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on August 24, 2011
I had high expectations for this book... and they were all met and some!

What you have here is a brilliant synthesis of science, consciousness studies, metaphysics, ancient symbolism and prophecy... Well, I won't ruin all the surprises for you. :) I don't want to turn people off with big words either - The author has presented a book which is accessible to both laymen and scholars alike.

The various scientific studies referenced to within the book would make you say "Hmmm that's weird" if you read about them alone, but the author puts them into a greater context - into the context of the Source Field, which answers many fundamental questions about reality and what being a human, in these amazing times, is all about. Approach this book with an open mind. But more importantly, prepare to get your mind blown! I really think this work offers an avenue of thought leading us to modern day Copernican revolution.

No matter what your background is, you will find something of worth in this book. This is one of those books that you have a hard time putting down. One of those books that you want to read through the night. Everyone should pick up a copy - It will be the best 17 dollars you ever spent!
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on August 23, 2011
Okay , I got up at 3:00 a.m. this morning in order to get this book on my kindle. I must admit, I try to still use my libraries as much as possible and normally have the patience to wait no matter how much I want to read a newly released book.

But not this one.. no I have had a driving urge to get it since I learned it was coming out. That's been a long, long time. Nor would I ever consider with any other book writing a review before I read it. And I will come back and write a review after. Actually I've already started it and it's got me hooked so much I know I'll be book reading possessed and won't be able to stop till I finish it, but if you don't know this guy or anything about him, it would probably be most expedient to check out his youtube videos..

I have had the good blessings and cosmic luck to have stumbled upon his site over a year ago. I want to stress though, I do not know him at all, nor do I know anyone connected with him. So this is not some planted review. This is just a heart sent wish that everyone gets a chance to be exposed to this man's life work during this incredibly important time on the planet earth.

He has a ton of free info on his site, in fact so much there's enough reading there to keep you busy for a while, but I have feeling if you check out his work, take the time to read and listen, you'll be like me and feel that the only natural thing to do next is to buy the book. I really believe from keeping up with him, first that this guy is freaking amazingly intelligent, sincere and has poured his very soul into ALL of his work.

And I believe it's reached a point where he needs to be heard by as many people as possible. The more people hear and realize that the old myth that says we can only expect just so much and the ending must result in disaster needs to be put where it belongs.... as a fear based assumption fed to us by countless movies and media to keep us constantly so full of fear we can't hear the TRUTH.

So check his stuff out and consider that the price of the book is NOTHING when considering .. well honestly I cannot imagine how much actual time he put into this. I just know I heard in his most recent video that this is the culmination of around 30 years worth of work. Now compare that to the cost of a book and especially a book, that I believe if read by enough people will change those people, thus creating the new earth and upgrade for ourselves..

Books are like anything else in todays culture... there is so much going on, so much information available, people have to feel like what they are buying is worth it, since so much info is free.This book will be worth. My hope is that enough people buy it that it gets real attention from the mainstream of book readers.. because it's going to be like the hundred monkey theory... reaching that critical mass of readers consciousness that I believe will trigger all humanity .. that's how big I think this book will be.

I'll be back after finishing it to write a review. And if you knew me personally, you'd swear I was far too lazy to write reviews... but not this time. This time I want to do my part in assisting the earth changes so we can actually get ourselves as all of humanity out of a groove and reach a new level of being that benefits all, that helps us realize just who we are..

I HAVE READ THE BOOK...... Could not add another review so I am just going to add that the book exceeded my expectations.. I can't add anymore than the other reviewers, they have done justice far better than I in describing the contents... The only thing I can say is that I plan on buying a hard copy to donate to the library and another for me since I got it in kindle due to my inability to wait on shipping :-) . I'd like to have a real copy of the book to mark so I can go back and look up a lot of sources he mentioned. So many sound intriguing and worth a further study.
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on August 24, 2011
I excitedly received this book (The Source Field Investigations) yesterday and slept little last night. Once begun, I couldn't put it down! I've only read the first fascinating section so far but am inextricably hooked. This is certainly paradigm-blasting material in a most reader-friendly format. This information is truly important! It is liberating! It provides ample cause for tremendous optimism. Reading this book is time extremely well-spent. Now, back to reading...
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on August 24, 2011
So grateful the day has finally arrived, when this knowledge and understanding at last emblazes the default world right between its half-lidded eyes, at the pineal, and shakes up inertial torpor and denial, wakes up unthinking nescience and willful ignorance.

