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Capacity: 4 GB|Color: Blue|Package Type: Standard Packaging|Change
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on April 10, 2014
I just purchased this sony nwzw274s few days ago and arrived incredibly fast. Thanks Amazon. =) This mp3 player is pretty comfortable. The earplug fits perfectly and the sound is amazing. I did the test during shower and still working like a charm with its waterproof feature. The battery last almost 7 hours and half, recharged fully in 1 hour and 10 minutes. Perfect for gym (no wires in your pocket anymore), swimming, running, even for sleeping. 8 GB can store a lot of mp3 files. I recommend to put some songs with 160kbps/192kbps quality. Even sweating, the mp3 player plastic parts wasn't affected at all and the earplugs were still in position. Highly recommended!
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on July 14, 2014
Have not written too many reviews about purchases on Amazon. Well, in this case again, I just feel compelled to do so ! I have searched for an MP3 player that I can swim with for a very long time. Tried a number of others but this is the ONLY one which works well and consistently while swimming. First tried a product from Speedo, then the so called waterproofed ipod shuffle (waterfi). All of them worked for a few days (yes days only !!), then just died. This Sony product works like a charm and my swims have never been the same - makes my time in the water something to look forward to.
Note that you will need to install the Sony Media Go software onto your laptop to easily transfer songs to the Walkman unit. This review is for the 4 GB product which stores a good many songs but not a large collection. One last tip - even thought it sounds counter intuitive, I found that keeping the wire strap OUTSIDE my swim cap helped immensely. Happy swimming !!
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on July 18, 2014
Great little water proof MP3 player, with the usual marginal Sony software.

- The MP3 player is built into lightweight headphones, which are easy to wear with no dangling wires.
- The whole thing is waterproof, so you can listen to music and podcasts while swimming.
- The price is fairly reasonable.
- The control buttons are easy to distinguish by touch, so it's easy to operate without looking at it. And anything you need to know is spoken. Which you need, because the controls are on your ears while you're swimming.
- The 'zappin' function is a clever way to pick what to play without a display. Basically it plays a few seconds of each track on the player, skipping through them so you can listen for what you want, then hit a button to stop and hear the rest of the selected track.

- The 'playlist' doesn't work for standard playlists, so you can only listen to tracks sequentially or shuffle.
- On the PC, you might accidentally install the horrible Sony media manager. Don't do it, mount it in the filesystem and drag your music in.
- The firmware update to make playlists work isn't available to customers in the US. Which is lame. But the people in the UK that got it said that it bricked their players, with no way to downgrade, and that's worse. Still, no credit to Sony for that one.
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on August 24, 2014
It took some getting used to, but I swam today and my workout was a pleasure due to this product. It comes with ear buds for swimming, and also ear buds for other activities. I was not able to use the swimming buds, which include a little mesh barrier to help keep water out. The mesh lowered the volume enough that I couldn't hear. To clarify, I like to listen to podcasts when I swim. I listened to the sample music files that came with the device and could hear them fairly well even with the swimming buds. The problem was that podcasts are harder for me to hear than music. I solved the problem by using the regular buds, which don't include a mesh barrier. Using the regular buds means that you have to be extra careful not to let water in, but the volume can be set high enough that it drowns out the sound of water rushing by your head as you swim. When I did get water in the ear buds, the sound became very low, or gone completely. This was very frustrating, until my wife suggested that I wear a swimming cap. This required more trial and error, to find a cap that fit right and covered my ears well enough. Now that I've found the perfect set up, I may look pretty goofy wearing the cap, but I don't care. I have all my podcasts and music as I swim, and I'm delighted. Incidentally, adding or removing sound files to this device is an absolute breeze. Open a folder, drag and drop, done.
Highly recommended.
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on May 22, 2014
This player meets its primary goal of staying in your ears during activity, being rugged, and eliminating the wire entanglements of a separate player and headphones. I cannot verify that it is water proof but it is well constructed and likely will work fine in the rain etc. Plenty of carefully shaped switches and buttons are placed well to easily access functions that can be selected "by feel" since the buttons are accessed without seeing them. One great feature is the voice acknowledgements given though the ear buds when certain functions are selected such as "Play", "Shuffle On", "Shuffle Off" "All Songs", "Next Folder" etc. and a pleasant little beep when it is turned on or off - as well as a green on light that briefly turns red when going off. The paper instructions are nearly worthless and I had to use trial and error to learn that "Shuffle Off" must be selected in order to cycle through the folders. But it is possible to go backward as well as forward through the folders which is a very useful feature. Hookup to the computer and loading music was flawless and typical.

