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5.0 out of 5 stars 850A compared to 900A and in depth 850A review
I knew I wanted either the 65" XBR65X900A or the XBR65X850A. I spent a lot of research on the AVSForums and at my local Sony store where I got to play with them side by side. With the fact that you get the Sony 4k player free with the 900, which you can sell for $500, the cost of the 2 is essentially the same. I eventually bought the 850, and here is why and my...
Published 13 months ago by John Connor

52 of 62 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Save your money - until later
No question about it, the picture available from this TV is stunning. In fact, I'm inclined to believe that TVs will never get any better. If higher resolution or better color were possible I don't think I could discern the difference. Maybe someday TVs will holographically project photorealistic shows into the middle of the room and it will seem like actors are...
Published 12 months ago by Niall O'Driscoll

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183 of 189 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars 850A compared to 900A and in depth 850A review, November 30, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I knew I wanted either the 65" XBR65X900A or the XBR65X850A. I spent a lot of research on the AVSForums and at my local Sony store where I got to play with them side by side. With the fact that you get the Sony 4k player free with the 900, which you can sell for $500, the cost of the 2 is essentially the same. I eventually bought the 850, and here is why and my review:

Comparison 900 to 850:
I think the 850 looks much better. The ears (speakers) on the 900 just look dumb to me, and most early high end buyers either have a good sound bar or have a home theatre system (which I do). So I knew I would never use the speakers. Yes the 900 has a wow factor because it looks different with that slab of Gorilla glass, while the 850 looks more traditional, but the 850 still looks very professional and high end.

But mostly the 900 is just WAY to reflective. In the store, with the lights behind, the 900 was almost unwatchable. The 850 is not a matte screen, it is still somewhat reflective, but it is nothing like the 900. Basically with them side by side I could see the same reflections in both, but with the 900 the reflections were sharp and clear, but with the 850 they were muted. So when watching TV I could not help but noticing the reflections in the 900, while the 850 were muted enough so I did not notice them unless I consciously looked for them. Now my home, even during the day with lights on, is not as bright as the store, but with the 850 here I am very glad I got it and not the 900. The 850 is still more reflective then my old Sony 60" SXRD, but I do not notice them. I think the 850 is the perfect balance, as the more reflective the deeper the colors. So unless you only plan to only watch movies in a dedicated dark room I could not imagine the 900 working out.

Other than that they both looked the same to me. If anything I like the 850's overall picture a little better to me, even though technically the 900 is supposed to be the `better' TV. So when Amazon offered their $400 is Amazon credit for the 850, I bought it. (The saleslady at the Sony store even admitted that the employees all like the 850 better than the 900)

850 review:
I have the following inputs driving my 850. FiOS cable (1080i), PS3, PS4, Xbox One (all 1080p) and my PC which can do native 4096x2160p (24 Hz) and 3840x2160p (30 Hz). Note that the 4k Sony's (850 and 900) will be upgraded to full 60 Hz for the 3840 (and 48 Hz for 4096) by the end of this year, meeting HDMI 2.0 specs. (edit: this has already taken place)

I did some basic calibrations with my old Avia DVD. The Sony is not set up as bad stock as some TV's, but still needed some tuning. TV looks great. HD content (which is either 720p or 1080i, depending on the station) looks very sharp up converted to 4k. I was worried because the better your picture the worse bad content looks, but even the SD content looks better than my old TV. Now I don't think SD content is going to look any better than a high end 1080p TV, but it is good.

DVD's look fine, and Blu-Ray's look AMAZING. I think the up conversion to 4k with the Blu-Ray's does make a small difference. Or maybe it's just all the other high end quality parts of this TV, but movie night just bumped up a notch in quality from my old TV.

The biggest difference to me though is the PC/Game quality. For the PC, this is an amazing monitor, either in 2k or 4k. My 1080p games (either the PC or the various game machines) look amazing and I notice no blurring or lag issues (Forza 5 looks fantastic).

4k: So what about 4k? My only 4k content are demos played through VLC on the PC. Yes, they do look amazing when you are up close (3 feet away). The funny thing is 1080p material looks just as good. So I did some screenshots and you could barely tell the difference. I think the 4k up scaling of 1080 material is just so good that you can barely tell the difference. So I did some screen captures of the same 1080p material on my computer monitor (1920x1080) and indeed I could tell a difference. So while the native 4k material is thin now, the up scaling of 1080 material does help a little. Nothing huge mind you, but it is something and gives reason for getting this TV even if you have no 4k material now.

