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on February 16, 2012
"South Park season 15 is... South Park. This March, South Park s***s in your eyes, ears and mouth. South Park, season frrrp, rated Arg for Pirates, f*** you!"

Oh, how many times will I head on down to South Park? Likely until the series ends. Still, these last two seasons have found my interests shift, not that I don't love the show and respect Matt and Trey as much as I always have, but priorities change and like Stan, I fear I'm getting old. There's something poetic about Stan only turning 10 and my having found this show when it started airing right as I turned 10. While I'll always follow this unique trailblazing show these last two seasons have found me picking up a lot of the episodes after initial airing due to life circumstances. Many times I forgot a new episode was on or that the new season had started. That said, when I found time to watch the episodes I enjoyed the majority of them.

I will say this is a standout season from recent years. Many episodes this season follow the series' best of formulas, they aren't one-off episodes as much as they are a cumulative effort. A lot of quality ideas tossed together in a blender with some weirdness and some abstractness. You know what you have when you do that? You have yourself that classic South Park we all love. It's a shame not every episode can capture that old fresh charm the show once had but shows have to evolve and viewers change/desensitize. In the end this is a season worth owning for anyone who is still a fan or for those who possibly grew up on this more recent evolution of South Park. The purchase for those individuals is made even easier to justify given that they've included the insightful, and hilarious, documentary "6 Days to air: The Making of South Park". I actually think that is a highlight of this set along with the Getting Old/A$$ Burgers episodes.

So what exactly are you getting yourself into with this season? Well, "frrrp, dee derp frrrp". But I'll break it down in a simpler fashion. 14 Uncensored (Yes Actually Uncensored this time) episodes:

Kyle doesn't know what he's signed himself up for when he agrees to iTUNES latest terms of service and user agreement. This episode perfectly mocks apple, social networking and the low budget horror film about a human centipede. Some people I know thought it missed the mark but I think they were unaware of the HC reference.

Germans create a robot that plans to take comedy to its logical extreme, global annihilation. Jimmy and Tyler Perry must save the day. To me the funniest part of the episode was Token being unable to keep a straight face at Tyler Perry. "Oh Lor-awd!"

Royal Pudding
Matt and Trey have always loved Terrence, Philip and the Canadians more than their general audience. So an entire episode about mocking the Royal Wedding with Canadian characters probably didn't sit well with most American viewers. As a Canadian I likely found it more enjoyable than I imagine they did, you know what I mean, eh there buddy-guy!

When Cartmen believes the school has posted the boys wiener sizes he freaks and lands in anger management, soon after Randy joins him and they start a riot and the form a political party with demands for the government. A simple concept that I found enjoyable, the notion that all anger management is correlated with small manhood size may have some merit.

Crack Baby Athletic Association
Kyle gets roped into Cartmen's new racket of helping crack babies by making them play basketball and raking in profits. I'm told, and it seems to be a commentary on the NCAA but I don't know enough about that to say anything meaningful. I know the episode all started from wanting to mock those commercials with the sad Sarah McLachlan song and I now know that Slash may or may not be real, but he is definitely a feeling in your heart.

City Sushi
Butters is diagnosed with multiple personality disorder and the City Wok guy deals with new competition in town (and within himself). I found the idea of Butters being diagnosed MPD for playing pretend to be funny, then the idea that his therapist is the real sick person really topped it off nicely. I wonder, do younger fans appreciate the Psycho reference at the end as much as older ones? I liked it.

You're Getting Old (1)
Stand turns 10 and everything looks and sounds like crap to him. This episode, as mentioned, sparked a great deal of interest in the show again. Leaving off on a potential cliffhanger and actual serious moment like the show had never really seen. This episode will hit so close to home with many fans of the series, it sums up not just the majority of thoughts on the series itself, but a true aspect of growing up.

Ass Burgers (2)
Stan's negative attitude might be the result of a mild form of autism. Meanwhile Cartmen and Kyle start selling burgers of a special variety. This episode was hilarious. "If there really were a social developmental disease you wouldn't call it ass burgers, that's, that's just mean". Unfortunately for me this episode is funny and comes up with a resolution to the last episode that seems fitting but the continuing storyline will end here. The answer to all life's problems seems to be becoming an alcoholic.

The Last of the Meheecans
A game turns Butters into the last Meheecan (or Mexican). Cartmen becomes a boarder patrol guard as Butters travels to Mexico and a lot of the stupidity regarding the hysteria over illegal immigration is mocked.

