5/2.2, 5/2, etc. Nowhere was 7.2 listed. Nowhere in the manual is this even dealt with. All of the sudden late one evening listening to Morphine it hit me. VOILA... 3/4.2 was 7.2... 3 fronts: l/c/r, 4 rears: ls, lr, rr, rs and, of course, the subs. After that obstacle was overcome all else was a breeze.

I used the calibration mic and auto tuned the speakers. Cool Feature. The software figures out speaker distance from the mic down to the inch! Nice to know. Now I can set my speaker distance up super accurately!

Next I use the remote/OSD to manually adjust volume levels, treble and bass and crossover points. Love It!

All in all, it took me a few days of listening and playing around with it to really decide how I wanted to tweak the whole system. Amazing. Manually setting it all up took it to a whole nother level. The last step I took was adding Vibra-pods and Isolation bumpers to all the speakers that sit on the floor. Another level of awesome attained!

TV-movie listening with the 4 large subs in opposing corners of the room, individual levels set at around 40% and amp turned up to between 30 and 40%, sitting on the couch feels like an earthquake when the LFE are used during broadcast. The 20Hz of the subs is more felt than heard and wow, it's almost scary!

My room is 20' x 24' with a 13' vaulted ceiling. Not a small room.

Seriously, this amp is a killer and the total system is so BA I can't accurately describe how happy I am with it.
You'll be happy to!
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on May 16, 2013
When our old Sony amp finally bit the dust after 15 years there was no doubt in my mind about what brand to buy. I went to the internet to find out where the industry had gone. I found that the magic "word" is HDMI. I looked at our new HD TV: HDMI port. I looked at our Directv: HDMI port. I looked at our old DVD: are you kidding? I looked at the specs for the Sony STR-DH740: 5 (yes, five) HDMI ports! That settled it.
I ordered the Sony amp, the Sony BDP-S5100 Blu-ray, and several HDMI cables from Amazon. When they got here I plugged in 3 HDMI cables and the power cables and speaker wires. Then came the cute little surprise. You plug in a microphone (included), hold it where you usually sit, and click on go. The amp sends loud tones at various frequencies to each of the speaker ports. The amp determines which speakers are connected, what the audio characteriistics are for each one, and sets the appropriate volumes. The only problem was that I only got to do it once!
Works great, sounds great, looks great, great pictures.
Keep in mind that without HDMI cables and supporting electronics nothing works very well.
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on November 18, 2014
Bought this back in January 2014. It worked great. The features this reciever has were wonderful until one day the video signal went out. I was able to unplug the unit, plug it back in and it worked for another month or so until the problem started again while watching a movie. This happend on all hdmi ports. Shortly after that the unit went haywire and turned on and off non stop while pluged in. I spent 50 dollars in shipping costs to box the thing up and send it in to sony as it does have a two year waranty. It took Sony over a month to get the unit back to me. I was happy to see that they had fixed it and it worked for about 6 months when AGAIN, the same exact problem happened. Sony wants me to ship the stupid thing back to them on my own dollar yet again to repair the unit. They wont just replace it with a different unit. This has been a nightmare to own. I could have just gotten a lemon, but i will never know because sony will not replace the unit. They just want to repair it again. They dont make things like they used to.

update on 3/11/2015: I did send the unit in for a second time and they repaired the reciever. It worked flawlessly until about one week ago when the same problem happend again. I have a feeling I got a lemmon as I have gone to drastic measures to make sure there is nothing on my end causing the problem. Reciever is not in an enclosed space, I swapped out HDMI cables ect. I did have some frustrations with customer service the first time; however, now they have offered to replace the unit with a brand new one and have provided me with a shipping lable so I do not have to pay to return the bad unit. Sony Customer service has come through., I think you just have to talk to the right person and email customer service rather than just talk to the warrany people. The receiver has a lot of great features and when it works I would give it five stars, I have changed my rating to a three star because the reciever is pretty cool. I am just not sure how reliable it is. I guess I will find out when I get the new one. I hope this helps.
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on September 6, 2013
I chose the Sony STR-DH740 7.2 AV Receiver to power my Energy Take Classic 5.1 surround system mainly for the following reasons:

* I did not want an av receiver with the extra "Smart" features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Airplay for Apple products, or other built-in apps. I already have a Samsung Smart TV, so it ended up saving me $150-250 just for not wanting the extra features on my av receiver.
* I wanted an av receiver that offered all banana plug inputs, which turned out to be a limited amount of choices in the entry-midrange av receiver market.
* Sony's website ended up having the best deal on the Sony STR-DH740 for a limited time. The DH740's MSRP is $299.99. Sony had a $50 off sale and then signing up for Sony's Education Store brought the price down to $226 with free 2 day express shipping.