Streaming and Apps: This TV streams almost everything from my PC (including MKV files). The audio is passed through to my receiver perfectly with the ARC passthru in 5.1. Oddly it does not stream the 4k mp4 files... It also does not stream flac audio files, which all my music is in, but I have given up on that even though flac is by far the best, and lossless, audio codec there is and is used all over the place. There are also a TON of apps. Most are useless, but the big ones like NetFlix and Amazon work fine.

3D: I didn't get to compare the 900's 3D, but the active sync 3D of the 850 is amazing. Now I really don't care much about 3D and will only watch it occasionally, but it does look amazing. Both interlaced 3D Blu-Ray's and side-by-side downloads streamed through the PC. I see no flickering and the 3D effect is really good. Even the 2D->3D looks quite good on some things. It does give me a little headache after a while, but 3D is a very individual thing.

This being my first LED TV I was worried about motion, and this is "only" 120Hz. I have watched football, movies etc, played games, and there is nothing to worry about. Yes, if you get the exact right shot, like a slow pan across an indoor studio, you can notice some jitter (with the MotionFlow off) or a smooth pan with hiccups (with the MotionFlow on), but in reality you never notice it. This is an issue with ANY LCD/LED TV, and the Sony is fine. (Most recommend either turning off MotionFlow or setting to Cinema mode, anything else looks too fake)

Now this TV is not perfect. The circular stand really looks nice, but sticks out in front of the TV a bit (no issue if you mount it obviously). My biggest complaint however is the manual. Not only do you not get it (it's available online only), but even though it's 250 pages it goes into no detail. For instance, on the Motionflow there are something like 7 different setting, but nowhere does the manual tell you exactly what those settings mean, and what they do different from each other! There are a lot of high end picture settings you can change on this TV, but nothing in the manual on specifics of what they do. Come on Sony! The speakers are better than a cheap TV and can be used in a pinch, but no one spending $4K on a TV will be using these speakers. So you will need a decent sound bar and subwoofer at the minimum. (where as with the 900 the speakers are probably just good enough to stand on their own with a good subwoofer)

Overall I am thrilled with the TV. Is the 4k worth the extra over Sony's high end 1080p TV? Probably not right now, but then again is a 60k car really worth it over a 30k car? I'm happy. With the HDMI 2.0 firmware upgradeable this TV will be future proof for a very long time. And in 2 years 4k media players will be available for $200 with hundreds of movies (as opposed to $700 with a dozen movies now) For me, my old TV was shot and I wasn't going to get a 1080p only to have to get a 4k one in 3 years. This TV should last for 10 years, and if it does that it will be well worth the money.

Update: I purchased Assassins Creed IV for the PC. WOW, do you notice the difference running it at 3840x2160 vs 1920x1080. I mean my friends can even tell from sitting on the couch when I switch back and forth how much sharper the 4k is. Unfortunately for me my somewhat new PC is not powerful enough to really handle 4k, to actually play the game at 30fps I have to lower so many settings... But in 2 years or so (I am not about to spend another $1500 to get the top of the line PC parts now) when I have a new processor and video card PC games should be amazing!

Update #2: TV is still doing fine in April now. One thing is I do occasionally notice a little motion jitter when watching cable TV. Like when I watch a football game it will be all smooth, then just occasionally it will jitter for a split second, not enough to bother me but you do notice. I never had that with my old SXRD TV, and I know all LCD/LED TV's have this issue. As I have no other big TV to compare to (my little 20" in the kitchen doesn't do this, but it's only 20") I don't know if this TV is any better or worse then others. Oddly I never have this happen with games...

Also, the other 4k thing is how much better my PC looks on it in full 4k. Especially high resolution photos, there is a huge difference when you have a photo from a 15-20 megapixel camera and you display it in 1080 vs 4k. Night vs day!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Unbelievable TV, picture blows you away and Sony does it again!!, October 2, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I just received this TV today and first off delivery was somewhat smooth with one or two bumps but nothing big. This TV is everything you hear about minus the silly speakers along the side bar edges. The 4K is something to see and with this set buying the Media Player along with it is essential since you won't have to bring a technician to upgrade your TV like the XBR65X900A. This set is already up to date and has the latest upgrades. Within 10 minutes I was up and running and turning this on it literally blew me away. The 4K and even the HD are beautiful with no sign of pixels and the 65" shows this off even more than I would imagine the 55". What I noticed is that Sony did a very good job of streamlining their applications and internet content and now has tons more similar to a Roku box. Also the menus and preferences are picture icons and are larger. They also did away with the flat stand and went to a chrome heavy duty ring which is heavier but they did do away with a feature I enjoyed which was the tilt screen and now it is totally vertical which I can live with.