Bass to Mouth
A new gossip website is posting about the students at South Park elementary. The funniest thing here is that nobody cares until a post effects them and then they are all on board. Also nice to see Lemmiwinks return to take down his rival Wikileaks.

Broadway Bro Down
Randy learns the secret rewards of taking you wife to a musical and decides to write his own. A good episode that satirizes the Broadway scene, or 'Brod Way' in this case. All this is obviously on account of Matt and Trey's huge success with their own broadway hit, The Book of Mormon. It's fun to see the guys get to satirize something you know they've been wanting to.

History Channel Thanksgiving
A history channel documentary leads the boys astray in regards to Thanksgiving and Natalie Portman's wormhole must be opened. A nice satirizing of how pointless and speculative the supposed history channel has become and the movie Thor among other things. This was a good episode that is sure to become a Thanksgiving classic.

Cartmen's screw ups in phys. ed wind up finding all the other students being punished for his failings. Then they all gang up against him. A relevant episode that satirized and mocked the whole OWS movement in a classic South Park fashion.

Poor Kid
Kenny's parents get taken away for shouting loudly and Cartmen doesn't know who to rip on for being poor anymore. Mysterion makes a welcome appearance and the concept of parents not being allowed to parent anymore is well explored. This was a well done finale for the season and if the giant reptilian bird at the end through some for a loop, think back to the agnostic foster parents speech.

So there you have it. I think some people have stopped caring about the show as much after Comedy Central seemed to castrate it by foolishly censoring the 200&201 episodes last season, even on DVD/Blu-ray. I still and always will have a soft spot for this series. I may not keep up with the new episodes like I used to but it doesn't seem the show is going away just yet (3 more seasons) and I can always catch up on Blu-ray if I start missing the episodes altogether. I do hope that when the show does end Matt and Trey will find a way to give it a fitting end, obviously not a resolution exactly (there can't be one to a series like this) but something hilarious or shocking enough that it encapsulates the true spirit of the series. There would be no Animation Domination without this series. As much as people can say this series was possible only because of the Simpsons opening the door, none of the recent animated comedies would have been possible without South Park being the first ones to really push the boundaries, break down some more doors and punch some people in the face. This series truly founded adult oriented animated series'.

I'll be buying this season because I loved the getting old episode and enjoyed most of the others in this batch. I always enjoy Matt and Trey's mini-commentaries. Then there is the great documentary I've already discussed which is included as a special feature along with behind the scenes of City Sushi and some deleted scenes. I felt slightly compelled by Stan and others getting old who see everything as crap to give this season only 4 stars. But in re-watching it before this review I have to say it is a marked improvement over other recent years with only the usual debatable misstep or two. The second half is especially solid.

I opened with a rephrased quote from the season and another one seems to fit adequately in regards to my purchasing decision, lol:

"Is this season worth owning? It's the boys from South Park in... whatever, you'll pay to go see it, f*** you, coming March something. Derp-dee derp frrrp."
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on October 27, 2013
OVERVIEW: The premise of "South Park" was conceived by creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker in the early 1990s. Due to its viral-video success, Comedy Central picked up the rights to the franchise and aired the first episode of the adult animated series in 1997. The cartoon garnered fame as one of the first shows to hinge its comedy on the use of crude language, satirical storylines, and dark humor. Set in South Park, Colorado, the main characters of the show--Stan Marsh, Eric Cartman, Kyle Broflovski, and Kenny McCormick--often parody the childhoods of their writers.

SPECIAL FEATURES of the Season 15 box-set include deleted scenes, "6 Days to Air: The Making of `South Park,'" "6 Days to Air: Behind the Scenes of `City Sushi,'" and "Commentary-Mini." If you have never watched the episodes with "Commentary Mini," I encourage you to do so; the short commentaries from Trey Parker and Matt Stone are optionally run during the first three minutes of each episode. Parker and Stone have used this method of commentary since the early seasons. Their short introductions often expose insights behind particular jokes, further multiplying the laugh count.