I have studied all these things David Wilcock writes about, and more, lifelong since childhood, including the physics and of course the metaphysic­s, and speak from personal, direct experience as well . . . that all these things in his book (and more) are truth.

It is the genius of divine inspiration that David Wilcock has synthesized all this into one seamless, cosmic meta-reality that can be intelligibly grasped by the unprepared consciousness, a stupendous achievement on behalf of all.

As I and many others including Mr. Wilcock have experienced, we know the cynical, derisive, humiliating, dismissive, refuting attitudes of the general populace and friends and family, the many who have been lulled, unaware, into complacency by ancient-in­to-contemporary, covertly engineered, insidious mind-control and social manipulation.

But despite the non-critical group mind, being ever faithful to our personal discoveries of liberating Truth, we have always believed in this moment, when necessary and inspiring knowledge rises to critical mass and becomes mainstream . . . which is NOW.

This is a momentous and monumental turning point, for with this important work's attaining national, major book status, and this knowledge thus openly evidentiary in the mainstream mind, we can proceed undaunted into our next worldline as a civilization of positivity and truth, love and the giving of the Self.

Joy to the world!

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on August 28, 2011
I've waited, and Waited, and WAITED for this book to come into my hands. Since last March when I pre-purchased this book I've W*A*I*T*E*D. Now I've got it, and read it, and I'm reading it again, S*L*O*W*L*Y.

This is an important book. It finally connects many of the dots concerning humanity, the future of earth, and our impending evolution into a new reality. In a logically sane pattern David reveals revelations of science, of theology, of myth - and shows the incredible intersections that are now present between them.

Leaving the dated science that lies stagnating in our books, minds, and common weal, David shows us the proofs that something extraordinary is happening to humankind. He reveals that WE ARE NOT ALONE. WIth courage, humor and humility, David Wilcox has spent much of his lifetime to reveal - at this moment - at this juncture in time and space - our purpose and our ability to create the world anew.

I've read many books on 2012 and it's meaning for humanity. Lots of opinions, myths, ancient and modern legends, but it's the science that was missing - and let me tell you: the science of our minds and our world is changing, and this book tells you why, how, and who is leading the exploration.

For some years people were mentioning David Wilcox to me..."you gotta see him!" "He's just like you...." (he's not, really.) "I'd love to see the two of you sit down and talk! (me too.) Finally I got around to it, I watched a video, then another, then another. I read his Law of One musings - and my friends were right - we are seeing the world with the same trajectory, and it's a good place to take your mind and heart.

David's done the work. A dedicated Truth Seeker, and Mind Explorer - he's relentlessly tracked down the science behind the (fallen) Iron Curtain, he's researched the ancient mysteries, he's hounded the best minds of the century until they revealed their secrets to him, and slowly, painstakingly he's pieced together this multi-cultural, inter-dimensional, extraterrestrial quilt of evolution. The Source Field Investigation is nothing less than a guide book to where we are going as a planet and as a species, whether we like it or not. Many will not like the content of this book. But for those willing to rewrite any and all facts in brains when new, better evidence and explanations are presented, reading this book will be an exciting and daring exploration.

The SOURCE is the author, director, creator, and fabricator of our world, it's universe, and it's future. David's "field investigations" reveal what the bravest scientists, scholars and prophets are saying - risking everything to tell the truth to humanity.

David Wilcox is a mannered man who minds that we need to love our way out of the mess we've made of ourselves, our species, and our world. He encourages us to realize the GREAT CHANGE that is occurring on this planet and beyond into the divine cosmos itself. His is the witty entertaining testimony to humanities golden age - one that is coming fast upon us - if only we have the collective courage to bring it forth.

Reading this book will prepare you, enthrall you, awe you, and most of all it will empower you to open your minds and hearts and evolve.

Buy it. It's the cheapest ticket to heaven you're ever likely to experience.
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on August 24, 2011
Worthy of the hype I wont even ascribe to it.

Do you remember as a child - the kid in the class who first broke the news about the origin of babies? The same kid who closed the SantaClause debate with his findings?

In a world of adult children - David Wilcock is that genteel soothsayer.

