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on July 12, 2011
I had been searching around for a portable dock for my ipod touch that not only allowed for AC power but for outdoor use as well without having to worry about replacing batteries and after some researching I decided to take the leap and purchase the Soundfreaq SFQ-02RB. For me, Summer in Southern California means a lot of outdoor events which usually involves BBQs and other social gatherings, I was in need of a sound dock that allowed me to remove the AC plug and take it with me. The Soundfreaq SFQ-02RB allowed me to do this and much more. With so many people having smarthphones and various other mp3 players, the bluetooth connectivity is an awesome feature, I no longer have to remove the ipod from the dock in order to play music from someone's iphone/ipod touch. Also for me the bluetooth feature is great considering I have an android phone enabled with the google music beta and I carry my phone with me at all times unlike my ipod touch. As for the sound, considering it is smaller than most docks in its price range, it still has a good sound. I am happy with my purchase and wouldn't mind purchasing the larger Soundfreaq SFQ-1 Sound Platform as my main sound dock for my living room.
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on February 3, 2012
Soundfreaq vs. Logitech S715i, This debate is really amazing. First I gotta say the Soundfreaq is louder than the Logitech. I read both reviews, watched video's on both and was really quite surprised at just how many people like the Logitech. I did not find it really that loud or to have a great balance between the bass and treble. With really booming bass tunes like harder classic rock say, it sounded a little muffled to me, and you really don't get much volume at even 1/2 way up. Yeah it looks like a boombox but so what. It seems to have compatibility issues with newer ipods and battery problems as well. I also did not care for the docking area, one wrong move and you'll break off the connection port. I don't know about anyone else but I take my speakers everywhere, the yard, on the boat, in the woods anywhere I need it. So it needs to be tough. Plus when you review these speakers you need to be in a noisy place or at the very least a few feet back to hear what they can do. I mean where do you take these anyway, into the noisy world. I do think Logitech body is built a little tougher as it is all plastic vs. Soundfreaq's speaker cover which is regular speaker cover material, and snags and tears more easily.

Soundfreaq is a new company, and this is a pretty good attempt in this market. It is loud and does have the "stereo" ability, but as with the others the Bass needs work. Most songs are very low in bass and high in treble, you can make adjustment in your ipod music settings and also by turning off the UQ3 enhancement. But it gets tiring. The bluetooth ability knocks off Logitech right away for me, no docking issues or concerns, I also like the boxyness of it, it's more stable for in the boat but the front control panel sticks out a bit making transporting it a concern if you smack it. As no cover is included, not even a dust cover. It does seem to fill up the quiet house nicely, you just have to deal with the low power bass. As most of these "wireless" portable speakers can't support deep rich bass in such a small footprint. Remember the old adage, the heavier the magnet the better the bass? Still think it's true today, just pick up a Bose and see the weight difference as well as price! Soundfreaq has packed in quite a lot of features for the money, it is loud and you can fiddle with it. The bluetooth was the selling point for me, as I did try and weight all factors in comparing both units. I just think Logitech has the "hype" going for it due to some tech sites reviews. Nothing compares with side by side testing, in noisy areas and not being right on top of it. As they all sound good at 1 foot away plugged into the wall. To me Soundfreaq won the unplugged test, no contest. Logitech has a better remote but who cares, Soundfreaq's ability to use your ipod or phone as a remote ROCKS!!!

UPDATE: Bose came out with the soundlink. As much as I like the Soundfreq speaker, it just can't compete with Bose sound. I really wanted to like it more, at 1/2 the price of Bose. But sadly Bose is smaller, more portable and not made of plastic. The Bass you ask, well it can be booming depending on song, and so far it really is the best portable speaker on the market. Soundfreq is hitting the ground running though- in it's price range it is the loudest- ipod set on flat option- and it does sound ok. Would like to see a more durable body for outdoors.
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on November 10, 2011
The feature set is awesome, and it works well as far as that goes, but both my wife and I immediately noticed the poor sound quality. It is very "tinny" and has a very weak bass response. Even our old Philips DC310 [...] clock/ipod dock sounds better. We are not audiophiles and frankly I am not usually very picky about my speakers, but the sound quality on this thing is actually distractingly poor to the point where it is irritating to have it on. It's going back.
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on January 22, 2012
So to put it bluntly I am the person at the cell store that after i ask a couple questions they say "um why don't i just set up your email and everything for you". get where I am headed here, I am not a technology person. The very first time i plugged this machine in, no problem- i docked my ipod and easily set up my iphone. No kidding it was seriously that easy- plug it in and press play with the handy concealed remote that is:). It looks awesome, sleek and is such a versatile design that it can go mod, contempory, retro, casual and elegant. and for the price, come on... and they just took first place at the biggest electronics show in vegas! get one now! the sound is outstanding, it sounds ten times better than the other guys and its a get real price- this company knows what they are doing great product, great design, a price for the "people" and hopefully more to come... my next purchase with them is the same one in white for upstairs!! im so excited about this product.
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on January 3, 2012
I got the Soundfreaq Sound Step Recharge as a Christmas present. I've had a few "docks" over the years and have rarely seen much point. Either do a full stereo or just listen on my headphones... But this thing has totally changed my mind!