The 4K content on the media player is quite impressive with all sorts of demos of how cool this set looks and they also loaded up 10 movies in 4K of all new titles and TV shows to show off how glamorous 4K looks. For this price, the picture needs to look pristine and it does and was worth every penny. I am very satisfied with this purchase. One thing, be careful ordering from Amazon when it comes to Ceva shipping, They came through in the end but the tracking was sub par and never clued me in to where this item was the entire time to delivery window. For those other reviews saying this is not worth it and not ready for prime time, just wait, Sony is not a dumb company,...remember they were the first to jump on board with Blu Ray loading it into the new PS3s. 4K is here to stay and you won't be sorry. I have owned 4 Sony TVs and not one has done me wrong. They also throw in 1 year of Hulu Plus and Netflix streaming so you can't go wrong there.

UPDATE 10/5: Watching this for a few days now it is truly impressive however it does require professional calibration from an expert (not Geek Squad). I hired one of the top experts in the Northeast to come out this week and calibrate this TV the right way. Yes it is an extra cost, but for this high end a TV, why not get the best. Without the right calibration, the black levels and dimming and color is off on the factory settings and trying to adjust yourself is pointless. Regular cable even in HD does not look great on this TV the way it comes shipped. Lots of washed out faces and blossoming colors. Also, not crazy about the stand. Not sure why Sony went to this giant silver stand, yet it is sturdy but looks strange to have this large raised ring at the bottom of this TV, plus prevents a sound bar from being used against the TV and putting a bar on top blocks the screen so I had to pull my Sonos bar way in front of the ring. The chrome ring looks a bit cheesy.
As for the 4K the newer movies much like Blu Ray are impressive like Total Recall and Amazing Spiderman. I tried watching a clip of Glory and although it was crystal, it was still not as striking as the newer movies. Once the calibration happens I am sure I will be more impressed.
Regular Blu Ray and 3D are great on this set. I tried out Tron Legacy in 3D and even with active 3D, it was pretty cool. Watched Star Trek III in blu ray and it was very impressive even for an older movie like that. Again, once the calibration happens, I am quite sure I will be blown away. One thing I will make clear, this set is very nice because the frame around the set is almost a slate/silver color and is very thin, unlike the 900A with the side speakers which to me looked horrible, this set is full 65" edge to edge and the screen is very large. Moving up from a 55" to this set it was quite a noticeable difference, but I have to say between this set and the Samsung's, I will go with Sony every time. They just know how to make TVs and don't have their hand in the mobile market distracting them from good quality video. I am sure by years end there will be tons more 4K content out there. For now, it seems they have just enough to wet the palate of the consumer and keep them wanting more. One thing that really impressed me about 4K is the sound is unreal. It blows Blu Ray sound away. So far so good on this set.

UPDATE 10/6: One thing I noticed walking into a Magnolia section of a Best buy is that all of their 4Ks are connected to high end Power Conditioners/Surge Suppressors. I rethought my home theater set up and began rethinking the Monster $100 power strip I had this magnificent piece of technology connected to and ended up buying a Panamax M5300-PM. For $576 what this does is not only protect the entire system from power surges, it evens the power out and actually projects a better picture and sound. I then viewed 4K again after connecting and it was even more impressive than before and the sound was unreal. I highly recommend adding one of these to your set up for peace of mind etc. Why not since you just dropped 5K on a TV, $500 is nothing. Also added a new Logitech Harmony Touch Ultimate remote to upgrade mine from the 900. This along with my entire Sonus surround system with playbar, sub and two Play 3s, I believe now this set up is complete.

UPDATE 10/10: I had the Set calibrated today by a 20+ year Professional Calibration technician with some high speed calibration equipment. Adjusted Grey Scale, black levels, color etc. What a difference. Sony was not off with factory settings he mentioned, however he adjusted to Custom Settings and adjusted all sorts of levels including Gamma and it is unbelievable. Everything is in natural tone like it should be and now this set is even more magnificent. This now looks like it should and the 4K really pops! Awesome!

