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on July 27, 2013
I purchased the Sony xperia e c1504 because I wanted to just buy my smart phone out right. You end up spending so much less that way. I mainly use the phone for standard activities, calling, texting, web browsing, basic games. Performs well at all of these activities. The only draw back is that if you leave too many apps running in the background it will slow significantly. Not enough to bump it down though, especially for the price.
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on February 15, 2014
First off: it's cheap, unlocked, and runs something newer than Android 2.3. (4.1 to be exact) However, it's slow, text doesn't look sharp at all, and you don't want to use it for much. The camera is nearly worthless. It's OK if you have some patience and need something basic and unlocked, but I suggest spending the extra for a Moto G instead. I've occasionally had to pull the battery upon it freezing or going berserk, though that's not very often. (Note: on at least one of them, I need a flathead screwdriver to pull the battery if I want to avoid ruining my finger nails. This isn't the case with other phones I've dealt with.)

Now for the problem. My family bought two of these, one a few weeks after the other. One of them has been working fine, used for checking email, making calls, and texting. The other developed a bad spot on the touchscreen ~6 months in - like a big long spot near the right side of the onscreen keyboard. You can't type certain letters because of it, and it happens that you need to swipe through that spot to accept a call. (If I do it just right, it'll skip through that part and unlock.) So, I contacted Sony about the warranty. First, they told me to run their software to fix it and wipe the software. (Yeah, like that'll work.) That didn't fix it, no surprises there. (Plus, the software doesn't run on OS X 10.9 and consistently threw an error on Windows 8.1 after I'd installed it and gotten through half the process - I had to use Win7.) So, I had to call them back, get an RMA, and pay to ship it to them. They sent it back a few weeks later claiming that the microUSB port had damage that was customer abuse, and that they hadn't tried to fix anything. (There was a small bit of missing plastic in it, and I don't know how it happened - it belongs to another family member - but all the pins were there and it still worked fine.) The USB port has absolutely nothing doing with the screen issue. The screen wasn't cracked or anything, no visible damage/abuse whatsoever.

Congrats Sony, you just lost a customer and earned a negative review. Now to buy a replacement touchscreen and attempt to replace this myself, or go buy a NON-Sony phone to replace it.
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on September 19, 2013
This is my first time using android, and i'm loving it. I'm not much of a tech girl so this phone works just perfect for me. I try to close the apps so it doesn't get slow, it's fast and really cute, I love the light that syncs with the apps and the different messages and pictures. I live in Venezuela and the phone came in Spanish, latin Spanish wich is a plus, i use it with Digitel and it works well.
I recommend this phone with my eyes closed, it works really good comparing it with the low price
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on April 20, 2013
I bought this to replace my Samsung Galaxy Y, which is not a bad phone but I kept running out of space on the actual phone. Even putting a 32gb sd card didn't help. It only has 128mb on the phone. Also the old phone had such a small screen that some things got cut off. Enough about my old phone. This new phone, this Sony phone, is great. Although does have some minor things that might get on my nerves. The main issue is that when you send texts and I automatically get a reply about message being relayed. Which was not an issue on the old phone but when doing a google on it. I found some black berries also having that issue with the same phone service that I have. it sounds like that is not something you can change at least nothing I can find says how to change that. I don't mind it being relayed I just don't want to be notified. Another issue is email notifications do not always work. I mean email works it just does not always seem to notify you. The gmail notifications do work. I did a google on that one as well and actually found some one talking about sony xperia but not this one, an older one. I am not sure which one he was talking about but he had this same issue and could not find a fix for it. He also suggested getting the Samsung Galaxy S3. I would get one of those but they are a lot more money then this phone.

Any way I do like this phone even with the minor issues listed above. Oh wait I just remembered another issue that is not a major one either. This new phone does not work with my FM transmitter. I have no idea why either as it uses a standard head phone jack to connect to the phone. Any way again I do like the phone and I like that things are not cut off and I am not longer running out of room on the phone.