I am a big fan of Sony audio equipment and was therefore willing to pay a bit more for this set. However, the sound quality is at best "good." It is a bit muffled, tends to the Treble side, and has weak bass. I suspect the problem stems from the necessity to place the speakers behind a protective membrane and further from the ear canal. A little more care with the shape and material of the sound canal might have greatly improved the performance. The sound quality is what would be expected from sound that must carry down a plastic passage way and then go through a membrane. The sound quality is also strongly affected by how deeply and well they fit in the ear. A deep fit is required to get much bass and higher volumes improve the quality - to some degree. Compared to my $35 Sansa Clip and $10 Skull ear buds this Sony comes in a distant second. If I had not purchased these with a Sony gift card I might be requesting a refund. But they do meet the primary requirement of an easy to use player that stays put without distractions. It would be interesting to compare several sets from different lots to know if there is any equalizer tweaking that occurs during production.

If I could re-engineer this player I would coat the sound canal to improve the sound clarity as well as put tremendous effort into its shape. I would also add FLAC capability and an FM tuner (the Sansa Clip has both). It would seem to be easy to add an equalizer that could be accessed when the set is connected to the computer as well as pre-setting FM stations and then use the On/Off Lock switch to access them since I see no value in the On/Off Lock switch since the On/Off button is very stiff to press and must be held down to activate. I suspect I will eventually try to attach my Sansa Clip to some "behind the head" phones and attempt to duplicate the convenience of this Sony set.

As I said above, if I had not purchased this set through the Sony site using a gift card that was useable only on their site I might consider returning it for a refund. But - it does meet the primary requirements and there is nothing else that compares to its compactness, fit, and rugged design. Audiophiles will be disappointed with the sound but hose like me who want the wire-free convenience when working around the house or exercising will find it meets most needs. I rated it three stars just so no one will be misled into thinking it has high-quality sound. So sound quality three - functionality five.
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on September 2, 2014
the delivery from Amazon was quick to my US address from where it was forwarded to me in Dubai, UAE.

I have experience with the previous model which I lost after using it for almost 2 years. Loved them which is why i decided to get this kind of player again. However the new model is not at all same. The new one does look small and sleek but its got more issues.

Biggest complain is the USB charger. Now I have to carry this weird looking USB device in order to charge the player. Earlier it was just the normal USB cable that would go directly into the player. It was a comon cable so easily availble with any one if i want to charge or transfer music. Now this huge usb charger just makes it difficult for carying around.

2nd issue : The sound quality is terrible. I really would like some one else to confirm on this - how they feel about the quality. The speakers sound very cheap - no good quality at all.

3rd issue : not at all comfortable and hurt my ear. Still early days so maybe have to get used to them but with previous one, I didnt have any problem. they were comfortable and I would wear them everywhere - workplace, home, gym, travel, skydive).

I would love to return it but shipping it back to the US just going to cost me same price so keeping it and might sell it locally here if someone is intersted in them. In few months will order the old ones. Never had complains with them.

My advice, try them on before making the purcahse. Check on the sound quality. You cant do anything abt the USB charger.

Hope this helps someone.