SEASON 15 kicked off in the spring of 2011 with fourteen episodes, each written during the week before broadcast. In true "South Park" style, some of the pop-culture references of this season include: The Royal Wedding, the History Channel, "The Matrix," U.S./Mexico Border Security, DeVry University, Wiki-Leaks, Steve Jobs/Apple, Asperger's Syndrome, Broadway Theater, "The Human Centipede," Comedy Central's First Annual Comedy Awards, the NCAA, Veganism, and the War on Wall Street. I have been a fan of "South Park" since its beginning and religiously purchase each season; however, I feel that the show's wit and charm has been in a slump since season 14. While I still find the show highly entertaining, much of the recent comedy has felt `forced.' I am happy to say that the writing seems to pick back up in Season 16 and is nearly fully-operational by Season 17.

EPISODES: In the middle of the 15th Season, the episode "You're Getting Old" gave the implication to many viewers that Stone and Parker may have used the plot as an allegory for expressing their feelings about the direction of the "South Park" series. Because the later seasons failed to impress long-time viewers, the fear of an impending end to "South Park" only gained steam. By the end of Season 15, Comedy Central had announced an extension to Stone and Parker's contract which promises to carry the series into 2016 (Season 20), thus subsiding the worry of dedicated fans.

Episode 1: "HUMANCENTiPAD"--When Cartman doesn't get the iPad he has been bragging about, he starts a campaign against his mother; Kyle fails to iTunes updates before agreeing to them.

Episode 2: "Funnybot"--Jimmy names the Germans as the world's least funny people during the school Comedy Awards; Germany retaliates by producing a funny robot.

Episode 3: "Royal Pudding"--Canadians around the world tune in to watch the royal marriage, as is tradition. But when the new princess is kidnapped, Canada is left in a state of chaos... as is tradition.

Episode 4: "T.M.I."--When the school posts the students' height differentials, Cartman misinterprets the `objects' measured.

Episode 5: "Crack Baby Athletic Association"--Cartman exploits the entertainment quality of crack-babies, creating a lucrative business venture the Kyle cannot resist.

Episode 6: "City Sushi"--Big-Rig Butters, Inspector Butters, Marjorine, Professor Chaos, and Leopold Stotch are discovered to have a single unifying quality: Butters. To avoid being grounded, Butters must sort out his multiple personality disorder.

Episode 7: "You're Getting Old"--Stan becomes more cynical with age leading to a breakup with Kyle. Sharon and Randy separate so Randy can pursue his dreams as `Steamy Ray Vaughn.'

Episode 8: "Azz Burgers"--Due to an onset of antisocial behavior, Stan is believed to have Asperger's Syndrome. With Kyle's help, Cartman opens a business called Cartman Burger.

Episode 9: "The Last of the Meheecans"--In an elaborate came of capture-the-flag, Butters becomes trapped in Mexico and earns the alias `Mantequilla.' Cartman joins the U.S. Border Patrol to prevent Butters from crossing back over as well as to seal his win.

Episode 10: "Bass to Mouth"--A gossip website exposes the private e-mails and phone conversations of South Park students; the boys orchestrate a plan to bring the hacker to justice.

Episode 11: "Broadway Bro Down"--[Episode co-written by Robert Lopez] Randy becomes a Broadway enthusiast after discovering theater's subconscious effect on Sharon.

Episode 12: "1%"--Cartman's scores on the Presidential Fitness Test destroy the entire school's average.

Episode 13: "A History Channel Thanksgiving"--The boys stumble on a conspiracy theory concerning aliens, ghosts, and the first Thanksgiving.

Episode 14: "The Poor Kid"--When Kenny and his siblings are shuffled into foster care, Cartman becomes the poorest kid in class.
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on October 8, 2014
It's not the packaging I would have preferred (I have seasons 1-14 as well as 16 in the "original," fold-out style), but the show is comedy gold! Ironically, this type of packaging is slimmer and less wasteful--and, if all the other seasons were available this way, I'd rather have all of them like this, but I'm OCD, so my main concern is having them all look the same. I just don't know how to order it so that it would be like the other 15 seasons I've got. So, 5 stars for the show, 3 for the packaging.
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on November 23, 2013
Not the original DVD Box Set pictured. They sent the plastic reissue instead. I had to type more words. dammit
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on July 16, 2014
The biggest reason I think to do the Blu-ray of South Park is for the bonus features, most importantly the mini commentaries. That gives insight that adds to the humor, and sometimes is funny in its own right. Seasons for me are pretty consistent with regards to the number of episodes I like. Out of the 14 episode seasons I typically only have 2 episodes I go "eh" over. This season had the split spring/fall with the two-parter "You're getting old" and "Ass Burgers" and even though it's a two parter, it seems more like one episode cut in half, like separating the "set up" and the "punchline" from a joke as Funnybot would say. "You're getting old" started out funny but quickly just got put you to sleep boring, like it wasn't even attempting to do any humor. Ass burgers went to reverse this by now having the punchline, but it depends entirely upon the set up by "You're getting old" so it's like -1 and +1 = 0.