Seamlessly comprehensive - not scary (somehow) and all-out fantastic.
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on September 7, 2011
To summarize :

Basically what Wilcock does is to look around for the results of the alternative scientific circles, chew up a little on them and try to put them on his vision of the functioning of All That Is. The bits and pieces that Wilcock has gathered are not without interest, but the intelligent reader must admit that he has utterly failed in his attempt to create a coherent and meaningful big picture out of them. Wilcock jumps from one subject to the other without "fil rouge" (red wire) that would draw a bigger picture, give a coherence and meaning to the details and would allow the author to draw conclusions. There is nothing of this in "the summary of his 15 years of research", and I must say that reading his book left me disappointed.

It seems to me that what David sells in most of his publications does not direct the attention inside, towards the center, into a direct energetic contact with the phenomena of ascension. Rather, it entertains the mind into believing that it understands ascension, subtly painting it as an external change towards an enlightened society.

I will not talk about the positive aspects of the subject presented, see the other reviews for that. However interesting the subjects are, it is the way they are treated and discussed that makes a book worthy of a read. If you expect scientific treatment you will be disappointed. It is mixing scientifically established facts with hypothesis and unconvincing conclusions. Throughout this book, David has a hard time pretending to be a professional writer. The semantic approach is quite poor and the reader might have the feeling to read unprocessed thoughts rather than carefully elaborated linguistics and a logical approach. With his desire to be accessible to the masses, Wilcock forgot about the form and, while talking extensively about science, does not apply the scientific approach to elaborate his own "scientific" views. At the end of the day, I had the feeling to have read a long and quite gross vulgarization for the masses that lacks the big picture and fails to enlighten the details.

Now into more details :

I love David Wilcock. I think he is doing some great work. I have followed his website for years and I always enjoy to read his stories. I know it does not sound like it, but I consciously chose to take a critical tone. I was disappointed by his book and think his work is more suitable for the web/journalistic format.

My first disappointment was about the illustrations or lack thereof. There is a huge amount of physics, geometry or chemistry in this book that require extensive illustrations to be understood and assimilated properly. You will find very little illustrations in there and that has been quite frustrating. The discourse might sound convincing, but unless the reader has already studied the subject presented, it is difficult to get the accurate mental picture of all the concepts. It's a bit like reading a description of a musical melody without hearing it, it's frustrating. I think David should have gone into much more effort to illustrate his points, his material is not that of a novel but it is presented as such. David has criticized the work of Drunvalo Melchizedek, however, I think David should take exemple on Drunvalo's books as far as illustration of the work goes.

Secondly, David is constantly referring to other sources, making a big patchwork, jumping from here to there, lacking homogeneity in the presentation. Many points are transcribed directly from the source one after the other. There are whole paragraphs that are just facts added one after the other. In general, the presentation does not let the reader (at least myself) build an homogeneous picture of the subject before jumping to something else. It feels like this book is constantly opening up new subjects one after the other with facts added one after the other, but too little effort is spent in discussing the bigger picture, too little effort is spent to put the facts presented into perspective. Without this perspective, this book would only be a collection of scientific facts and discoveries and I have to admit that David did an effort to offer more than that. However, I was not convinced by the result. I would have preferred much less space taken to present these facts and discoveries, most of which I already knew (from David or others), and much more effort spent in discussing the elements that unifies them and building a coherent picture from there. By giving all the space to the facts and discoveries, the picture that has been tentatively drawn is fuzzy to say the least.

Thirdly, the part that discusses the shift of the ages or ascension is disappointing. Nothing new here. David explains that yes there are this and that cycles and geometry in the universe and then "hey look at that crop circle that says that the date is 21 december 2012" !
David says that we cannot know if we will suddenly ascend into light bodies or just gradually mutate our ADN and build the golden age with the new technologies that he presents on the same planet. David does not seem to see or at least does not explain the huge differences between these two scenarios. He says the "golden age" is something that we build together and not something that we just wait to happen. Yet he does not explain why and in which way (and what is required at the personal level).
Very few links are made between all the facts and discoveries presented and the individual spiritual path which would shed some light on the individual ascension process and would help the reader to prepare for this quantum shift.

About the so called "hidden science behind 2012", I would say that most of the book is about the hidden science behind this world that we have been living in, the 3D. There are tentatives to link the hidden science of this world to the 2012 shift but they are unconvincing and unconvinced. Yes a shift will happen. So what ? It does not tell us much about the shift itself, its impact on the inner world, outside world.

David draws extremely few conclusions from his 500 pages digression, and the few conclusions he makes are not convincing. At the end of the book, we feel we have been in all directions but the reader is left wondering what to do of all this. The exploration of the so many subjects is either too deep, too detailed in order to follow a direction and to create a coherence of the book as a whole, or too shallow, in order to present the subject coherently and with a minimum of exhaustivity. The reader is constantly left "in between".

