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South Park
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204 of 226 people found the following review helpful
Warner Bros. are finally releasing South Park's first season on DVD. **ALL** of the episodes from season one are on here, and it has some really good ones. I can't wait until it comes out because I will definitely buy it. If you're not sure which episodes are on the First Season, or forgot what they're about, here they are:
1. Cartman Gets An Anal Probe - 13-Aug-1997
Brief Plot: The boys rescue Kyle's little brother from aliens who have come to South Park.
2. Weight Gain 4000 - 27-Aug-1997
Kathie Lee Gifford presents the award to Cartman for winning the school's essay contest.
3. Volcano - 20-Aug-1997
The boys hunting trip is threatened by activity from a nearby volcano and a mysterious creature.
4. Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride - 3-Sep-1997
Stan's dog explores his sexuality.
5. An Elephant Makes Love To A Pig - 10-Sep-1997
A genetic engineering experiment unleashes Stans mutant twin.
6. Death - 17-Sep-1997
With the help of Stan's grandfather, the kids summon the Grim Reaper.
7. Pink Eye - 29-Oct-1997
Pinkeye interrupts Halloween festivities.
8. Damien - 4-Feb-1998
Jesus and Satan fight a battle for spiritual domination on Pay-Per-View which conflicts with Cartman's birthday party.
9. Starvin' Marvin - 19-Nov-1997
Government authorities mistake Cartman for a starving African child and send him to Ethiopia.
10. Mr. Hankey, The Christmas Poo - 17-Dec-1997
When Kyle's musical holiday pal Mr. Hankey shows up it makes for a memorable Christmas in South Park.
11. Tom's Rhinoplasty - 11-Feb-1998
A substitute teacher gets in between Stan and Wendy's relationship.
12. Mecha-Streisand - 18-Feb-1998
The boys find a prehistoric relic that spawns a monster that threatens to destroy the world.
13. Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut - 25-Feb-1998
When Cartman begins acting strange a guidance counselor suggests the cure lies with finding his father.
This is going to be great! With such episodes as 'Cartman Gets An Anal Probe' and 'Mr. Hankey The Christmas Poo', you would be crazy not to get it.
- Pez King
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26 of 28 people found the following review helpful
on December 4, 2002
For all of us who have this first boxed set of dvds, PLEASE just enjoy them for the sake of the episodes themselves, and for the funny intros by Matt and Trey. HOWEVER, I recently read in a brief news article the answer to everyone's major complaint: why there is no commentary track on the episodes!
According to the article, Matt and Trey did record commentaries, but Warner Home video was NOT pleased with some of the things Matt and Trey had to say - especially regarding other Warner Video titles that Matt and Trey depicted in a not-so-nice light. When Warner told them to change the commentaries, Matt and Trey said NO WAY - seems they are sick of the studios trying to tell them what's funny and what they can include in their own show - and they got fed up and pulled the commentary tracks from the dvds.
I ordered my own set of commentaries with the special offer from the website the day after the DVDs were released. That is fine with me. I would MUCH rather Matt and Trey be true to their vision of the great "South Park" than to bow down to what any studio wants them to do. Long Live "South Park"!!
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14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on March 13, 2004
I received this for Christmas the year it came out and can't tell you how my heart filled with joy to have it! I guess that's fitting since Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo makes his first appearance this season. South Park is a show that I never really saw until some time after it began on comedy central in 1997, but like many others, when I did see it I was hooked. This essential 3 DVD set includes the 13 episodes that make up Season one. Before this set arrived and before I owned DVDs (perish the thought!) I only had the first three VHS tape volumes totaling 6 episodes! So at that point I hadn't seen the majority of season one! I can still remember when there was so much talk that season sets wouldn't happen, but like Chef told Cartman - "You wait and you wait and you wait..." as did I and it finally came! Season one ran from August '97 to February '98 and includes the following:
Disc One:
01. Cartman gets an anal probe
02. Volcano
03. Weight Gain 4000
04. Big Gay Al's big gay boat ride
Disc Two:
05. An elephant makes love to a pig
06. Death
07. Pinkeye
08. Damien
Disc Three:
09. Starvin' Marvin
10. Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo
11. Tom's Rhinoplasty
12. Mecha-Streisand
13. Cartman's Mom is a dirty slut
Each disc includes the same set of South Park/Comedy Central promo commericals, but disc 3 has these additional features:
- Cartman's "O Holy Night" video
- Ned's "O Little town of Bethlehem" video
- Jay Leno's appearance on South Park (shown on Tonight Show)
- The South Park boys announce a cable ace award
Several fans have complained about the lack of episode commentary by Trey Parker & Matt Stone, but who can quibble with all 13 episodes at the push of a button? Besides each episode does include the "fireside" intros Trey & Matt did, which were the funniest of the three (the others being where they are "entertaining" senior citizens & the "makin' bacon" show) I was really happy they included them. South Park is here!
Thanks to Trey & Matt for the funny show and thanks to Robert Smith for destroying Mecha-Streisand!
Also Recommended:
More South Park!
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15 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on August 16, 2002
From what I found on other sites the DVD will be full frame with Dolby Digital 2.0 audio. It will also include, intros by Trey and Matt to each episode, Jay Leno's South Park guest appearance and two South Park Christmas music videos.
Cartman: "O Holy Night"
Ned: "O Little Town of Bethlehem"
The episodes will include:
Cartman Gets an Anal Probe
Weight Gain 4000
Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boatride