Royal Pudding was fun, but the ending felt like it was a "Eh we don't know how to end this so whatever is the most ridiculous thing you can come up with - throw it in." So overall the episode I don't think holds up. City Sushi had some funny elements, I just thought the "reveal" of the city sushi guy not being asian was odd for being odd.

I am an apple fan and even I thought "Humancent-iPad" was funny! Funnybot was great with the German's thing and the Star Trek thing, and most importantly "Token stop giving Tyler Perry money, or he won't leave."

T.M.I. gives a great shot at the proven ridiculous body mass index thing (ridiculous in there is no consistency to it.)

Crack baby athletic association scores for its shot at EA (and I like some IP's EA has bought)

Last of the Meheecans is an excellent episode! Especially for successfully portraying the people who are so in favor of having for all intents and purposes slave labor but disguise it as being compassionate and rooting for the underdog.

Bass to Mouth wins me over for the return of Lemmiwinks and the attack on twitter.
Broadway Brodown is hilarious, I even used a clip of it for a psychology presentation. Special mention goes to the "Man Time" song.
1% Is hilarious for its accurate while parodied of events ripped from the headlines.
A History Channel Thanksgiving is great not just as a holiday episode but for putting freaking Thor in it! I still laugh at "Natalie Portman's wormhole."
The Poor kid has some real life perspective into consequences of your actions, as well as the whole when you point your finger at someone you have fingers pointing back at you.
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on April 9, 2013
For those curious about the "bootleg" packaging, it is just a new version of packaging Comedy Central is putting out. Some retail stores like Best Buy also carry them.
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Ike finds himself enthralled by the Royal Candaian Weding, and stays home to watch it. This leads to a series of events in which he is unable to continue a play at school and where he needs to go to Canda. Kyle finds himself filling in for Ike and doing the play, but no one seems to be able to do anything right.

This episode has been one of the better ones in a while, and I think that says a lot. In Season 14, I found myself a little bit on or off BUT here, in 15, everything seems to be going well. I personally like the detour to the little kids in this, and I like the Canadian storyline. It has something in it for everyone, plus it takes its shot at the Royal Wedding well in the televised comments.

The VOD on this is pristine, making it worth watching. And this season has been great, and only gets better. I think a 5/5 is justly deserved, with me never wanting to have to scrape off pudding or deal with an arm like the Royals have to.
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on July 28, 2015
After watching City Sushi, I became a huge fan of this show, and I couldn’t get enough of it. Initially, I thought Comedy Central played too much of South Park, but after watching all of what Comedy Central could serve up and turning to terrible Hulu (loathe Hulu), I love, love the show.

I went ahead and bought Season 15, and I’m so glad I did. It is definitely one of the best seasons. I didn’t like the first episode, as I’m not a particular fan of Cartman. He is necessary to the series, but that doesn’t mean I like him, and my favorite episodes are those when he tastes a bit of what he serves up.

Love almost all the episodes though. Favorite episodes include Royal Pudding (I adore Ike); City Sushi – of course; T. M. I. – gosh, love Randy’s attempt at being modest calculating his “yaw”, and 1% et cetera. It was a really great season.
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on December 12, 2012
I have bought every season of South Park from Amazon as gifts for my son. Last year it came in a cheap plastic case so I returned it and bought it locally where it is boxed like the previous seasons. I just received season 15 and it is the same way! I just walked across the parking lot to Best Buy and they have the DVD's in the box like the earlier seasons. I am returning this DVD to Amazon and will buy it across the street for about the same price but better packaging. Since this is a gift it matters to me.
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HALL OF FAMEon June 15, 2012
Starts off with a story making fun of people that don't read those long 'User Agreements' associated with Internet product updates, then Cartman has an anger problem that is brought out by a misunderstanding about a chart at school (Cartman thinks it represents the length of the boys' penises, turns out it's simply their growth from one year to the next), and another on Key/Cartman volunteering to help crack babies that turns into videotaping the babies fighting over crack with the tapes sold for money. (The last one didn't make much sense.)
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