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on May 22, 2005
When you think about it, many 'hood movies dropped around the early 90's, like "Boyz N The Hood", "New Jack City", "Menace II Society" etc. All of these got the recognition they deserved, and they have all stood the test of time, as all of them are over 10 years old. However, there is one movie that didn't get the recognition and publicity that it should have. This is the 1991 "South Central". South Central is a great hood movie with a different twist to it than the others I mentioned. It is also very touching in certain places. It takes place in Los Angelas just like almost all these other hood movies so that's no surprise.

The movie starts off with a young Bobby Johnson getting out of jail. After fighting with a local drug-dealer over his girlfriend, he kills the drug-dealer who's name is Genie Lamp. He lays low for a few months, then he decides to ride out with a few other members of the Deuce gang, which he is part of. They pick up an undercover cop along the way, and she busts them for possession. While the newly proclaimed "OG" Bobby Johnson is being interrogated by the police, his fingerprints match the prints on the silencer and the gun he used to kill Genie Lamp. He takes the blame for everything and doesn't drop any names of the other members of the Deuce gang. Due to that he has to serve a decade in prison. There he finds from Loco, and old Deuce friend, that his own son was becoming a Deuce and that he was stealing stereos for Ray Ray, the leader of the Deuce gang. The rest of the movie is centered around Bobby trying to get his son out of the gang life and keeping him from making the same mistakes he did. Can Bobby convince his son that being in a gang is not worth the price you pay? Or is it too late for Jimmie (His son's name) to get out of his lifestyle?

The acting is OK, but not too memorable. Glenn Plummer, who also played Parnell is Menace II Society, did an excellent job as OG Bobby Johnson. Christian Coleman as Jimmie "J-Rock" Johnson did an exceptional job for a child actor, but at times it seems as if he kinda overacts a lil bit. At some scenes he's a little bit too enthusiastic with his dialogue (I don't know maybe they wanted it to be like that). Larita Shelby as Bobby's girlfriend Carol was exceptional as well, but she kinda overacted too. However, at the parts where she was messed up on PCP and at the times when she was pissed the acting came through quite well. Byron Minns did a great job as Ray Ray. I feel he captured the character pretty well. Overall I'd say the acting was decent, I've seen better but I've definitely seen worse.

So, I'd say if you're a fan of hood movies or gangster movies this would appeal to you. Don't expect the greatness of Juice or Boyz or Menace though. But this is highly entertaining and definitely worth a rent, and even a buy because you can probably buy it very cheap now (I bought it at my local Best Buy for 5.99). Now that I think about it though, you probably won't find it in video stores, so I'd say find a month when it's coming on BET to see if you like it. BET plays it from time to time. I would check it out if these types of movies interest you. It's good for its genre. 4 Stars.
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on August 14, 2002
South Central is one of the premier hood based movies. It is about the start of a california based gang called the Deuces which I believe later becomes the Crips. But what it's really about is one man's struggle to get out of the gagsta life and to bring his son out of the hood. South Central is not as gorey as Menace II Society, so even older adults will like it, but it is still a great movie for teenagers and 20 year olds as well. My mother, brother, all of my brother's friends, and I loved this movie and I recommend it for anyone.
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on October 19, 1999
This adaptation of Donald Bakeer's novel, "South Central L.A. Crips", showed the human side of L.A. gang members (Crips) thru Glen Plummer's memorable portrayal of an O.G. (original) Crip who came back from prison to save his son from a similar fate. The last scene is one of the best in all of black film making. This, the first portrayal of the human side of Crips, fulfilled "Variety's" prediction that it would save lives. South Central which debuted soon after the L.A. Uprising (7/92) had a great impact on L.A. gang and would-be gang members. It and Bakeer's novel are a must for anyone who seriously studies the gang wars that killed thousands of youths in America during the 70's, 80's and 90's.
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on August 22, 1999
For once we actually see a convicted gangbanger reformed.South Central sucessfully shows how a neglected teen thrust into a life of gangs and drugs, is convicted and sent to prison, and there radically changed into a productive and caring father. It's a rarity to see something positive come out of these type of films so focused on the negative aspects. South Central successfully proves that if people want to change their lifestyle they can. A "must see" for all those wanna be "hard" folks, and those who think they can never change paths.
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on December 21, 2014
m I've always been a fan of this movie because of the great acting from Glenn Plummer who in my opinion has been an underrated actor for years. This movie isn't based on any true story which makes it somewhat generic but that's not always a bad thing because it was and still is very much so relatable, and relevant to an audience. The dvd itself is about as bare bone as you can get, not even a trailer but the movie is heartwarming.
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on August 1, 2010
I've watched this movie off and on for years. It's always a very good movie and gives you a lot to think about. Against all odds, this man is able to be a man and to rescue his son from a life with no future and no hope. This is also a movie, I think, lots of people can easily relate to because the same situation exists today for many families. I purchased this movie because I think it's a good movie for any collection.
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on December 13, 2014
I have always loved this movie... I still remember it as if I watched it yesterday... I have all the other "ganster" movies... Boyz N The Hood, Menace too Society, Juise, New Jack City... But I could honestly say this is one of my favorite one...I cant remember the acting in it, but I looovvveee the story line.... I can not wait to get it, so I can watch it... I feel like a kid waiting on Christmas morning lol
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on December 18, 2003
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on November 11, 2014
When this film was made I was born. I watched this movie several times and came back to the same conclusion it's the very best series if showing violence and power of south central LA. I never been to LA but you feel like you took a ride there. I loved everything from beginning to the end and with that on top it all I wanted to own this movie!!
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on July 28, 2012
A very realistic look at gang life in black America,where the media always view things one sided and negative, in this tale you get a gang-banger who finally realize that the life he was living was a lie once gets incarcerated into the penal system ,a person of interest see that this guy don't belong in the system ,educate him about responsibility that he created on the outside world and how he can make a difference to himself and others,thus begins a time race to get out of prison and save the only thing left in his world he cares about his Son,The hope and insight he got from being locked up made him fearless and responsible
to go back to his gang family and ask to get his son he left behind out of the same situation that put him in Prison,A powerful and heartfelt performance by actor (Glenn Plummer)the supporting cast was very good as well,a straight to the point film about how black on black crime can cause us a lot of grief and suffering ,but with a little insight and hope we can teach others there is a better way out of the Trap. highly recommended.
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