At the end of his book David acknowledges "The Law of One", saying that it offered a base for all his research. And saying that it is the only reliable channeled material. I do not agree with David on that point as I have met many other sources of channeled material of great significance. Yet, even in the excellent law of one, Ra points out that at the end of the day (or the end of the cycle), what matters is not how this third dimensional matrix functions, but how and why to let go of our attachments to it, and go inside, in the heart, free from all concepts, to embrace the new vibration. A valid channeled material is not only one that points to facts that can be verified with a science that we have access to. I find this view of David to be very limited and very "male" polarized. The purpose of the brightest channeled material is to assist us in self exploration and surrender to life. Intellectual understanding of scientific truth does not directly contribute to spiritual growth. At best it may contribute as a catalyst towards a truthful inner exploration. One of the only point from the book that was encouraging intelligence of the heart and soul cleansing was the advice to LOVE the bad guy from the dreams. Although I caricaturize slightly, the rest of the book was more about "truth" being in that and that external science.

Finally, the book gathers a lot of old stuff from David and elsewhere. I expected to see some new things. If the reader is well versed into modern sciences and alternative views, the read will feel more like a compilation than the presentation of some new discoveries. David presents the "Source Field" theory as his own, yet it is just another name on the theory of many others. David "discoveries" are actually discoveries of other's discoveries, explanations of other's explanations. Vulgarizing other's research and discoveries can be very useful and is often a worthwhile undertaking. However, as I made clear in this review, I am disappointed by the experience. This book feels like a too long draft and many of the subjects presented would have deserved a better treatment.

On a more subjective and personal note, I would like to say a few words about the personality cult trap. My observation is that many people are seduced by the charisma, positivity and enthusiasm of David Wilcock. They are unconsciously rating David more than his work.
David himself recognizes that celebrities feed on the attention given to them, but it seems to me that he himself feeds on the recognition given to him and his work. He will say recognition of his research contributes to the ascension of humanity and is therefore extremely important. He will repeatedly urge everyone to buy his book to bring his research into mainstream light.
Yet I believe that the people who have contributed the most to the spiritual-scientific awakening of humanity are people of the purest humility. Although they do contribute to this awakening, they don't even claim that they do so. They do not give themselves any credit for what they do or who they are and they don't let others do it neither. True spiritual light shines from the purest humility and simplicity, when awareness understands that all is brought about by Source itself, not an individual.
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on August 24, 2011
If you enjoy strange phenomenon tested in labs, repeatedly showing reality to be starkly different than mainstream science will accept, and giant pineal gland statues at the Vatican, you'll certainly enjoy this book. From Russian scientists to Nefertiti, David covers high science while tying it into ancient aliens/cultures, 2012, and ascension. The information he has already released in previous videos/articles is also still interesting to read about. By far the best though, is the new information he seems to have saved just for this book, which should give you chills. The book reads very well and keeps the style very casual, as if David were speaking at a conference. It's also simple enough that anyone is capable of understanding the science and ideas without any previous research into metaphysics and such. If you like David Wilcock's videos/articles/ebooks and are thinking about buying this book, absolutly do it, even just to help support him. And while you're at it, get a subscription and a Ron Paul bumper sticker.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon September 6, 2011
Mindboggling parallels between science and spirituality.

Wilcock says he has presented the very best science from 30 years of dedicated research, which culminated in two years of focused, concentrated effort to connect all the seemingly unrelated cutting edge data into an entirely new pattern. You will be stunned by how much is already known about the unseen force he calls the Source Field. The implications are staggering.

He defines the Source Field as a living energy field, a universal loving intelligence that the Universe is built from and that many great researchers have independently discovered and given their own names to. Just a few examples are the Field, unified field, morphic field, Secret Force, Conscious Universe, nonlocal consciousness, Divine Matrix, Living Matrix, zero-point energy, virtual particles, and quantum foam. The Source Field is actively responsible for keeping matter going - moment by moment. It is automatically, by design, the Source of all space, time, matter, biology, energy, consciousness and life in the Universe. It is the energy of Mind.

The book's 500 pages are an easy and pleasurable read. Wilcock shows how "Consciousness is not merely a biological phenomenon - it is written into the energy of the Universe itself." The author starts by looking at the consciousness of plants as discovered by Backster decades ago. If you "pray" over your food by sending it positive, loving thoughts, it then seems to accept its role in helping you stay alive - and the severe plant reactions recorded when they are "killed" no longer occur. Many cultures and spiritual traditions encourage us to thank our food and we now have evidence that this seemingly unimportant behavior - from a scientific standpoint - has a definite purpose.