UPDATE 10/12: This will be my last update since having this TV over 1 week I have provided as much info as I could. To conclude, the professional calibration needed to be tweaked. As much as the calibration wants to show "natural tones" and "what the directors see" when they film something, it was too dark and dim to continue watching. According to the calibrator, the extra settings Sony puts on TVs are to keep up with the competition such as motion control etc, however I disagree and it is all personal preference. My preference is for this TV to be set to brighter more elaborate tones so it pops which it now does since I adjusted accordingly. I could not get used to the dark almost black images so I had to go back a bit to what I liked. Not sure I would recommend professional calibration since most TVs today do a pretty good job of letting the consumer adjust. I did however purchase a calibration DVD to have in case I wanted to make further adjustments. In all, this is an amazing TV and I am very happy with this purchase.

UPDATE 4/9/14: DO NOT BUY THIS MODEL SONY TV. I just found out that this model does not include an codec feature needed to stream future 4K content like Netflix and Sony may roll out something this summer but until then this is a plain old 65" paper weight and is not up to speed with all newer 4K TVs being released. So I basically just wasted all this money on something that will have to receive a serious hardware upgrade. I am blown away at how crazy this is and how Sony can just leave its loyal customers in a lurch having just released this TV in October 13.
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5.0 out of 5 stars The X850 XBR 4K is Superior in Quality and Performance, December 22, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Sony XBR55X850A 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Internet LED UHDTV (Black) (2013 Model) (Electronics)
The Sony 55-inch XBR55X850A is the most outstanding and user friendly television I've ever owned. I've owned the X850 for a month, and I enjoy it so much I thought I would write a review to help prospective buyers before they lay down their precious money on a 4K model. I consider the X850 to be top quality, and to be superior to anything on the market today. This is the fourth Sony XBR television I've owned. I always consider other brands, but I always gravitate back to Sony because of the picture clarity. With the 4K feature, it was a purchase that had to be made. For the skeptical buyer, here are a few things to consider (in a concise review).

First, the X850 (like the X900) is an edge lit LED television, which provides no color or brightness variation on its large LCD screen. The picture is OUTSTANDING. Remember, currently all home televisions are LCD with LED lighting. The LED edge lighting system Sony devised is identical to backlit models. The balance is perfect in the middle and to the edges/corners of the screen. Thus, the edge lighting makes this a thinner television when compared to backlit models. It weighs less too.

Second, the 4K picture resolution is the most dazzling and mind blowing picture I've ever seen. Four times better than the 1082p picture, the 4K picture is stunning. However, the 1080p picture is also beautiful and rich. 4K upscaling from a blu-ray player (3D 4K Blu-ray player around $250 @ Amazon) with that capability plays well on this television. The market is slowly supporting more 4K blu-ray movies, so the full potential of this model can be utilized now. Also, 4K is the future, even with 8K systems being explored and broadcast still at 720p. The X850 XBR is an outstanding buy for the price.

Third, the outputs on the rear of the television are more than sufficient. Even with the complaints by some, consider that any television is not the center of your HDMI hub. That honor goes to your receiver. The X850 can integrate into any standard setup using its HDMI ports and other inputs/outputs.

Fourth, the sound is great. It won't blow your ears off (leave that to your surround system), but it's more than adequate. I do recommend not putting this model television in an enclosed area or on a surface that has a poor acoustic reflective capability. The speakers are down firing, so I recommend a strong reflective surface such as tempered glass. I have a glass top stand, which sends the sound throughout my family room. It compares well with my front firing speakers from my last XBR.

Fifth, the 3D and network capabilities are a great feature. Remember, the XBR 850 has an active 3D system that uses powered 3D glasses. The XBR900 has a passive system that uses regular 3D glasses, but I think the picture is slightly brighter on the X850 model in 3D mode. Of course, I'm more of a 2D fan than 3D. Networking this model is easy. Even though some other owners have voiced their frustration with networking this model, it's easy if you slow down and follow each step to link it to your home net system. Moreover, the television is extremely user friendly with many optional software upgrading capabilities (if you're into that sort of techno thing - otherwise, leave it alone and it will work just fine). The X850 has an internal user manual too.

Finally, consider the purchase. I didn't know whether to buy a television through Amazon or my local retailer (Best Buy). I decided to go with Amazon. The delivery was awesome. I had full intentions to inspect the X850 out of the box upon delivery, which Amazon recommends; however, the box didn't even have a dent in it. It was flawless to say the least, and the unpacking and setup was super easy. However, to avoid difficulties two people are needed to attach the stand. Amazon truly believes in customer satisfaction, because I would have sent this television back in a heartbeat if the box was damaged.

