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on September 30, 2007
Coyote Breeds are thought to be the lowest of the Breeds, the genetically altered humans with the DNA of animals. Coyotes were bred to be unfeeling hunters and soldiers; merciless, with no souls or loyalties.

Kiowa, a Coyote Breed, had a horrific upbringing. He was abandoned by his young Native American mother who was kidnapped off the streets and forcibly inseminated with the coyote DNA. Raised by a grandfather who hated him and forced to live in a hidden mountain cabin in isolation, Kiowa led a bleak existence. He was constantly reminded of how he came to exist and was told often by his grandfather that he had "no soul" and that his mother didn't want him. His grandfather barely kept him alive, providing only the bare necessities of food and few creature comforts (books and TV, which he used to educate himself) and showing him absolutely no love.

By the time he was 14 he was totally on his own, forced to hide his true identity from the world and seek out a meager existence. But when Dash Sinclair (Elizabeth's Wolf) found him, his life changed drastically.

Amanda Marion was the daughter of the US President, a school teacher living on her own and loving her new found independence, and inexperienced in love (except for her extensive reading about it). When armed intruders attempted to kidnap her on Halloween night, it was Kiowa that came to her rescue. And when Kiowa kissed her (to shut her up, of course) uh-oh...there would be no turning back!

A very important law enabling the Breeds to enact a form of self-government is coming up for a vote in Congress, and it is very important to the survival of the Breeds that this law is passed. But anti-breed blood supremicists don't want this law passed; they want the Breeds extinct, so they hope to kidnap the President's daughter and use her to sway a "no" vote from the President. The Breeds now need to ensure that no harm comes to Amanda, and they have only a week to protect her from kidnappers before the law is voted on. But what happens in that week's time, and the feelings that develop between Kiowa and Amanda, is the basis for this story.

Kiowa, unloved for so long, told he had no soul and feeling undeserving of love, has never felt for anyone what he feels for Amanda. He can't explain it--he would protect her with his very life!

Amanda, stubborn and refusing to believe that what she feels for Kiowa is anything more than hormonal lust, at first tries to fight her attraction. True, they have scorching sexual chemistry, but is that all there is?

When Kiowa has a pivotal conversation with young Cassie, daughter of Dash and Elizabeth Sinclair, he learns that perhaps he is worthy of love, and maybe he can give Amanda what she needs.

I loved this Breeds story more than any of the others, and I've read most of them. This one was hot, hot, hot, and packs such an emotional punch, and that's what I found missing in some of the others. I really cared about Amanda and Kiowa (especially Kiowa) and I felt that he desperately deserved some happiness in his life. Although at first Kiowa and Amanda have trouble communicating beyound their "mating", once that is resolved they find out that they do have some common ground and want the same things out of life. This was a very satisfying read, and one that I could easily recommend--5 stars!
And check out that cover!!

P.S. Althogh this book can certainly stand on it's own, for you own reading enjoyment, I would suggest reading the 4 books that chronologically come before it: "Tempting the Beast", "The Man Within", "Elizabeth's Wolf", and "Kiss of Heat".
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VINE VOICEon July 19, 2008
Soul Deep is nothing new. It has the same basic formula as all the breed books, but this coyote breed had more depth of character than some of the wolf breeds that I wasn't very fond of.

It does have one of the hottest first lovescenes that I have ever read, though. My goodness!!! This book is definitely worth reading, if you like Lora Leigh, but just be warned that it is a very short book.
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on December 19, 2007
Don't let those few nay sayers deter you from buying this book. This book can stand on its own but when read in chronological order with the previous 4 breeds book before it, this book packs a punch. The sex is HOTTTT in vinatage Laura Leigh style. I have a read all of Laura's books and she is at the top of my MUST READ lists for autoships...
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on March 28, 2009
I expected a bit more from this one after reading all the hype in the reviews. Ms Leigh's more mainstream offers have touched on some serious emotional issues, esp. Dawn's awakening. So when I read comments that this one was a bit more touching than other offerings in the series I expected something more. I was disappointed. This was just so so. It was no more emotionally engaging than any of her other Ellora's Cave pre-mainstream stories, in fact I think she did a bit less character building.

Kiowa had the potential but it seems that there was no connection between his neglected childhood and the adult person that he became beyond the superficial. His authoritarian (bind em and spank em) dominant sexual nature fit with the assumptions of the coyote breeds' nature in general but there was no confirmation of that in the story or any indication of how his personal development would lead him to those types of sexual needs. Amanda's character was no different. There were so many unanswered questions and holes in her character that it left me flat. The simple fact of her being the president's daughter should have provided lots of opportunity for charactr development.

On the other hand, this story does provide some insight on how Breed law got passed and how the felines were able to find out so much about the mating process, etc.

As for the sexuality, it's Lora Leigh - nuff said. I do like a good "romantica" read so I tend to prefer steamier material. My only complaint is the amount of anal activity in some authors' works (LL usually has at least one such scene in her Ellora's Cave stories.) I find that disturbing/disgusting but otherwise...