Wilcock covers many alternative fields such as precession, the potential of the pineal gland, lucid dreaming, the healing abilities of pyramids, the 2012 prophecies, antigravity, dematerialization, teleportation, time travel, vortex points, and quantum geometry. His fascinating guided tour into the deeper mysteries leads us to the possibility of a fundamental change in our understanding of the nature of time and space itself. In every field he provides information new to me despite my own wide research over several decades.

He demonstrates the scientific basis for the ancient wisdom traditions, such as: we are all connected, thoughts create perceivable effects, what we consider to be reality is actually a lucid dream that can be changed by acts of will, and this reality is a manifestation of a hidden realm. The author provides masses of PROOF that the universe is alive.

One example is a stunning discovery made by British astronomers that has been ignored for over half a century: the vast majority of dust throughout the entire galaxy is actually freeze-dried bacteria. As he points out, it is a much greater step to realize that bacteria are everywhere because that's what the Universe does: create life. He refers briefly to the extensive conspiracy to suppress any scientific discoveries of the microbes that appear spontaneously through non-living material, not through allegedly "random Darwinian mutation".

The Source Field is a basic energy that is more fundamental than anything else. The entire Universe is formed by nothing more than motion. Gravity, electromagnetic energy and all the other forces associated with quantum mechanics are side effects and are just different ways of talking about that basic energy, which appears to be fluid-like in its actions.

Everything else emerges from this basic energy, which may also explain dark energy and dark matter. For instance, the flow of gravity is the flow of time as well as the flow that makes matter. Gravity doesn't pull us downwards as we are taught, it is actually a push. It's a great river of energy flowing down into the earth and there is a different, slightly weaker, force flowing upwards.

The three dimensions we see all around us - as the real world - form only half the picture. Space and time are exact opposites of each other and create parallel realities where a wave over here is a solid particle over there. All the energy that makes space in our reality is the same energy that powers time in the parallel reality and vice versa.

There is a simultaneous and constant flowing exchange between space and time. They are intimately and totally dependent upon each other and neither can exist separately. However, neither is real.

What is genuine is the three real dimensions they both are part of. Further, the Source Field is not confined to linear time: time is three-dimensional. Past, present and future are all there at once, just as the mystics have said throughout the ages.

Wilcock sums up that the Source Field ultimately unifies all of our thoughts together as One - in directly measurable, provable ways. With this knowledge come powerful new tools that help us evolve as conscious beings. We gain new methods to heal ourselves and expand our own evolution in a remarkably short time. We can create limitless, clean, non-polluting free energy. We can create spectacular new healing technologies. We can conquer gravity, space and time, and move effortlessly throughout the galaxy. We can heal the world.

His fundamental message is that modern research supports ancient wisdom teachings: we are co-creators of our own reality, our destinies are guided by a benevolent hidden intelligence, and we can choose a golden age at any time, and for all of us.

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on January 7, 2012
I love books which espouse alternative views. As the great science fiction writer Philip K Dick said: "Sometimes the best place the look for the truth is in the trash." But that doesn't mean everything in the dumpster is good to eat. The discriminating reader must separate a still fresh, half-eaten ham sandwich from a rotted apple.

I'll say I admire David Wilcock's obvious childlike enthusiasm. I don't think he's a blatant charlatan spinning bizarre theories for fun and profit. I think he genuinely believes this stuff.

But this book is jam-packed with obviously false facts. At the very least, Wilcock could not be bothered - or did not want to be bothered - to take just a few minutes to find alternative explanations for his many amazing claims. Let's me just take a random selection from the enormous load of "evidence" Wilcock's serves up in THE SOURCE FIELD INVESTIGATIONS to bolster his theory of a coming "Golden Age of 2012":

FALSE: The Boskop skull is evidence of a former advanced race in South Africa

Wilcock goes on page after page extolling the evidence that a large skull that could hold 25% more brain capacity than modern humans was found in South Africa. He bases his claim on a book co-authored by a psychiatrist and cognitive scientists Gary Lynch and Richard Granger. And they do make the claim that a possible large-brain skull was found, and they also speculate that the face of the skull would have had a small, child-like face with small nose and mouth - in short, alien like.