All in all, the X850 was an excellent buy. I am stunned by all the problems that some buyers have encountered. Sony has earned my trust, but I do understand that technology isn't perfect. This television doesn't include every feature that your imagination can produce. However, the X850 is a fantastic 4K product and worth every nickle at the present time and Amazon price. That sums up my purchase.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Sony Delivers!, November 7, 2013
I purchased the 65" for a really good deal at Best Buy and this product is absolutely amazing. The price is a little high but that is the price you pay for early adoption. I have had this tv for about a month now. I wanted to be sure that I had enough use with the product before reviewing it.
Initial set up of the product is easy. The TV is heavy so make sure you have another person helping you especially if you plan to wall mount this beast. When you first turn it on it will have you set up your internet connection and then it will ask to update your tv software. All pretty easy. You can choose either wi-fi or ethernet for the internet connection.
When watching 4k the picture is nothing short of breathe taking. The colors are rich and picture has plenty of depth. Your eyes are in complete shock when watching true 4k content. When watching regular HD content the upscaling is also really good. You can change how much the tv upscales in the picture setting where it says "resolution" Messing with a few setting you can really make pictures pop off the screen. Note that adding to much resolution can make the image not as clear. Image blur is non noticeable on the tv. There are plenty of settings to choose from to control the motion blur. Watching sports is seamless. Also with 2d to 3d converting, with a push of a button you can make the sports 3d if you decide you want to watch the Houston Rockets destroy the Lakers in 3D.
Gaming on this TV is like nothing I have ever seen. I cannot speak for current gen systems(360/ps3) but for PC gaming this tv is perfect. There is a gaming mode setting on the tv so you will see no lag what so ever. Also if your pc does not have the specs to game at 4k you can play at regular 1080p go into the TV picture settings. turn up the resolution and it is almost as good as playing at native 4k resolution! I have 2 GTX 780's running in SLI and have done comparison testing of the 1080p upscaled vs playing native at 4k on cyrsis 3 on ultra settings. Although playing natively at 4k will leave your jaw dropped playing at 1080P upscaled to 4k is still leagues above playing 1080p on a regular tv or monitor.
My top app to use on this tv is the youtube app. You can link your smart phone or tablet with your youtube account and tv device with a paring code. Download the youtube app on your phone or tablet. Once that is done you can search for videos on your smart device and when you choose a video to watch, the app on your smart device will give you an option on which device to play the video. If you choose your TV, the sony tv will AUTOMATICALLY switch to the youtube app and start playing your video. No need to manually switch to the youtube app. When a video is playing you can browse for other videos on the youtube app on your smart device and add videos to your queue for continuous and smooth video playback. There is 4k content on youtube as well to watch. When playing a video as how I explained above you can still use your smart device, you are not forced to stay on the youtube app on your phone or tablet for the video payback on the tv will continue. There is also an app for IOS and Android device called "TV Sideview" the app will allow you to use your phone or tablet as a remote for your tv. This app WILL allow you to remotely turn the TV on or off with your phone or tablet. Netflix playback on this tv is smooth and quick loading whether you're using ethernet or wifi. This device supports Netflix new super HD future which really makes the netlix playback even that much better. Netflix has also been talking about adding 4k to their selection in the near future. This TV has countless other apps to use make sure to explore them and decide which ones are good for you.
Other than the price nothing.
This TV is above and beyond what we were expecting. Sony made a promise and delivered with outstanding results. We decided to go with the sony over the samsung model because of the more natural look of the picture quality. The samsung has a brighter and more vibrant picture quality. The two TV's are so neck and neck I recommend going with which ever one has the picture quality you prefer. Sony for the more natural deep color look and Samsung for a brighter and vibrant.
This product has... Useful Internet-enabled features, Easy to set up, Right number of connections, Easy to use remote control, stunning picture quality, 2d to 3d converting, 4k upscaling, wi-fi, arc function
About me... Sports enthusiast, Technically savvy viewer, Gamer, Love to stream movies
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5.0 out of 5 stars Jaw dropping...Litterally, November 30, 2013
I have always purchased Sony televisions for over 25 years..I even had the very first XBR model back it was no surprise that this Sony XBR 65 inch 4K model is probably the best on the market. Remember it is Sony who introduced 4K in movie theaters so stick with a Sony if you are planning on the 4K plunge. Right out of the box without any tweaks the picture is amazing. This Triluminos display that the television has brings out the best colors I have ever seen. The 4K upscale from regular HD cable programming is litterally jaw dropping. Most scenes(programming) look so crisp and clear and so colorful that it looks almost 3D like.(and I am not using the 2D to 3D conversion)..Remember it also depends on the channel you are watching,the transmission of the signal. When the transmission is not so good there's nothing much that can be done(gargbage in-garbage out),but when the signal is perfect you will be amazed at the clarity and color. And its not just me--I recently had a few guests over and their reactions were "It's beautiful".."I just can't believe the picture"..."It's stunning" was a few of their actual reviews.
I have not experemented with actual 4K content or Mastered in 4K Blu Ray content but if regular HD cable programming is this good..I cant wait to see actual 4K content.(You Tube does have some 4K content you can experiment with and I can only say "wait till you see it to believe it")
The 3D is also simply amazing (yes it is Active ) with adjustments to increase 3D depth,3D Brightness by increasing the 3D glasses brightness(Sony has now solved the argument that Active 3D is dimmer than Passive 3d) and adjustments to increase the 3D expierence itself..Wait till you see 3D upscaled to 4K!..and so many Apps with Sony Entertainment Network (Netflix and Hulu Plus FREE for 1 year,Amazon,Crackle just to name a few ) it may take me weeks to go thru all of them ....this television will keep me busy for quite a while...
I know the price is high at approx $5K but this is the TV that you may have for the next 10+ years,so its a great investment. I have to go now and continue watching the best television I have ever seen....
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3.0 out of 5 stars Save your money - until later, December 21, 2013
Niall O'Driscoll (San Francisco, CA United States) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Sony XBR55X850A 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Internet LED UHDTV (Black) (2013 Model) (Electronics)
No question about it, the picture available from this TV is stunning. In fact, I'm inclined to believe that TVs will never get any better. If higher resolution or better color were possible I don't think I could discern the difference. Maybe someday TVs will holographically project photorealistic shows into the middle of the room and it will seem like actors are standing there talking to you, but I'm not holding my breath and am not sure I'd want it anyway. So as good as this is, why not buy it?