An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig
Starvin' Marvin
Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo
Tom's Rhinoplasty
Mecha Striesand
Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut
I must have watched these 100's of times. Big gay Al with Stan's gay dog and Tom's Rhinoplasty with Mr. Garrison looking like David Hasselhoff are two of my all time favorite South Park episodes.
The only thing I don't like about this is that they have all been released on DVD before so there are no new episodes here.
**** One big minus, you have to order the audio commentary from Trey and Matt from the Comedy Central website. For $3.50 in shipping and handling you get 5 CD's of commentary, not bad but it should have been included in the DVD's. Apparently they said some things about the movie "Contact" with Jodie Foster, and since Jodie brings in more money than South Park, they yanked it from the DVD. *****
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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on November 13, 2002
- One plus to this disk is that this means they will start releasing South Park in seasons instead of isolated episodes on over priced disks.
- Warner Brothers dropped the commentary by the creators and didn't drop the price. I can understand if WB disapproved of the vulgar language they may have used, dismaying all the real South Park fans (adults) but "where's the beef?" in these disks? WB has to be by far the worst at putting together a DVD -- but at least they did it.
- The transfer is inferior to older South Park DVD's with isolated episodes.
- The DVD doesn't even have a chapter search within the episode, not a huge deal but it says something about the time put into the disk.
- The episodes do include the intros by Trey and Matt, which is another plus.
- Overall, I have to say -- if you have all the episodes on the older South Park DVDs or even VHS, which this transfer is comparable to, don't even bother with this disk, the extras are not worth it unless you are a die-hard South Park fan like myself and even then they are questionable.
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20 of 23 people found the following review helpful
on December 8, 2002
If you would like to get the commentary all you have to do is:
1) Order South Park - The Complete First Season
2)Go to [...]
3)Follow further instructions from that site
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25 of 31 people found the following review helpful
on December 28, 2002
Let me start out by saying that if this first season of South Park weren't so great, I would have given this set 0 or 1 star.
The 2 main drawbacks to this DVD are: 1) the episode listings by disc that are included on the flaps are not even close to the sequencing that actually exists on the discs, with some episodes appearing out of order and in 2 cases not even on the same disc as noted; and 2) no chapter-within-eipsode system exists, which is made painfully obvious after sitting through the howlingly unfunny "Fireside Chat with Matt (Stone) and Trey (Parker)" that prefaces each show. And although the video is quite good (due to the fact that there is only about 95 minutes of video on each disc) the sound is far less superior, filled with many audio "pops" and syncronization issues that were not resolved by swapping out my set for another.
In short, I would like to say that although it is great to see South Park finally come to the DVD format that allows us to appreciate the animation more, Warner Bros fell far short of even my most meager expectations for what a DVD should be. I am glad I received this as a gift otherwise I might try to track down the Warner's CEO for my forty bucks back, and until they correct their glaring technological and quality-control issues they will not see another dime from me on future South Park releases.
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16 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on November 6, 2002
For those people complaining that there aren't enough extra features such as audio commentaries, I just heard about something that will make this set look better for you. Comedy Central is giving a set of 5 audio cds with episode commentaries and rare songs away for free with the DVD set. If you buy it at they bundle the audio cds and DVDs together, but if you buy the DVD set here or somewhere else, you can send in a proof of purchase and the cost of shipping in for the audio cds. I reccommend buying it here because it's 10 bucks cheaper. If you want more info, or if you want the mail-in form for the audio cds, go to
You're welcome :)
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10 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on February 10, 2003
For such a hit show, you think they'd do a good job on the dvd production. The audio & video are great, with some stereo effects I don't remember being on the tv versions...but there are a plethora of audio "pops" that are loud and very distracting. I felt I couldn't enjoy the show because I was anticipating the next POP! Also annoying are the intros before the episodes by Trey & Matt...why aren't these bypassable or at the end of the disc as extras? I could stand the intros if there were no pops, but both together are too much.
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
I was under the belief that I had missed some of the episodes from the first season of "South Park," but having gone through the thirteen episodes on these three discs I was wrong. I do not know why I thought there was some other "first" episode besides "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe" (besides the infamous "Jesus vs. Santa" made for FOX executive Brian Graden to send out to his friends as a Christmas card), but this is what happens when you come late to the party and have trouble remembering there is something else to watch besides "The West Wing" on Wednesday nights. So I have decided to go back to the beginning, in this case "South Park: The Complete First Season," and continue on through in order to see what I actually have missed since Comedy Central first unleashed Trey Parker and Matt Stone on the wonderful world of television animation.

