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on July 19, 2013
This will be my second Vaio that I have purchased. The first Vaio I had died because I left it surrounded by a bed blanket over night and it decided to update during that period of time. Thus burning up the processor. This one is a great upgrade. Windows eight was annoying at first but after using the Vaio control center and checking the tutorial it made things so much easier.....Thanks SONY!!!! I was having trouble figuring out how to scroll but the control center showed me that with the new mouse pad you have to use two fingers in order for the mouse pad to recognize you want to scroll.

The computer itself runs windows 8 very smoothly because of the 2.00 Ghz i7. The screen is crystal clear and very bright. I love the illuminated key board it makes typing in the dark so much easier. Another thing that was a bonus for me was I backed up all my files on a hard drive...I plugged it up and the Vaio transferred all my music and pictures effortlessly. The Vaio app "Playmemories home" even organized my pictures in a yearly monthly format.......Say I took a pic in August 12, of 2011. If I click on that specific day on the monthly interface it shows me every pic I took for that day.

I also don't have to worry about the computer over heating anymore because the fan has been moved to the top of the Keyboard right under the screen thus keeping the heat of the laptop away from my skin or any blankets lol.....

I am having so much fun going threw all the different powerful vaio apps and seeing how useful the are.

Excellent buy in my opinion.
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on October 28, 2013
Needed a new laptop and purchased a Sony VAIO Fit 15.5 inch Core i7 15218CXB Touch laptop for work. I was concerned about the graphics processor being shared with the Mobo instead of having a separate GPU like nVidia as I do considerable photo / video / graphics work on the road (i.e. video, Powerpoint, photo editing, etc.) But was assured that the laptop would handle it all. Slow(er) hard drive concerned me (5400rpm instead of 7200rpm) but again was told with Windows 8 and loaded ram I would be ok.

I played with the laptop a bit while at home and for the most part it seemed to function ok. Wasn't really happy with the "tile-layout" so I opted for the traditional "desktop layout". I'm sure if all you've ever used is a touch-tablet or touchscreen smartphone, then you'll probably warm up to the touch-screen / tile layout better but in all can be confusing and not-so-user-friendly.

On the road, I was at a big conference where I had to construct client powerpoints each day for next day presentation. This is where things got disappointing real fast. Upon ingesting client photos for manipulation... the Sony VAIO started hiccuping... after a certain number of pics ingested... I opened the photo-software and found it to be quite unresponsive compared to other PC's I've had. Granted these were older PC's (Like a Dell 4600 i5) but I was expecting this new Sony VAIO to be equally responsive if not "faster/better". It was not. The problems started after opening Powerpoint and attempting to build slides in a series. I was able to do it but it was again, not very responsive. It seemed to have to "think about" what to do or as if it were buffering the images even after I reduced their size for faster manipulation. THEN...CRASH!

Locked up... nothing. So had to do a "forced power off / reboot"... froze up after opening Powerpoint and trying to save slides. Repeated the process. Then out of the blue... I get some benign Error message explaining a Hard-Drive Recovery was taking place. This happened on its own. I saw a message indicating that this was going to take some 2+ hours. Great! So after watching this drag along, I decided to go for a hot tea and hope that when I came back to my room, all would be well. So about an hour or so later I get back and laptop is powered off. So I power up and nothing... I see a black screen with only the log in, nothing zip, zilch, nada.

After forcing power off I do the alt-F8 continually ...had to repeat this process (power off / altF8) several times until I finally got in a "repair/recovery mode". Followed the prompts on the screen and once again... saw a message indicating this was going to take more than a couple hours...EFfffing GREAT!!" :( So I decide to call it a night...go to bed and let the laptop attempt to repair itself...hoping it will play nice in the AM. Woke up and it powered up and seemed to act like it was going to play nice.

Tried to do photos in powerpoint...managed to work ok and save to a thumbdrive... all went well. LATER IN THE DAY.... had to ingest a short video from SD Card... saved it and attempted to do minor edit using the Sony Video Software which came installed on the laptop.
Can U say Major CRASH?!! Sputtered..then froze and was unresponsive. ARRRGHHH!!!! :( Did a force-power off. BUT couldn't power back on....nothing! Dead Laptop. Soooo thinking I could remove the battery to reset the machine...BUT...this is basically a "SEALED SYSTEM" You can't access the battery as in other models as there aren't any latches or access points on the'd have to get a jeweler's screwdriver and disassemble it!!!! :( I contacted Sony Tech Support and they told me to push a "reset button" on the "bottom of laptop". Ok...looking at the bottom you don't see anything that even closely resembles a "reset button"...what you do see is a tiny...tiny... PINHOLE...yep a PINHOLE. AND you need to find a really tiny paperclip to carefully press inside the pinhole to "reset" the laptop power functions. (Holy Smokes...what a hot mess this design is!)