Well, at some point it will make sense to buy it, but that point is not now. The reason is that there's really no content available to take advantage of the TV's capabilities. Yes, if you buy the $700 cake-tin FMP-X1 player to go with it, you'll get 10 free movies of Sony's choosing and ~70 more to buy or rent, but that's a ridiculously small selection. In two months I've watched three 4k movies. Also, in the two months I've owned the TV its price has fallen by a thousand dollars.

Netflix plans to roll out some 4k content in 2014 but currently the only source is Sony via the FMP-X1. On a 30 megabit Internet connection it takes me four hours to download a movie, and I can't start watching it until its fully downloaded. Movie rentals are $8, and purchases are $30. Yes, you read that right. You can buy a movie on Blu-ray from Amazon for $10 and have it delivered tomorrow, getting deleted scenes, director's commentary, multi-language support, etc. for $10. Or you can start downloading it in the evening for $30 and start watching it tomorrow with none of those extras. Alternatively you can watch it immediately in HD from Netflix as part of your $7/month subscription fee, or watch it on Amazon Instant Video for free with your Prime membership.

Why a 4k movie costs $30 is beyond me. A standard DVD (480p) of Ghostbusters at Amazon is $9.96. The Blu-ray version (1080p) is $10.50. I.e. 4x the resolution for 1.1x the price. 4k gives you 4x the Blu-ray resolution for 3x the price. For movies shot in 4k the difference is visible, but for movies remastered in 4k (which is most of them) the difference is essentially undetectable.

I believe that 4k is the future, but it's certainly not the present. This TV will probably cost $1k by the time there's enough content and bandwidth available to make it worth owning. That may be a year or two from now, but unless you've got nothing else to do with your money I'd wait until then before purchasing one.

UPDATE: One more reason to wait: if you search the Web for "Netflix UHD 4k Interview" you'll discover that Netflix has developed 4k content, which is ready to go, but can only be viewed by TVs having a built-in h.265 decoder. Sony plans to include the h.265 decoder in future models, along with HDMI 2.0, but this TV has neither.
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4.0 out of 5 stars 4K stars, January 24, 2014
This review is from: Sony XBR55X850A 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Internet LED UHDTV (Black) (2013 Model) (Electronics)
A few days ago my Samsung 55 inch HDTV simply stop working, the lower led's were damage and the tv just turn off by itself. Well, I have no other option to buy a new TV set. After some research between the few models that are right now on the market and watching a couple of store units in full 4K glory I decided to get the XBR55X850. By the way, I got this TV in a Sony promotion that include a Sony Xperia Z Tablet and (4) mastered 4K BD movies. Anyway I went home and started hooking my TV with the HT, Oppo and PS4, then I did some picture calibration that took me almost 2 hours. One more hint, if you're gonna use this set with a Oppo player I really suggest to set the output mode on the Oppo to "source direct" that will feed the signal directly to the tv and let the 55X850 handle the upscaling process. To my surprise, the Sony X850 it much better doing this process of upscaling.