All-in-all it was an OK read. I gave it 3 stars instead of 2 because I didn't dislike it - I just didn't like it. I can't say I'd recommend you spend your money on it; but if you like to know all of the details and behind-the-scenes facts about a series then you may want to check it out.
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on June 22, 2013
How does she do it? It seems with each book L.L. makes the books in this series hotter and hotter. I just find that to be unbelievable. Just wow. I mean, these pages are just scorching!!!
This is a sweet girl, the President's daughter- who has recently obtained her independence (like the last year or so) winds up the mate of a coyote Breed. Now we've read up to now that the coyote Breed's are like awful. To be considered like hyena's (course, that wouldn't have been or sounded sexy, I'm sure).. But not our hero in this story. He of course is all quiet and self contained due to his past.
So they are thrust together for her safety, for the future of all Breeds really. And if we thought that the mating of the others was hot- ohhh.. wow. This is HOT HOT HOT. Check it out. Little miss innocent likes it a little bit rough. More anal play, and some rope. Mentioning of spanking as well.
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on May 11, 2011
I ordered and read this book based on Amazon reviews. I never thought that Amazon reviews would do me wrong...but they did. Big time! I've read a lot of romances but I've never read a romance with such blatant and repetitive crude language. In nearly every paragraph the words P*ssy and C*nt are repeated multiple times as the only description for the sexual intimacy between the two main characters. The author--who I'm convinced is really a man based on the language and plot, which I will get to in a minute--didn't seem to have a very diverse vocabulary.

The plot makes me believe the author has a grudge against women. The premise is that when the heroine (Amanda) gets kissed by the hero (Kiowa a coyote breed) a chemical invades her body and makes her go into heat for the hero. If she refuses to have sex with him her body will become increasingly uncomfortable until the point of debilitating pain. Only when she gives in and has sex with the Kiowa does the pain go away, only to start the process all over again. Also, if the Amanda is touched by another man besides Kiowa she feels excruciating pain, even if the other man is only trying to help her.

The amount of pain Amanda goes through throughout the book is disturbing. The lack of communication and intimate connection between the two main characters is irritating and unromantic. The hero really doesn't care about Amanda's pain throughout the story, and often threatens her when she doesn't cooperate. Plus, when Amanda is drugged into having sex with Kiowa for the first time she's a virgin! But she acts like a pro, and afterward doesn't mention it or even think about her drug induced lost virginity, which was more like rape since she was tied up at the time and out of her head. The whole thing is skipped over and forgotten, and (Hello!) losing your virginity is a huge deal.

Another thing I just couldn't swallow (hehe =^-^=) is the fact that Amanda is the daughter of the president of the United States of America but her language is as crude as the authors. I guess the author just couldn't separate himself from a prissy, rich, virgin female.

Never does Amanda and Kiowa act like they love, like, or can even tolerate each other, Oh, except when Amanda is in horrific blinding pain from not getting her sex on. There was absolutely no romance and I really hated the fact that Amanda never had a choice, she didn't invite the kiss that sealed her fate, and if she doesn't stay with Kiowa she'll die from pain.

This book definitely felt like a male's fantasy: There's no way Amanda could ever cheat on him because she'd experience only pain, Kiowa can touch other women whenever he wants without pain, and Amanda has to have sex with him weather she wants to or not.

In the end the story is poorly patched up with the main characters somehow deciding that they like each other, but I never got it, and I wish I could wipe the whole thing from my memory.
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on May 19, 2015
These just don't make sense anymore. The formula is old. Very little plot, except the mating heat sex. The characters seems to hate each other. And then in the last 5 pages, they just decide to be in love. Nope, not paying for this anymore.
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on March 12, 2008
This book is sexy, hot and it has a good story to back all the good sex up. Some people mentioned it is too short, granted, but it does not affect the story one bit. In fact, I think it helps it in a sense that it does not pile up too many unnecessary details.

The story has soul (no pun intended). The hero is hot, a suffering soul who does not want to admit he needs anyone, let alone that he has fallen in love with someone. All in all it is one of the best books Lora has written. I like her books but not all of them are winners, this one definitely is.
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on November 13, 2014
Kiowa Bear a coyote breed is asked by wolf breed Dash Sinclair to provide some backup protection for Amanda Marion, the presidents daughter. One night during his surveillance he realizes her security detail has been compromised and she is in danger. He rescues her and goes on the run while calling for backup. He does not realize that the reason he is so attracted to her is that they are mates. He also does not know that one kiss can start a love that will overwhelm both of them if they can survive mating heat. I gave it five stars because the action was good, the sex was hot, and the story advanced the Breed series.
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on March 17, 2015
I really liked how she explained the politics of genetics and how society was beginning to accept Breeds and even have the president trying to get laws passed where Breeds are protected. I was actually fascinated by what Amanda goes through, to be in such immense physical pain that can only be calmed by Kiowa because they're mated. I love the fact she's a teacher too, she's a good character and I enjoyed learning about them all and their world.
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