Update to this review. I now give it 3 stars instead of 4. Main reason. Some times it will lock up and you have to remove the battery as none of the buttons work to get it to come back on correctly. It is a pain to remove the battery as well. Another issue is when the phone restarts either after pulling the battery or just restarting it. The phone comes back on and starts making random sounds. This is not my rington nor does it stop after a while. The first time it did this the thing made random sounds for almost an hour. I was on the other phone so could not pull my attention to trying to get it to stop instead I just covered it until I was off the other phone. I can stop it by swiping from the top to the bottom and hitting clear even if there is nothing to clear. This stops it. I have yet to figure out what causes this or why.
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on July 20, 2013
I used it for a week. had to return it. Phone kept locking up and many times the phone app will not work.
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on October 17, 2013
Worked great for the first couple of weeks then the unlocked claim became locked and wouldn't work with Tmobile. Item was returned for refund
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on June 6, 2014
This is rediculous. I bought this item and I called the customer service of Amazon to ask if it was unlocked (even though nothing was written on it) and she confirmed that it was. And guess what?...... it was a looked phone. I bought this phone to go back to my country with it, but now that I m here I realized that it was a locked phone (aka it does not work).
Thank you amazon for waisting my money,I was furious becaause I asked to double ckeck but..... grrrrrrrrr
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on September 21, 2013
Bought this in black from Amazon 30 days ago for $126 and it is my first android; it's stylish, easy to use and works great for my purposes...mainly phone, texting and web. I have texted1100 messages and a handful of times it has frozen, but, easily "re-booted"...and, frankly, it has only happened when signal strength was poor. It compares to wife's 3GS and 4. There isn't another phone under $175 with US warranty that is better and at $126, it is 5 stars.
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on March 24, 2014
* Compact size
* Soft-touch plastic back is relatively non-slip
* Low price point
* No problems with audio quality or call connectivity

* Not enough storage for apps
* Inadequate processing power and/or insufficient RAM (slow)
* Camera is borderline useless
* Low screen resolution
* Sony "Xperia" value-add is underwhelming

This was my first smartphone purchase and I wanted something compact, unlocked, and relatively inexpensive. I've had the Xperia E for several months now, and in retrospect I should have paid-up for more memory and processing power. This is a classic example of "you get what you pay for." The phone can be infuriatingly slow to respond, even to actions as seemingly simple as unlocking the screen with a PIN. The screen resolution is too low for some apps, making them difficult to use. The camera is only good for capturing still subjects in daylight.

By far the most annoying feature of this phone is its small internal flash memory. 2GB seemed like it would be enough when I was shopping, since I had no intention of loading a bunch of media on it. Little did I know that only about 750MB is allocated to so-called "phone memory," which is where most apps are stored. This severely limits my ability to install much beyond than the preloaded apps on the phone. Some apps can be moved to "internal storage," and I have managed to uninstall / un-update some of the preloaded apps. Nevertheless, updating large apps such as Chrome is often a tedious process of clearing caches and temporarily uninstalling other apps in order to free enough storage perform the update. I'm sure with enough time and effort I could find a solution in some Android forum. Those who expect things to "just work" should move on.
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on February 26, 2014
Update 09/09/2014:
I have had this phone for about a year now and it's f*ing HORRIBLE. It was alright at first, but it went down hill fast and hard!! I had to delete 90% of my apps b/c my phone keeps running out of memory. I take pictures on a rare occasion if I need to document something for work. Other than that, it just keeps somehow running out of room. I don't update it anymore b/c that takes up memory. It freezes up a few times a week. Sometimes It freezes WHEN MY ALARM IS GOING OFF!! So I have to take off my phone case and remove the battery. Very infuriating when you're just waking up. There's a lot of lag on the phone. Yes this phone may be cheap, but trust me when I say save your money. Buy a cheap, non-smart, nokia phone and save up your money for an actual good smart phone. As for this phone, BEWARE and STAY AWAY. If you do buy it, a few months later don't say I didn't warn you. . .

Previous Review: February 26, 2014:
The phone works (I'm stationed in Italy). I'm able to put a european sim card in it with no problem. It's not the best phone out there, but it works as a good smart phone. I only have a short time left on my tour and I didn't want to spend a lot of money on great smart phone (ie. galaxy S5 or Note 3), so I wanted to get a budget smart phone for internet usage.

-responsive touch screen
-decent speed
-SD card slot available for extra memory
-great speakers
-has most features you find on any smart phone
-checking fb, email, bank accounts, etc runs smooth.

-low quality camera with no focus
-decent speed
-not a lot of internal memory
-reception is ehh inside certain facilities

All in all, it's a great smartphone for someone on a budget. I've had better and worse. So if you're looking for a temp phone for not too much money, this is it.
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