I pressed the pinhole and was able to power up. But got a the same dreaded BLACKSCREEN with CURSOR ONLY as before. I was told to power off and use a "HELP ASSIST" button at the top left of keyboard as this is some sort of manual work-around that gets you in the SONY Repair/Recovery Screen Mode. After pressing the HELP/ASSIST button the laptop booted up and the screen loaded the RECOVERY/REPAIR MODE... Deja Vu ... so I did a complete repair which essentially erased everything from the hard drive (I backed up my files on an external drive thankfully) and after about 2+ hours ( I don't know...I left it running in the hotel room to go do some work at the conference).... it was reset to where it was.

IN SUMMARY: I grabbed a colleague's DELL 4600 Windows i5 and did all my photo/video editing, Powerpoint work, etc... AND THEN SOME without fail. I didn't use the Sony VAIO again and instead returned it. The insult to injury came when the SONY folks said they'd replace it ... I told them "thanks but no thanks" HOWEVER...they only refunded my money via a SONY GIFT CARD!!! WTH!!!! :O Apparently the policy was either replace with equivalent or SONY GIFT CARD ONLY!!! Which means I can only use this for more SONY PRODUCTS at a SONY STORE (where the prices are inflated to begin with). So I'm more than upset. I guess when I replace the video camera I'll look at Sony camcorders but as far as their computers are concerned 'effing way!

Your mileage may vary but if you plan on using this machine for photo/video/grfx may wind up experiencing what I did.
The Sony Sales Rep told me that the new driver updates would take care of all my troubles but I had explained that when I registered my machine....the Laptop auto-updated the drivers so his point was more than moot. Very disappointed with SONY VAIO. Never again!
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on August 11, 2013
I wrote a positive review shortly after buying this laptop in 2013 (see below), but ever since upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 10 last November (2015) I have had nothing but trouble. If you own this machine KEEP WINDOWS ! The problem is with the keyboard and mouse drivers, which it took awhile to figure out. Updating them did at first fix the problem (runaway cursor in any and all apps), but then it keeps coming back. It appears that Sony sold VAIO to another company who are not maintaining the drivers. Needless to say, I will never buy another Sony computer! Going back to Dell as soon as I can find one that fits my needs.

I picked the Sony VAIO because it ranked in the top 5 of laptops of its kind, along with the Dell XPS, which is the one I thought I wanted, but couldn't afford. The VAIO actually ranked second (after the Mac). I don't remember who did the rating--I looked at lots of ratings, and decided this one was the one to go with. I was switching from a 10-year-old desktop, which finally died. I have a Dell Inspiron (2008, running Vista), and thought I wanted another Dell, because it would make an easier changeover, and it would have to be replaced eventually. A friend said the Dell XPS was much better hardware than the Inspiron, but I wasn't ready to spend $1400+ on a new laptop. So I was glad to get the VAIO for about $1000 (with no interest for 6 months on an Amazon store card).

The screen resolution is great, and it boots up very fast. It has enough USB ports (many laptops only have one or two, this has four, and I need all of them). In other ways, I've had to work around things. The keyboard initially gave me problems because of some key locations, and because, even though backlit, it was hard to read the letters (I'm not sure why). Now I have it hooked to my old keyboard (that's one USB port, the mouse is another, an external drive is a third, and a memory stick is the fourth). Windows 8 gave me trouble for awhile, but I finally figured out how to work around it (just click on the app that takes you to file explorer and forget about it). I can't say about battery life, since I usually plug it in to use it.

I've had it a month, and have had no problems, so I guess that's a good grade. I love having the touchscreen, even though I rarely use it.
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on December 9, 2013
When I purchased this laptop, I was looking for a computer that I could use for a while and didn't have to worry on fixing it constantly. Sony VAIO seemed like a safe pick according to most of the reviews I had read on the internet. It actually is a pretty good machine, and it does work properly when things are going well. However, it crashes way too much for such a new computer. It also takes quite a while to boot. But the worst part is the wifi connection - it is just terrible! It stops working every 30 minutes and it is extremely slow, even though the same connection will work perfectly in any other laptop.

I would not recommend this laptop for anyone - I'm very disappointed in it.
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on February 19, 2014
I bought one of these, but a white one, for myself a few months back. It had and still has major problems with the internet. I don't recommend Sony Vaio Computers. Sony themselves have horrid customer service. They tried to sell me an adapter to solve the problem and it was VERY expensive. After my son saw my computer, even after hearing me curse my computer several times a day for the past 4 months he wanted one as well. Mainly he wanted the programming that comes with these computers. It is cheaper to buy the computer than to buy the programming. So we both deal with the fact that the wifi card in this computer is rather cheap and troublesome. I still don't recommend this product as a "Good" Laptop. The programming of Acid Music, and others are what makes this computer worth it. Looking for a computer don't buy this computer.
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on June 18, 2014
I've had this PC for 6 months. It has crashed about 12 times. I have run the factory restore every time. Now even the factory restore will not get it running again. I've called Sony support and they suggest taking the thing to Best Buy for service. So I'll do that. Service is covered for 1 year.
Also note that the version of windows 8 that comes on this PC is a Nightmare. I came from XP to this 'touch screen windows 8' and it is the worst experience in using a pc that I have ever had! I asked if it could be downgraded to windows 7 and the answer is NO.