However, Wilcock could have taken 10 minutes to Google the truth behind Lynch and Granger's claims, he would have found they are patently off-base and speculative at best. Lynch nor Granger are not paleontologists or archaeologists, and they badly erred when assuming the Boskop skull was significantly unusual. In fact, they only had a few small fragments of a skull, and extrapolated a large brain from them. But even if they were correct about the brain size, it means nothing.

To get the full story of why Wilcock is wrong about the Boskop skulls read the views of anthropologists and paleontologist John Hawks here:


But what's even more bizarre here about Wilcock's claim is that earlier in the book, he made a lot of hay about how brain size does not matter! He gives several examples of people with damaged or surgically removed parts of their brains who maintain normal intelligence. So when it suits Wilcock to extoll the wonders of large brain size, he does so. And when it suits him to extoll the wonders of small brain size - he goes ahead and does that too.

FALSE: Wilcock says Astronomers were shocked and "embarrassed" to discover a gigantic loss of heavy elements, including oxygen, on Jupiter between 1979 and 1995.

This is absolutely ridiculous.

To make this claim, Wilcock sites information by French astronomer Tristan Guillot, but what Wilcock decides to leave out is extraordinary. First, Jupiter is 99% composed of the light gases hydrogen and helium. When you combine all of the heavier elements together, you get less than 1% of the total mass of Jupiter. The amount of oxygen on Jupiter is extremely tiny, and plays no significant role in the structure of Jupiter. [...]

But what's worse, Wilcock does not seem to know this: The exact composition of Jupiter was poorly understood between 1979 and 1995 - and the reason is simple. That was before actual space probes reached Jupiter and physically sampled its atmosphere! Before the Galileo mission reached the Jupiter system in 1995, the fine details of what was inside Jupiter were not well known. For Wilcock to quote data from 1979 to 1995 - and then conveniently leave out all the best, later information gathered by actual probes - is sensationally ridiculous.

In fact, the Galileo probe data (which Wilcock ignores) "forever changed the ways scientists saw Jupiter' :


FALSE: Wilcock claims earthquakes events are increasing dramatically in recent years.

Anyone who wants to spend five minutes on Google can easily see this claim is 100% untrue. I mean, just go right to the experts, the USGS, the United States Geological Survey. They say: "Although it may seem that we are having more earthquakes, earthquakes of magnitude 7.0 or greater have remained fairly constant."


What about that, David Wilcock? Well, he says they are not counting the 7.0 or above and only count the minor earthquakes. I invite anyone to check out the link and decide who they choose to believe.

Even where I find some of Wilcock's information fairly intriguing and compelling, one can easily find alternative explanations. Take the example of the persistent motif of the pinecone throughout religious symbolism, from the ancient Babylonians, to the Vatican to the present day. Wilcock says the pinecone is a symbol of the pineal gland in the brain, and the ancients understood that this was the "Third Eye" the cosmic doorway to higher consciousness.

That's possible, I suppose, but if one is intent on writing an honest book that is also thorough, one must at least offer alternative explanations for all the pinecone art if they are available - and they are.

Wilcock points out, for example, that the ancient Roman god Bacchus of wine and drunkenness carries a staff with a pinecone at the tip. My friends, I'll give you one guess as to what one of the primary components of wine making was back then. You guessed it: pine resin! Is that why Bacchus wields the pincone staff? What do you think?

What about the ancient Mesopotamians? Why did they favor the pinecone so much in their depictions of kings and gods? Well, fertility rites and fertility goddesses were a really big deal back then, and a pinecone is certainly an excellent symbol of regrowth and regeneration. But there's more: Pine and cedar tree were an extremely important economic commodity back then. For example, the ancient Phoenicians grew rich on their trade of timber - cedar and other pines- so naturally a pinecone might be grasped as an important symbol of wealth and fertility. Go take a look at the flag of modern-day Lebanon. It depicts a cedar tree because of the deep importance and history of this kind of pine tree in the ancient Mideast. The cedar is referenced many times in the Bible as a symbol of growth and strength. Could that be the true meaning behind all the pinecones?

At the very least, it's a valid alternative explanation - but Wilcock is not interested in anything that does not support his pet theories.

I could go on - but I think you get the picture. This book, and the many false claims of Wilcock over the years (remember his statement that world governments would disclose secret UFO information in November of 2009?) remind me of that old saying: "Even a broken clock is right twice a day."

Well, Wilcock is not just a broken clock - he is seriously cracked.
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