Here's what I used to complete my setup:

*Energy Speaker Take Classic 5.1 Surround System
* Various lengths of the AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable- Supports Ethernet, 3D, and Audio Return [Newest Standard].
* Sewell Development Corp SW-29223 Pro Maestro Banana Plugs with Gold Connectors.
* C&E 100 Feet 14AWG Enhanced Loud Oxygen-Free Copper Speaker Wire Cable.
* Mediabridge Ultra Series Subwoofer Cable - (15 Feet, White) - Dual Shielded with RCA to RCA Gold Plated Pro Grade Connectors.

Having read the entire Sony manual beforehand, the initial av receiver setup was straightforward with no surprises. I like that my HDMI devices are routed to the av receiver and only one HDMI cable coming from the "HDMI OUT" slot goes to my TV. My Samsung UN60F6300 60-inch LED HDTV instantly recognized the av receiver input and configured itself appropriately. My surround sound system is the Energy Speakers Take Classic 5.1 system. I first performed the Sony Auto Calibration with the supplied Sony microphone placed it in my head level seating position. The Auto Calibration measured all my speaker distances nearly dead on! As per Energy Speakers recommendations, I then adjusted the 5 speakers to "small" setting, set the frequency response of the satellite/center speakers to 100Hz, and set the subwoofer frequency response to about 95 Hz and the sub's volume knob to a little over halfway.

Overall, I'm very impressed with Sony's STR-DH740 av receiver working with my surround sound system! It offers all the options that I wanted in my search for my first av receiver. Both DVR'ed movies and tv shows sound amazing through the surround sound system powered by the STR-DH740 with so much well balanced bass, clarity, and detail! I'm looking to get a Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal on a Playstation 3 console to play both new PS3 games and my collection of PS1 games, act as my Blu-ray/DVD player, and to play music from CD's/digital music on usb flash drives. Even though Sony states that the front mounted usb port on the STR-DH740 will only recognize Apple or Sony media devices to stream music, I'm able to use the usb port to recharge my Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800 that's positioned on my coffee table via the supplied long Logitech usb cord.

Update 9/25/2013:

I went ahead and bought a well taken care of and less than a year old 320 GB PS3 "Slim" from a buddy of mine with an extra Sony-brand PS3 controller, a Sony-brand PS3 Bluray remote, and a copy of Call of Duty MW3 for $200. I had already bought the correct length AmazonBasics HDMI cord, so setup only consisted of plugging in the power cord and HDMI cord to the "GAME" input on the back of the Sony DH740.

Depending on which version of PS3 you have, setup for surround sound may reauire some extra steps/cables. This was not not case with the 320 GB PS3 with the latest 4.6xx update:

*I made sure both cords were plugged in correctly

*Turned on the PS3, went through the new owner setup since my buddy returned the system to orignal settings.

*The PS3 automatically detected all the different 5.1 surround sound variations from the Sony DH740.

Call of Duty MW3 sounds outstanding in 5.1 Dolby Digital, the gunships really sounding like they are flying overhead! Even all my old PS1 games like Resident Evil 2 sound great! I'm looking forward to finally get to watch bluray and dvd movies on my system.

I highly recommend buying the Sony PS3 Bluray remote.It's much easier to navigate around than with the PS3 controller. If you have a Sony AV receiver, the BRAVIA technology works flawlessly together between the PS3 and Sony AV receiver. This allows you to use the Bluray remote to control both a PS3 and Sony AV Receiver. One less remote to worry about!

Edit 9/8/2015:

My Sony STR-DH740 receiver has been going into PROTECTOR mode if the volume is turned up past 30. This was after 2+ years of having zero issues. Sony has a nice FAQ's and trouble shooting webpage for the STR-DH740. I did Sony's order of elimination trouble shooting by running each pair of speakers by themselves and determined that my pair of rear Energy Classic speaker's connection were not secure enough.

Those speaker's postive and negative connections are angled sharply upwards. This is an issue when these speakers are mounted onto stands and your trying to run banana plugs into the speaker's female inputs. There's just not enough clearance to get a snug connection into the speakers female inputs. Fortunately, these Energy Classic speaker's gold female inputs are threaded and each have a hole already drilled into them to allow you to run bare speaker wire through them. You then use the supplied gold threaded caps to secure the speaker wires. Presto, problem fixed!
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on April 29, 2013
This is my third Sony receiver and while there are some quirks, I am overall very pleased. Sound quality is excellent once you read the manual. I use connected banana clips for all my speakers, and it seems that Sony spaced out the distance from the red to the black a little more than what is standard. The banana clips do connect, but the connections on the receiver do bend in slightly to make it work. I did use the microphone to do an initial setup but then needed to go into the menus and tweak some things. First of all it set my speakers to Large. I have a 7.2 DefTech Mythos setup with 2x 8" Subwoofers, so I had to go into the config and change my speakers to Small. It also set the +db ratings for my rear and side surrounds way too high, so I needed to move those down, and move my center channel up. But a lot of that is personal preference. Also, even though I am running 2x subs and they are slightly different (both in distance away from the listener and power rating and construction) there seems to just be a master subwoofer setting, so plan on tweaking your subs individually to make the most of your setup. Another quirk is that the receiver will kind of detect what AV source is active and set it to that, so there were times I would be in the process of turning on the TV, Blu Ray and receiver and it would flip off the AV source I actually wanted because it detected something else. Which means I had to hit the Blu Ray button on the remote, not the end of the world. It did take me an evening of reading the manual to figure out some of the sound fields. By default mine started in 2ch, and it took me a while to figure out what the differences were and what I wanted, but once I did the sound field was outstanding.