So for $1000 I have a living nightmare that does not even work. I will take it to Best Buy. Then I will update this review.

In the mean time - Don't Waste Your Money On This Particular PC !!!

update 7-28-14 ........ I sent the pc to sony for service. They claimed that there was a hardware failure of some kind, didn't explain it to me. So far the pc will now boot up and run but still
fails to stay connected to the internet. This thing cost me $1000 and that is the last of my money that sony will get .... for a pc anyway.
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on December 12, 2013
Uhhhggg, I wish I would've listened to the buyers regarding the wifi connection. Stay away from this... It drops the connection. I called Sony and they want to send an external wifi adapter,,, Uh no, I didn't spend 1k to have some obtrusive thing sticking out!!!! Send this back as soon as I type this!
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on July 15, 2014
This is my third Sony Vaio. I loved my first two, but admit they had their issues out of the box. However, I had in-home service and loved that Sony sent someone right over to repair it. This Sony Fit has been a nightmare since the very beginning, when I ordered it over the phone from Sony directly and upon reading over the emailed invoice realized the person made a mistake and ordered me a 14" rather than a 15.5" as we'd discussed. No problem...just needed to make another ONE HOUR PHONE CALL to resolve that. But let's give them that one - everyone makes mistakes. Here are the issues:

1) When I bought this one over the phone directly from Sony, I asked if the Sony Fit qualifies for the in-home warranty service, since I'd heard not all models do. I was told that it definitely would and was sold that exact warranty. Unfortunately, within a month or so, I noticed that many of my software programs were blurry, including Google Chrome pages; the internet connection would go up and down, even dropping at times; then something would happen out of nowhere causing my mouse to have a mind of it's own, requiring me to reboot to make it stop. I contacted Sony and guess what?? They said I couldn't have someone come in and look at it since the Sony Fit doesn't qualify for in-home service. I insisted, saying that I was sold an in-home warranty, but was just told I needed to contact the warranty department to get a refund. Wow.

2) I ended up needing to ship my brand new laptop in to have it serviced, putting all of my business and personal things back on my old laptop over the course of 5 hours. They said I'd have it back within a week. Make that four weeks. They formatted it so when I received it back I had to load all Windows updates and everything else moved back from my old computer, taking about 7 more hours. Then I discovered that all of the problems were still there! It seems that one of the offenders is upgrading to Windows 8.1. If I don't upgrade, I don't have issues with the blurry pages. I called them again, they finally said that the wireless adapter has known issues, so they'll mail me a little Belkin wireless adapter that I stick in a USB port. Okay, I'll be patient with this. Even though it's going to permanently take up one of my valuable ports, I'll let that go. Though it does allow for a stable internet connection, the speed is HALF what the internal wireless adapter offers, so why did I pay so much money for this machine???

3) Here I am, 8 months after the initial purchase and the same wireless issues are present with Sony offering no long term resolution to it; I have to keep declining the popup offer on my screen to upgrade to Windows 8.1 so I don't end up seeing a blurry display; a new problem which is that my mouse will stop responding to motion well so have to uninstall and reinstall it, but this time it didn't work so I bought a new mouse and it still wouldn't respond until I restored it to three days ago; it keeps losing contact with my wireless printer/scanner; and now I have NO SOUND even though it says my sound card is working well and has the most up to date driver! I called Sony again and asked to be transferred to a supervisor in the U.S. since they are based in the Philippines and mostly read from a script which is so frustrating in this situation. I said I do not want this LEMON anymore and want a refund. They said there is no one in the U.S. I can speak with, that they are entirely based in the Philippines. That was yesterday and was told I'd hear back within 48 hours.

4) Per someone in the sales department, Sony sold the PC division of their business to a company in Japan and there are no plans to make anymore computers in the U.S. Sounds to me like Sony just let that side of their business go and it was flopping so bad that they got rid of it. Needless to say, I do not want them to just replace my laptop with another Sony that will be obsolete in no time and possibly another lemon that they won't be around to deal with anymore. I agree with another person who reviewed this that I always have this feeling that it's about to totally break down.

DO NOT BUY A SONY LAPTOP and if you already did and yours is a lemon as well, CALL THEM TO DEMAND A REFUND!
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on June 22, 2014
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on October 31, 2013
The wireless of the computer is almost useless. You have to be right next to the router for it to work at decent speed. At some distance or at public wifi places it is impossible. It's a shame because the rest of the computer seems to be very strong and I like the back iluminated keyboard and touch features.
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