EDITED : After posting my feedback on the product - i got message from Sony Support USA requesting me to contact the support team - which i think is very good effort from Sony's side. Shows they care about their customers. Changing my rating becuase of that. I will drop an email to manufacturer support team with my issues and see if they can help.
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on December 3, 2014
If your looking for a mp3 player/headphone that will work with your active life style these are the ones. What you get in the box is Mp3 player dock=Charger/Synce cable and 20 tips for your ear. Before you read on I must say I wanted to give this a 3 star but writing this review im givng it a 4 star. The reason I wanted to give this a 3 star at first is because my out of the box experience was not that good it did change but thats never a good sign. The main issue I had with this mp3 player is that it was soo..hard to get on but thats probably just me Over time I did figure it out and they fite perfectly. After using them for the first couple of hours I couldn't figure out the controll lay out and it was frustrating but agian I also figured that out as well. The mp3 player is quite small it goes around your ear and the cord fits around the back of your neck. The mp3 player does include a tension band on the cord if you need it for your head however you can take it off if you dont need it. As you know there is no screen to controll music playback its all button controlled which is fine. It will take getting used to luckily there is a girls voice every time you push a button to help you. The buttons on the mp3 player are very small so be carefull. When transferring your songs on here it is very easy to do you just go to my computer and find the device drag and drop. If you need the file formats of what's supported just look on the back of the box or sonys website. You can even use windows media player to transfer files. As far as I know this works with Pcs but im not 100% sure on Mac. Now to sound quality the most important thing dont expect these to be better then a 2 to 300$ pair of headphones but for the money these actually sound "great" better then I expected people who say these sound like s*** or suck ar totaly wrong. If you want good sound try messing around with diffrent formats and bitrates that should help. Overall sound is "Great" but dont expect the holy Grail!!! The comfort is good I did have to change the ear tips on mine because I needed different ones. For comfort I can still feel these on my head but its not annoying to were I want to take them off I still might need diffrent ear tips. Now to sum it up there is some problems that dont make this a 5 star product the main reason is that you have to use the dock to charge and put music on it the dock is kinda big so you have to bring that around every time you go on a trip etc. It also can be very hard to change the tips so find the perfect tips and leave them.. one thing is this charges quick 3 min gives you 60 min according to sony and thats pretty much true give or take a little . These last 8 hours on 1 to 1/h our charge. The cord that connects both left and right pieces is pretty thick so you dont have to worry about it getting cut etc. The main reason I bought this is not like most people most people bought this for Exercise etc. and thats really what there made for it even says on the package. These are also WaterProof so you can go 6ft in a pool and be fin or if you sweat hard while working out. I got these so I can use these in public becease I wanted something thats lightwaight and I dont have to worry about a big pair of headphones or earbuds making me look goofy or the cord mp3 player like a ipod getting in the way. If you go out in public allot this is the best way to go by far I probably wont use this much at home mainly for public use. I must say this is a good product I just had a bad out of the box experiance that made me whant to return them but now there great I use them every time im out .
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on January 27, 2016
i am very disappointed in these. I tried to give them a chance and now i can't even return them b/c apparently i waited too long to do so! I swim about a mile every time i'm in the pool and have yet to find a reliable pair of waterproof headphones that actually stay in my ear without compromising the sound quality. I used to have a wonderful pair but after several years they stopped working and are no longer being made.
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on November 10, 2014
These are seriously the most uncomfortable headphones I have ever tried. I swim several times a week and my Tayogo headphones died within a month and a half. I thought I would give these a try since they have the Sony name on them. I watched the video to make sure I put them on right. The wire that goes around the head barely bends at all and I can't keep the over-the-ear part over my ears. No matter which buds I used, they wouldn't fit in my ears properly and kept popping back out. Also, the right side already has faded out in sound, even after cleaning them. I've only had these for about a week. I don't dive or flip-turn at all, so there are no sudden changes of direction to deal with. These actually caused my ears physical pain. By far the worst headphones I have had so far. I guess I will keep looking for high quality waterproof headphones, because these definitely were not them!
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on November 5, 2014
This is the best product! Cords seem so last century to me now. I cant, and wont, run with a wire going from my ear to my device, and this solves all my problems. It stays on perfectly well and has great sound. I have even gotten in better shape since buying this and loading it up with music because I can run longer and have nothing flapping around to annoy me. If you run and you listen to music while doing so, you must get these (I don't use them for swimming, only running and other gym-style work outs).
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