The DH740 is quite a bit more powerful than my older Sony STR DG 820. Since I no longer had a requirement for so many stereo, composite and component inputs, it made the back of the receiver nice and clean. 3D pass through works as I would have anticipated, I did test some 3D movies just to verify, but overall I am not a big fan of 3D, that was more of a checkbox thing. I do not have a 4K TV, so that will have to remain untested. I will say the change from 1x 8" sub to having 2x 8" subs was amazing. I always felt that my low frequencies seemed to be coming from a direction, specifically the subwoofer that was to the right front of my media stand. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't full. Adding the second sub to the back left of the room now fills my room with that low frequency, and gives it a more "all around" feeling, instead of a "shooting out from the front of the room" feeling. My DefTech Mythos speakers do seem to sound a bit better, I think they benefited from the increased power. It took me a little while to decipher what the manual was trying to tell me, how to work my way through the menu system, and how to get the blasted EZ Setup to work right. But it was worth it. Especially at this price point, I am very pleased, despite the few quirks.
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on November 17, 2014
Easy to set up and initially worked fine. HDMI pass through failed in first three months. I re-routed cable and DVD into TV and used the optical out to receiver. Optical input failed three months later. SONY quality isn't what it used to be!!! I'll never buy SONY again!
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on October 20, 2014
This device sounded great, I have always liked Sony products. My issue was that it would shut off on it's own when I was using it. I thought it was the auto shut down (for lack of use) so I waited and I was actually using the device and it shut down. Then it wouldn't turn back on for a while. It wasn't heat or anything, I thought of that too. This happened more than once so I returned it.
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on August 20, 2014
This is currently a last-gen receiver, so some features on brand-new receivers (like bluetooth, airplay, etc) are absent. However, for the price these are being sold for, this is a smoking deal on getting a good receiver that has all the features that actually matter for a great audio/visual experience, including:

-7 channels to drive speakers (or the option to bi-amp 2 and drive a total of 5)
-2 outputs for subwoofers (the passive sub from your HTIB won't work with this)
-145W per channel (when driving all 7, don't let numbers from competitors fool you when they're only talking about driving 2 speakers)
-Great audio quality, no distortion even at uncomfortable volume levels
-Name brand manufacturing, and the benefits that come with it like customer support, resale value, etc
-4K resolution support, great for future-proofing
-iPod support through USB (though it doesn't seem to work with Android, but used iPod classics are cheap)

The only criticisms I have:
-Protection feature can be a bit intrusive. Loud bangs like gunshots can sometimes trigger this if your volume's up very high, causing the system to shut down
-No conversion of analog to digital, so you cannot go composite in and HDMI out. Only an issue really if your TV doesn't support composite video, or if changing the source on your TV is a big hassle to you
-No support for component cables. This means that the only way that you can get HD is to go digital, like HDMI

That said, I wholeheartedly recommend this receiver. It's at least $100 less than anything that competes with it, and it has all the features that actually matter, nitpicking aside
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on January 7, 2015
I bought this receiver and returned it within a week. When it was working the sound was good about this product and having an "all Sony" environment meant the remote worked across devices. That's all that I can good about this product.

The "Bravia Sync" feature with my Sony TV worked on intermittently. On more than one occasion the receiver simply stopped passing video through from the set top box to the TV. Any use of my Sony Blu Ray player (whether Bravia sync was active or not) would disrupt the Bravia sync with the TV to the point that every Bravia-sync setting had to be reconfigured manually.

The on-screen menu created by the receiver is horrid -- looks like it was designed in the mid-1990s. When the TV/Receiver powered up in Bravia sync mode, about 1/3 of the time the on-screen menu capability would activate and create 20+ rows of gibberish letters across the screen requiring the use of the remote to clear.

Manual is cryptic and written with very rough english.

Completely disappointed in Sony.
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on April 3, 2013
This model has alot of power. I have top of the line DCM speakers and my onkyo receiver just wasnt powering them so i went with the sony and i am very pleased. Its also much easier to use and set up. Overall very happy so far
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