The results? Well, this is a great UHD TV but picture quality is a bit better than watching any normal 1080P so don't spect any UltraHD miracle to happen even with HD channels, some will look better than others. I'm sure results will be the same or similar on any other 4K TV set, keep in mind that this is Sony second generation 4K technology, eventually it will improve over the time. In my opinion the problems is the lack of 4k native content that the technology needs to show it's colors. Hey, is like having a Ferrari without the key to drive it, this is the price you pay for been an early adopter and I'm sure every owner of a 4K TV is hungry for new content.

Back to this TV set,1080P BluRay movies will really benefit from the screen higher resolution, even the 4k mastered films will look much better but remember they are 1080P movies coming from a 4K mastered source, but is not 4K native. Remember those Super-Bit discs back in the DVD era, you get the idea. For those of you who like Sony Motionflow refresh rate I have to say this is the best tv set I have seen so far, eliminating the famous "halo effect" or any other artifact making the picture look smooth & slick as butter. Now, watching some 4K Native clips on YouTube by using the tv internal app was another experience, image was freaking sharp with excellent display of jaw dropping colors. Speaking of colors the Triluminos display does really makes the colors pop, is like a bag of Skittles that looks vivid and natural but not over saturated. Also the X850 is really good handling black levels not as good as a Plasma but almost as good as the famous XBR-HX950, just pop in a copy of The Dark Knight and go the scene where Batman is at the top of a skyscraper in Shanghai, you will love the deep blacks and high contrast. On the gaming side, all my PS4 games looked amazing and Forza 5 on the Xbox One is simply awesome. So far I have seen no lag on screen just make sure you select Game (Scene). The audio on this unit is very good but not great, it also has an equalizer and HDMI output level which will let you tweak the audio at your desire. The XBR850A also has HDMI 2.0 support, also the new firmware download is now available, now it supports 4K at 60hz/50hz. So far I have not any clouding or LED bleeding issue, I guess I'm lucky. In my opinion 4K is intended for bigger screens but overall the XBR55X850 is an excellent 4K TV I will enjoy for few more years

Here are my TV settings (with the Oppo BDP-103)

Picture Mode: Cinema 1
Backlight: 9
Picture: 95
Brightness: 51
Color: 52
Hue: G1
Color Temperature: Neutral
Sharpness: 51
Noise Reduction: Off
MPEG Noise Reduction: Off
Dot Noise Reduction: Auto
Reality Creation: Manual
Mastered 4K: On
Video Area Detection: On
Resolution: 66
Noise Filtering: 3 (or your preference if you like a more softer picture)
Smooth Gradation: Low
Motionflow: Smooth (or your preference)
CineMotion: Auto