Over the holiday season I've had countless guests over for dinners, parties, etc. With me using my ipad to control the Sound Step from my kitchen or the dinner table (amazing 4 star remote control app!), everyone is curious. So what do they do? In 20 seconds they download the app and pair their own iphone and just like that they've got their music going. It's so easy, fun, sounds amazing, and I haven't even gotten to summer when I'll put it on battery power and take it in my back yard for a party. Where I'm sure someone will want to pair their device with it there...

I was also very impressed with the design. Not only is it cool and sleek, but it's also very SMART. When I took it out of the box there was a physical remote -- you know, in case you have your ipad/iphone docked and charging or something. And I thought, "oh great, another remote to have to keep track of." Nope! there's a slot in the bottom of the player the remote clicks into for safe keeping until you need it. But really, you may never...

Why would I stereo or headphones every again? Best Christmas present ever!
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on October 30, 2011
I like everything about this except that it doesn't have an option to turn off the energy saver mode. At some point it turns itself off. This prevents being able to use the alarm clock functions of iphones, ipads, or ipods. The bluetooth is really great. My wife and I both use it. We can have our iphone with us anywhere in the house and still play our music on the speaker. The sound is great. The dock works great too. No need to remove the Otterbox in order to dock. But, I need to find something else to use in the bedroom.
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on November 17, 2013
I love this speaker. I've gotten numerous compliments on it. I love that it can either be plugged into the wall or used wirelessly. I think the battery lasted me about 8 hrs of continuous play? Not 100% sure, but around there. It's a great size and fairly portable. Would definitely recommend.
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on January 5, 2013
I was in the market for a bluetooth portable speaker to use in my shop. In fact, I ended up buying several to test out including the Bose Soundlink, Spar (Braven) 600, and iHome iA100ZE. The Soundfreaq was the most expensive of the bunch but also offered the most features. However, compared to a number of new bluetooth speakers that have come out recently - Beats Pill, I'm looking at you - the Soundfreaq is a deal! Here is the rundown.


1. Sound quality is better than average. They use decent quality speakers and a passive radiator for better bass response. The unit can achieve high loudness before distorting.

2. Look great, aside from the senselessly ugly logo they use. The design looks like something out of early-90's Japanese consumer electronics. Fits into an audio rack or shelf nicely. Not so great for my workshop, but that's beside the point.

3. Quality build. It feel solid and having torn it down once (for fun), I can verify it is built that way as well.

4. Simple but effective app with bluetooth streaming. They offer a free app which supports all of the functions found on the unit and a few more including radio tuning. Though it is not as robust as the apps some other bluetooth speaker makers offer, such as iHome, it did make it easy for me to place the unit on a shelf and almost never touch it. It was easy to pair with my phone.

5. Internal battery! It will charge any of my iDevices. It has a much larger battery than the only other bluetooth speaker I have tried, the Braven 600. I believe it charges at a 3A rate, but not positive.

The (sorta) BAD

1. High gloss finish scratches easily. Wish it was textured or matte finish.

2. Not very portable. The unit has an internal battery and would be great for use away from home... except it is fairly large. In addition, the designers seem to have taken extra care in making every angle and corner sharp. It is hard to find a way to carry the think comfortably for any length of time.

3. Remote is odd and redundant if you have a bluetooth device. Why have a remote when almost any device you would use with it would be bluetooth compatible? In fact, you have to have a app on your iDevice to use some of the unit's functions like the FM tuner. The remote is small, hard to use, and easy to loose. It stores in the bottom of the unit so you have to pick up the whole thing just to get it out for use. Maybe someone would find it useful, but I just don't get it.

Overall I would suggest this as a well featured home speaker at a fair price point. It sounds good and is easy to use. However I have migrated to my Bose Soundlink over time. The Bose unit has better sound quality, especially bass response. And I found that the features provided by the Soundfreaq app were not all that useful to me. In the end I was happier with a more portable, less featured product like the Bose.
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on July 17, 2011
Have used this speaker system daily for 2 months, both plugged in and on battery. Love the sound, portability, and well designed capabilities. IPAD 2 and IPHONE 4 plug in and charge flawlessly, even with cases on! The extra USB port is a great touch to make this a useful charging station. Free APP for IPAD and IPHONE works flawlessly (simple and elegant). Bluetooth connects quick and is stable. The SoundFreaq staff are most helpful and a pleasure to do business with. One of my favorite current devises. I have many! Battery life is 7hrs+
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on January 8, 2014
I purchased two as Christmas presents. One was for my 15 year old son who has all his music on his i-phone. It took 2 minutes to sync them together so the speaker worked wirelessly. Now we can all hear his music (that's not always a good thing) rather than watch him tune us out with his earbuds. It is a powerful speaker and plays with clarity. It also has a blue light, which looks great on his dresser. The other one I purchased for my brother, who is a musician in New York. He is really picky about his sound equipment, so I wasn't sure if he would like it because it wasn't a famous name brand and was not too expensive. But I figured if he didn't like it, he could just return it (Amazon is fair with returns). But... he loved it! Two thumbs up. We all love this product and would recommend it. For the price... you can't beat it.
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