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on December 4, 2007
I bought this lamp to replace the original on my Sony 50" LCD projection TV, model KF-50WE610, that I bought a little over three years ago. The installation took about 30 minutes, but now that I've done it once, it'll probably take 10 minutes next time.

The hardest part was removing the front panel cover. First, loosen the screws around the back on either side. What I did then was start at the right side, getting it loosened up there, and then sort of wedging it out as I moved over to the left side.

Once you get the main face plate off, the lamp housing is right in the middle. Remove the plastic plate in front of the lamp, and unscrew the lamp with the included 3mm Allen wrench (well, it was included in *mine*). Pull out the old lamp, pop the new one in, tighten it down (not too tight), and put the lamp cover back on. Check that old lamp, you'll probably see the blown-out filament. At this point, plug the TV in. If the red light glows steady, you're good. If it blinks, the lamp is not installed solidly. Try removing and reseating it.

Once you've got it, pop the main face plate back on. There are three little sockets (on my TV anyway) that the face plate pops into. You'll see them when you have it off - this is what makes removing the face plate a little tough. Pop those in by just pressing on the face plate at those points. You should feel (and hear) them pop in. Once they're in, tighten up the mounting screws on the back sides of the TV. Voila! You saved yourself probably $150 by doing it yourself. Now, do your best imitation of Tom Hanks in the scene in Castaway where he makes the bonfire, and proclaim "I...(thump chest)...have replaced the projection lamp in my TV!"
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on November 19, 2009
The ad clearly stated this was a Sony lamp. Upon receipt it is the cheapest lamp sold, the Sylvania Osram. They clearly falsely advertised this product. Nowhere in the add did it state this was an Osram lamp, only that it was a Sony. Do not buy "SONY" XL2100 From River Valley Electronics as it is not a real Sony product, but rather a cheap generic lamp. The lamp did not come in a factory box, but rather a plain cardboard box. No invoice was included, nor was there any warranty documentation. BUYER BEWARE, go to a Sony Authorized Reseller and get the real thing. River Valley states that it is a Sony, but it is not! FALSE ADVERTISING! I cannot return it for a full refund because I have opened the box. there return policy states "Unopened boxes can be returned for a 10% restocking fee". How was I to learn that it was not a Sony lamp until I opened the box, now I cannot return. This is bait and switch of the worst kind. DO NOT buy from River Valley Electronics.
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on December 29, 2007
I went the cheap route the first time and bought a Phillips (not Sony) replacement lamp. Immediately I noticed that the TV picture wasn't as bright as it used to be. I contemplated buying an original Sony to see if there was a difference. After 3 months this Phillips lamp bit the dust! Now I bought a real Sony and the difference in brightness is REMARKABLE! Pay the few bucks more and buy a SONY lamp, the others suck! My original lamp lasted four years with nearly continuous use. My wife has the TV on whenever she is home, now that we're retired that is almost 24/7...
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VINE VOICEon October 26, 2007
I debated whether to get one of the much cheaper knock-off replacement lamps or the real thing, and after reading some horror stories about the knock-offs failing weeks after they were purchased, I decided to get the real deal. I'll probably never know for sure whether I made the right decision, but so far I'm satisfied.

The one thing someone should know when considering buying a replacement though Amazon/One-Call is that you will receive the part but then you are *completely* on your own. No instructions, and they don't bother to send you one of those cheap little wrenches that will enable you to loosen some key star-shaped screws that you will need to loosen.

Installation takes 5min if you know exactly what you need to do, but you'll probably spend a lot of time fretting over it if you don't. And you have to apply kind of a scary amount of force to pry off the front panel of the tv to get at the lamp.
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on August 31, 2010
Listen up people! I don't know why people are complaining about the lamp not being Sony. The original lamp from Sony is a Phillips! Sony does not make lamps. I even called Sony directly and the replacement lamp they stock is made by Phillips (for $200).

I bought my TV directly from Sony 8 years ago and after less than a month the lamp blew. I called Sony and they apologized and said they had problems with the manufacturer of the lamp that I had and sent me a new one immediately. It was from Phillips in Sony housing. That lamp lasted me 8 years with crystal clear picture and no issues at all.

So do your research and don't worry if you buy a Phillips lamp which btw are made in Belgium vs the cheaper Osram lamps which are made in China. Phillips is the original OEM lamp. Just watch out for the other ones.
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on April 9, 2009
I suggest you buy from Vanns. The replacement lamp condition and packaging were good. The lamp was secure and the warranty and other documentation were inside. If you are thinking of having this lamp professionally installed, don't bother. Installation should take no longer than 30 minutes if you work diligently. You will save yourself at least $60.00 if you do it yourself. A word to the wise; when you remove the damaged lamp, take advantage and use a compressed-air duster aerosol can to blow out all the dust that is in the lamp compartment. Also, spray some air into the rear fan to clear out the dust that has accumulated in the back of the TV unit. When inserting the new lamp, make sure that it is securely in place, tighten the screws with an allen wrench, pop the front panel on, tighten the screws on the back. Now, grab a delicious drink, sit in a comfortable chair, press the power button on the remote, and Enjoy!!! ;-)
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on July 9, 2008
I cannot agree more with a previous reviewer: spend the few $$ more on a Sony brand lamp.

First, the bulb is noticeably brighter than some generics. Further, you can expect longer bulb life.

The same factory probably sells off-brand lamps from the same production line...problem is you can never know for sure the origin of a generic. My experience with brand vs. the generic make of this lamp has been to rely on the former.

Also, do yourself a favor and clean out the fan fixture when you change lamps. It will prolong lamp life.

Installation is a simple self explanatory task. The appropriate wrench tool is included with the lamp.
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on April 10, 2010
We ordered the replacement lamp from this site because we believed (per the description and picture) that we were getting an original replacement lamp and not a Phillips lamp. Original to me means the lamp is made by the same manufacturer as the lamp included with the TV when purchased new. We read reviews about the Phillips lamp that were negative and therefore did not want that lamp. We could have bought the same Phillips lamp we received from this supplier thru other sites for less money than we paid for this purchase, but choose to pay more for an OEM lamp.

The lamp has been installed and the television now works except there are blue/white dots showing through the screen which can be seen on the screen thru programing pictures. It is distracting and irritating. There were never any dots on the screen prior to installing the Phillips lamp.

We are not happy with this purchase.

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on June 1, 2010
Please note that this is not made by Sony - this lamp is a copy made by a different manufacturer.

It is disreputable and incorrect for the seller of this lamp to present it on Am*zon as if it's made by Sony.

I tried to update the Am*zon listing but they don't accept my "proof" of all the other customer comments and the fact that the seller has written "oem-compatible" further down in the item description (conveniently that is not in the title, though).

If I had a lot of time to spend, I'd contact Sony, because I'm sure they wouldn't want their products to be misrepresented, but I've already spent 20 minutes trying to change it here and the site wants me to give them an external URL that also says this is not an original Sony product as proof before they will indicate that this lamp being sold in this listing is not made by Sony in the product listing, and obviously I don't have such an external URL.

Do yourself a favor and buy the Sony-produced lamp - they get much higher reviews - you will have to go to a different website to do that. Read descriptions and reviews on all websites carefully because this is an area that seems to be very shady and to have a lot of misleading product descriptions, surprisingly. Even Am*zon's own product that they are selling in this category is not a real Sony.

Our household finally ordered an authentic Sony lamp from a local big-box electronics retailer for about one hundred fifty, which is about the best price I found for authentic Sony lamps on the internet.
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on February 2, 2009
Simple to install once you get the front panel off. You need to apply an uncomfortable ammount of force to pop the panel off.
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