There is an element of nostalgia in going back to when the idea of Cartman cursing and Kenny dying were new and provocative, but now that we are seven years down the road it is time to stop grading "South Park" on the curve:

(1) "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe" just pretends that we already know who the characters are and gets right to the fun, with Cartman having been probed (guess where) by aliens. The best parts of this one are the crop circle that looks like Tom Selleck and the conversation between the visitors and the cattel (4.5 Cheezy Poofs).

(2) "Volcano" has the eruption of Mt. Evanson interfering with Uncle Jimbo's attempt to teach Stan the joys of hunting. Cartman tells the story of Skuzzle-butt and everyone is surprised when the legend turns out to be true, but the use of a 1950s "Duck and Cover" educational film as a way of responding to a lava flow is the best bit in this one (4.0 Cheezy Poofs).

(3) "Weight Gain 4000" has Kathi Lee Gifford coming to South Park to give Cartman an award for the best environmental essay and Mr. Garrison trying to kill her, which pretty much constitutes a normal day in the small mountain town. Trying to provide motivation for Mr. Garrison just takes the fun out of the idea (3.5 Cheezy Poofs).

(4) "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride" has the boys convinced Stan's new dog Sparky is gay and everybody in South Park better on Stan as the new quarterback of the football team. This is an attempt to do a satirical twist on a "message" story, but it has no real pizzazz (3.5 Cheezy Poofs).

(5) "An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig" begins the "South Park" fascination with the genetic engineering of Dr. Mephisto and provides the first prime example of Shelley picking on Stan. Chef's suggestion of cross-breeding sounds better to me (4.0 Cheezy Poofs).

(6) "Death" combines the wish of Stan's 102-year-old grandfather to die, Kenny's explosive diarrhea, and the attempt of the parents of South Park to get the network to take Terrence and Phillip off of the air into an episode. Mrs. Broflovski's solution to making the network capitulate, so to speak, is the best jab on this one (4.0 Cheezy Poofs).

(7) "Pink Eye" has Kenny dying early in the episode and getting Worcestershire sauce mixed in with his embalming fluid, which turns him into a zombie. Meanwhile, the boys have problems with their Halloween costumes and Cartman cannot provoke Kenny with taunts about his family being poor (4.5 Cheezy Poofs).

(8) "Starvin' Marvin" would be the Thanksgiving episode, where the boys get a young Ethiopian instead of a Teiko digital sports watch and the town is over run by mutant turkeys. Another attempt at a take off on "message" stories that is still falling short of the mark (4.0 Cheezy Poofs).

(9) "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo" is where "South Park" goes completely over the edge with this inspired parody of a Christmas special. Kyle sings "The Lonely Jew on Christmas" and the parents of South Park sanitize the kid's Christmas show beyond human recognition and endurance. The cherry on top of this one is the live action commercial for the "Mr. Hankey Construction Set" inserted into the act break When they talk about the toilet humor on "South Park," this would be what they had in mind (5.0 Cheezy Poofs).

(10) "Damien" comes down to the whole town betting on a prizefight between Jesus and Satan, which happens to be the same day as Cartman's birthday party. Everybody should see the end of this one coming, and the fact that they do not says something (4.5 Cheezy Poofs).

(11) "Tom's Rhinoplasty" has one of my favorite "South Park" plot lines and it is not the one having to do with the title, which is where Mr. Garrison goes in for a nose job and ends up looking like David Hasselhoff. Instead, I vote for Wendy Testaburger fighting for Stan's love against the substitute teacher Ms. Ellen. To be fair, Wendy warns Ms. Ellen not to, ah, "mess" with her (4.5 Cheezy Poofs).

(12) "Mecha-Streisand" does a good job of taking at face value the idea that Barbra Streisand wants to rule the world and can do so because of the Triangle of Zinthar the boys find at an archeological dig. Making fun of Streisand is okay, but I like it better when Leonard Maltin and Sidney Portier show up, and love it when the little signing girls from all those Japanese monster movies make their appearance (4.5 Cheezy Poofs).

(13) "Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut" is the first season cliffhanger and focuses on Cartman's attempt to learn the identify of his father. Suffice it to say, Eric is not happy with the idea of having to wait until next season to find out, which is actually the funniest part of this one (3.5 Cheezy Poofs).

All of the episodes are introduced by Parker and Stone, who are not as funny as their animated creations and for the sake of argument we will just say that is on purpose. In terms of the extras the short clip of Jay Leno visiting South Park is okay, as is the boys appearing the Cable Ace Awards, but the only real gem is Cartman singing "O Holy Night" while Kyle encourages him with a cattle prod, which is certainly as fine as any single scene from the complete first season. Certainly "South Park" was different, especially when it comes to mixing being audacious with being crude, but from our perspective today it is clear Parker and Stone were trying to find their comedy footing at this point.
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