Advanced Settings:
Black Corrector: Low
Adv. Contrast Enhancer: High (or your preference)
Gamma: +1
Led Dynamic Control: Low
Auto Light Limiter: Off (or your preference to reduce any blooming)
Clear White: Low
Live Color: Low
White Balance: no set (use your preference)
Detail Enhancer: Low
Edge Enhancer: Off
Skin Naturalizer: Off
Display Speed Preference: not available during Cinema Scene
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3.0 out of 5 stars Sony 4K TV review, December 2, 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This is my first LED tv, all other big screens have been plasma and I have a dedicated home theatre: So I watch very good images on the screen. The 4K picture is beautiful but the 1080P is not so great. I would rather watch a Plasma picture from a Panasonic then this tv for any broadcast tv. The problem with this tv is "off axis viewing". If you watch this tv sitting centered on the screen the picture is great but when you shift the viewing angle, either right or left or vertically (standing, sitting) or combination of the two the quality of the picture decreases dramatically. Additionally, the "out of the box" picture is not good. You must go into the advance settings, then white balance then decrease the R, G & B gains. My settings are -22, -20, -22, -10, 0, -5 and on the main settings page the HUE is at R5 and every other setting is changed. The out of the box picture was way too red, green and blue. Watching the Ducks play football or Green Bay was painful. Now the Sunday night football game picture is outstanding as long as I'm sitting in the perfect location, moving off axis and the picture quality goes way down. If you are 20 degrees or more from a straight-on view the picture goes quality goes way down. This TV needs several user savable picture adjustment settings that can be saved. Once you change the settings you cannot save those settings and then create another set of settings (to watch a 4K picture)
Cons--out of the box picture quality is unacceptable and off axis picture is unacceptable.
Pro- sitting in the perfect spot creates an outstanding picture
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5.0 out of 5 stars Best 4K UHD and Upscaled HD experience with Sony!, November 22, 2013
OK! I am not a big review guy but this TV pushed me to write a few words. This TV is simply amazing! You are paying for the best picture quality in 4K TV out there, if you planning to purchase this particular model. Yes, I have looked at almost all of them. Samsung, Sharp, Seiki (WTF), LG etc. I work in film and animation industry and I have been doing effects work for over 16 years. I have worked on all kinds of professional monitors as well as projectors. This TV will require professional calibration if you want to push it to the edge to get the highest quality picture out of it. Sony ships the TV with above average calibration which is still pretty good. Upscaling from HD to 4K is awesome too. Netflix SuperHD on this TV is best looking so far. I have Dish network and thats looking pretty decent upscaled from HD (not SD). Not much 4K content out there, but was happy to get $450 media player with 10 free movies from Sony and a lot of free 4K short clips to noodle around with. If you are questioning yourself between Sony or Samsung, go with the quality, which can never be Samsung.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great Sony 4K picture without the side speakers, December 28, 2013
This review is from: Sony XBR55X850A 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Internet LED UHDTV (Black) (2013 Model) (Electronics)
I bought this TV at Best Buy about two weeks ago and so far I love it! I did not set out to buy 4K but after comparing this set to my original choice the Sony KDL-55W900A I decided the superior color gamut and design quality made this TVs higher cost a worth while trade off. This TV has about 8 million pixels and the W900A has about 2 million pixels that difference allows Triluminos to display richer color on this TV then what it can on its 1080p counterpart although it achieves this through up-converting the signal to 4K. This can cause graininess in the image especially on compressed signals like cable and low definition signals. The chrome metal stand on this TV is very nice compared the W900A's metallic plastic stand. Thankfully Sony didn't include the W900A's totally ugly square name plate on the bottom of the set and instead chose a much more attractive flush to bezel name plate for the X850A. The W900A does have less input lag, and offers a 240hz refresh rate to this sets 120hz so there are advantages to that set as well.

I also compared this TV to its big brother the Sony XBR 55X900A and chose this set. It was really nice to be able to compare all three sets at Best Buy. The two main reasons I prefer this TV are that there are no side speakers, and the X850A uses a matte screen as opposed to the glass covered screen on the X900A. This TV actually has pretty good sound compared to your average flat panel without the extra three inches on either side of the display. The display also lacks most of the light reflectivity of the glass covered X900A thanks to its matte finish. I'm sure some of you reading this are thinking are thinking something like "Matte finish scratches easily" but if you clean it properly with a clean damp microfiber cloth you will never have that problem. I like to use Endust LCD and Plasma Screen Cleaner to clean with and it works great. One other difference between the two sets is this set uses active 3D where the X900A uses passive 3D. I have no opinion on this except that the 3D on this TV looks good to me. Both TV's have 18 month warranties which is exceptional thank you Sony!

Games and Blu-Ray look amazing on this TV. I was blown away by the beautiful colors on the Wreck-it Ralph Blu-Ray I used to demo TV the night I bought it. So far I have played GTA 5 on Xbox 360, and The Legend of Zelda Windwaker on Wii U on the X850A. Both games look amazing with much richer color and smoother looks then on my prior TV a 40" Sharp Aquos Quatron from 2010. Black levels are great on this TV but are not plasma level. It does have some of the best blacks I have seen on an LED LCD TV though. I did not buy a 4K player but the 4K content I saw in store was jaw dropping. In one short film demo I saw at Best Buy on Sony's 4K player of a beach it appeared as though your were looking through a window at the image. Gorgeous blues, greens, and reds were displayed with a crisp brightness that I have never seen on a TV. Still I will probably just wait for PS4's already announced 4K video streaming capabilities to be released.

Hopefully this review will help if you are thinking of buying this beautiful TV thanks for reading!
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